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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER NOV 2012: The Ideal Daily Uniform, Dating A.I., Lydia Lunch, Paul Addis R.I.P.


1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: Theory of an Ideal Daily (Male) Uniform.
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(Please note that this essay ONLY applies to human males; human females [who are smarter than the rest of us] are advised to skip this!)
Even though our philosophy has morphed from “Platonic Idealism” to “Skeptical Empiricism” (thanks to Nassim Taleb), nevertheless, old habits of thinking die hard. The part of us that wants to identify with “pure Zen Buddhist practice of non-attachment to the material plane” is congruent with the inquiry, “What are the least amount of possessions we could happily survive with?” And we recall the uniform of Buddhist monks through the ages: a cloak (wear it; sleep in it), a staff, sandals (or shoes?) and a begging bowl.
And what would be the characteristics of an “ideal daily uniform”? 1) Widest temperature range (wind/water/sun resistant) 2) Most useful pockets 3) Lightest weight 4) Minimalist design emphasizing function, to resist “becoming dated.”
Decades ago, after much discussion with friends, we adopted the “artist’s uniform”: wear all black. Consequently, wherever we go in the world, people ask, “Are you an artist?” This question did not offend; au contraire. We wondered why so many clothing designers seem to be photographed wearing all black—and still don’t know the answer, but think it has to do with dealing with so many colors in their work, that black offers a respite and a haven of reliable security.
Why ALL BLACK? 1) I, personally, have black hair, so it’s an “animal” thing. 2) Ninjas wear all black and can disappear in the night; I like the ideal of the Ninja camouflage and mobility. 3) Everything matches; one never need ask in the morning, “What shall I wear? Does this shirt “go” with these pants?” Etc. 4) Maximum social mobility; one can talk with gutter punks or wealthy art collectors… 5) Minimalist inscrutability and non-flamboyance (if you wanna be flamboyant, wear a red scarf or hat or shoes). Red is the second preferred color. White is the third. 6) Black is protective; wearing black can be fear-inspiring. Ideally, criminals are hopefully less likely to want to f– with you if you wear all black.
This kind-of Platonic Ideal of wearing all black had other immediate attractions: first of all, the desire to Simplify Life (as Thoreau said). We don’t like the idea of spending inflated amounts of money on clothing. With this in mind, we could enter any thrift store, rapidly cruise the clothing racks, and exit happily with very little in hand: namely, black cotton shirts with a regular collar and at least one chest pocket (for holding a small digital recorder, a bus transfer, et al). Rarely could we find a black wool coat with enough (and large enough) pockets and a high collar that buttons all the way to the top; generally, we avoid zipper closures on coats (they’re hard to “deal with” while sitting in a chair or car). Black suits can be found, but they have not been adopted by us (yet, even though several of our oldest friends wear ONLY black suits these days — rumpled, of course. We are still thinking about wearing black suits, as they can be thriftily found in, yes, thrift stores).
Our socks are the 6-for-$12 90%-cotton type (all-black, of course) from JC Penney or from Mervyn’s, R.I.P. Boxer shorts (cotton): who cares what color they are, as no one can see ’em, normally, and they’re economically-priced at JC Penney or Costco. Shoes are ankle-high waterproof Rockports with added $25 innersoles, which could be resoled or reheeled—very important. (Like, save the planet…)
Pants for the last few decades were “classic” Lee regular fit black jeans (hate “relaxed-fit”), made of a heavy denim, with deep pockets made of long-wearing cloth, and most notably, a functionally-large change pocket which could hold a ring of 8 keys plus 5 quarters, a dime, three pennies and a nickel. Sadly, Levis brand and most designer brands feature change pockets which are laughably too small. (FUNCTION first, please!)
But, some years ago we went to London in February and was forced to walk around late at night—and for the first time encountered bone-chilling, windy cold. And our legs froze. So for the first time we thought about finding warmer pants, and we wondered: is there a fabric that’s lightweight, not wool (which is scratchy); water-resistant, wind-resistant, yet BREATHABLE? Historically, we had avoided polyester-type artificial fibers because they were clammy and gross.
We became interested in “technical clothing” made for mountain climbers, professional bicyclists, policemen, armed forces, miners, welders and other real-world professions encountering extremes of climate and temperature. After reading numerous reviews, the most amount of praise centered on Schoeller fabric. But, we didn’t like the design of any pants we found (cargo pants are not our cup-of-tea).
Finally, after years, we thought of googling: “Schoeller fabric jeans.” Now, the invention of “jeans” (originated by Levi-Strauss company) is one of the greatest, classic designs ever seen. (We find it too annoying to get at cargo pants pockets.) If you put your wallet into a right front pocket, it’s practically impossible to lose it. A diary/notebook fits into the left front pocket. Receipts/bus transfers can go into the left rear pocket. We never used the right rear pocket, but more on that later…
