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V. VALE JULY 2013 NEWSLETTER: Monte Cazazza, George Kuchar, July 10 RE/SEARCH Presents NAKED MOZART from JAPAN!


1A. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. Vale: Monte Cazazza & The Future of Art
1B. GEORGE KUCHAR, LYDIA LUNCH & HENRY ROLLINS: The New Line of “RE/SEARCH Pocketbooks” – order now!  —  http://www.
2. Counter Culture Hour Sat July 13, 2013 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below):  PENNY RIMBAUD (CRASS founder) PART TWO
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4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS: July 10, RE/Search/Emerald Tablet presents NAKED MOZART from JAPAN! Only Bay Area Show! This is a genuine RE/SEARCH EVENT!
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We met a young man named Rokko from Austria who was apparently very inspired by our “Industrial Culture Handbook,” and in fact driven to “update” that book (when it is published, we will list his contact information). He asked us to write an essay on one of his favorite artists, Monte Cazazza, for his forthcoming publication. Here is part of it:

What do we think about when we hear the name Monte Cazazza? The first word that comes to mind is “mystery.” The second word is “uncompromising.” The third phrase is “Black Humor.” The fourth thought is: “He won’t sell out.” However, we’re living in the 21st Century where the youngest generations seem to be striving to “sell out”—i.e., have their creativity distributed and promoted on a global level, usually as part of a supply chain and marketing network involving huge corporations. SO WHAT if artists have to make “compromises”?! The important thing is to get your “work” seen by as many eyeballs as possible.

Or is it? What if you didn’t seem to care about whether anyone saw (or heard) your work or not? Isn’t the “true, authentic” artist [e.g., Van Gogh, Henry Darger] just possessed by, and driven by, the need to make art… to create art that comes out of an innermost imperative?

What if you were driven to make art out of forbidden or illegal materials? What if you were driven to research the darkest, most unthinkable, horrifying deeds that humans have done in their history all over the planet… and make art inspired by this knowledge? What if you also were driven to make fun of the “art world”? “Art” is now regarded as a better “investment” than the Stock Market—the hedge fund tycoon, Steven Cohen, is one of today’s biggest art buyers.

The first time I discovered Monte Cazazza was in the pages of “Vile” magazine, published in the Seventies by Anna Banana, who then lived in the Bay Area. She was part of a small San Francisco Dadaist Group which included Bill Gaglione. “Vile” was, in part, a parody of another independent art publication from Toronto, Canada, titled “File” magazine, edited by A.A. Bronson.

Monte was part of the then little-known international “Mail Art” network wherein artists worldwide sent each other one-of-a-kind mail-artworks which often incorporated collage, stickers, rubber stamps, clippings, and drawings. Needless to say, (almost) nobody made a dime off these exchanges; they were outside of the capitalist for-profit system and received very little mainstream-media coverage. In fact, Mail Art may have been conceptualized as an anti-capitalist art-making imperative. (Marcel Duchamp, ahead of his time here as usual, had been known to send postcards that were actually mini-artworks embodying collage and drawing, back in the early 20th Century.)

Mail Art was a true underground that evaded the museum/gallery system (well, until years later, what with the canonization of Ray Johnson, an early Mail Art advocate; the dozens of other important participants yet remain largely unknown). A local art historian and art librarian, John Held Jr, has done extensive bibliographical research on this movement and intends to publish more books illuminating the little-known artists—especially those living in the Bay Area.

This “Vile” magazine (Christmas, 1975) printed a photo of Monte Cazazza offering a banana to a woman wearing a pig mask with the legend: “Shipping executive Monte Cazazza of The American President Line says: ‘San Francisco business interests are grateful for VILE’s faithful reporting.’ San Francisco’s top executives typify all America’s business leaders. 70% of business executives, owners, and professional people read VILE.”

Then on page 15 we saw “ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR PROPOSITION” – Monte Cazazza:

“The purpose of this proposition is to find someone who has enough balls to put up one of his balls. Essentially, I am looking for a person who will play Russian Roulette with one of his balls.

