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1D. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR: San Francisco Zine Fest
1B. Pranks 2, now available for epub (ipad), Kindle Fire, and online “cloud” reading!
2. Counter Culture Hour Sat Sept 14, 2013 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below): Penny Rimbaud, Part 2
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1A. Pranks 2, now available for epub (ipad), Kindle Fire, and online “cloud” reading!
“Check it out!” — and let us know what you think. Somewhat still in BETA, but available now.

1B. BURROUGHS & BALLARD are dead, but we still have RUDY RUCKER with us! We interviewed him for our weekly TV show, The Counter Culture Hour (see below) and in preparation for the intv thoroughly enjoyed reading his autobiography, NESTED SCROLLS ( and appreciating his paintings in his BETTER WORLDS (100 PAINTINGS in color) book. A kind of Renaissance Man, Rudy is an oblique role model. For example, he met his wife at age 17, had 3 kids, and is STILL WITH HER! How rare is that?! Think of the vast scope of memories they share…

1C. We’re working on “Ed Hardy“, 4th in the series after our George Kuchar, Lydia Lunch and Henry Rollins pocketbooks.  Order direct from – order ALL FOUR and we’ll send you a rare “Goals of Life” w-i-p. (but you must REQUEST it). The shipping cost will be the same for you, buying one or all.