To our surprise, we found that someone was thinking exactly like us: they too, for years, had been meditating on the THEORY OF IDEAL PANTS, and had been driven, in a DO-IT-YOURSELF spirit, to import Schoeller fabric from Switzerland, get a sewing machine, and teach themselves how to make jeans made of what may be the best fabric in the world for wind/rain-resistant pants. Yes, this is another Platonic Ideal, but … can one be both a Platonic Idealist AND a Skeptical Empiricist in the same body? Perhaps…
We contacted the maker of these Schoeller fabric jeans and had a small email conversation. First discovery: they were made by ONE PERSON (plus maybe a few friends on call) living in a small city in Oregon on the West Coast of America. Our main concerns were: 1) is the THREAD used all black [we don’t like yellow thread so much on black jeans]? (Yes.) 2) Is the change pocket big enough to hold a small camera? (Yes.) 3) Are all the pockets DEEP, and made of extra-long-lasting material? (Yes.) 4. Is the zipper long enough? [We hate low-rise jeans]. (Yes.) 5. The best discovery of all was: the right rear pocket is ZIPPERED, and can hold a USA Passport… Wow!
The trouble with San Francisco buildings is that all of the ones we have lived in have been inadequately insulated for interior living during the colder Bay Area months. None of our apartments have ever had central heating, and they’ve all been cold. So, for several months of the year, we find ourselves wrapping a fleece blanket (African style) around our waist so we can work long hours at the computer—it’s annoying when your legs get cold. Yet we dislike wearing long underwear; it’s too bulky and feels inconvenient; so for decades we lived with cold legs covered with a blanket.
We ordered a pair of these Schoeller-fabric jeans, expecting the worst. The jeans arrived bearing some beautifully-designed labels (hmm…) and were sealed in a waterproof ziplock bag. They were surprising lightweight; less than half the weight of our trusty Lee jeans. We tried them on and—ah, blissful warmth. Measurably warmer than our old standby Lee Jeans in our cold apartment. Great! Next: the pockets: even BETTER than our Lee Jeans; deeper, a harder, more long-lasting fabric, we thought. The change pocket: large! Best of all was the right rear zippered pocket; nothing could be worse than losing a passport while overseas. We wore the new jeans all night till 2AM when we finally finished editing a certain interview project and decided to “hit the sack.”
We also realized that the Schoeller fabric will stay blacker, longer. Even though we washed our Lee jeans in cold water, nevertheless, they faded—and we like our black jeans BLACK, not gray… We will continue to wash these Schoeller fabric jeans in cold water, and hang them up to dry (so as to minimize shrinkage; no dryer, definitely).
Seems hard to believe—in this day and age where, universally, profit comes first—to find what we now consider THE WORLD’S GREATEST BLACK JEANS, bar none. They are made by an individual who consciously set as a goal: To Make the Best Black Jeans in the World. And we feel he has succeeded, in every single detail. The jeans are meticulously detailed, immaculately tailored—a Work of Art. They are hand-made by a real human individual of rare integrity in a small town in America. Will the world beat a path to his door? We fervently hope so. This is the uncompromising spirit that Americans formerly had in droves, before our cojones were cut off by lack of willpower, vision, ethics and integrity.
We hope that the individual behind this start-up can sustain for the long haul, and not compromise on quality, no matter how tempting. These jeans are not cheap; they are made in America and America is expensive to survive in, these days. But, we expect them to outlast any previous jeans we’ve ever owned, and to give us years of faithful service and yes, pleasure. There is a great satisfaction in owning something that you know is of the highest quality, that is made by a genuine idealist (a real person, not a slave laborer), that has been thoroughly thought-out in every detail; a garment whose minimalist functional beauty is unquestionably present in every molecule of its practical being.
Can’t remember when we’ve been so happy with a “mere” article of clothing, but we know that these jeans will help us survive the coldest London winters and being caught in the rain, mists, fog and wind on bicycle rides over the Golden Gate bridge and beyond. My old Lee jeans would get soaked right away on rainy bike rides. This is a major, measurable improvement in the technology known as clothing: that which protects us against the vagaries of weather and challenging environments. These pants have such a soft, brushed interior, you can easily sleep in ’em if you have to… they’re ideal for world traveling! I think it’s kind of a miracle that they exist, cuz they are exactly what I’ve wanted for literally years! And unlike cargo pants, they are invisible enough to be acceptable at a cocktail party at the top of the Tate Modern…
If you are intrigued, write ThunderboltSportswear. Apologies for the “obsessiveness” of this editorial, which is definitely the most “personal, subjective and confessional” of any yet to appear in a RE/Search Newsletter. Next time: Back to Objectivity… — V. Vale

