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V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter #122, January 2014

Welcome To V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter #122, January 2014

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1. MESSAGE FROM EDITOR: Happy New Year, Right?!

1A. NEW FROM RE/SEARCH: Ed Hardy PocketBook of interviews

2. The Counter Culture Hour – Hidé from punk band Ultra Bidé

3. Forthcoming events

4. What We’ve Experienced (or Wanted to Experience)

5. Recommended Links – send us some!

6. QUOTES from our new ED HARDY book, selected by Gloria. Etc.

7. Letters from Readers

8. Sponsors (Check ‘em out! – they make this possible!)

1. Message from your editor, V. Vale: Happy New Year, Right?!

New Year’s Eve and Day may be my favorite part of the year. I like the
IDEA of having a Fresh Start (it’s a “new” year, according to our
calendrical reckoning)… as well as the idea that you can dream up new
resolves to make your next year “better”–i.e., get more projects done,
and somehow have more “fun.”

William Burroughs once said, “It can’t get too quiet for me,” and as
the world gets noisier each year (what with the population increase and
the corresponding increase of transportation vehicles), well, in the
future, TRUE SILENCE may become a luxury. We can’t help but notice that
noise-reduction headphones continue to decrease in price, and think
that their in-your-face availability now is answering a NEED. We are
amused whenever a Harley-Davidson motorcycle roars by, leaving in its
wake a chorus of caterwauling car alarms. Here a pseudo-patriotic
deference to a venerable American iconic macho brand supersedes the
obvious flaunting of noise-abatement legal statutes. Do Harleys leave
the factory “engineered” to produce “illegal” sound levels?

Even though the Internet has a thousandfold (maybe a million-fold)
increased the number of media channels available, a few individuals
(well, is every individual a “brand” now?!) manage to hog the
bandwidth, despite all attempts to restrict one’s exposure to only
“high quality cultural input.” Effortlessly. as though feeding candy to
a baby, Miley Cyrus (whoever THAT is) magnetized scores of millions of
viewers to her “twerking” YouTube videos, including yours truly. This
Miley Cyrus seemed to be the new Madonna–for some reason, I have always
had trouble recognizing Madonna’s “real” face and voice, and Miley
Cyrus struck me the same way.


Brand new RE/Search pocketbook: Ed Hardy. Please ask for it in
stores and ESPECIALLY, YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY! Best of all, order copies
direct from us (for obvious reasons)!

Ed Hardy is a primary example of an artist who DID IT HIS WAY (tip of
the hat to one Frank Sinatra). We forthwith reproduce the introductions
to the latest RE/Search pocketbook, ED HARDY. We’re prejudiced, but we
think every book of RE/Search conversations has something to offer,
inspiration-wise or suggestion-wise:


“Since the Sixties Ed Hardy has produced his art while raising the
once-overlooked medium of tattoo to museum-level standards, producing
archetypal, iconic, technically dazzling work reflecting the world
history of visual art production. He studied printmaking at the San
Francisco Art Institute, then turned down a graduate fellowship to
Yale, electing instead to work for himself as a ground-breaking
entrepreneurial tattoo artist. Along the way he inspired hundreds of
artists to share in his mission: to imagine, invent, produce and keep
perfecting work that provokes thought, admiration, and our favorite
kind of question: “What does that mean?”

