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V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter #129, August 2014: Amazon kills capitalism

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1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR: Prediction: Amazon Kills Capitalism. (Yes: The End of Capitalism, Brought to You by Amazon)

Discounts Kill Capitalism. Amazon Discounts Everything. Therefore, Amazon Kills Capitalism. In fact, Amazon Kills Civilization (as we now know it). Amazon Brings Apocalypse.

Slavoj Zizek once said something like: “You can imagine the End of the World, but you can’t imagine the End of Capitalism.” Well, now we can!

First, let’s ask: What is culture and how does it grow? Theoretically, in a capitalist world, people who create culture get paid for their creativity. And most of these people have read books. Culture creators spark other culture creators; ideas like “democracy” spark other ideas relating to “freedom,” etc. Traditionally, culture was spread by humans reading (and writing) books.

In America, widespread affordable reading is only a few hundred years old, starting with Ben Franklin and peers. Additionally, it has been a long slow “ascent of woman” into this mostly man’s world. Without reading, what kind of mental activity can take place? What kind of liberation? Are we proceeding toward that Hegelian goal of “more freedom and more consciousness for more people?” Hmm…

Historically, this reading has involved (paper) books, magazines, newspapers, broadsides, et al… You exchanged your money for this tangible reading matter, and then you read and studied what you had paid for. You could pass these paper reading materials on to other humans. The “bookstore” and “book distributor” came into business—thousands of ’em, eventually.

Maybe we should ask: what ARE “books” or “magazines” or “newspapers”? Where did they come from? Often they were launched by individuals with idealistic aims. In America (and probably elsewhere), you could start a small company, even publish underground against-the-status-quo books and magazines, set a wholesale/retail price scale so that the author, the local bookstore and the publisher make a living, and everybody could (often) continue. There were industry-wide discount “schedules” that came into being for a reason: mutual survival. American book publishing sailed merrily along for a century or two. All over America, nerdy bookworms started bookstores, worked at them, recommended books to their local customers, and managed to eke out a living. Other nerdy bookworms started small publishing operations (like RE/SEARCH and SEARCH & DESTROY) and somehow kept going. A handful of large book publishers also kept going, but most of their more “mainstream” books were not of interest
to underground, skeptical, loner, weirdo, SEEKERS.

So, there were only a few hundred years of men and women reading books, educating themselves, writing, discussing, and advancing their knowledge. Less popular ideas and cultural content were being freely produced; less popular writers and publishers were somehow surviving. Then, less than 20 years ago, a gigantic white Lovecraftian worm parasite calling itself “Amazon” climbed aboard something called the “Internet.” This parasite made nothing, created nothing, but conned every publisher in America to sell to Amazon on Amazon’s terms. Discounting, plus loss-leading “free shipping” systematically began killing bookstores, small book distributors, small publishers—as well as larger entities. Yes, in the past twenty years a large number of physical bookstores and publishers who print on paper, have perished.

Now, why didn’t all the publishers et al band together and refuse to sell to Amazon? After all, “In unity there is strength.” Well, they were all hornswaggled by mystical notions about the Internet and its so-called improvement of human life everywhere: “Now, no matter where you live, you can get any book whisked to you with free shipping, fast!” Starting with books, it soon became possible to get ANYTHING ever manufactured by humans at a discount, shipped to you fast. “Give me convenience or give me death!”

Now, in the case of books, books are not just any ole “commodity.” Books brought us civilization, culture, ideas, knowledge, learning, poetry, art and science. Often tiny publishers lose money bringing us books later adjudged to be of immense value. In Paris, Sylvia Beach published James Joyce’s Ulysses and it lost her money. Had Amazon existed then, Amazon would have killed Sylvia Beach. She needed every franc of every book sold at FULL RETAIL PRICE; she (and her storied Shakespeare and Company Bookstore) almost went out of business as it was.

France, despite President George Bush’s campaign against the French (absurdly proposing to rename french fries as “freedom fries”) is the true philosophical father of America. Would there have been an American Revolution without its predecessor, the French Revolution? NO! Where did these fabulous, fragile ideas of “democracy” and “freedom” and “equality” come from? France, of course. Definitely NOT England which still has its zombie king-and-queen chess game going strong. So, it’s no coincidence that the highly intelligent, inquisitive, reading French nation would DARE to tell Amazon it could not discount more than 5%, and not give free shipping. What happened? That wiseass smarmy-smile Amazon thumbed its nose at France by charging one cent for shipping, smirking as it did so. France still has thousands of bookstores, it values books, and realizes that books amount to national culture-creation, national literacy-maintenance, in the spirit of the French Revolutionary slogan
“liberty, equality, and fraternity.” We hope France clamps down on this 1-cent shipping gambit for the criminality [in our opinion] it genuinely embodies.

