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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2012: Artificial Intelligence, New Order, Jon Moritsugu, Punk Reunion


2. Counter Culture Hour Sat Oct 13, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below): Penelope Rosemont & Dennis Cunningham at Winston Smith’s Studio. (re-air due to station mishap last month)
3. **MEDITATION SPACE** [blank]
5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing:
6. WS Burroughs book from Charles Gatewood, NYC museum notes from Steven Gray
7. Recommended Links – send some!
9. Letters from Readers
10. Sponsors (Please check ’em out!)

1. MESSAGE FROM V. VALE: Does anyone still read my editorials? (Let me know!) I expanded my last month’s editorial to 1,700 words and for the benefit of all who didn’t read it last time (or want to read more), here is a link to it in all of its **expanded, unedited** “glory”: http://www.
And now for a word on our forthcoming new book!

RE/Search’s new book is DATING AI: A Guide to Artificial Intelligence, written by a brilliant Russian scientist named Alex Zhavaronkoff. Finally, here is an easy-to-read, engaging, clear explication of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) **IS.** Almost all questions dealing with how ÅI will impact humanity in the future are explicated and explored, leaving, nevertheless, an immense territory on which all of us can speculate and bring our imaginations to bear.
Here is a brief excerpt from DATING AI, which can now be pre-ordered on the RE/Search website: http://www.     All pre-orders will be given a free RE/Search book (pick one): Punk 77 or Modern Pagans

From “Dating AI” by Alex Zhavaronkoff, PhD:

() – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – ()
One thing seems clear: the ability of sentient AI to explore animal intelligence has revolutionized their (and our) view of intelligence. Many human researchers had done their best in what was an uphill struggle to convince people that many animals have intelligence beyond the human definitions, and that it was often combined with both social and emotional intelligence in ways that we barely understood. Since then, sentient AI, while admittedly having great difficulty mastering the full range of animal intel­ligence, have moved scientific knowledge farther down that road than anyone imagined.
Some of the advances have resulted from collaboration with people. Certainly, build­ing animal robotics and integrating them with sentient AI nodes required both human and AI effort. Human researchers had decades of preliminary work on the robotics. AI provided a new and powerful tool: the active presence of a node and global AI within the robotics. That made it possible to inhabit a community of animals in their native habitat, while retaining the flexibility and intellectual resources of a fully connected AI.
…In some ways, the experiments with animal forms and AI presence were like sentient AI androids among humans. We could use that experience as a guide. It was especially helpful in identifying the most human-influenced elements in our mental models, so that we could attempt to lessen the bias in observing and analyzing animals.
In some ways that is a disconcerting thought, but I guess I’m being all too human about it.
…We said repeatedly that we do not choose among human beings on the basis of intelligence. This is true, if conditional. With animals it is quite the oppo­site. There are so many kinds of animals in so many different contexts, that some kind of selection criteria was necessary. Even global AI could not afford to simulate many animal forms, or simultaneously add the wealth of experiences. So we use intelligence as our guide—a very rough guide indeed, but useful.
In practice, it meant that sentient AI allocated their resources mostly to those ani­mals that appeared in preliminary human studies to have the most active forms of intel­ligence: cetaceans, primates, elephants, cephalopods, corvids, and psittacidae—in that order. Are you competing against dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants, squid, crows and parrots? Yes, in a way. You can also add domesticated animals such as dogs and pigs, plus some of the new hybrid animals.


“Go swim with the fishes” is not a friendly phrase to say to people. When you think about it, though, how else would you get to know cetaceans? Visit SeaWorld? Look through glass? Watch a few leaps into the air? Of course not. Dolphins, whales, porpoises and other cetaceans are best studied in their own environment in the oceans, and mostly under water. Unfortunately, this is almost as alien an environment for human beings as outer space. It is very difficult for us to envision living under water.
…This is probably a contributing factor for why it required so many decades to begin comprehending that cetaceans, notably some species of dolphin, have great intelligence—just not the human kind of intelligence.
() – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – () – ()

Please preorder today!
Order now and get a free book: Punk 77 or Modern Pagans, please indicate your 1st choice.

