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According to the Mayan Calendar (and frankly, we at RE/SEARCH question the “authenticity” of this so-called calendar), our world ended Dec 21-ish, 2012. On Saturday night, Dec 22, SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES (SRL) inaugurated the post-Mayan Calendar NEW ERA with an uncensored, thunderously-loud, flame-throwing, heat-blasting display of robotic pyrotechnics in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, surrounded by high-rise buildings. This in the context of what surely must have been the Greatest Event of the Year: The Extreme Futurist Festival 2012, which also featured LYDIA LUNCH, NEGATIVLAND, avant-garde musicians and DJs, and a host of farsighted presenters bombarding our conventionally-framed neuronic networks with their new informational pathways positing future trans-human super-Spock-ish evolvers. (Nary a word about DEvolution, harrumph…) Actually, one of our favorite performers, ADA McCartney (backed by Sid Redlin, a synth-wizard from Michigan), recited a long Spoken Word warning that “The Future Will Be Dirty… Rusty… Decrepit” (my paraphrasing).
This event, the second of its kind (the first XFF2011 happened a year ago) was forced into being by one Rachel Haywire and her friends Christopher Jannette, Sean Humphries, Nicholas Carlough, and others. Here’s their mission statement for 2012 from
“Extreme Futurist Festival is a 2 day arts and technology festival focusing on radical voices of the new evolution. Last year we had a great event and were called “a TED conference for the counterculture” by the LA Weekly. This year we seek to make XFF an even more epic experience. People are going insane over the Mayan calendar hype about the world ending on 12/21/12. This is why we have decided to bring them the apocalypse they deserve. We are throwing an end-of-the-world conference that you will not forget. Children get in free.
“We will be focusing on cutting-edge science and technology along with transgressive performance art and music. Showcasing the most innovative and subversive memetics of our time, we see to highlight an extreme future that breaks the formula of modern culture.
“The future has been commodified by the mainstream in an effort to make revolutionary technologies easy to digest. As a result we are now living in an era of complacency, in which the true leaders and game changers are made to feel like outsiders.
“It is time to rise against the dominant current of our society and declare that nothing is too extreme. We refuse to be assimilated into a carbon-copied version of a new humanity. As evolutionary agents we will push the boundaries of what it means to transform our species.
“XFF is organized by Rachel Haywire, Christopher Jannette, Nicholas Carlough, and Sean Humphries.”
We wish we could have cloned ourselves so we could have seen every single presentation. We recommend going to and reading all the biographies of all the speakers, artists, performers, et al. For example, we met three people from Australia: filmmaker Richard Wolstencroft (and his lovely companion whose name we didn’t catch), and an Australian still photographer. We met several synth-deejay-whatever-they-were’s — our favorite was Daniel Finfer’s ANCIENT LASERS, because his one-man orchestra produced such traditionally “beautiful” music. Mind you, EVERYBODY (musicians, that is) had something to offer at least occasionally — in terms of unique inventiveness, originality — and a few were kind of over-the-top (did they have any vocal cords left after their performance?).
There were other types of “creatives” there. We met a few hyperactive multi-media artists like Gil Kuno. Then there was Kevin Mack, who’s pioneering 3-D-printers-used-to-produce-sculpture. We liked Joe Holliday, one of XFF’s facilitators; he got us a black cloth to cover our table overnight. A surprise show-up: the two Kevins from NASA Space Universe (one of our favorite living L.A.-based bands — they tour on a dime, play in people’s kitchens and under freeway overpasses, and always “push the envelope”; really like their unpretentious Neo-DADA attitude). In the flesh was Lisa Carver: a real beauty and totally charming in person. There was the other-worldly Chana De Wolf, thin beyond belief, who presented on cryonics. The amazing Lisa Bufano showed us how the human SPIRIT can transcend physical adversity of the first magnitude. Dixon’s Violin took us out of this world. We admired the COLOR self-published books by James Curcio, and the “coming-of-age cyber travel memoir ACIDEXIA” by Rachel Haywire. Aubrey de Grey and Maria Entraigues presented their gerontology findings with vivid PowerPoint slides. Ach, there were so many people I wanted to talk to, but time did not permit.
The genial genius Russian gerontology-with-gusto researcher who penned our latest book, DATING A.I., flew in from Moscow and networked with old friends and new colleagues: Alex Zhavoronkoff. People flew in from all over the planet to congregate at the Vortex Immersion Dome, 451 South Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017.