**** We want everyone to pay attention to this word on our forthcoming new book!
RE/Search’s new book is DATING AI: A Guide to Artificial Intelligence, written by a brilliant Russian scientist named Alex Zhavaronkoff. Finally, here is an easy-to-read, engaging, clear explication of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) **IS.** Almost all questions dealing with how ÅI will impact humanity in the future are explicated and explored, leaving, nevertheless, an immense territory on which all of us can speculate and bring our imaginations to bear.
Here is a NEW brief excerpt from DATING AI, which can now be pre-ordered on the RE/Search website: http://www.     All pre-orders will be given a free RE/Search book (pick one): Punk 77 or Modern Pagans

**NEW EXCERPT** From “Dating A.I.” by Alex Zhavaronkoff, PhD:

() – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – ()

It’s a common perception that computers are the epitome of logic, calculation and rigid execution—which they certainly can be. This perception carries over to artificial intelligence, which people often associate with logic and massive amounts of data. In science fiction it’s common for any form of AI to be depicted as cold, logical, humorless and frequently hostile. Dating AI has a different perspective: Since human beings will create artificial intelligence and this intelligence will be modeled on human behavior, AI will start out with all or most basic human capabilities. This will include emotion and the ability to socialize.
It is almost a certainty that the first relatively autonomous AI, robotic or otherwise, will be created to serve or collaborate with human beings. If this is the case, then personal relationships with AI are not only to be expected but will be built into most forms of artificial intelligence.
I can go further: If it is possible to have relationships with AI at all, which I think likely, then it is probable that one of the greatest of human capabilities—the capacity for love—will also be important to our relationship with AI—and not just for the human. For human beings love is mysterious, difficult, complicated, ephemeral, profound and persistently important. I think it will be equally so for AI, if from a different and instructive perspective. Considering personal, romantic relationships with AI provides an avenue of access, a portal of sorts, into aspects of perception, intelligence, emotion and other elements of what we call ‘the mind.’ It’s a means of looking at the subject in a more familiar and sometimes humorous way, like the dating experience, which I hope will make some ideas about a relatively neglected aspect of artificial intelligence not only approachable, but more understandable.
There has been so much research done in fields that are relevant to AI (for example: robotics, computer science, neuroscience, nanotechnology and communications), that it’s easy to undervalue the first 100 years of work. I won’t be covering AI history in any detail, but it’s helpful to remember that AI and all its many contributing elements are relatively new fields of study. Over the decades, AI research has had its ups and downs, which should not be surprising considering the diversity of subjects involved and the complexity of the endeavor. But, what exactly is that endeavor?
It’s probably not surprising that there is no single definition for AI, or any universally accepted description of what can or should be accomplished with AI. Fortunately, there is a common perception of artificial intelligence that will do for most purposes. Creating artificial intelligence means using computers to perform at least some aspects of intelligence. Most people think of this as human intelligence, although animal intelligence should also be included. Intelligence, itself one of the most difficult concepts to pin down, is conveniently understood to mean (among other things) the ability to communicate; setting and achieving goals; perception of the environment; and problem solving.
The process of developing AI leads researchers into many aspects of intelligence, and much work is done in specialized areas. Also, there is a pull toward a goal of achieving what is often called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This is the kind of higher intelligence we associate with ourselves and perhaps a few animal species. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a level of artificial intelligence that is conscious, self-aware, independent and sentient. For the most part, that means intelligence like our own.
Since AI is an evolving field moving in tune with many other disciplines, it’s quite likely that over the next several decades there will be many stages of AI, exhibiting a variety of intelligence capabilities—sometimes integrated, sometimes not. As this kind of AI develops, how will we know when we’ve arrived at a functional level of AI—not necessarily a self-aware version, but one that at least can integrate with human society?
Alan Turing, one of the forefathers of computing, cryptography and artificial intelligence, theorized about AI even before the era of modern digital computers. In 1950 he published an abstract work, Computing Machinery and Intelligence in which he proposed an experiment that he called the ‘imitation game’ to assess the intelligence of a machine. It is now known as the Turing Test.
The test is straightforward: A human judge carries on a conversation for five minutes, mainly question and answer, with an unseen person and a supposedly intelligent machine. In the original Turing version, the test uses computer terminals with text only so that visual and aural cues are not involved. If the judge cannot tell the difference between the responses of the person and the machine, then the machine has passed the test.
Modern versions of the test are a little more sophisticated. For example, the best-known variation, called the Loebner Prize, is a contest held annually that uses a panel of judges and is open to text-only and voice-only conversations. So far no machine entry has won the Loebner Prize.
The Turing Test was and is controversial. Even its defenders concede that an AI machine could pass the test and still not be independently functional. This is another way of saying a computer intelligence could sound human but not get things right. It also depends on the subjective opinion of the judge(s), which amounts to something like U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stewart Potter’s test for pornography: “I’ll know it when I see it.” However, subjectivity was part of Alan Turing’s intent. He felt that when machine intelligence could operate in an interview setting and be accepted as if it were another human, that would be enough to qualify the intelligence as ‘thinking.’
“May not machines carry out something which ought to be described as thinking but which is very different from what a man does? This objection is a very strong one, but at least we can say that if, nevertheless, a machine can be constructed to play the imitation game satisfactorily, we need not be troubled by this objection.” —Alan Turing, Computing Machinery and Intelligence.
In the context of Dating AI, it’s helpful to keep in mind Turing’s notion of ‘play[ing] the imitation game satisfactorily.’ I always think of the statement, “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog” as an indicator that only a certain level of intelligence and responsiveness is needed to strike up an online relationship. This could also apply to AI.

() – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – ()

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() $ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Fri Nov 9, 8pm LYDIA LUNCH (; new album “The Need to Feed”) at Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa/Potrero, SF. With Algis Kizys (ex-Swans), Bob Bert, (drums, Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore) Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, gtr): A harrowing cross section of aural schizophrenia from No Wave skronk to bludgeoning Hard Rock and sleazy Jazz Noir to propulsive Psychedelia. The show is titled “RETROVIRUS: You either get it…or you don’t.” RE/Search will be there. Lydia Lunch lives in Barcelona now, so this is a rare opportunity to see her! Set includes songs from Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, 13.13, 8-Eyed Spy and Shotgun Wedding. (Sun Nov 11 Lydia will be in Los Angeles at The Echo; Thur Nov 15 at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory. Thur Nov 8 Lydia will be in Los Angeles at FIDM Grand Hope Park. Nov 12 Toronto Wrongbar; Nov 13 Hamilton This Ain’t Hollywood.) tickets:
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Friday 11.09: Art Exhibit Opening 7-11
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Since 1996 The Sociometry Fair has followed the quadrennial Presidential Elections & Olympiads. is agents document guerilla sociometry – social-artist propaganda, pranktivist action, and interventionist art on tri-fold displays – documenting is’s perpetual theme: “individuals and their relationship to groups”. iSFair 2O12 in San Francisco will complete the pentathlon of five fairs convened since the previous century culminating in the coming infOcalypse when is will go analog.

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5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() Michael Shamberg sent us his DVD of ps. beirut chapter I + II. Writer: Etel Adnan. Players include Emmanuelle Riva (voice), Bernard Sumner from New Order singing “Procession,” Margarethe von Trotta, more.

() The Eye Has To Travel, bio-pic on Diana Vreeland. Highly recommended! A compendium of some of the most important images from the ’60s! (and earlier) – certain images “create the future.” Check it out!