2. Counter Culture Hour –  Sat Oct 13, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.

This month’s program features a re-broadcast of the Penelope Rosemont/Dennis Cunningham interview filmed at Winston Smith’s Grant’s Tomb gallery – last month only 1/2 of the show was aired.
Edited/filmed/produced by Marian Wallace;  interviews by V. Vale.
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat  Oct 13, 2012
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, Oct 13, 2012
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, Oct 13, 2012
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, Oct 14, 2012
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Oct 14, 2012
If you cannot get this online email us at
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write & ask us how you can do this. (write:

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

Next month:    San Francisco Punk reunion!

3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted) (sorry some have already happened!)

() $ **SAN JOSE**: NOW through Dec 8: ZERO1Biennial: Seeking Silicon Valley. Facebook / Twitter

() PUSSY RIOT GLOBAL DAY 2 – Please post your link on so we can add it on

() FREE Tue Oct 2: SFMOMA (CINDY SHERMAN), Legion of Honor, de Young, Jewish, Yerba Buena MUSEUMS. Legion of Honor has MAN RAY-LEE MILLER SHOW  (a “must”)

() $ Opening Wed Oct 3 through October: Thrillpeddlers’ Shocktoberfest, Last week they were Cheryl Eddy’s “pick of the week” in the SF Bay Guardian: “The Thrillpeddlers have been killing it lately, with endlessly extended runs of Cockettes revivals and a recent hit production of Marat/Sade. Now the company is poised to kill it again — live! Onstage! With gruesome gore! — in its annual “Shocktoberfest” production. This year’s lucky 13th incarnation includes a classic Grand Guignol one-act (Coals of Fire by Fredrick Whitney, which caused a scandal in 1922 Britain); two contemporary world premieres about mad scientists (The Bride of Death by Michael Phillis and The Twisted Pair by Rob Keefe); and Scrumbly Koldewyn’s “musical spectacle” Those Beautiful Ghouls. And if you think you’re safe just sitting in the audience, wait until the uniquely terrifying spook-show finale — if you’re not afraid of the dark, you will be!” ‘Nuff said. San Francisco is lucky to have the Thrillpeddlers here, in their own Hypnodrome Theater at 575 10th St, SF… You don’t want to be one of those people who said, “I never saw the Thrillpeddlers; wish I had gone while they were still here!” No. Support worthwhile LOCAL causes…

() $ Wed Oct 3 JUCIFER played Oakland’s Uptown w/Hellbeard and The Bite. One of our favorite “life on the road” band books is JUCIFER RISING by longtime RE/Search subscriber JIM HAYES; reading that book definitely makes you want to see the band in person. We missed them in Oakland but they’re playing San Jose Sat Oct 6, 2012.

() FREE Thu Oct 4: Berkeley Art Museum.

() $ Fri Oct 5, 730pm, **OAKLAND** the gorgeous FOX THEATRE: NEW ORDER! The successor band to Joy Division after Ian Curtis’s suicide on the eve of their first American tour, the stalwart survivors soldiered on to produce their own classic recordings and albums. A rare opportunity to hear them LIVE (and perhaps get them to sign recordings afterward?). The Fox Theatre itself is worth experiencing alone (saw Roxy Music there long ago) and a concert by New Order makes the expedition to Oakland well worthwhile. This was truly one of the most enrapturing concerts we’ve ever experienced, what with the mind-expanding visuals, video footage, time-lapse film footage, 3-D laser light effects, strobe lights and other memorable imagery (some of it curated by our old pal Michael Shamberg, who was once head of Factory Records US and a filmmaker, curator and man-of-the-world in his own right (let us all send him “healing vibrations”).