“Today Ed Hardy has retired from tattooing. He’s producing paintings,
drawings, prints, ceramics, scrolls, installations, and more. His Hardy
Marks imprint has published some thirty books, with more on the way. We
hope this slim volume inspires readers to create art and follow their
own path toward independence and multi-faceted originality.” [2nd

“The brand known as Ed Hardy has sold more than a billion units of
merchandise to date and keeps expanding into emerging markets such as
China. But who is the ARTIST Ed Hardy who created the approximately
1300 artworks which have migrated all over the world to take on a life
of their own, replicated on millions of t-shirts, sweatshirts,
sweatpants, sneakers and everything from air fresheners to cologne? How
does an artist stay creative while a brand bearing his “real” name
wreaks a global tsunami of a parallel existence that confuses countless

“Search & Destroy founder V. Vale met Ed Hardy at the beginnings of the
International Punk Rock Cultural Revolution circa 1977. Determined to
legitimize the ancient body decoration practice of tattoo as an art
form and medium, Ed Hardy was pioneering a fastidious practice and
penultimate philosophy of knowledgeable creativity centered on the
enhancement of the human body. An autodidact who graduated from the San
Francisco Art Institute, he incorporated an enormous amount of research
into expanding the conceptual scope of what ink-on-skin could manifest,
ultimately becoming a book publisher who continues to produce tomes
documenting the hidden history of tattoo. Today, Ed Hardy has retired
from tattooing, focusing on making paintings, drawings, lithographs,
etchings, ceramics, collages, scrolls and work in other media.

“In these uncensored interviews, Ed Hardy demonstrates the relentless
curiosity, rebellion and rigor which has informed his creative career
from the very beginning. He names artists, books, movements and ideas
which will continue to inspire seekers of new frontiers and territories
to emblazon. This book is a valuable resource aimed at those who are
striving to develop all their talents.”

Everyone can most likely gain inspiration from reading this book of
conversations which literally goes all over the map, both
geographically and culturally. It’s possible to “fake it” when WRITING
a book, but when engaging in an unscripted conversation, one is forced
to rely on one’s inner resources when answering question after
question. (And again, the Holy Grail is coming up with a “new”
hitherto-un-thought-of idea or concept or thought which was sparked (of
course) by the conversation itself.) The “real” personality is more
likely to emerge. A book of transcribed conversations is about as close
as one can get to a person’s genuine “essence.”

So, we advocate you support RE/Search and order the new ED HARDY
pocketbook from …and
we Thank You In Advance. — Your editor, V. Vale

2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat Jan 11, 2014 6pm:

The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE
as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 – 6pm Pacific Time,
Sat Jan 11, 2014. Hidé of Japan punk group Ultra Bidé. Hidé has some
very interesting theories about music, sound and recording, and imparts
his thoughts in a most intriguing manner, in conversation with V. Vale.
See this link at broadcast time:

You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, Jan 11, 2014
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Sunday, Jan 12, 2014
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Jan 12, 2014
If you cannot get this online email us at

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() FREE Emerald Tablet presents AND for Emerald Tablet’s schedule of

() FREE Sat Jan 4, 6pm. Paul Mavrides art opening at Steven Wolf
Gallery. 2747 19th St / Bryant, #A.

() FREE. Fri Jan 10, 6-8pm. Our friend Karen Barbour has an opening
(paintings) at Fouladi Projects, 1803 Market St/Laguna, SF.

() FREE Thu Jan 30, 7pm Jerry Stahl (“Bad Sex on Speed”) at City Lights
Bookstore, 261 Columbus / Broadway.

() FREE **LOS ANGELES** Thur-Sun, Jan 30-Feb 2, 2014 L.A. Art Book
Fair! RE/Search will have a table – visit us in the ZINES section!
Geffen Contemporary at LA MOCA, Japantown, L.A.

() FREE? Tue Feb 4, City Lights/SFAI host a William Burroughs Birthday
Party Celebration at the S.F.A.I. Auditorium. V. Vale will conduct a
live interview with Burroughs biographer Barry Miles from London, U.K.

() FREE? Wed Feb 5, 7pm The Beat Museum hosts a William Burroughs
Birthday Party Celebration. V. Vale will give a Burroughs presentation
including some of his rare Burroughs photographs projected.

() FREE (?) Feb 14-16, 2014: International San Francisco Mail Art
Conference titled Ex Postal Facto Conference – go to, email inquiriers if you wish to
participate to: – RE/SEARCH will have a
table at this gala! You are welcome to submit artwork, but please do
not expect compensation – this is MAIL ART!!!