() Alternative Press Expo (APE). So much to see, so little time (only 15 hours) – nice to see friends from L.A.!

() Steven Parr’s Oddball Cinema featured Mark Pauline in interview with Gerry Fialka. Certainly not your everyday conversation, as Gerry delved into brain-patterns and practical-psychological areas. Mark paused for a few seconds after each question was posed, but then produced illuminating anecdotes, which even occasionally answered the quirkily-abstract questions! Mark Pauline also gave a lecture at the S.F. Art Institute auditorium…

() PiL at the Regency. Thanks to our pal Ed K– from the old days, and his charming pal Hans. Johnny Lydon sang (?) and spit for over two hours! There simply was no time to have a warm-up band. For the first time ever we saw a front-line entertainer suddenly exclaim: “I’ve got to go to the f**-ing toilet!” and leave the stage for two or so minutes while the band kept the rhythm going…

() Hassel Smith (whose son, Bruce (born in San Francisco) plays drums for PiL’s current lineup) at the Weinstein Gallery. We were lucky to attend the round-table discussion on Hassel Smith — and see his great (mostly abstract) art retrospective. There’s still time to see this at 291 Geary Street. Hassel Smith is an under-appreciated Bay Area artist. Painter Lucas Reiner flew up from LA for it! Check out HIS paintings at

() Penelope Rosemont (Chicago Surrealist Group founder) in town for the 4-day Alfred Jarry Celebration (

6.  Paul Addis: R.I.P.

Hail to the Prankster who lit the Burning Man on fire early (2007). He always carried firecrackers in his backpack, fearlessly practiced urban exploration, and probably was “framed” when he was unfortunately arrested and charged with trying to blow up Grace Cathedral. (“He LOVED that cathedral”—Kevin M.)

I can’t give justice as a write up to the latest death and tragedy, Paul Addis was complicated (who isn’t?), but he was extra… a friend that I pulled pranks with, and was pranked by. He saved my ass at least once on a billboard prank I pulled years ago – ironically on Apple’s campaign “Think Different” — Paul was a side thinker (a lateral thinker?), and challenged authoritarian clichés in the box we call life.
He fought, he pranked, he challenged, he died. He was dangerous and had been tipping over the edge as of late. I wish otherwise, but I simply could not figure out a way to advise and guide Paul.
He mocked all of us, and especially those that attempt to control and guide this society and bubble we call life. Mr. Addis created a brilliant example of what truly being “fearless” is, and he paid for it with years of his life in a Nevada prison, among other ways.
He gave me once, after he got out of the pen, the highest compliment, as odd as it might sound: “When I was in a dodgy situation in prison, I would think, ‘What would Kevin Mathieu do in this situation?’, and it was always the right answer to get me out of the jam.” What does one say to that?
He pissed me off and many others at his chosen end. Suicide is cheating and wrong. I’ll never be able to ride BART again without thinking about him now. Thanks, a–hole! He did not go softly into that night. He did good, he did slightly bad.
He called for help to me by ripping off my LEGOJeep license plate (I know; it’s an odd way to reach out – I now realize far too frigging belatedly) and I did not call him on it. I should have, when I figured it out weeks later. I have failed when it counts. I was weak, I just wasn’t able to reach out and say, “Hey man, I believe in you, you can get it back together, go take a break – get away – do something different.” Dammit. He was Too alone and Too different. The Man always wins, but Paul meanwhile gave the Man some serious indigestion.
He made people think and re-examine the difference between talk and action. Or may have – I would like to think. What more can one ask for? He served his time and paid the bullshit debt to society for the best prank ever.
There will be an altar at Dias de Los Muertos in SF (tonight) for him. I will be there for that.
I will try and not mull (impossible), I have to do what survivors do: “Just keep moving, just keep moving. ” It isn’t really that bad, just frustrating. It is both less and more that he is gone. It is simply over, and a grand run he took and gave. He is laughing at all of us for our precious conceptions and acceptance of what is OK and viable as a trade-off in society, vs., the right thing to do.
Paul was flawed, he made mistakes, he as of late had especially poor impulse control, and did not know how to control his strength—literally. When you burn inside, sometimes the fire will consume you. And so it has. I wish him satisfaction – now that the pain and injustice of the fire has now gone out. No one else will get burned by his fire that he put out in the only way he could think of. Dammit.

