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Recommended links June 2014

() Hi Vale, Charles and I were talking about you and how you’re the nicest Punk he knows; and I thought I might tell you about a cool website I was looking at that if you haven’t seen is fairly interesting. Its called  Also I hear there is a big skateboarding event called Skate Til you Die. I’m sure you know about that though.Anyways, Slayer Days! T”

() from Andrew: “  Phoebe Gloeckner & RE/Search’s Atrocity Exhibition illustrations – intv, etc  – note, the RE/Search Atrocity Exhibition (w/Phoebe’s illustrations & Ana Barrado’s photos) is STILL available from:

() A DATING-AI-esque phenomenon: “I don’t know if this is old news, I’m kind of prone to coming across stuff late in the game. But, like Dating-AI gets into creating things in human-likeness, there’s this supposedly forthcoming trend of using holograms of dead musicians for live performances, and as yet it’s only been done with rappers. I just found this article called “Ghost Riding” by a music reviewer who’s really good (Lindsay Zoldaz, writing for Pitchfork) and she has a “column” called “Ordinary Machines,” where I found this from November of last year.   —Julia T.

Note that RE/Search’s DATING AI book (anticipating HER, the movie w/Joaquin Phoenix) is available at:

() from Phil R.: “Diana Death and the folks from Schitzophonics have a little Punk-Rock scene going on in San Diego (per discusssions with Diana and Leti Beers – the drummer from Schitzophonics)

() from Chris F: Watch these movies by my friends:

() Kal Spelletich is teaching a “PRANKS IN ART” class at SFAI:

() from MarkP:

() from Ana B: “Best wave photos I’ve seen”:

() from Skot A:

() from V in London: — Is it like burningman with a Mad Max theme? (“Punk Icons” for “Punk the Capital…”_)

() from Karen M: (kids of today don’t know their history…)

() from chance: (gymnastic champion)

() from Joey Skaggs: Here are some links Saturday’s Tiny Top Circus performance in Washington Square Park.

() DYSPHORIA by Val Denham, 200pp. Hardback BOOK, 25 Euros. Recommended!

() various photos:

() John Waters in NYC:

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