Art critic David Cotner had attended some of RE/Search’s presentations at Beyond Baroque (and after-parties) but he truly outdid himself with his review of XFF2012 for L.A. Weekly. Here’s an excerpt:
“Downtown Los Angeles on the cusp of 2013 doesn’t give us Blade Runner — the real future, apparently here and unfortunately now, lies in real estate. The future is a convalescent home for the privileged and ideas that no one wants to retire. The most compelling, immediate moment comes when the peerless Lisa Bufano — whose feet and fingers were amputated after illness at age 21 — affixes wooden prostheses like an Amish cyborg and slowly gets to her feet on a stage in a beautiful moment that feels like it was drawn by the animator Winsor McCay, as a captivated audience stands drenched in drones and feedback. But is this futurism, or pragmatism? Extremities indeed.
Survival Research Laboratories Show: “Some elements, beyond the ones falling from the skies: a hanging red neon skull, splayed pig carcasses trussed to metal frames and cardboard shanties waiting ominously at one end of the killing field… A man-sized cylinder around which is stretched an image of an old sick Judy Garland weeble-wobbles on its convex base [one of several images contributed from RE/SEARCH’s book archives] , and after a half-hour wait, a mobile claw machine rolls out to visit the cylinders, examining them like the most hellish possible Martian rover while the growing sound of bombers and air-raid sirens assaults the crowd.
“If Survival Research Technologies teaches us anything about the future, it is that it is meant to be survived, that research is not always as boring as it should be and that the oldest technology — the human perception of time — can be hacked so that thirty minutes, under the proper violent frightening circumstances, can in fact feel like thirty whole minutes. Not the ten minutes it might ordinarily feel like because we feel like we’ve seen it all before.” [Full article at ]
Now, after seeing SRL in the context of an environment where action movies full of special effects, explosions, flames and violence are filmed — it all made sense why Los Angeles is the perfect host city for an SRL Show! An SRL Show is like a live action movie with 3-D sound and visuals (much louder, much more flammable, much more tactile, much more smellable — i.e., odoriferous) but of course SRL gives forth an out-of-control arsenal of perverse metaphors to grant a much more totalizing “weird” and thought-provoking aesthetic experience than the normal Hollywood action film would furnish.
For those not quite in the “know,” for years SRL has had difficulty in getting permission to stage a show; police and fire authorities everywhere are stuck in a mono-planar sense of “reality” which excludes metaphor, the symbolic, the poetic, the aesthetically challenging. So, the XFF2012 SRL Show was gratifying for many reasons, not the least of which involved all the SRL crew members who united to prepare for and accomplish the Dec 22 machine performance, which seemed to go largely without a hitch. It was like seeing the modern-day Knights of the Round Table reuniting to accomplish a mission. Michael Wehner came from Harvard to assist; Eric Paulos came from Carnegie Mellon; others voyaged from afar, including everyone who drove from the Bay Area to L.A. Women included Susan Joyce; Babalou and Katy Bell who did considerable admin; Karen Marcelo; Amy Critchett; Jennifer Holmes — altogether, too many women and men to name here in this small column…
And looking at the [male] humans facilitating and expediting the SRL show, what stood out? The highly practical coveralls — cheap, with practical pockets, uni-color, who-cares-if-they-get-dirty — distinctive, signature, masculine — and they protect your “real” clothes from disaster. Yes, the SRL coverall is the perfect uniform for 2013. What style! What functionality! What simplicity! What practicality: even if you’ve just rolled on oil-slick pavements and immersed yourself with kerosene and diesel fuel — just throw the coverall in the washing machine and spin-dry it (no ironing necessary) and you’re ready to GO AGAIN! And, they come in a variety of colors.
Truly, the SRL coverall is today’s state-of-the-moment defining masculine-clothing aesthetic, kinda equivalent to the long dusters featured in Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon A Time in the West.” Available at working-class clothing stores anywhere in America. If you’re a man, flaunt your masculinity: wear an SRL coverall. You’ll never look back. (Of course, it helps if you really CAN run a c-and-c lathe, or a drill press, or power tools, or know how to weld.) Mark our words: those skills WILL come back, and may be the difference between survival and patsyhood… The artists’ cooperative collective endeavor that is SRL — i.e., no bullshit, no petty hierarchy games, just lots of diligence, perseverance, pains, and black humor — may be our most practical role model for surviving the future. Perfect that SRL’s performance ended the Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 and ushered in the post-Mayan Calendar NEW ERA…