From Kevin’s Mathieu’s FB page (repost [edited] from Sean Kelly):

“A better explanation of Paul Addis than I could possibly offer, by one who knew him well. “— Kevin

“I first met Paul in Mahoney Hall, University of Miami campus in 1988. We were both 18. We’d sweat and laugh and drink and talk philosophy and ethics and cultures and about all the great stuff we were learning. It was electric. His eyebrows were always high. He was always excited by ideas. He was energy.

“Even then Paul was Paul. He’d walk around campus with a fake pistol in a shoulder holster. As a Miami native I pulled him aside several times and suggested he not carry around a fake gun because Miami is a crazy place… Every time we had a punk rock party, Paul would volunteer to run parking and security. He negotiated with the [a-hole] Dade County police: ‘These are college students, they’re OK.’ He ran interference for his people. Kitchen Club… Churchills (the only punk club in Miami for, like, 5 years?) He was always there. Even if it was crap jam-band stuff. He supported…

“Here is what I will remember: Paul always greeted me with a wide smile and hearty hug. Brains. Fun. He believed that things could, should and would be made better. Paul, this hurt us all really bad. We understand. We still love you.” —Sean Kelly
And another write-up for Paul, & another:

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() URGE (reunion) video of “Bit by Bit”
video by Marian Wallace

Look for Mary Lawler’s myspace page and hear all of her songs! An unsung songwriter (so to speak).
Search myspace for: “marylawler” (no space) to find her page.

() from Andrew in Europe: The October Gallery is hosting an exhibition of art by Burroughs in December:
Genesis P-Orridge exhibition, film in Canada:

() JG BALLARD-related:

() “Have an animation film to submit to a film festival? I have just posted a short piece about my very eventful trip from Kosovo to Serbia on my AWN blog. There’s a call for submissions for the [great] Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart, German. – Nancy Denny-Phelps

() from our pal in Greece: JG Ballard inspired radio show:

() from Hokan: (old lady vs. car; funny)

() from Chris T: Genesis P-Orridge:
empty San Francisco:!

() Mark Pauline/SRL:

() from V in London:
Burroughs-by-Brookner film:

() from Ralf:

() from James:

() from Phil G: “dangerous meme merging”:
– – “I was originally going to rate this only 1 star. You see, I’m a big girl and I can only squeeze about 53% of myself into this binder. But then I decided
that I’m not going to worry about the other 47%.”

() from David A: “It may be a rubbish world, but this is real acting quality:

() from Graham R: “

() futurist speculations:

() from James Mc: “You have seen a lot of this in OTHER docs, but NOT ALL scenes.  I haven’t seen much of the extended stuff on parts 3 and above including the Nuns @ Winterland greeting “all the Mabuhay crowd gathered here tonight”  High Times’s Tom Forcade financed this for $400,000 just months before he suicided himself in 1978.  Some interesting images and audio indeed!!!”

() Sept 5, 1981 SRL show 2nd/Folsom, SF, “An Unfortunate Spectacle of Violent Self Destruction.” Carol Detweiler photos posted by Matt Heckert:

() from Bruce Fletcher: “A month of Film Club. Tuesdays in November.” –

8. QUOTES (taken from our forthcoming RE/SEARCH book, DATING AI: (preorder; pub. date Nov. 18, 2012)

() “I tried to be patient, but it just took too long.”
“I’m not conceited. I’m just unbelievably good.”
“I’m a unique individual, just like everyone else.”
“I never make predictions. I never have and I never will.”
“With enough preparation I can be quite spontaneous.” (p. 85)

() “Behind every budding relationship that goes through a rocky patch there lurks the thought, “Maybe there’s something better out there.” And you both know it. “There are lots of good fish in the sea.” – Gilbert & Sullivan (p. 236)

() “Old joke: What do you get when you cross a gorilla with a parrot? Nobody knows for sure, but if it wants to talk, everybody will listen.” (p. 255)

() “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often, we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller (p. 27)

() “When it comes right down to it. all you have is your self. Your self is a sun with a thousand rays.” – Pablo Picasso.
“Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character. And character becomes your destiny.” (p. 86)

() “Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.” – W. Clement Stone
“Amici, diem perdidi” [Victory loves preparation.] (p. 75)

() “Respect all kinds of creativity, and expect the same from people.” (p.196)

() “Cyborg: a cyborg is humanity’s attempt to meet AI halfway, or more. A cyborg starts with a human being, adds cybernetic technology and typically some kind of brain-computer interface (BCI), and finishes with an electronically enhanced person that is, hopefully, better prepared to join in the activity of AI.” (p. 118)


() Please vote Yes on Props. 30 and 38 in San Francisco – our schools need this funding.

