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Recommended links March 2014

() from V in London: a bit scary:
San Francisco’s Class War:

() from Malcolm McNeill: “You’re mentioned”:

() from KM: Ukraine “stuff”

() from Julia: Burroughs photo!

() from Karen M:
Anouk’s spider dress:

() from K & J: Tommy Wiseau interviews Part 1: Part 2:

() BURROUGHS Bio by BARRY MILES reviews (some sent by V in London):

() from Michael S:

() from Bruno: Enzo’s music

() from MAL SHARPE (in our PRANKS book):

() from Ethan, NEW SAVAGE REPUBLIC CD, AEGEAN!: Some tracks from “Aegean”
The Arab Spring:
Sons and Lovers:

() from Mark C:

() from Baba: Seven Downtown Detroit Buildings You Could Buy Right Now – Cool Map Thing – Curbed Detroit

() from Scotch Wichmann:

() from Skot A: “The Disney that never was”:

() from John R: Street Cleaning Sim
Goat Sim

() from K.S.:

() from: Street Cleaning, Car Repair, and how to be an Engineer:

() “Hi Vale, The first trailer for the film is out now ! Check it out on the website. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Thanks again for your involvement in the film. Please share it with your friends & fans. Amélie & Travis”

() George Chen intv V. Vale redux:

() from Ann McGuire: (The Freddy McGuire Show)

() from Andrea R:!/index

() V. Vale on a website (never saw this before):

() from Marc P: “Check out the new CLARION ALLEY MURAL
make sure to click “enlarge” to read it better. amazing! -Marc”

() from Eric P:

() Ken Knabb’s new translation of Society of the Spectacle $15

() from David P:

() from Greg L:

() from A:

() from Chris in NYC: “I am sure you saw this… this is a must watch….


() from David P: CRASS documentary, free on YouTube

() from Laura C:

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