Not coincidentally, Amazon is trying to sell the entire world on the idea that BOOKS ARE WORTHLESS. Amazon has singlehandedly devalued and devastated the entire world of books-printed-on-paper; millions of books are available on Amazon for one penny!

Not coincidentally, Amazon has launched their Kindle eBook reader hoping that the entirety of the world’s readers will subscribe to their monthly service charge which supposedly grants access to most of all the books ever printed. However, humans still are (mostly) analog. Real lightwaves come from the sun, bounce off the printed page into the reader’s eye… and reading takes place. Analog. Ever read an entire novel on a Kindle? Ever run out of battery power in the middle of the novel, and you’re in the Gobi desert?

Do you think the QUALITY of reading on a Kindle equals reading a real paper book, say, lying on a beach in Maui? We predict that all the folks addicted to reading full-length books on screens, whether tablet, iPhone, or computer, will die of eyeball cancer—just kidding! But… remember reading reports that excess cellphone usage was linked with brain cancer? So now we see people (a few) holding cellphones away from their heads while yammering away into the little mic on the headphone cord…

Who is “Amazon”? Amazon is a gigantic global parasitic MIDDLEMAN (a monopolist monster spawned by the Internet) whose goal is (paraphrased): to bring the consumer everything on the planet at the lowest discounted price, often with free shipping. Amazon will do whatever it takes to achieve this, including produce an Amazon “Smart”-Phone that facilitates instant purchase (through Amazon, of course) of anything your little heart desires. Who needs that pesky “pause for reflection” stage before consuming? Instant Impulse Fulfillment with the press of One Button!

We ask: What has Amazon created to make the world a better place? They have created NOTHING. They’re just a MIDDLEMAN. They have catered to the lowest possible aspiration: buy “whatever” at the lowest price… so you can buy MORE “stuff” that you probably don’t truly NEED. (So, they’re helping destroy and pollute the planet, too.) And, have you ever seen photos of Amazon fulfillment centers? Ever read interviews with Amazon workers who are worn out sprinting around trying to fulfill more orders so they can make more money per hour? Those Amazon fulfillment centers are a modern-day WAREHOUSE HELL ON EARTH, built in desolate locations, staffed by local slave labor… But what a “business plan”: make 30% of every possible sale globally, without having to create or manufacture ANYTHING!

Amazon is a huge parasitic insect preying on the lives of the people. In our opinion, they have killed millions of jobs and are aiming to kill millions more (U.S. Post Office, too?!?). Isn’t a main goal of civilized society to provide employment for all, at a decent wage?

Sadly, the billions of Amazon consumers don’t realize that there are “ETHICS” to the act of buying. WHERE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY IS A POLITICAL ACT. Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you hate Tea Party Republicans? If you smoke cigarettes, it’s the equivalent of giving your money to support Rightwing Tea Party politicians. If you buy only mainstream corporate media, you’re probably not reading this anyway. But if you exchange your money for “niche” counterculture media which offer “alternative” ideas, information, art, and role models, then be aware that it’s fragile and needs active supporting!

Do you shop at Amazon? Well, you are destroying book publishing, culture itself, as well as countless other small enterprises. Every “merchant” who gets used by Amazon knows that the world was a better place before Amazon came along… Sadly, it’s hard to imagine that the entire world of makers and manufacturers will ever stand up on their hind legs and SAY NO TO AMAZON. SAY: AMAZON DISCOUNTING KILLS CAPITALISM.

When will the tipping point come when the world unites, having realized that AMAZON HAS KILLED CAPITALISM? (Capitalism: workers produce goods, goods sell to wholesalers who sell to retailers (Main Street stores), workers get paid “fairly” so they can have money to buy goods. This is pre-Big Box; pre-Amazon)

Do you want to destroy capitalism? Well, continue blithely shopping with your iPhone, feeling smug about your Amazon Prime account, and feeling triumphant every time you buy something AT A DISCOUNT with a one-button press on your electronic device. —V. Vale