() Gil Kuno
() Curious Josh
() David Cotner
() Stephan Meyers
() Steve Bage
() Karen Marcelo (now in Tokyo; lucky girl!)

1B. MESSAGE FROM V. VALE: LYDIA LUNCH and HENRY ROLLINS: New Pocketbooks from RE/Search. Pre-Order & Save!
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The 1st and 2nd in our new “RE/SEARCH Pocketbook” series of interview books. Order direct and SAVE! – THIS offer expires Jan 31, 2013)
“Henry Rollins” and “Lydia Lunch” are due out in about a month-plus!

With the launch of the new RE/Search Pocketbook Series, we are finally making available a transcript of a lengthy phone interview with Henry Rollins from awhile back. It is our position that a lot of people do not really “know” Henry Rollins and that their opinion of him is based on ancient information. For example, few people we know have seen his book, OCCUPANTS, which came out a year ago in beautiful 9.4×12.4″ hardback, on glossy paper, featuring some of the most darkly beautiful sunlit-noir photographs we’ve seen. His commentary is by turns disturbing, illuminating, sardonic, and compassionate. Henry has strayed down crooked trails and managed to avoid genuine (not metaphoric) minefields, away from the land of Hilton Hotels and American Express cards… and brought us back geographically-challenging photographs and memories…
The second RE/Search Pocketbook is an edited presentation of several Lydia Lunch interviews, including one from November 2012. It will ignite your funny bone with a burning desire to go out and raise some hell! Time is goin’ by faster than a speeding bullet, so DO SOMETHING with your lame-ass so-called “life”!!!

() DATING A.I.: A Guide to Falling In Love with Artificial Intelligence, by Alex Zhavoronkoff, Ph.D. is the clearest introduction to what Artificial Intelligence **is**. Go to our QUOTES section below – every quote is taken from DATING A.I. – and see if that doesn’t inspire you to order RE/SEARCH’s new DATING A.I. book – order from http://www.

2. Counter Culture Hour – Saturday Jan 12, 2013 6:00 PM Pacific Time – 2012 PUNK REUNION Featuring Steve Tupper of Subterranean Records, Jeff Raphael of The Nuns, and…

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3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

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() $ Support Thrillpeddlers’ Hypnodrome – the only Grand Guignol Theatre in the world! –

() FREE Fri Jan 4. North Beach First Fridays Art Crawl. San Francisco First Fridays Bike Party.

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5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent/Given