1D. S.F. Zine Fest, Sat Aug 31, Sun Sept 1, 2013. Life goes by so fast that we rarely miss a great yearly event (or great punk club) until it’s gone forever. For example, even though we have enjoyed the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair for, what, 17 years in a row, we’ve heard that it’s OVER. Forever. Did many of the thousands who attended even know who put it on? We think it was spearheaded by one “Joey” from Bound Together Books on Haight St near Masonic, and when Joey finally “resigned,” well, there goes the Anarchist Book Fair! Somebody throw Joey a huge party or something, right?! Or do a book or zine on him. Hmm…
This year’s San Francisco Zine Fest seemed particularly poignant in that more people than ever before came up to yours truly and gave him (that is, me) their zines. Plus looked me full on in the eye. Now in this day where so-called virtual reality has replaced so-called real life, the above is not to be under-rated. About 150 years ago if you wanted to hear a real human speaking to you, you would have to be in the same room (or at least nearby). Therefore you could note their total physiognomy, body language, gestural vocabulary, nuances of vocal inflection, eye movements, smell (if any) and a thousand other subtleties (and obvious-ities) telling you WHO THE PERSON REALLY WAS. (Unless the person is a skilled psychopath; the kind Burroughs talks about who can con you super-fast out of anything you have.)
Monday morning I became ill—therefore a perfect excuse to lie in bed and read all the zines. By luck, the first one I read had a fire to it so contagious I am forced to share it with you NOW (excerpt follows):
“[I] discovered ‘Ex-Animation,’ a photo-copied monstrosity that sh-t all over the glorified desktop publication that I had just created. I mean, this thing was rough! Most of the text was written on a typewriter with a few broken keys. The rest was hand-written and pasted half-assed onto the page. The collages and line drawings were primitive at best. The images were oversaturated, as if the creator had made copies with the Xerox machine lid open. And the staples were bent in half from using the wrong kind of stapler and then bending them in half with pliers or something.
“Not only was this self-described ‘zine’ the most amazing thing I’d ever seen in print, the writing was poignant and personal. There were short pieces about traveling to England, working as a stripper and getting molested as a kid. Even a few poems. I was blown away. The writing wasn’t polished or stylized. It was just raw. Obviously written without drafts or revisions. Just straight words from the soul. It was apparent that this hot mess existed because it had no other choice but to exist. Which was what made it so compelling. But what astonished me most was the candor. At that time, honesty was very difficult for me. I was all about facades, living in a fortress of fantasy. I wanted to write without reservation, but I was afraid to go deep, in case I exposed the hidden wounds from a f-cked-up childhood and spending my teenage years in institutions and foster homes. Besides, I figured nobody wanted to read about those kinds of experiences anyway. So I kept writing about what was safe: the lost years of my twenties, wasted in a constant state of inebriation, chasing drugs and alcohol with dysfunctional and abusive relationships. And I never used my real name. I put out several more zines before I moved on to chapbooks and then eventually started publishing paperbacks by other writers. In the spirit of DIY ethics, I handled all the aspects of publishing myself, from design to distribution. But I was going nuts from the pressure. And it’s not like I ever had any money. After a while I realized that drive and determination were not enough when the walls were crashing down. So I threw in the towel.
“I never lost the itch to put words and images on paper, but I always swore that if I were to start publishing again I would only do a hand-made photocopied labor of love. I hadn’t forgotten about ‘Ex-Animation’ and how I felt when I realized that the glory of publishing wasn’t in competing with the newsstand. It was about raw honesty. Truth. Conviction. All the things I was still struggling with. I’d always believed that my past experiences were a disease and that sharing them would infect others with my trauma. Mine was a story I never wanted to tell. I’d kept it buried so deep, for so long, that I figured it would eventually drift from my memory. But twenty-five years later, it still follows me. Even today, I may have given up the drugs (the f-cked-up relationships were harder to kick), but I am still just as lost as when I was in my twenties. The past may never make sense to me. But if I’m ever going to be whole again, I have to purge these memories by embracing the pain. A few years ago, I started writing everything down. As honestly as possible. Every day I wrote. Once I’d opened the flood gates I couldn’t contain the deluge. The process was like draining an abscess… When I was finished, I had over a thousand pages. Most of it crap. But I figured I was ready to do what I’ve wanted to do since that fateful day when I picked up my first zine…” [end of excerpt]
I ended up reading every word of this zine, titled “The Nasty Oh-Dear,” aka “Piltdownlad” issue #4. The author also gave me #1, “The Guero Chingon Stories – Five short tales about growing up a whiteboy in East L.A.”, and #3 “Junior Careers: Adventures of a Teenage Door-to-Door Salesman – Trying to make a buck selling candy in the San Gabriel Valley.” These were completely fascinating and felt like they had been written back at the time they were LIVED; I’m guessing the author kept journals or—? Then I tackled the perfectbound 5″x8″ 307-page BOOK titled “A Masque of Infamy” and it was hypnotizing. I thought **I** had had a bit of a “challenging” childhood, but compared to THIS narrative, I felt I had totally “lucked out.” Finished the book this morning. Understood why he called this “a novel” rather than an “autobiography”—America is far too litigious a society to permit a **true** autobiography from ever being published!
Then I read his zine #6 “Institutionalized” containing legal documentation for what had happened, small narratives from four points of view, etc. This total experience—zines plus “novel”—combined to give possibly the richest “autobiography” I’ve ever read: complex, multi-faceted, uncensored, honest—yet “creatively (and invisibly) engineered” to provide a compelling narrative that I didn’t want to put down…