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() Sat Sept 6-Sat Sept 13: V. VALE SPEAKING TOUR IN BELGIUM/HOLLAND! Search & Destroy (1977-79) and RE/Search (1980 to now & the future, hopefully) founder V. Vale will be doing a mini-lecture/workshop tour in Europe from Sat Sept 5 through Sat Sept 13. If you live in Europe, please try to meet V. Vale in person! (If you want a particular book, let us know). Below is a skeleton schedule (if you want to attend, please write: and we will personally keep you updated. And all of our European friends, please help publicize this mini-tour!):
Tour Title: TOUR & DESTROY (V. Vale in Belgium-Holland Sept 6-13) organized by Chris Fitzpatrick of Objectif Exhibitions

Saturday 6 September –
Antwerp: talk at Objectif Exhibitions Kleine Markt 7–9/26, Antwerp 2000, BELGIUM. Tel +32 3

Sunday 7 September –
Ghent: Vale does DJ at 019 with Chris Fitzpatrick

Monday 8 September
enjoy Brussels with Fred Donche (more TBA)

Tuesday 9 September
Amsterdam: Rietveld workshop daytime/evening, exhibition layout & billboard preparation (Julie Peeters)

Wednesday 10 September
Amsterdam: Rietveld workshop daytime/evening, exhibition layout & billboard preparation

Thursday 11 September
Amsterdam: Rietveld workshop daytime. Evening: talk at San Serriffe (Pieter Verbeke), Sint Annenstraat 30, Amsterdam.

Friday 12 September (tentative)
Rotterdam: Piet Zwart, Blaak 10, 3011 TA Rotterdam (Vivian) day / PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, 3014ZV Rotterdam. tel 31-(0)6 18012478 info(at)printroom(dot)org (Karin and Ewoud) night

Saturday Sept 13: TBA

Sunday Sept 14: V. Vale to fly back from Brussels BRU home to SFO

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() **OAKLAND** FREE Tue Aug 19, 7pm? Free Showing of Marian Wallace early experimental films, PLUS seldom-screened CRASS 38-minute documentary. This is a truly “underground” event – please write personally to receive more details! RE/Search plans to have a table — come meet us!

5. What We’ve Attended or WANTED to Attend / What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to / What We’ve Been Sent / Given, or Seen

() Still reading the BALTHUS biography by Nicholas Fox Weber – gift from E.H. Fascinating!

() Read Donna Leon’s “By The Cover”… a bit discomfiting to us, to say the least!

() R.I.P. MORNING GLORY AND MARGOT ADLER – both featured in our MODERN PAGANS book. In 2001 RE/Search Publications released “Modern Pagans: an Investigation of Contemporary Ritual,” which was a of collection interviews with a wide variety of people from the US and Europe. Sadly, two of those who were prominently featured have recently died. Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart (May 27, 1948 – May 13, 2014) was a feminist, a Witch, a Goddess historian and a well known ritualist. She is credited with having coined the term “polyamory” and she certainly lived the polyamorous lifestyle: her death came just a few weeks after she celebrated 40 years of having been in an open relationship with her husband Oberon Zell. Margot Susanna Adler (April 16, 1946 – July 28, 2014) was good friends with both of them and had even been a bridesmaid at the Zell’s 1974 wedding (as well as a participant in their honeymoon.) Margot was a writer of several books and a reporter for NPR for decades, but she
will likely be remembered in the Pagan community for “Drawing Down the Moon,” her 1979 documentation of the then emerging Earth-based spirituality. Morning Glory and Margot were both intelligent, articulate and witty women who loved to talk and will be greatly I missed. I enjoyed doing some the of the interviewing with them for “Modern Pagans” so much that I went on to write Morning Glory’s life story, “The Wizard and the Witch,” which was published earlier this year. In the Pagan community people like to say, “What is remembered lives,” and they’ll both be remembered for a long time. —John C. Sulak

() San Francisco mover-and-shaker Polly Whittaker (aka Polly Pandemonium) who has co-hosted (with partner Scott) a number of border-crossing (or at least border-challenging) social events in the Mission district, has written her autobiography: Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary, a memoir published by Moral Minority Press. Polly lived in London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. As Annie Sprinkle put it, “Polly is a fearless love warrior whose love knows no bounds. Adventurous, fun, funny, on the cutting edge of sex/party science, she lives her life as art.” Write polly (at) sexculturerevolutionary (dot) (com)

() Saw JODOROWSKY’S DANCE OF REALITY at Roxie Thtr and it was so unexpectedly amazing (and taboo-challenging here and there) that we immediately thought, “Genius is ALWAYS enough!” His first film in 23 years, ferchrissakes… Why didn’t “the world” give him funding to make a new film every year or two? This has to be one of the only MUST-SEE-IN-A-THEATER films of this decade—See it and be heartened and encouraged to “keep on carrying on”… Oh, and sit as close to the front/center as you can! Of course, now we have to RE/See all his earlier films; Hmm….