() $ – our favorite local Grand
Guignol Theatre Company needs Your Support!

4. What We’ve Experienced (or Wanted to Experience)

() Last month we forgot to review THE BIG TAKEOVER, our favorite
magazine carrying the torch and embodying the spirit of Search &
Destroy, so long ago. The latest issue has part one of an interview
with Joe Rees, who probably video-documented more early Punk bands than
anyone else on Planet Earth. Support Jack Rabid’s independent

() Punk Concerts we sadly missed: Weirdos. Wire. Pere Ubu. Robert Lopez
of the Zeros. Ah, December in San Francisco!

() Thur Dec 12, we attended the closing of the Mission School show at
SFAI, with Chris Johanson, Kal Spelletich, Barry McGee & others in
attendance. Fun!

() Fri Dec 13 we were visited by one of our favorite modern Punk bands
(incarnating the Original Spirit), NASA Space Universe, followed by
dinner w/Kal Spelletich and Chris Johanson and beverages at a local
bar. Fun!

() Sat Dec 14 we attended a small 60th birthday party for Mark
Pauline, Survival Research Laboratories founder. Fun! V. Vale played
piano for 15 minutes…

() Thur Dec 19, we attended the screening of a great independent film,
New People’s Cinema. Highly recommended and of local interest: it’s
about the dark side of the Market Street Cinema, a legendary and
storied venue (V. Vale was the shadow organizer of the William
Burroughs-Laurie Anderson-John Giorno event there, back around 1981 or

() Fri Dec 20 we attended the legendary Last Gasp Christmas Party. V.
Vale played piano from 630-930pm! So, we saw the painter Sharon Leong
two days in a row; lucky us!

() On Dec 21 we saw Robert Nelson’s Suite California Stops & Passes:
Parts 1 and 2. Part 1: Tijuana to Hollywood Via Death Valley. Part 2:
San Francisco to the Sierra Nevadas & Back Again. 1976-1978. Saw these
independent classic films at the Exploratorium’s new Theatre (curated
by Liz Keim). Mark Toscano & Jonathan Marlow introduced.

() Our local mover-and-shaker Chicken John wrote a book, and here is
the link to it:

() Marc Powell, featured in our PRANKS 2 book, self-published a new
poetry book, “Everything Is Networked and Nothing Is Connected.”
Seditionary poems. If you resent the dotcom start-up joiners flooding
into San Francisco and wrecking it, you will immensely enjoy this book!

5. Recommended links now on our website

Visit the RE/Search Publications website to view our recommended
links for January 2014:

Send your favorite link!


() “…[at art school] I was hungering for everybody to give me the
Five Big Secrets… I’m going to come up to the school, and they’re
gonna take you aside and go, ‘Hey, kid. THIS is what you have to do,’
because of course I was floundering. You know, I’m still floundering!
And that’s the whole point: to make this stuff. And you don’t know what
you’re really doing; you don’t know if it’s any good or not. […] FROM
OUR new ED HARDY PocketBook of Interviews:

() “I was in Manuel Neri’s class; I was doing this stuff, and I told
Shaw, “He doesn’t really say anything. He comes around and goes, ‘Well,
you know… yeah, that’s good, y’know.’ And, ‘Maybe a little here’, or
something. And Shaw said, “That’s just the way it is here. A lot of the
important things you just can’t get by… you can’t put it into words,
man.” You just have to get that vibration (to be corny about it), or
the heat that comes off being around these people; by osmosis you just
get what’s going on. It’s like Phil Sparrow once said about the
uselessness of a tattoo correspondence course… He said, “It’s as
useless as learning how to swim in your living room.” [laughter]
new ED HARDY PocketBook of Interviews