() At the last minute Ari B. gave us a complementary ticket to PSYCHIC TV Dec 15, 2012 at the Uptown in Oakland, so off we went! And we were treated to the most “beautiful” (from a musical standpoint) concert Genesis P-Orridge has ever gifted us with. It turned out that many of the songs were by Can, Hawkwind, Funkadelic, or someone else, but — if you haven’t heard the songs before, they may as well have been written yesterday. Hence, what we saw was the PSYCHIC TV COVER BAND, and every song was evocative. P-Orridge was in fine voice; this was definitely the most soaringly beautiful 60s-ish guitar-and-keyboards-and-percussion-with-loops band we’ve seen in many a year. Every band member got his or her chance to “shine.” Mercifully, there were a lot of dynamics, plenty of quiet passages, and even some rare speed-up and slow-down tempo shifts which very few bands pull off as well as, say, Blue Cheer used to do live in concert decades ago.
The Uptown is a small but long rectangular club with a hard-to-find balcony at the very rear. We estimated that maybe 200 people packed the club — not a huge number, yet we missed an old Genesis P-Orridge fan, the Japanese-American Tom I — he was there, but we never spotted him. The audience seemed more quality than quantity; there were quite a number of intriguingly-dressed women, and a wide variety of odd-looking (or is the word “unusual-looking”) men—the kind who are rarely seen in public. There is a very useful patio in the back where smokers (and those wishing to avoid the opening acts) can hang out and talk; people can also hang out in front on the sidewalk, half a block from the considerably larger Fox Theater where we saw New Order play a couple months earlier to about 2,500 people. In the back was a small merch table, as well as a large round table with high stools positioned right behind the sound booth. Those of us who like to sit down sat there; standing up for a concert seems so, 20th-century.
Somebody has put together a collage of futuristic background videos including fractals, 3-D-ish animations, geometric convergences, the predictable Gen-and-Lady-Jaye twin-narcissism-memorializing, and other Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robotics-inspired simulacra. These projections enhanced the total experience. Sound balance was excellent, in that at least 77% of Gen’s vocals could be deciphered and consequently comprehended.
The band ended with a rave-ish trance state improv which seemed to satisfy the audience, and then came back for a single encore before disappearing in the room behind the stage. Post-show, Gen was not available for visitation. His hair has never looked better: platinum blonde, and REAL. It’s not a wig, it’s not hair extensions; it’s his own genetic birthright. Just dyed, bouffant style.
Judging by the band, and how great the concert sounded, Gen has — yet again — reinvented himself. He has improved his singing and honed his repertoire to pure gold, utilizing other songwriters’ golden melodies. Too bad there weren’t ten times more people to appreciate the latest iteration of the “Genesis P-Orridge Experience.” We were very happy to have attended this somewhat unique, improvisatory, beautiful and thoroughly-amusing musical performance, by a real kind-of-classic 60s-ish rock band, who had all the classic moves down. Definitely NOT Throbbing Gristle. We would recommend this concert to anybody, including nieces and nephews who ask, “What was the Sixties like?!” And next time, we hope the “Genesis P-Orridge Experience” commands a larger venue, such as housed the last Throbbing Gristle concert in San Francisco.

() We recommend Nassim Taleb’s ANTIFRAGILE which has universally received unfavorable-to-tepidly-acknowledging reviews. We say: There are GEMS OF INSIGHT in this book, and you must dig to find them… but THEY ARE THERE. Who would you rather have dinner with: Taleb, or one of these two-bit namby-pamby so-called “book critics”?! There are FEW people on the planet as interesting and original as Taleb; ANYTHING he writes or says is worth investigating. Selah. (Thanks to our former intern Richard W who sent us a review copy from Noo Yawk City.)

() We were disturbed by reading a solipsistic short story by Teju Cole, and will probably read his first novel. Is he the latest African-American iteration of DJ Spooky in hipster-academic-streetwise couture? The New York City New Yorker-type literati-establishment seems to have given him their 100% endorsement, and a professorship, too. Probably because of his high-culture name-dropping of elite restaurants, expensive gourmet dishes, and other “insider” references. Hmm… Survival of the Canniest! And yes, we can’t decide HOW MUCH we like his writing style, where essential information (about the identity of the narrator, etc—not to mention PLOT) seems to have been deliberately withheld… Oh well, at least FEELING gets communicated: the kind of uncertainty/instability/unreliability Haruki Murakami writes all too well about…

() We voyeured through the heavy, hardback, coffee-table book of photographs minimalistically titled KATE MOSS. Raises unsettling questions RE beauty, under-agedness, fantasizing, aging, identity and goddess mythology. Kate Moss recently said something to the effect that she likes wearing the same thing now: black jeans. Or gray. If you always wear the same thing, the paparazzi get bored and leave you alone. WHATEVER WORKS!

() Create As Much As Possible In As Many Different Media As Possible.
() Erase Separation Between Art & Life (Humor Can Be ART, Too).
() Work all the time and Don’t Slack Off.
() LISTEN More Carefully to Your Significant Other(s)!
() Read more books about SCIENCE and ART.