() Thur July 24 7pm Odd Fellows Hall, 6th St, SF: City Lights’ Peter Maravelis hosted a highly atmospheric “seance” for author William T. Vollman featuring a violinist playing in near-darkness. Then Vollman read a complete, Marquez-type-magical-realism-but-way-edgier-short-story, and signed books. People like Frederick Young drove from hours away to attend! It was free! and great…What a fantastic “occult” chamber, in which to experience a book signing…

() Fri Aug 1 6-10pm was “First Fridays,” a monthly “art walk” in North Beach. We saw paintings at Emerald Tablet, where Herb Gold told us that Gary Goodrow (google him) had died recently. We saw more paintings at Live Worms. Then at Nathan Goldsmith’s Naivasha (Grant/Union) we saw a great trio, Knight and Grae, perform. At Cykel we saw 2013 Vietnam street photography by Terry Barentsen, and at I Heart San Francisco Gallery (641 Green/Columbus) we saw a closing party for Ruby Ray’s Search & Destroy photos and Winston Smith’s installation titled “Fallout Shelter.” Was glad to see, in person, Monte Cazazza, Ron the Ripper, Jennifer Blowdryer and a few others from the seventies Punk days…

6. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

Visit the RE/Search Publications website ( to view our recommended links ( for August 2014.

7. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, July 7 and 8, 2014, The Warfield, Market St/6th St, San Francisco by Sandra Derian

You can find anything on Twitter these days. There’s an unconfirmed report of Nick Cave being spotted at San Francisco Soup Company before leaving town following his two-night appearance with the Bad Seeds. Imagine Nick Cave sauntering into the front doors of Westfield Center, descending an escalator into the food court and ordering Grandma Mary’s Chicken Soup. And did he see the face of Jesus when he began to eat? (ref. “The Mercy Seat”).

It is of no surprise his need to rehydrate from the pace he kept with the two-hour sets he performed each night. The fogless nights were hot. The floor of the Warfield was packed. Two platforms on either side of the stage extended out, lined with bright dayglo tape.

The crowd’s anticipation peaked at the sound of a loop being played for the intro to “We Real Cool.” Deep, rich blue casts of light from floor-to-ceiling against drapes hung from up high. First the band, impeccably dressed in suits, even percussionist/keyboardist Barry Adamson in a fedora. Finally, singer Nick Cave arrives to the screams of the audience. Wearing a pearlescent shirt on night one, sparkly black shirt on night two. He makes eye contact and observes the landscape at his feet while singing, “Are you listening?” Not all of the concertgoers, just some up front, snapped pictures with their phone.

“Jubilee Street,” of last year’s album Push the Sky Away, is a song that demands our attention. Singing, “I’m transforming, I’m vibrating, I’m glowing, I’m flying, Look at me now!” He stretches out his arms spins and conducts his band like an orchestra. They segue into the thunder-crashing intro to “Tupelo.” In fact, each night the setlist consisted of mainly the same tracks, always starting off with the same three songs as an anchor. The choice of songs will not vary greatly each night. “Papa Won’t Leave You Henry,” “Do You Love Me,” “The Ship Song,” and “Jack the Ripper” are usually the alternating songs. But energywise, the songs demonstrate a build up to a breakneck pace. Cave, at 57, has no problem with regards to stamina. He leans out on the edge of the platform, like a preacher to the hordes, who are forever reaching up to touch his hands.

The audience on the floor lit in black light is a change of perspective during “Red Right Hand.” People are swaying and sweating. Nick introduces “Mermaids,” saying, “I know you’re clapping, thinking ‘uh, what song is that?’” Someone yells, “So hot!” to which Nick asks, “Hard? I wish.”

“Gather round, gather round people, we’ve come a long way, we’ve gone down mountains, we’ve crossed prairies to be with you tonight… I wanna tell you about a girl.” “From Her to Eternity,” sends Nick forward, feet barely touching the platform. Bending at 45 degrees, he uses his hands to show he wants the audience to part, which they do, and then he points to a woman, “She’s wearing those blue stockins, I bet.” He effortlessly levitates with a leap and bound like a slingshot, crossing to the other side.