“The subject will receive a small caliber six shot revolver. One bullet will be placed in the revolver, and the cylinder will be spun. The gun will be handed to the subject who then has the choice of spinning the cylinder again or not. The subject will then place the barrel against his ball and press the trigger. His ball will be positioned in such a way that his one ball will be the only thing blown off in the event that the gun fires. A doctor will be in attendance in case any medical care is needed.

“The subject wins $1000 if the gun does not fire a bullet after the first attempt, and the subject possesses both of his balls after the trigger has been pulled. If the gun does fire, the subject is wounded, he will receive free medical care, but will not win $1000.

“The price of this piece will be determined upon negotiations between the artist and the buyer, and also upon enactment of this event.

“I do expect the buyer to: 1. Put up the $1000 in the event the subject wins. 2. Pay for all medical expenses that may be necessary. 3. Pay for any legal expenses which may be incurred. 4. Put up the money to pay for the video-audio record that will be made upon the enactment of this event.

“For this sum, the buyer will receive the complete video-audio record of this event; also any and all documents concerning the event, which will be joined to the video-audio record to complete the piece.

“Monte Cazazza, Berkeley, Ca.”

And this was printed in 1975. Since then, Monte Cazazza has done collaborations with Throbbing Gristle, Survival Research Laboratories, the band Factrix, Brian Lustmord (formerly with SPK), Fred Giannelli (collaborator with Genesis P-Orridge) and various other artists. Having done numerous performances, recordings, writings, and films, Mr Cazazza’s latest CD is titled “The Cynic.

Now we realize that perhaps the most important phrase connected with Mr Cazazza is “Black Humor,” as this places him in a long cultural lineage hearkening back to Aristophanes, Diogenes and the Skeptics, Voltaire, Swift, Rabelais, Defoe, Montaigne, Raymond Roussel, Alfred Jarry and the Surrealists—especially Andre Breton, who edited the first “Anthology of Black Humor.” We googled and found this quotation from it: “Life’s greatest gift is the freedom it leaves you to step out of it whenever you choose.” Hmm; can’t help but recall the last words of the actor George Saunders: “I leave you to this sweet cesspool.” Well, it’s sink or swim, isn’t it?! And, swimming can be fun, right? Swimming may still be the best form of exercise, so let’s all “swim to live,” while remembering that Black Humor (probably more important to original Punk Rock than D.I.Y.) is probably the best outlook on life, to survive our uncertain future…—V. Vale, founder of “Search & Destroy” (1977) and its successor, “RE/Search” (1980).

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2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat July 13, 2013 6pm: Penny Rimbaud (CRASS) live interview, Part Two.

The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat  July 13, 2013
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USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, July 13, 2013
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3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() Free. Thur July 4, 9pm. View the fireworks from Russian Hill, but don’t drive—you may not be “stuck” in a good viewing position when they start at 9:30pm.

() $ Thur July 4, 6-10pm. The Exploratorium has Thursday evening “After Dark” programs reserved for grown-ups, and this week they are hosting a 4th of July extravaganza.

() $10 Wed July 10, 7pm RE/SEARCH-EmeraldTablet Presents: FROM JAPAN for JAPANOPHILES/JAPANARCHISTS/JAPANOISEFANATICS: “NAKED MOZART” featuring Japanese Concert Violinist CHIKO live, partnering with Noise Musician Donald Reynolds from THREE DAY STUBBLE. Very unusual, to Say the Least.  –  FaceBook:  –  show at Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno St, SF. Watch RE/Search website or FB or Twitter pages for updates! Only 40 Seats for this Exclusive, Rare Event. This is the SECOND of the RE/Search-Emerald Tablet Presents – for Japanophiles-Japanarchists-JapaNoiseFanatics Series. Buy advance tickets on our site or email directly. RE/Search-EmTab events are exclusive, 40-person, limited-capacity get-togethers in a beautiful setting, with comfortable creature-comfort offerings! Plus, a wonderful household cat in attendance. So, be part of a kind of modern-day private club. ( AND SUPPORT RE/SEARCH!

