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Recommended links August 2014

() DEVO’Gerald V. Casale makes wine with a special angle: G.V. Casale is interviewed about his winery at 
And, for the record, DEVO played Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on July 30, 2014 with Arcade Fire. Sadly, we missed this, but at least we had seen Hardcore DEVO at the beautiful Fox Theatre June 28, 2014. 

() Thur July 31 V. Vale interviewed for podcast by Tim Sullivan et pals: google – my 15-minute intv, an hour into the program, will be available for podcast soon (I’m told). Check out the podcast’s

() from Chris T:
Not sure if I sent you this before…but you’re briefly mentioned in the introduction:

() from V in London:  Have you come across the musicians called senwaya?  I really like them. I suggest for you to watch their movie/video in the link above. It is worth checking out!

() from Winston Smith: Check it out:  Hitler tries to find an Apartment in San Francisco. Sickly hilarious but, sadly, all too true.

() handmade DIY art:

() from Karen M:

() from Mako S:

() from Skot A:


() The Devil and Daniel Johnston by Jeff Feuerzeig. (film recommended)

() from Sam R:

() from :

() from Lydia Lunch:  “My version of Suicide’s HARLEM 
with Marc Hurtado

() New Film from Yony Leyser who made a William Burroughs documentary:

() from our ex-intern Kiowa H, who started a band:

() Penny Rimbaud interview!!!

() from Judy S: Malcolm McLaren art show:

() J.G. Ballard news:

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