() $ Fri Oct 5, 730pm Emerald Tablet, 50 Fresno Alley (behind Saloon on Grant Ave) presents Mario Guarneri & jazz quartet. (part of North Beach First Fridays)

() FREE Now thru Oct 4 only: **LONDON**: Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz: Hieronymus Bosch. All Visual Arts, 2 Omega Place, London N1 9DR, Tue-Sat 10-6pm. – A seemingly-amazing “take” on work by my favorite artist of all time: Bosch… (We would love to jet there and see the work IN PERSON, but finance does not permit…!)

() $ Thur Oct 4, 630pm **SAN RAFAEL** – ON THE ROAD at Smith Rafael Film Center – director Walter Salles in person. (MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL)

() $ Fri Oct 5, 7pm at the Swedish American Hall, Roger Knox / Jon Langford & Sally Timms will be performing. Jon Langford and Sally Timms are two members of The Mekons, the band who gave a great acoustic performance at the hall last year.

() FREE Fri Oct 5, time? Kent Baer’s Ratio 3 Gallery Opening w/Lutz Bacher. 2831A Mission/24th St, SF. 821-3371. – Barry McGee intv podcast:

() FREE. Fri-Sun Oct 5-7. Patti Smith (Oct 7) @ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Hellman Hollow, Lindley & Marx Meadows in Golden Gate Park, SF

() $ Sat Oct 6 (noon,2pm,4pm) Canyon Cinema films at the Exploratorium’s theater (Liz Keim, curator). Free w/admission to Exploratorium.

() FREE Sun Oct 7: Asian Art Museum, Oakland Art Museum.

() $$ Mon Oct 8, 8pm, Fillmore, Geary/Fillmore Sts, SF. Patti Smith.

() FREE **LONDON** Oct 9. Chris Marker Selected Works 1951-2011 at Peter Blum Gallery, 3 Olaf St.

() Oct 11, Thursday – Pixelvision Percept Plunder & THOMAS INCE (double feature) at 8pm (730 pm pot-luck), free admission at New Nothing, 16 Sherman St (off Folsom between 6th & 7th), San Fran CA 94103, phone 310-306-7330, film history and the future of live cinema with music improv by V. Vale, Rock Ross.

() Oct 12, Friday – MARK PAULINE INTERVIEW- 8:30pm at Oddball Films & Video 275 Capp St, San Fran CA 94110, 415-558-8112, $12 rsvp 30 minutes of rare film clips followed by Pauline interview by Gerry Fialka.

() $ Fri Oct 12, 8pm, Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno St, presents Brian Baumbusch gamelan concert.

() $10 1 day, $15 both days. Sat-Sun Oct 13-14, 11-6pm. APE (Alternative Press Expo) at Concourse, 8th/Brannan St, SF. RE/Search will have a table – come meet us! Let us know if you want to bring You a particular book! ( We’re sharing with Charles Gatewood…

() FREE Sat-Sun Oct 13-14, 11-6pm. ArtSpan Open Studios w/Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno Alley.

() FREE Fri Oct 19, 7pm SFAI, 800 Chesnut: MARK PAULINE lectures! BTOBS…

() $ Sat Oct 20 (noon,3pm) Home Movies at Exploratorium’s theater. Free w/admission to Exploratorium.

() $7 Sat Oct 20, 8pm: JG. Ballard would have liked this program: “Orphans in Space” — forgotten films on space exploration, curated by Megan Prelinger. Also on the bill is Linda Scobie’s SPACE DOGS & Thad Povey’s Cineroc. Free “Orphans” DVDs to the first 10 patrons! ATA 992 Valencia/21st St, S.F.

() FREE Sat Oct 20, 7-10pm Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno St, presents New Exhibit Opening by MicroClimate Collective w/performances, drinks, etc

() FREE Wed Oct 24, 7pm City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus/Broadway: Sister Spit Anthology Book Release Party w/Mari Naomi, Michelle Tea, Paul Madonna. etc.