() $5 (or free) Thursday July 11, 8pm. ATA Open Screening, 992 Valencia/21st St. Free if you bring a film to show!

() $ Thu-Fri-Sat July, 2013 Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma Cockettes Musical – Only at The Hypnodrome 575 10th St., San Francisco – Map Tickets $30 and $35 – remember this is LIVE THEATER, only 45 seats including special “shock boxes” for couples – highly recommended – Dan Nicoletta’s photos are available on these websites:
Gallery view
Slideshow view

() FREE. Now through July 28 (Marcel Duchamp’s birthday): Matt Gonzalez has a collage show at Park Life, 220 Clement/3rd-4th Ave, SF.

() FREE. Sat July 13, 8pm, outdoors at Union Square: free showing of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” movie.

() FREE. Sun July 14 Garage Sale. Dark Garden Corsets, 321 Linden St, SF (remember the corsets in our “Modern Primitives” classic book?).

() FREE. Wed July 24, 1030AM: World Naked Bike Ride, Justin Herman Plaza, Market/Embarcadero.

() $ Wed July 24, 9pm, FRED GIANNELLI at Elbo Room, 647 Valencia St/17th-18th Sts, SF. The former associate of Genesis P-Orridge has a lot to say! This is a very rare appearance.

() FREE. Fri July 26 530pm – starts at Justin Herman Plaza, Market/Embarcadero. Critical Mass Bike Ride.

5. What We’ve Attended or WANTED to Attend/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent/Given, or Seen

() RE//Search recommends: Specious Species #5 by our former intern Joe Donohoe (new issue just out, w/Charles Gatewood intv, Michael Rosen, John Shirley, et al). June 28 Fri 8pm was Book Party at Viracocha, 998 Valencia/21st St, featuring John Shirley’s Band, described as sounding like the early Stooges. Order from  or write us for contact info.

() RE/Search has just recently discovered the British poet Jeremy Reed and are intrigued by his friendship with J.G. Ballard who wrote introductory material for Mr Reed’s poetic output. More on this to come…

() The RE/Search office was honored by the visit of Marc Fischer, a member of some very interesting art groups and projects. He once put on a show of Bruno Richard’s correspondence.  He was accompanied by Bound Together’s James Decker, whose partner Theresa Currie organized Mr Fischer’s show of 15 years of Temporary Services posters & publications at The Lab in June. Fun visit!

() Ed Hardy’s new autobiography, Wear Your Dreams, has beautiful color photos and revelatory, funny text. We read it in two sittings. RE/Search attended the Ed Hardy book party at Sweetie’s Art Bar and afterwards went out for Mexican food next door, learning that Lyle Tuttle is in the process of taking over/reclaiming his old shop on Columbus Ave (half a block from Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City) and—somehow we had never realized how funny Lyle Tuttle can be—he’s hilarious. We also had dinner with Lyle’s helpers in the remodeling, John and Tanya who are tattoo artists at Henry Goldfield‘s on Broadway/Montgomery St.

() BURROUGHS FANS, TAKE NOTE: Rudy Rucker sent us two books. The first, Turing & Burroughs: “What if Alan Turing, founder of the modern computer age, escaped assassination by the secret service to become the lover of Beat author William Burroughs?…A wild beatnik adventure, with insane warps and twists—and a bad attitude throughout.” The second book, Nested Scrolls, is “The Autobiography of Rudolf von Bitter Rucker” (and could that young leather-clad man on the cover really be Rudy Rucker Sr?) A highly readable autobiography…

() We re-read THE GREAT GATSBY and this time noticed how witty the dialogue was, and how well-written the book is… sometimes classic books truly are “classic”—i.e., they can be appreciated years after the author has died. (Our friend Billy H. also highly recommended Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and the Damned.) Now we want to see the Baz Luhrman film, even though the music … reminds us of what J.G. Ballard said about Empire of the Sun (Spielberg movie): “When the music swells, just turn down the TV…”

() For anyone who needs them, Kaplans on Market Street/7th St has one pair left of size 6 steel-toed shoes! (fits a women’s size 7-1/2 to 8). They also have a bunch of possibly “real” army surplus goods all presented in a fun, haphazard manner. It’s the oldest owner-run retail business in San Francisco!