I recommend this book and ALL the zines that this author, “Kelly Dessaint,” has produced—order from Phony Lid Books, POB 86714, Los Angeles CA 90086. – essential 21st century noir reading…. Oh yes, Punk Rock plays a “beacon”-like role here…
Uh oh—six more zines to discuss…
How can a “cartoonist” do great work for many years and not get national recognition? This is what I wondered after reading the zines of JAIME CRESPO which combine 4-panel and 6-panel “comics” plus some short (but scarring-for-life) narratives. Read every word of the 5 zines he gave me and I want more! Classic. “There are back issues of comic books available as well as original art. Oh, yeah…T-shirts are coming real soon. Just go to” – I read “Last Slice: The Best of the Last Slices Strips” (4-panel comics) and “Slices: Selected Favorites from the Weekly Strip ‘Slice O’ Life” (6-panel comics), then read “Tortilla #1,2,3” – yes, I highly recommend them ALL…
() Teenage Issue No. 1. Fascinated by the brief but revelatory interview with Andrew Loog Oldham, early Rolling Stones producer (I think he recently wrote a memoir, too). Syl Sylvain of the New York Dolls—I interviewed him in Search & Destroy #8 back in 1978. I did a brief e-mail interview with the editor, Gus Bernadicou, which is scheduled to appear in Teenage Issue No. 2. Beautiful photos, some excellent questions, plus, frankly, a number of interviews I’ll have to read later as I simply am not that familiar with the likes of Mott the Hoople, Cherry Vanilla, Jellyfish, Cheap Trick, et al. But, that doesn’t mean the interviews aren’t good!
() A young woman, Liz Hansen, came up to me and said, “I gave you this zine at the L.A. Zine Fest at The Last Bookstore [when Henry Rollins did a live interview with V. Vale] but here’s another copy.” This is another of the uber-honest zines, focusing on a practically-unmentionable topic: “sh-t.” The name is “Scoop: Special Edition” and it contains a selection of contributions from earlier editions of the zine 2000-2004. Available from – At first I thought it might be a tough “read” but before I knew it I had finished the entire publication. I thought of John Fante and Charles Bukowski writing about the dark side of Los Angeles, but this was somehow even more extreme…
() Another young woman named Courtney Fellion gave me Canyon Cinemazine #1 and #2, #303 of 400 copies (#1, that is). Color xerox, 7″x8.3″, stapled. Number One had probably the last “visit” with George Kuchar at the Coming Home Hospice before he expired: a kind of must-have for Kuchar Brothers fans; it included a color drawing by George. A number of other experimental filmmakers are included. Issue #2 included Gerry Fialka (disclosure: I usually play piano for his San Francisco events), a Sally Cruikshank (animator) interview, plus a host of other articles on, frankly, independent filmmakers I’ve never heard of. So, there’s more reading ahead… Order from POBox 16163, Oakland CA 94610. email:
() One of the saddest zines I’ve ever read was given to me by a woman dressed like Rosie the Riveteer: Elizabeth Dunn (what style!). She worked at the Jabberjaw, apparently a great small Punk club/coffee house/art gallery run by Michelle Carr and Gary Dent in Los Angeles, 3711 W. Pico Blvd, 1991-94? The zine consists of recollections, interviews, and photos from people who “hung out” at the Jabberjaw, and they make me wish I had gone to the club at least ONCE (Iggy Pop and Kurt Cobain went there, among others). It sounded like an L.A. equivalent of San Francisco’s Mabuhay Gardens—but different, and later. As contrasted with the Masque (only went there once; it was a basement labyrinth of tiny rooms) the Jabberjaw had one large room, like the Mab. Again, most people don’t even know who made clubs like this “happen”—yet: no club, no counter-culture “scene” or “community” or “sub-culture.” The walls were decorated with thrift store “Keane painting” scores (that reminds me; someone just filmed scenes for an upcoming biopic of Margaret Keane, a block away from RE/Search headquarters, only last week). The enigmatic name of this zine is “You Said ‘I Love You’, I Guess You Did.” I searched all over and couldn’t find an address or website, but write us here at RE/Search and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with Elizabeth Dunn so you can get your own copy.
() DEGENERATE #12, by Sam Lefebvre, 8.5X11″ B&W stapled zine with 7″ 33rpm red flexidisc-vinyl included! Cover proclaims: “Post/punk iconoclasm”, Rank/Xerox, Scraper/*negative* D.T.G.M.A.S., “Psychedelia is dead/long live psychedelia.” This is a very thought-provoking zine, featuring not just music “criticism” but texts descrying “micro-apartments” being constructed in San Francisco (what a real-estate scam), the phenomenon of “parklets,” [WTF?] plus poems, tiny hard-to-read texts, collages, illustrations, and a huge essay on Post/Punk ideology and the new post-punk “establishment.” Now we here at RE/Search have a problem with the phrase “Post-Punk” in that we feel Punk is STILL the philosophy of life best suited for surviving the coming apocalypse (D.I.Y., Black Humor, Anti-Authority/Anti-Authoritarian, Mutual Aid) and we remind people that in the earliest Punk days in San Francisco, it took two years to form a “community” of not more than 200 people who totally adopted the “Punk LIFE” (not “lifestyle”), and who, because the “scene” was so small, basically had to “help” each other, not f-ck each other over (as is so liberally depicted in corporate punk “memoirs” like Please Kill Me). San Francisco didn’t have the cheap heroin (imported from Turkey) that NYC had, etc. Our scene happened later, included a lot more “gay” people, was all-ages, and was centered on just one club (which made life easier), The Mab. ‘Nuff said…
Again, you don’t miss your water ’til the well runs dry. And today, the only “clubs” I like are free, within walking distance of RE/Search headquarters (as was the Mab, one block away!): Caffe Trieste, Live Worms Gallery, and our new local treasure, Emerald Tablet. Nothing is more precious than being able to be with REAL people in a real space on a local level, so you can form REAL relationships with people you can appreciate in person, unscripted and unrehearsed. As Lydia Lunch put it, “I want to be able to SMELL someone” (we add: “for better or worse!”) Words alone convey just a fraction of what an original human may be truly “about.” It takes a long time to get to know anybody, so… As the ancient Chinese proverb said, “New Clothes/Old Friends—not the reverse!” Old friends may be, next to our own bodies, the most important “possession” we may ever have…—V. Vale, your editor