() FREE Wed Oct 24, __, 50 Shotwell. Wed-Sun 1-8pm. Altered Barbie Event (til Nov 18).

() $$ Sat Oct 25, 730pm P.I.L. at Regency Ballroom, Van Ness/Sutter St, SF.

() FREE Fri Oct 26  5:30pm CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE 20th Anniv Justin Herman Plaza =  Market @ Embarcadero SF Bring Bike, Helmet, Lights, Costume

() FREE Tue Oct 30, 7-10pm Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno St, presents NERUDA DAY poetry reading w/Jack Hirschman, Agneta Falk, etc.
() $$  Return to SFAI Party Saturday, Nov 3, 5-10 PM, 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA  $40 early-bird price until Oct 22, then $55

This campus-wide party—celebrating SFAI alumni but open to all arts enthusiasts—offers a chance to carouse and connect at a storied venue and legendary nexus of artistic innovation.

2012 Guggenheim Fellow Carlos Villa—beloved in the Bay Area and beyond as an artist, mentor, and community organizer—and other prominent faculty and alumni will be among the honored guests. Alumna and acclaimed artist Karen Finley—one of the notorious NEA Four and an icon of free speech and sexual expression—will perform a piece exclusively for this event. Special musical performances by alumni Penelope Houston of The Avengers and Debora Iyall of Romeo Void, both pioneers in the Bay Area punk scene, will keep guests dancing through the night.

Revelers will savor custom specialty cocktails by nationally recognized mixologists The Bon Vivants, known for throwing one-of-a-kind events and as the creative force behind bars Rio Grande and the much-anticipated Trick Dog. Hors d’oeuvres by renowned Bay Area chefs, including Chris L’Hommedieu from Prospect, Dennis Lee from Namu Gaji, William Werner from Craftsman & Wolves, and Chester Watson from Trick Dog, will be available to all. (More surprise chefs will be announcedonline.)

Tickets can be purchased today online or by phone at 415.749.4512!

() FREE  Return to SFAI Winter Art Festival, Sunday Nov 4, 11am-4pm 800 Chestnut St

This FREE art festival transforms SFAI’s breathtaking Russian Hill campus into a winter bazaar featuring the exhibition and sale of new art by up to 200 students and alumni. Visitors will engage with the Institute’s forward-thinking contemporary artists and share in this unique display of SFAI spirit. The event also features live music, San Francisco’s best food trucks including Hapa Ramen and Le Truc, interactive installations from the cutting-edge Design and Technology Department, and special performances by the infamous New Genres Department. Works on display will include painting, drawing, collage, photography, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, video, performance, and fiber art. All proceeds from the sale of work support the students directly. Twenty percent of proceeds from the sale of alumni work will go toward student scholarships.

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent


() KINGLUX: A Scientific Romance, Issue 3, Price 5 UK pounds. 7.7×11″, color cover, 76pp. Future Technology of the No-Money Generation: Magick, Cambodia Torture Ghosts, DMT, Modern Shamanism, #Occupy, Broken Capitalism, JG Ballard’s House, Cory Arcangel, Psychogeography, Mobile Phone Militia, Stelarc, Surveillance Poetry with Iain Sinclair. Do you see why we highly recommend that you send for this beautiful paper publication created by TONY HILL?

() Beatdom issue Eleven Spring 2012: The Nature Issue. Ed. by David S. Wills, Michael Hendrick, Katharine Hollister with cover art by Waylon Bacon. We started reaing the first story, “Grizzly Bear” (set in S.F.’s Mission district) by Katy Gurin, and were “hooked.” Included in this 7×10″ perfectbound book-azine are an article on Hunter S. Thompson by Rory Feehan, an interview with Al Hinkle, “Liberation Under the Snow Moon” by Zeena Schreck (Anton LaVey’s daughter), “William Blake and the Beat Generation” — the Waylon Bacon illustrations are compelling and the entire production oddly satisfying. Order from