7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() Aldona Watts did a radio interview: “Transmissions from RE/Search headquarters, AKA information Overload Palace: Punks, Pranks, and the Counterculture Continuum in a Media-Sedated Age,” featuring V. VALE of RE/Search and Search & Destroy. Try to find it at

() The CLEAREST (& FUNNIEST) INTRO to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: RE/SEARCH’s DATING AI, written by Dr. Alex Z.! … … – order from http://www. …

() from James M:

() SRL links from Karen M:
also pesco puts SRL on the IFTF map as maniacal machine mobs for the coming of age of networked matter
latest from Mark:

() from Juli S. in Europe: his new project!

() from V in London:

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() from L: “the bystander effect”

() from Babalou:

() from Mike D:


() from Steven Gray:

() from Skot A:

() Jill Tracy appears in a trailer:

()  –  music for dreamers of psychedelia visions


() Italian “Review” of RE/Search’s J.G. Ballard Quotes book: “J.G. Ballard is a surreal, dark and enduring star of English literature, a kind of visionary shaman, the godfather of science fiction, but also an extraordinary interpreter of the best surrealist heritage. This book is the most comprehensive critical guide to travel within his imaginative universe.”

() from our new GEORGE KUCHAR book (order from www. “George Segal‘s wife evidently used to watch him like a hawk because he would do those plaster sculptures of ladies and stuff—they’d have to take their clothes off, you know, because if you put plaster on the clothes…? I mean, you have to wrap yourself in Saran Wrap in the nude body. So she used to be there at the studio, constantly watching him, not saying anything. But I think he ran off with someone else anyway, didn’t he?…Well, they’d been married a long time. I have them on film, in one of these movies I made: UNSTRAP ME.”

() “…You use the clamp lights and clamp them onto furnishings and stuff, and try to get interesting lighting—to play up people’s cheekbones and bone structure—try to make people look GOOD, especially a STAR, usually the female lead—and a male lead, also. You want to create, like sex symbols, and fantasies…” (from GEORGE KUCHAR, www.

() “When I first read the role, I was so taken by the beautiful language and by the Tennessee Williams quality and by the depth of passion and emotion… that I didn’t realize the situations were absurd. [laughs] So I took it very seriously. I felt like I was having an opportunity to play a sort of Blanche Dubois, and I was very surprised when the film was finished, to find that it was a comedy and that people were laughing.” Actress Marion Eaton talking about Thundercrack! (George Kuchar film directed by Curt McDowell). From GEORGE KUCHAR, www.

() “EVERYTHING is just too complicated today! Every morning, ask: What are the 2 or 3 MOST IMPORTANT tasks that would make the MOST DIFFERENCE?!” Twitter: @ValeRESearch

() Calvin Tomkins, our favorite living professional art critic, writing in 2008: “Paul Chan and I are in the back room of his studio, a drab two-room suite in an industrial building in Chelsea (NYC). Computer equipment takes up most of the space, but to PROTECT HIMSELF from what he calls “the TYRANNY OF CONNECTEDNESS” he has no Internet access.” Great phrase: The Tyranny of Connectedness. It’s so hard to write, that a writer would do well to avoid Internet AND cellphone tyranny! After all, aren’t we all striving for FREEDOM?! You are not free if you are constantly at the dictatorship of your cellphone, or subject to incredible distraction from Internet access. You need solitude, so you can develop your OWN thoughts and capture the insights that your amazing subconscious can offer you, if you but be still and listen…


() “Much like finding @ValeRESearch’s RE/Search, I knew I was no longer alone/had discovered the hidden alt-culture mainline.” Aaron M on Twitter

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