2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat Sept 14, 2013 6pm: Penny Rimbaud of CRASS, Part 2 (sorry, it didn’t show last month due to a station mishap)

The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat  July 13, 2013
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, Sept 14, 2013
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Sunday, Sept 15, 2013
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Sept 15, 2013
If you cannot get this online email us at

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() NEW YORK $ Thurs, Aug 29 7:30pm. Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave, New York, NY 10003 Our pal  MICHAEL H. SHAMBERG – TURTLE, AN ANARCHIC SALON Though perhaps best known for his work as a producer of music videos – in particular for his work with Patti Smith, R.E.M., and above all New Order, and with directors such as Robert Frank, Robert Breer, Kathryn Bigelow, and Jonathan Demme – Michael H. Shamberg’s career is astonishingly multi-faceted and category-defying. In addition to directing his own highly personal and provocative short films and a unique and formally adventurous feature, Shamberg presides over a profoundly ambitious, ongoing, interdisciplinary virtual salon entitled ‘turtle’, described as “an open and chaotic network of diverse but interconnecting ideas, people, projects, events, and venues.” Though this evening will focus on Shamberg’s own films (including SOUVENIR, a collaboration with actors Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci, cinematographer James Herbert, and filmmaker Chris Marker), it is presented under the umbrella of ‘turtle’, and is sure to involve a stimulating and unpredictable dialogue between Shamberg, special guests, and audience members.  Stanton Miranda, the lead, will join Shamberg in person!  Cinematographer James Herbert will also join.  Special thanks to Tom Jarmusch.
 P.S. BEIRUT – CHAPTERS 1 + 2 2012, 26 min, digital video “Shamberg is a legendary producer of music videos [as well as] a filmmaker and impresario who’s been struggling valiantly to keep connecting since being afflicted with mitochondrial disease. This fragile and intense film concerns his own corporeal civil war, bombings in Lebanon, Romanesque churches, and life trying to make sense of itself. Music by Markus Acher of The Notwist, Electrelane, and New Order.” –VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL
SOUVENIR  1998, 78 min, 35mm. With Adam Hann-Byrd, Kristin Scott Thomas, Melvil Poupaud, Stanton Miranda, and the voices of Hugues Quester and Christina Ricci; cinematography by James Herbert; computer graphics by Irit Batsry and Chris Marker. “SOUVENIR is the adventure – in many voices – of Orlando (Miranda), an American woman in Paris. The film explores how memory, history, environment, chance, and displacement contribute to senses of ourselves and our place in the world. The rich, multi-layered narrative recollects and reconstructs Orlando’s past relations with her family, and their indelible mark on her life. Mixing film, video and digital (computer graphics by Chris Marker), SOUVENIR proudly reflects the influence of groundbreaking filmmakers like Godard and Marker.” –CORNERHOUSE
Plus, a selection of Shamberg’s music videos!