() Laurie Anderson @ Berkeley reviewed by Jewli Judd
Having not seen Laurie Anderson before, I had no idea what I was in for when she came to Zellerbach Auditorium on 9/18/12. Anderson walked out on stage wearing  her traditional white shirt, black tie and slacks. “Dirt” was  the third installment of her trilogy, in which she has been performing throughout the summer. Candles dotted  the stage, as tranquil colors filtered through fog.
Alternating between keyboards, electronic viola, and story-telling, I was mesmerized throughout the 90 minute set. At one point she made her voice sound like a man…..the bass in the speakers vibrating my seat. Her stories were humorous. “Earth,” she says, “sounds so formal. Why not call it Dirt?”
She reflected on Darwin and how he did not like  peacocks because it threw the whole idea of natural selection off. And that is:  the female of the species actually controls natural selection – what really matters, Anderson says,  “is who has the biggest, brightest, bushiest, bluest tail.”
Towards the middle of her set, Anderson moved to a big, comfy chair, as if she was drawing us into her living room. She shared artwork that her dog, Lolabelle, had created. She shared hilarious videos of a blind Lolabelle playing keyboard.
Towards the end of her set  Anderson said she had always wondered what it would be like to sing like a violin…she brought out a  “pillow speaker,” which turned her voice into a violin.
Laurie Anderson returns to the Bay Area November 16,  at Mills College.

() Sat 9/22/12: Jon Moritsugu/Amy Davis’s PIG DEATH MACHINE. One of the best films we’ve seen, and, made on a zero budget too! Great music score by Monte Cazazza & others (including a Meri St. Mary song) underscore this hilarious, edgy, underground yet occasionally gorgeous film: “After eating rotten meat, a brunette is transformed into a dangerous genius, while in a Doctor Doolittle twist, a misanthropic-punk-rock-botanist-babe gains the power to ‘talk to plants.’ ” Starring also Hannah Levbarg, Tucker Bennett (of Bloodrape), Victor of Acquitaine and Cherries Jubilee. Filmed amidst the beautiful architecture and occasionally magnificent landscapes of New Mexico and its mountains, this film is perfectly cast and brings out all the inherent humor and talent of its fortunate principals. Some highly original storytelling twists, retro medical footage and just-plain cinematographic virtuosity make this film a standout science-fiction mystery film of IDEAS, not just spectacle. We’d like to see it again — that translates to five (or is it three, in the Michelin rating system?) stars. The filmmakers were on hand to answer questions at the under-rated ATA, 992 Valencia/21st St, S.F. We highly recommend googling and tracking down the entire oeuvre of these two talented thespian-filmmakers; counter-culture “culture” is never handed to you on a silver platter; it takes energy to track it down and first-hand experience these mind-bending independently-creative achivements which are nothing if not thought-provoking and inspiring — imagine doing all this with practically-zero budget!

() Our thanks to Peter Urban who gave RE/Search a table at the ’70s Punk Reunion Sept 14-15-16 at Lennon Studios (also, concerts at Bottom of the Hill w/Avengers-Urge-Mutants-Noh Mercy and The On Broadway with The Offs, etc. This event needs to be written in much fuller detail; reunions are a source of pain but also pleasure as a flood of memories sometimes prove almost overwhelming. More later!

6.  W.S. Burroughs book from Charles Gatewood

Photographer Charles Gatewood and publisher Dana Smith have donated a signed and numbered copy of  Gatewood’s handmade photo book Burroughs23 to the William Burroughs Communications archive in Lawrence, Kansas. The deluxe 28-page book contains pictures of Burroughs and Gysin taken in London, 1972, and shows Burroughs with Jimmy Page in NYC, 1975. Only five books remain for sale before the edition is sold out. For more info, see