An invigorating 40 minutes elapsed, a little tipping of the mic stand to and fro, or it spins in his wake while he jumps to the piano, slightly pausing to wipe drips of sweat. Gently wipes dry the brow of full-bearded bandmate Warren Ellis. Four songs on the piano near the midway point include “Into My Arms,” “People Ain’t No Good,” and “West Country Girl,” from the album The Boatman’s Call — an opportunity for Nick to cool down.

Warren Ellis on violin and mandolin is introduced and, in response, Ellis thrusts his fist into the air to the cheers of the crowd. On night two, someone shouted Ellis’s name, prompting Nick to put his arms around Ellis then add, “And he plays the flute.” Ellis stores his violin bow in the back of his shirt creating a silhouette of a samurai with a sheathed sword.

Night one’s opener, Mark Lanegan, joined the band onstage for a duet on “The Weeping Song.” In the past, former Bad Seeds member Blixa Bargeld was this song’s companion singer; slightly more expressive. Lanegan, dressed all in black, stood stage left in profile to the audience, exchanging his tale of sadness and loss with Nick at center stage, then humbly exited.

On “Higgs Boson Blues,” Nick, again, reaches for the masses, inviting to be touched. He suddenly sees someone holding their phone up to his face, so he in turn takes hold of the phone pushing it forward in their face. His voice is all that matters as he lowers down to whisper, “Can you feel my heartbeat? Touch it. No, no, no, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, no,” while he presses a multitude of fingers and palms inside his open shirt to his slick chest.

During the 10-minute-plus “Stagger Lee,” Nick continues to be like a man on fire and the audience becomes more excited with every gesture. He points while singing condemnation from the devil. Night two had a woman making “ow” sounds from the balcony. He echoed her and the audience echoed him, emphasizing the lewd, eroticism of the song.

The first arrivals to form the outdoor line, longed to be at the platforms on either end of the stage. Nick Cave’s crotch was at the level of so many faces for several songs and he joked about it to one fan when he was taking requests. There’s no other artist willing to be so physically intimate with strangers. Nick is not afraid of his fans. He teetered on the center stage barrier a few times, but the people never let him go. There’s an unsaid respect between the singer and the crowd. However, the second night had security noticeably present on either side of the stage to make sure Nick returned safely back on stage, careful to see if his feet left the platforms.

Upon hearing the request for “Knockin on Joe” he is quick to turn it down without hesitating, confessing, “We can’t play that, it’s too offensive, is just s**t, on any standard, it’s a f**king pile of rubbish… and there’s too many chords in it.” The band laughs along with the fans.

In comparison of the two nights, the audience reacted much more to the lyrics on the second night and didn’t hesitate to push forward anytime he walked onto either of the platforms. Nick Cave thrives on being handled and embraced. If you leave a Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds show feeling elated, but exhausted, then you have fully participated. [end]

8. QUOTATIONS from Gerald V. Casale & others

() “The chief enterprise of human nature is crime.”—Jerry C.

() “Pot, blow, booze and ho’s…Thas what they want!”—Jerry C.

() “Noir is King.” “Human Nature is DARK.” “If there’s a chance to be ‘bad,’ most people will take it.”—Jerry C.

() [Recommended Film Noir:] “Double Indenity. The Postman Always Rings Twice. The Room. Sweet Smell of Success. Face in the Crowd. The Big Knife (Jack Palance). Thunder Road. The Big Sleep. Wall Street. Falling Down. The President’s Analyst.”—Jerry C.

() “If you’re tired, SLEEP. If you’re hungry, EAT.”—V. Vale

() “Internet Reality has replaced ‘Real’ Reality.” —G.K.

9. Letters from readers

() “Vale, thanks for the newsletter…the article on was so true and excellent….you have a whole documentary video you could do on that – very important…that’s a project there…. No one wants to put them under the “microscope of truth.” Here’s a motto they could use: “Climbing the ladder of success wrong by wrong by wrong” – also goes for many other of these tech companies… Hope you are doing well – Take care – Monte C”

() “Thank U vale!!!!!! The Devo 2014 show review is fascinating!!! Wish i still lived in Oakland!!! Best, Ryan J.”