() FREE. Sat-Sun Aug 31-Sept 1, 11-5pm San Francisco Zine Fest, S.F. County Fair Building,  9th Ave/Lincoln Way (in Golden Gate Park). RE/Search will have a table with Charles Gatewood!

() FREE Sat Aug 31 to Sept 22, next 4 weekends, both Sat & Sun 2pm: MacBeth at S.F. Shakespeare Festival
San Francisco’s Presidio – Main Post Parade Ground Lawn (between Graham St & Keyes Ave) Aug 31 – September 15, 2013.  Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day Monday  All shows at 2:00 pm  There will be no intermission during the performance. The play lasts only 100 minutes, so please keep your seats and enjoy every spell-binding minute.
() San Francisco’s Mclaren Park – Jerry Garcia Amphitheater  (40 John F Shelley Dr, 94134)  Sept 21 & 22, 2013 Saturday & Sunday Both shows at 2:00 pm
There will be no intermission during the performance.

() FREE Thur Sept 5, 6-9pm Opening Reception for Body Electric (group art show on the human body) at Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno/Grant Ave.

() FREE Fri Sept 6, 6-8pm, OPENING: Ryan McGinley – YEARBOOK at  Ratio 3, 2831A Mission St/24th-25th Sts, SF.

() FREE Fri Sept 6, 5pm-2am, 21+ ONLY: 111 Minna Gallery, Last Gasp Present 20 Years Celebration. Many artists will be present! RE/Search plans to attend!

() FREE Fri Sept 6, 730pm: North Beach First Fridays: Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno/Grant, free chamber music concert by Classical Revolution

() FREE Sat Sept 7, 3-5pm: Charles Gatewood 50 Year Photo Retrospective at Robert Tat Gallery, 49 Geary St. RE/Search will attend, so meet us there… (Thur Sept 5 this show opens, 5:30pm-7:30pm as part of First Thursdays…)

() FREE Sat Sept 7, 1-3pm: William Farley “Fog at Night” Color Photography Opening. Building A, Fort Mason

() FREE Sat Sept 7, 3pm: The New Catharine Clark Gallery Opening featuring Anthony Discenza giving a walk-through of the show. 248 Utah St/16th St, a block east of Potrero, San Francisco, CA 94103

() $ Sun Sept 8, 7pm, early show: Cafe du Nord, Market St: Jill Tracy.

() **OAKLAND** $ Tue Sept 10, 8pm, Uptown, 1928 Telegraph Av: The Weirdos (’77 Punk Band from L.A.), Sharp Objects, Neutral Boy.

() $10 Sun, Sept 8/13/14/18 (check website for time): 4 performances of a play based upon the life of painter/Mail Art Authority/Author/SFAQ interviewer John Held Jr: With Held By Jeremy Greco. Playwright & monologist Jeremy Greco traces Held’s career & art-making. SF Fringe Festival, Exit Theater Stage Left, 156 Eddy St/Mason-Taylor, above Market St

() FREE Thur, Sept 12, 7-10pm: SFAI McBean Gallery, 800 Chestnut St: Mission School: Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Alicia McCarthy, Barry McGee, Ruby Neri Featuring live musical performances by Sun Foot (Chris Johanson, Ron Burns, Brian Mumford), Virgil Shaw (Dieselhed), and special guests

() $ **OAKLAND** Tue Sept 17, 8pm: Uptown: The Vibrators.

() FREE. Fri, Sept 20, 630-830pm: Club Foot Orchestra w/Richard Marriott & Pamela Z plays de Young Museum, GG Park.