NEW MUSEUM – “Ghosts in the Machine” – the bookstore is selling a few RE/Search books now!
One of my favorite half-hour films was showing in the lobby – “Der Lauf Der Dinge” (“The Way Things Go” – 1987), so I watched it.  It’s a Rube Goldberg sequence of chain reactions involving tires, ladders, cans, fire, chemicals, etc.
On another floor was Movie-Drome by Stan VanDerBeek (b. 1927).  I walked into a dome about 10 feet high and 30 feet wide, with projectors and cushions around the perimeter.  There were ghosts in each projector and it sprayed them on the wall.  I lay down and absorbed an overlapping audio-visual collage of short films that VanDerBeek made from 1963 to 1966.  I was there for a while, partly to see if he repeated anything (he didn’t), and the lack of repetition held my attention.  Also, there were references to people and politics in the 1960’s, so it had the effect of memory flashbacks for those of us who were alive and alert back then.  Some people came in, sat down, and left in a minute or two.
J.G. Ballard – there were six of his collages on the wall – “Advertiser’s Announcements” from Ambit.  “Fiction is a branch of neurology”.  Also framed on the wall was his Project for a New Novel from 1958 (  It is approximately 1 foot by 6 feet – a semi-abstract word collage.  “Mr. F is Mr. F… the terminal beach… T-1 emergency mega-channel multi-horn dive drill… programming the psycho-drill:  coded sleep and intertime.”  Some of the lines and concepts were seeds for novels which came later.  On the next wall was a film showing Ballard driving around London, anticipating or witnessing provocative car crashes (?).
“On the Origin of the ‘Influencing Machine‘ in Schizophrenia” – drawings by various schizophrenics having delirious visions of atmospheric mental/mechanical control systems.
There was more in the show:  “The bleached joint and carcass of choice.”  “Der Mensch als Industriepalast.”  A room with an “epileptic seizure comparison”.  A blue fabric floating on the updraft of a fan and stabilized by fishing weights.
—-Steven Gray
I was expecting two or three floors of erotic art, and in fact there were some bj videos and an x-rated Picasso etching (talk about contorted), but there was also an historical and scientific approach, with much ado about the animal kingdom. For example: Amazon River dolphin blowhole sex; and a statue of a bonobo monkey with a full erection and some sugarcane in his hot little fist – he was trading it for sex. Anything goes in a state of nature, as sea slugs and the Marquis de Sade both figured out. If you are looking for some justification for your own hard-to-categorize proclivities, this is the place.
With respect to the dark ages of repression, there was an “anti-onanism device” for males from the 1890’s – sort of a jock strap made of iron so you wouldn’t….  And there was something else to consider, which sounds like a turn-off:  “Spermatorrhaeal ophthalmia consequent through onanism.” [result: inflamed eyeballs.]
While wandering through the various rooms, with exhibits concerning sex on the internet and multi-persuasions, I saw three Japanese women in their early 40’s. They seemed curious and open-minded. One of them asked me to take her photograph in front of a picture of a naked woman leaping through the air.
The shop in the lobby had a Taschen book I recommend:  “Erotica Universalis – from Pompeii to Picasso”.
—-Steven Gray

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() William Gibson & Ken Goldberg at JCC 9-4-2012 free VIDEO: – also, 1000-word introduction penned by V. Vale for this video

() from Mikkel A: Chris Marker homage:

() “Hi Vale, Did you see my Rumpus comic about Les Rowe? He’s the homeless man who used to stand in front of the Citibank [in North Beach at Columbus/Green Sts].  – Mari Naomi (my North Beach neighbor)

() from PhilG: – “unusual”! Hogan’s Alley newsletter (a great publication about classic comics)
John Cage:
banal Ballardian future:
I always liked the name Francine Fishpaws in Polyester; then I looked it up in Urban dictionary – even funnier
Romney goes dark:

() About GMOs:

() from Brian & Amy: Zaha Hadid space

() from Jerry Connolly:

() from V in London: music video –

() from BR:


() from Chris T: “Punk” –
Small Press:

() new DEVO song about Mitt Romney’s Dog, Seamus: “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro!”