“It’s pragmatic knowledge; knowledge that you learn by doing. That was
invaluable to me… to have these people that weren’t afraid to use bad
words, they weren’t afraid to like crazy music. They weren’t afraid to
wake up hung over and not know what to do.” – Ed Hardy pocketbook

“But it’s very naive of people who beat their chests and gnash their
teeth about how nobody appreciates what they’re doing – nobody’s
telling you to make art or write books! Essentially, in our culture,
that’s the most useless thing there is! So if you’re going to do it,
you have to be set to just DO it. Just work at the soup kitchen or pump
gas… or if you have to go into a corporate job, then see if you can
keep your intellect and drive intact – if that doesn’t leach it out of
you. That was our huge discussion in art school. Because in those days,
nobody was really making money selling their art – none of the people
that we really knew – our teachers, or anybody.

“We wondered, ‘Should you get a job teaching? And would that take away
less of your so-called creative energy than a job in a totally
non-related field – a c vilian job that would not be attached to your
art at all?’ I think it’s a dilemma for everybody. But the world
doesn’t owe you a living! Just because you feel rhapsodic about what
you’ve created… well, kids can play with their own shit. That’s
pretty basic.” [Radical… – Gloria] – Ed Hardy pocketbook

[Gloria’s favorite quote:] “The world doesn’t owe you a living. Just
because you feel rhapsodic about what you’ve created… well, kids can
play with their own shit. That’s pretty basic.” [The best!! About time
somebody said something like that.. – Gloria] – Ed Hardy pocketbook

() From Karen M: “True the system is set up better for people to own
stuff. So the trend to not own stuff and just use stuff like airbnb,
couchsurfing, zipcar etc even things like fb, gmail where ppl use
things for free will prove to bite us all in the end unless ppl forward
thinking enough changes govt to take that into consideration. Ppl don’t
realize living like that makes them slaves to capitalism/govt instead
of the good detached low carbon footprint non-materialistic enlightened
ones they think they’re being. They are but being penalized for it…”


() from Marc P: “Really great essay here:
‘The few cannot go on accumulating wealth unless they accumulate the
power to manipulate the minds of the many. To expropriate manpower
theyhave to expropriate the brain. What is being abolished in today’s
affluent societies, from Moscow to Los Angeles, is not exploitation,
but our awareness of it.

‘A good example is the current wave of McLuhanism. No matter how
ingenious, no matter how shrewd and fresh some of this author’s
observations may seem, his understanding of media hardly deserves the
name of a theory. His cheerful disregard of their social and political
implications is pathetic. It is all too easy to see why the slogan “the
medium is the message” has met with unbounded enthusiasm on the part of
the media, since it does away, by a quick fix worthy of a cardsharp,
with the question of truth. Whether the message is a lie or not has
become irrelevant, since in the light of McLuhanism truth itself
resides in the very existence of the medium, no matter what it may
convey: the proof of the network is in the network. It is a pity that
Goebbels has not lived to see this redemption of his oevre.'”

From Hans Magnus Enzensberger, ‘The Industrialization of the Mind’
from: Critical Essays. New York: Continuum. 1982. pp. 3 – 14

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3. Mrs Dalloway’s Catering (Bay Area) – We at RE/Search are fans of Mrs
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7. “fine art about equal human rights

8. Philip Lenihan. A founder of Sluggo magazine from Austin, Texas.
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9. Mal Sharpe, Jennifer Sharpe. Mal’s band plays the Savoy Tivoli
Saturday (and Sunday?) afternoons on Grant St. in S.F.

10. Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company – Penelope Rosemont, Chicago
Surrealist Group founder.

11. Kevin O’Malley+Christie Dames, the High-Heeled Anarchist:
TechTalk/Studio: + Commonwealth Club, San

12. Emily Armstrong/Pat Ivers’ pioneering 1st generation NYC 1975-80
punk videos! see ’em yourself @ NYU
Fales Library Downtown Collection, debut: Oct 2013

The end, for now

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