() $ SAT-SUN 9/21-22 2pm-midnite or 10pm: VERDI CLUB, 2424 Mariposa/Potrero, SF – SF Punk Homecoming 2013. Sat Sept. 21 – 2 pm to Midnight. Sun Sept. 22 – 2 pm to 10 pm   Suggest getting tickets NOW as they will sell out! RE/Search will have a table – meet V. Vale and buy his original 1977-78 Search&Destroy tabloids direct from him – he’ll autograph ’em!
Performances by:
The Mutants
Penelope Houston
Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers
Winston Tong (with LX Rudis)
Nervous Gender
Rampage (with Randy Rampage & Zippy Pinhead)
The Alley Cats
The Offs
Rubber City Rebels
White Trash Debutantes
Patrick O’Neil & Peter Urban
Thrill Of The Pull
Impatient Youth
The Guverment (with Greg Ingraham, Avengers guitarist)
The Blowdryers
Death Valley Girls (with Patty Schemel)
Dave D Og Swan (with Ronnie Guitar & Petunia)
Jack Grisham
Iris Berry
Silke Berlinn
Elliot Schneider & The Big Bang
Brendan Earley (Solo; Mutants guitarist)
The Job (with Marc Olmsted)
The Legendary T.B. Slick Revue
Gimme Danger (Iggy Tribute)
Siobhan (Shamama) Lowe
Joe Rees / Target Video 77
MC: Raymond Ernest Andre III  –

() $ Mon, Sep 23 2013 – 7:30pm
Chuck Palahniuk, Author, Fight Club, Choke; Member, Cacophony Society Portland Chapter
John Law, Main Organizer, Cacophony Society; Co-author, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society
Carrie Galbraith, Main Organizer, Cacophony Society; Co-author, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society
Brad Wieners, Executive Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek – Moderator

Ever wonder how Chuck Palahniuk came up with the idea for Fight Club’s secret society of recreational fighters? Or how a giant wooden “man” ended up on fire in the desert, inspiring one of the world’s most radical gatherings? Welcome to the Cacophony Society, an underground group of pranksters whose culture-jamming antics have helped shape the contemporary zeitgeist for the past three decades. Now, from flash mobs and SantaCon to groups like Improv Everywhere and the Yes Men, new generations of instigators are taking a page out of the Cacophony book, driving pranks and events with social media tools.

Join us for the full Cacophony experience as society founders and celebrated members take us through the society’s origins, the importance of play in adult life, and how to kick-start your own culture. Plus, check out some society spinoffs including: bartending robots from RoboGames, a blessing from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, “Hugging Machines” from artist Kal Spelletich, Art Cars, Doggie Diner heads, video shorts and more!

Location: Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco
Time: 6:15 p.m. check-in, 6:30-7:30 p.m. premium reception, 7:30 p.m. program, 8:30 p.m. book signing
Cost: General admission: $25 non-members, $15 members; Priority seating with book (includes a copy of Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society ($30       regular price) and seating in Rows F-J): $45 non-members, $35 members; Premium (includes a book, seating in Rows A-E, and VIP reception with speakers): $75 non-members, $65 members; Group Ticket*: 6 tickets for $60
Also know: This event In association with the Commonwealth Club’s Business and Leadership Forum.
Program Organizer: Kevin O’Malley

Direct Link here:

() $5 Wed, Sept 25: Dorkbot (google SF Dorkbot to confirm this!) RE/Search will have a table; come meet us!

() $ Thur Sept 26 on The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street (bet. Bryant & Division): 415-377-4202  Shocktoberfest 14:  Jack the Ripper: Horror, Madness, Spanking and Song! Thurs – Saturdays, September 26 – November 23, 8:00 pm  Added Preview on Mon, Sept 30, 8:00 pm.

() $$ **SAN JOSE** Thur-Sun Sept 26-29: Iggy & the Stooges! James Williamson gives keynote address! Rudy Rucker moderates 1 or 2 panels! –  C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival. 70 bands, many speakers, etc – 4 days in San Jose! Win tickets (?) at

() FREE Fri-Sun, Oct 4-6: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in GG Park: Dave Alvin, Chris Isaak, etc

() FREE (?) Feb 14-16, 2014: International San Francisco Mail Art Conference titled Ex Postal Facto Conference – go to, email inquiriers if you wish to participate to: – RE/SEARCH will have a table at this gala! You are welcome to submit artwork, but please do not expect compensation – this is MAIL ART!!!