() “Sounds like an amazing concert. I always have loved DEVO — wish I could have been there!! – Rebecca”

() “Hi Vale, Thanx for the RE/Search update. Two things: When in Pittsburgh, visit the Warhol museum! We got a guided tour from his nephew, David Warhola, who was informative as he could be, but shocked DK’s never met his uncle. I had to carefully explain to him that The West Coast scene was several floors further underground, and largely scorned by the NY glitterati; enabling it to grow much sharper teeth, especially when Hardcore hit. He was fascinated. So….Are the S&D reprint books still available?” [S&Dv.2 still is!!!] “They certainly belong in the Warhol library. Also, if you do such things, check out some YouTube footage of new AT phenomenon, Itchy-O. Like nothing you have ever seen in your life! Rhythm & Noise meets Crash Worship meets Mandingo meets…..?? They’re playing in Oakland around Halloween. You, of all people, MUST GO!! You won’t be sorry. Bye4now, Biafra”

() “Hello my hero Vale — About your next Philip K. Dick read, could I suggest the rarely-read “In Milton Lumkey Territory”? No sci-fi in it and the last five pages haunted, haunted me my whole life. Best, Tim”

() “Vale, that’s a killer newsletter – the DEVO chronicle is beautiful – I wish we could’ve made it…Fabio M”

() from Baba: You Can Buy Berlin’s Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Park on eBay

() “Hey Vale! How are you? I just finished up some recordings with my band, The Peels a few weeks ago and thought I’d send you some surreal blues since we’d been talking about them when I’d been over at your spot. We did them in my backyard and had a real fun time making them. Also! I should say that I picked up Judex two weeks ago and watched it with a friend. It totally blew my mind! The visuals are amazing. All those costumes and sets are so beyond dreamy. Looking into it, I also heard about that film Last Days At Marienbad and now I really have to check that out too. Oh and speaking of things dreamy and French, I just finished up a book of Apollinaire’s poetry, it was great! Anyway, hope you’re well! —Brendan”

() from Jack Rabid: “Big Takeover #74 (Dum Dum Girls cover) About To Ship! Pre-order – Subscribe – Renew – Great gifts! Once again the big news is that Big Takeover #74 Spring 2014 issue was completed in Brooklyn, NY, Helena, MT, and Oakland, CA this month! The issue stars Dee Dee, cool frontwoman of California/New York rockers Dum Dum Girls on the cover, and features the concluding part twos of our awesome, long interviews with ’80s U.K. post-punk stalwarts Sad Lovers and Giants and Target Video film/video legend Joe Rees, as well as fabulous history interviews with Peter Daltrey of English ’60s psychedelic stars Kaleidoscope and original 1977-era punks Penetration, while catching up with ageless Elvis Costello, Conor Oberst, and The Rifles. (And shorter chats with Cheatahs, SPC-ECO, +/- (Plus Minus), Math and Physics Club, Allah-Las, Screaming Females, The War on Drugs, Upset, Elbow, and more! Now is an excellent time to pre-order it if
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7. Phil Lenihan, former contributor to Sluggo! and Svengali in the Austin Punk scene, is the proprietor of the Orphic Gallery and curator of the Eight Track Museum in Roxbury, NY. (x7/31/2015)

8. Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company – Penelope Rosemont, Chicago Surrealist Group founder. (x5/31/15)

9. Kevin O’Malley+Christie Dames, the High-Heeled Anarchist: TechTalk/Studio: + Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. (x4/31/15)

10. Emily Armstrong/Pat Ivers’ pioneering 1st generation NYC 1975-80 punk videos! see ’em yourself @ NYU Fales Library Downtown Collection, debut: Oct 2013

11. The doomfiles:

12. “The FruitGuys loves Re/Search! Eat healthy at work, save family farms., born in North Beach in 1998.” (x11/30/14)

13. a San Francisco music production company creates innovative/original music for YOUR films/videos: CD’s, mp3 downloads, studio session work, soundtracks by ‘Sound Behavior Troupe’—experienced Bay Area musicians (x6/30/15)

14. New release from Koenig’s Road—Single: “Love Supermarket”—”It’s the best damn country north of Nashvile.” (x/12/31/14)

The end, for now

August 2014 RE/Search Newsletter #129 written by V. Vale & other contributors. RE/Search website powered by Laughing Squid (



  1. – Art & Design » Blog Archive » V. VALE SPEAKING TOUR IN BELGIUM/HOLLAND - August 19, 2014

    […] From September 6 to 13, V. Vale will be doing a mini-lecture/workshop tour in Belgium and Holland. September 6, at Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, Vale will unearth a rare complete set of Search & Destroy—the 11-issue punk zine about underground literary and music culture Vale produced from 1977 to 1979. Then, at 8pm, Vale will talk about how seed money from Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg led to Search & Destroy, how that led to RE/Search Magazine, and how all of it led to RE/Search Publications. More about the tour here. […]

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