() “Not sure if you’ve heard of this but in case not, (a downloadable audiobook site run by Amazon) has a lecture of The Modern Scholar series on science fiction. The professor singles out Ballard as one of the great science fiction writers and discusses a number of his books: Best,
John Johnson” — [John Johnson is one of our favorite zine creators of all time – V. Vale]

() from Ed H: “Golf club employees in San Juan Capistrano (Orange County) came to the rescue when a shark dropped out of the sky and flopped around on the 12th tee…It had puncture wounds where a bird had apparently snagged it from the Pacific Ocean. An employee rushed the shark to the ocean, and it swam away a few seconds later.” WTF!?

() “Do it. I love ’em. I think of you as one of the remaining denizens of San Francisco – easily confused with the San-Francisco-themed theme park that most live in. I love your stuff. You’re the best link I know to a broad web of real cultural events. So hell yes.”

() “Yes, I read your editorials. I also share them. – S. from Toronto, Canada (“If you see a job to do, it’s yours!”)

() “Dear V. Vale, Have you seen this? There’s a neat anecdote with Burroughs… cool photographs! I hope all’s well. Best, Sean”

() “Good Evening, RE: http://www. Just wondering if you have any signed copies of Daniel P Mannix‘s Memoirs of a Sword Swallower left? That guy rules. Thank you, Phoebe of Australia

() “Hi Vale, There are a couple of Burroughs & Gysin related events coming up in London. The first is a celebration of the anniversary of Final Academy, this Saturday: The next is the “launch” of a run of Dreamachines: Terry Wilson is a “guest of honour” at the second event…” – from Andrew in Europe

() “Hi! Russ Forster of “8-Track Mind” [featured in our ZINES Vol. One book] told me you all may be into this show. There’s a lot of collage art deploying letterpress, activist art, pseudo science/religion and One Man Bands! ~Thanks! Peter Bergman”

() [sent Oct 23, 2012] “Hi Vale, There are a couple of Burroughs & Gysin related events coming up in London. The first is a celebration of the anniversary of Final Academy, this Saturday: The next is the “launch” of a run of Dreamachines: Terry Wilson is a “guest of honour” at the second event, but I’m not sure what that involves. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to get a copy of his book Days Lane (another of his books about time with Gysin). I think it was limited to 50 copies, and I’ve frustratingly never been able to find a copy anywhere, after a few years of searching and emailing various people. I suspect that all remaining copies were sold at the Naked Lunch 50th anniversary festivities in Paris. At this point my accumulated obsession with finding a copy no doubt outweighs my actual interest in the book itself. But I dimly remember a time before the internet when this was the type of behaviour required to find rare books, so I’ll pursue it… Best, Andrew”

() from Sandra D: “Charlie Rose episode of Nov. 2 airing now on KQED World channel 190 digital cable is having a roundtable on publishing airing at the end of the hour with Ken Auletta, Jane Friedman and Jonathan Safran Foer – discuss the future of the book. I’ll try and take notes, but I’ve had a long week so I’m not sure how much I’ll get in writing. It will be online sometime in a week, or longer if they’re still having technical issues with the site.

() from Richard M’s friend “Vinnie”: “Media not reporting story on ground. Sporadic gunfire and wide spreading looting in beach communities in Queens Brooklyn and Staten Island. Gas riots in Nassau County. Estimate 72 hours until Walking Dead/Escape from New York. Unsubstantiated report of nuclear reactor in Susquehanna PA going to level 3 alert. Believe me people aren’t going to be lined up Japanese style, boys. [New York Governor] Cuomo, [New York City Mayor] Bloomberg and fat [New Jersey Governor] Christie putting positive spin so as not to cause widespread panic.”

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