5. What We’ve Attended or WANTED to Attend/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent/Given, or Seen

() We WANTED to see this Tom Marioni event at EverGold Gallery (put on by Andrew McKinley/Gregory Ito, SFAQ publishers; 8/24/13, but fell ill at the last moment. Our friend Jessica H sent this review, however 🙂
“Hey Vale, Regarding the Tom Marioni performance: the opening act was a Peruvian man, now residing in SF, performing boisterous stunts by repetitively chopping onions into halves with a butcher knife then squeezing and pressing them against both of his eyes. He spoke in a slapstick manner—I can’t remember much of what was said, but can recall most of it wasn’t interesting. He ended his act by tempting the audience into daring him to swallow fire (a can of kerosene, lighter, and rod were displayed). He dangled the ~1.5ft kerosene soaked rod above his mouth with his right hand, and held the lighter in lighting position underneath the rod with his left. Tom Marioni objected to the action which transitioned into Marioni’s performance.
“Marioni’s performance was called “Name-dropping Stories Off the Top of My Head,” and if the stories of his relations and encounters with famous artists and celebrities were true, he must have surely tasted the life of art stardom; moreover, he was part of the “in” crowd. Marioni talked about partying with Bruce Nauman, meeting Andy Warhol, having Eleanor Coppola as his student, owning the space prior to it becoming SF MOMA, etc.
“However, I believe the performance was largely a commentary on the art world’s (people in general, really) institutionalized and naive disposition to validate one’s significance based on his/her networks. He started the performance by saying he was going to sell one autographed copy of his book: The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art. At the end of his name-dropping rant, he reminded everyone of the book, which was immediately claimed by a member of the audience. I’ve never heard of Marioni, but I felt obligated to research him.
“The two consecutive acts functioned cohesively as senseless (or is “predisposed” a better word?) captivation of the audience—the opening which was triggered through exaggerated gestures and actions, and the main through buzzwords/famous names. When performed, criticality was not immediately activated to the audience.
“So there! Some thought on the performances. Anyway, Chris and I had a really good time…” — Jessica H. from L.A.


7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() Aldona Watts did a radio interview: “Transmissions from RE/Search headquarters, AKA information Overload Palace: Punks, Pranks, and the Counterculture Continuum in a Media-Sedated Age,” featuring V. VALE of RE/Search and Search & Destroy. Try to find it at

() The CLEAREST (& FUNNIEST) INTRO to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: RE/SEARCH’s DATING AI, written by Dr. Alex Z.! … … – order from …

() from Phil G: funny:     fb_comment_id=fbc_10150301717875000_26918204_10151627796600000#f268d3d48f55a18 (Beatnik wanton)

() from Steve Taylor-Ramírez, singer-songwriter whose mix of folk, Latin, Americana and blues crosses boundaries.

() from Amy J:  “lick & lather”

() from Sandra D:

() from Diane di Prima: Actress Amber Tamblyn has set up a link to raise funds for the 1st Generation Beat Poet with Parkinsons:

() from Graham R: ttp://

() from Mike Dingle: ”  This is the site of Mr. Fish … one of my favorite political cartoonists. I came upon him through the Harper’s Weekly Review, still one of my favorite compilations of anecdotes from around the world. A few months back, Harper’s changed their format and Mr. Fish was no longer a feature I could click on after reading the weekly review at … when I found him a couple of weeks ago on the news site Truthdig, I sent an email asking why he wasn’t on Harpers anymore … he actually wrote me a very interesting reply, telling me that he’d been fired by Harpers for being too harsh on Obama and the progressive left (is there really such a thing these days?). If you have a moment or three, scroll back a bunch and check out his offerings … he doesn’t pull any punches… hopefully some of you will appreciate Mr. Fish’s uncompromising stances on the issues of our times.”