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)


() V. Vale Intv by Peter Cavagnaro BAM/PFA Nov 13, 2012

() from Chris T in NYC: This is a pretty great site.
– Subconscious War is a short documentary on media, reality, and the culture of violence, It covers the prophecies of Aldous Huxley and Neil Postman’s grim assessment of our Brave New World and relates these to our violence and the cultural influences that fosters it today.!

() from Monte C: – direct from hell: Kissinger intv

() from Kimric S: Cool old style robotics

() from John R:

() from Phil G: “I like it!”–november-28-2012

() from Graham Rae: …a Chicago park. Must have gotten lost near Ayrshire. Should have turned left at Albaquerque! 🙂

() from Vermilion: (2) SPAIN Obits:
FRANCESCA WOODMAN: Francesca Woodman photos:

() from Ed H: “Don’t know if the link here is of interest, some young guys have been doing a series of short docs on contemporary tattooers. I participated in the deVita one. Both parts of it, and many others, are on this link. I’ve only watched the deVita ones.

() from V in London: “I can’t remember if i sent you the link to Alan Moore’s short film called Jimmy’s Emd. It is on the link below:

8. QUOTES (all taken from DATING A.I., RE/SEARCH’s new book by Alex Zhavoronkoff, Ph.D)

() “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”—Ernest Hemingway, p. 257

() “A military arms race is a classic Hobbesian Trap. One nation gets a new weapon; the other nation must defend against it and develop its own new weapon. It is a cycle. Each time around, the probability of conflict increases. The motivation for the country with a new weapon to use it before the other country has countered it increases the likelihood of a first-strike.” p. 227

() “All human beings harbor zombie ideas. They’re convenient, even if obsolete.” p. 213

() “Furniture can be works of art.” p. 212

() “The road to success is always under construction.”—James C. Miller, p. 208

() “Dreaming is necessary for all mammals. Emotional energy is used to drive the dreams.” p. 162

() “If you can recognize the need for improvement, things are already improving.” p. 149

() “Humor is built around imperfection.” p. 134

() “If you don’t want to be replaced by a computer, don’t act like one.”—Arno Penzias, p. 125

() “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”—Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, p. 125

() “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”—Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle, p. 107

() “Creativity is just connecting things…connect experiences…and synthesize new things.”—Steve Jobs, p. 107

() “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”—Albert Einstein, p. 91

() “A relationship…is like a box of chocolates: you may be knowledgeable about what you’re getting, but be prepared for the unexpected.” p. 77

() “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”—Alan Watts, p. 58

[See why we published DATING A.I.? Please order it from our website: http://www. – Thank You]


() “Hi Vale, I went to a dream machine launch this evening in london. Andrew was looking for an email address so that he could send an email in hopes that he could find a copy of Days End by Terry Wilson to purchase. Terry Wilson was present at this event and i asked him whether there was a copy of this book available for andrew to purchase. i managed to get an email address from the producer of the event to give to andrew re: a lead on how he could get a copy of the book. unfortunately andrew said that he only has one copy of his book. I mentioned that andrew was one of your interns and terry said that he knew you. I wish that you could have come out to london for this event!
“Info about the event in case you are interested and a short video clip of a dream machine: – “from V in London

() “Thanks for the newsletter. You and your subscribers may be interested in this great weekly podcast from UK (Scotland I think, though the presenters sound English). Much music from dark corners presented in an entertaining package. It’s on iTunes as well as other sources. – Phil G.”

() “Hi Vale, Mark F. and I both liked this new book a lot and I think it’s right up your alley:
The Last Policeman by Ben Winters It’s a noir-ish police procedural that takes place 6 months before an asteroid is expected to destroy life on Earth. Hope you are all well! …-david pesco”

() from Ron Turner, Last Gasp godfather: “It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing this morning of Spain Rodriguez. He passed at home with his daughter and wife at his bedside at about 7 this morning. He had been fighting cancer for a long time. He was a wonderful father, husband, and friend. His art challenged, changed and enlightened and entertained us for over five decades. His passing coincided with the penumbra eclipse of the moon, like Spain’s shadow from the outer edge of the art world’s face. Services are pending, please give the family some time. You will be sent details as they are known.”

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