() from Ken Goldberg: William Gibson live at JCC 9-4-2012:

() from Tom:

() from James:

() Who Bombed Judi Bari?

() from Greg L:×936.jpg?e83a2c

()  from GX Jupitter-Larsen:

() from Baba:

() from Chris Cobb: My pictures of Werner Herzog at SFMOMA:

My pictures of New York cops at SFMOMA:

() from Andrew B: A link for catlovers and Burroughs readers!

8. QUOTES chosen by, or authored by, V. Vale – this issue of the newsletter is too long already!


()  “Your newsletter about your mentors was inspiring. I don’t think anyone can ever replace a significant artist (or I hope not!), but we as artists can certainly strive to join them in the canons of greatness. And by “greatness” I mean all the things that artists ought to do: open people’s eyes, expose lies, encourage emotional growth, make a difference in the world, help spread compassion and love, increase and expand a vision of betterment, CONNECT and encourage connectedness. This all sounds hippy-dippy and I might have to barf on my computer now. Ha ha.” – Mari Naomi


() “Hey Vale, That was pretty interesting about what you said about Devo and Blondie [Sept newsletter]. –alan”

() “Dear Vale, My boss says you are a legend! Blue Cheer!  – Samantha”

() “[Dear Vale,] Your books really helped shape my tastes. Thank you. – Josh.”

() “Dear Vale, read just a bit in the “prophecy in lit” – excellent …Not familiar with Philip Lamantia, but since YOU like him, that’s good enough for me…i bought that issue of Search and Destroy from you… interesting about the William Gibson event. like his work much, may just go to this soiree… i must say, zero history and much of gibson’s later work do not fulfill a sense of conveying the zeitgeist, really. had it on audio and it was hard to get any sense of what was going on. but maybe that IS the zeitgeist of our now?! – M.S.”

() Vale—
Thanks for putting the effort into producing these newsletters. I always read them and they usually make me wish i had more time and money… and they ALWAYS make me glad i live in the Bay Area!
Regarding the Future and Futurity—the evident earmarks of futurity have come into people’s everyday life, particulalrly the type of dystopian/alienated visions that Wm. Gibson traded in, but we are no more in the ‘future’ than we have ever been, since the future is only a conceptual frame rather than a time-period… we suffer from a lack of celebrity-visionaries in regards to what the ‘future’ might mean next, but a picture is beginning to emerge nonetheless: the product of a distributed zeitgeist instead of a visionary or two. The new future is like green clockwork—it has abandoned the dualistic conflict between technology and nature. It has its roots in design, architecture, ecology, neuroscience and a respect for systems; it has read Bucky Fuller and it sounds like Eno.
Or at least that’s what i see coming. Respectfully, — Kevin L.

() Our former intern Erica Olsen sent us an announcement about her new book, “Recapture & Other Stories” from and – check it out!

() The Zeros recently played San Francisco at Brick & Mortar — we bought their new CD, The Zeros: Don’t Push Me Around, from Bomp Records. It’s a classic!

() Really enjoyed the “Incredibly Strange Music” book and thought you might be willing to listen to some more (relatively) strange music. I work by myself and release one new album a month. This month’s is “Days Like Polished Glass” and is available here:  Thanks for listening (if you do). – Scott/Paul

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3. Mrs Dalloway (Catering, Bay Area): Holly Erickson’s catering/foodblog/cookbook and
4. Contribute to (& Order copies of!) “OUT OF OUR” – Steven Gray & Sarah Page’s San Francisco Poetry Magazine:
5. From our friends Amy and Brian: check out their  “simple business software for art galleries:
6. V. Vale’s RE/Search Newsletter is cordially sponsored by “Beyond the Beyond.”
Information Wants To Be Free WE MEAN IT MAN! $0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$0
7. “fine art about equal human rights worldwide”
RE/Search THANKS (3) SPONSORS who Wish to Remain Anonymous – you know who you are! And yes, we NEEDED Your Support! (B.H., D.S., V.V.)

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