() from V in London: (Burroughs: Scientology) (Burroughs: Nova Convention)

() from Steven Gray:

() from Phil W:

() from Gail T:

() from Vordo:

() from Regan K: 20 of the Greatest Silent Horror Films You Can Watch Right Now

()  clip from “Kill Your Darlings” film

() Stephen Holman intv:

() Charles Gatewood intv by John Held Jr in SFAQ:

() Photo of V. Vale in SF WEEKLY online column by Sam Lefebvre:

() from Greg L:

() from James Mc:  Bauhaus

() – this is the first time I’ve heard myself (V. Vale) playing organ with Blue Cheer, thanks to Ben Van Meter’s sound recording! (& collage 8mm film, of course). THANKS, BEN – hope you’re alive! – V. Vale


() from Thelonious Monk, sent by Tyler:

() Just because you’re not a DRUMMER, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to KEEP TIME.
() Pat your foot & SING THE MELODY in your Head, When You Play.
() Stop playing all that BULLSHIT/Those Weird Notes, Play the MELODY!
() Make the Drummer Sound GOOD.
() You’ve Got to Dig It to Dig It, You Dig?
() Don’t Play the Piano Part—I’m Playing That. Don’t Listen to ME, I’m Supposed to be Accompanying YOU!
() The INSIDE of the Tune (the Bridge) is the part that makes the OUTSIDE Sound Good.
() Don’t Play EVERYTHING (or EVERY TIME); Let Some Things GO BY. Some Music is Better Just IMAGINED.
() What You DON’T PLAY Can Be More Important Than What You DO PLAY.
() A Note can be as small as a pin or as Big as the World, It depends on your IMAGINATION.
() Stay In Shape! Sometimes a Musician Waits for a Gig, & When it comes, He’s Out of Shape & Can’t Make It.
() When you’re SWINGING, Swing Some MORE!
() Always Leave Them Wanting MORE.
() Don’t Sound ANYBODY for a Gig, Just be ON THE SCENE.
() Those Pieces were written so as to Have Something to Play, & to Get Cats INTERESTED Enough to Come to REHEARSAL.
() You’ve Got it! If you don’t want to Play, Tell a Joke or Dance, but in any case. YOU GOT IT! [To a Drummer Who Didn’t Want to Solo.]
() Whatever you think CAN’T be done, Somebody will come along & DO IT. A Genius is the one MOST LIKE HIMSELF.
() They tried to get me to Hate White People, but Someone Would Always Come Along & Spoil It!

() from Fred Giannelli: “DEATH !!! What is it ??? The greatest marketing opportunity known to mankind !!!”

() from “The sentencing of Chelsea Manning (formerly known as Bradley) is a harsh reminder that honesty is not a quality currently rewarded by the powers that be in America – in fact, it’s punished. Meanwhile, there’s been no punishment for politicians who lied to drag us into wars and bankers who profited from crashing the American economy – they’re doing just fine, thank you. This systemic injustice can only be overcome by a renewed commitment to telling the truth – and holding those in power accountable when they lie. As National Lawyers Guild executive director Heidi Boghosian recently told Truthout, we must “harness our collective power to curb a mass surveillance state that infringes on our privacy and our constitutional rights” and “demand transparency and accountability from government agencies.”

() from codepink: ““As a retired Army colonel and former US diplomat who resigned because of the war in the Iraq, I deeply appreciate the courage of Bradley Manning to reveal the truth about the war, the number of civilian casualties, the illegal criminal acts as represented by the video Collateral Murder, and the diplomatic interactions that show the duplicity of the US government and the harm it caused to people around the world. Now that Bradley has been sentenced to prison, it is so important that we continue to show him how much we appreciate his courage.” ~Colonel Ann Wright,”


() “My favorite part of your new RE/Search Pocketbook on HENRY ROLLINS was when he talks about how he (ideally) likes to spend New Year’s Eve…”—Emily R.

() “Can’t believe George Kuchar is dead. I just was introduced to him in film class. I’m buying your George Kuchar book for my film teacher.”—Young Man at S.F. Zine Fest, Sun Sept 1, 2013

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