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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER SEPT 2012: William Gibson, DEVO, Pussy Riot


1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: Prophecy in Literature & Music. Devo/Blondie.

2. Counter Culture Hour Sat Sept 8, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below): Penelope Rosemont & Dennis Cunningham at Winston Smith’s Studio.



5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing:

6.  Meditation Space #2

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9. Letters from Readers

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1. EDITORIAL FROM V. VALE: “Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Most Prophetic of Them All?”

It is difficult to survive and transcend the loss of one’s “father” [figures] — in my case there were three: William S. Burroughs, Philip Lamantia and J.G. Ballard. Philip was an authentic American Surrealist poet and first-generation “Beat” luminary — he read at that very first public reading of “Howl” at the Six Gallery at 3119 Fillmore Street/Filbert-Greenwich Sts, SF, Oct 7, 1955. Mr Lamantia was my first mentor. William S. Burroughs I didn’t meet until fall of 1978 when he came to San Francisco to read at the Keystone Korner in North Beach next to the Police Station. J.G. Ballard I corresponded with beginning in 1978 when I finally got an interview with him by proxy for my Search & Destroy #10 (incidentally, still available in a low-cost reprint from the original negatives). That same issue featured Burroughs on the cover; photo by Kamera Zie, who worked at City Lights, as I did.

When J.G. Ballard died April 19, 2009, I looked around and wondered who could replace him. He was a magnanimous, generous, spontaneous, unpretentious, publicity-avoiding ORIGINAL whose darkly imaginative literary output seemingly contradicted the ultra-polite, warmly humorous manner in which he treated people who visited him (including me). I was fortunate to be in his presence (and tape-record him) a number of times — in San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto (?), and at Shepperton, outside London, near the Thames river where he took frequent après-lunch perambulations. By sheer luck I managed to tape-record both Burroughs and Ballard just months before they died…

Needless to say, nobody has yet “replaced” the above three deceased mentors. The nagging question is: Who are the people alive on the planet who are predicting the future as well as Burroughs and Ballard? The so-called CyberPunk writers (William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Richard Kadrey, Rudy Rucker; who else?) are alive and penning miles of sentences — are they still the “zeitgeist” of now? Is there a zeitgeist of now, besides “Things Fall Apart” and –? Maybe we all need to attend the Extreme Futurist Festival…

We have long supported Survival Research Laboratories in their noisy machine performances divining a rusty, improvised-technological future in the perhaps money-less, state-less, more robotic- and drone-filled world landscape ahead of us. We’re reviewing the past 20 years, and an SRL associate comes to mind who has more or less selflessly curated dozens (maybe hundreds) of futuristic, bursting-with-ideas presentationsby the crême-de-la-crême of cutting-edge thinkers, scientists and artists — most of them free; no admission charge — at U.C. Berkeley. That would be Ken Goldberg, who has been studying the future for several decades. Anyone heard of telerobotics? To quote, “Telerobotics is the field of robotics concerned with the remote distance control of robots using wireless connections, tethered connections, or internet connectivity via human input. Ken Goldberg, a pioneer of telerobotic art and his collaborative installation “Memento Mori” can be seen as the first telepresent, internet-based earthwork controlled by minute movements of the Hayward Fault in California and transmitted continuously as a seismic data stream to an embedded audio visual display.” [!]

Of course, like everyone, we’re interested in “making sense” of the bewildering, dazzling scope of contemporary computer-assisted scientific experimentation — i.e., doing epistemological inquiries. And, “Much debate in the field of Epistemology has focused on analyzing the nature of knowledge and how it relates to similar notions such as truth, belief, and justification. Professor Ken Goldberg of Berkeley UC notes that knowledge attained via distant and remote participation via the likes of web cams is defined asTelepistemology. The Robot In The Garden, Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet,edited by Ken Goldberg, Cambridge MIT Press 2000, pp 2-22.”

So twelve years after the publication of this still-futuristic book, Ken Goldberg is scheduled to do a live conversation/ interview with one of the premier CyberPunk writers of our time, William Gibson , right here in our small town of San Francisco. This is a first, and a not-to-be-missed, opportunity to literally participate in this “meta-conversation” — questions from the audience will be fielded and discussed — and in fact, anyone can submit questions in advance to this URL:

William Gibson has a special connection to the Bay Area in that many years ago he “grokked” Survival Research Laboratories’ special joie-de-vivre and esprit, subsequently transmogrifying some of that ethos into the novel Mona Lisa Overdrive where he depicted an artist making large robotic sculptures, collaging them together out of purloined, scavenged metal parts and machinery in his junkyard (That artist would beMark Pauline, SRL founder — Gibson also was inspired by San Francisco’s Bay Bridge and the dark side of Silicon Valley’s cowboy entrepreneurialism to write his “Bridge Trilogy” — with many scenes set on a cobbled-together, Merzbau-like vast living emporium which has taken over (of course) the Bay Bridge — now defunct as an automobile freeway overpass. Gibson was also (obviously) inspired by the San Francisco bike-messenger community of the ’80s-to-present — one of his most vivid characters is a female bike messenger. The “Bridge” novels include Virtual Light (’93), Idoru (’96) and All Tomorrow’s Parties (’99), now famous as a successful music festival focusing on retro reanimations of “classic” rock LPs.

What we’re trying to say is that William Gibson evidentially has a conceptual connection with the Bay Area — and he’s showing up in person to take part in a rare public conversation open to all — and I might add that an unscripted conversation really shows what a writer (or any artist) is made of — whether he is the “real deal.” With the world’s banking & finance markets in free fall, and religious fanaticism on the uptake, while the Internet continues to cannibalize the entirety of the world’s culture and — copyright be damned — give everything away FOR FREE, thus ultimately ruining the “information economy” (as Bruce Sterling predicted China would do back in 1998, in his prophetic masterpiece Distraction), well — there’s a lot of questions to throw at Messieurs Gibson and Goldberg. We hope the fur flies (fake fur, that is — we’re Animal Rights supporters). At best, the leading lights of the Bay Area will all show up in one room to join the Gibson/Goldberg conversation Tue Sept 4 7pm at the JCC, California St/Presidio, S.F. [ ] See you there! — V. Vale

ADDENDUM: DEVO (whose concept of “Devolution” would fit in well with the William Gibson event, above) and BLONDIE were two of the earliest and most original “Punk” bands – even though neither one of them fits any of the current clichés associated with the words “Punk Rock.” But both bands incarnated the spirit of rebellion, Black Humor, and anti-authoritarianism — seeing through b.s. DEVO and BLONDIE were featured in some of the earliest concerts at the Mabuhay Gardens, and sometimes the earliest experiences (recollected in tranquility) seem to be the “best” — think about your own history of relationships! It’s almost inconceivable that this concert would occur, some 40 years after each band were first starting out, yet — the spirit is willing and the flesh is strong (enough), so DEVO and BLONDIE will play on a co-bill Monday, Sept 10, 2012 at theWarfield in San Francisco. Highly recommended, for a lot of reasons, having to do with cherishing one’s personal history, contemplating the meaning of time, interrogating the persistence of memory, and asserting the indomitability of desire!

2. Counter Culture Hour –  Sat Sept 8, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.

This program features artists Penelope Rosemont & Dennis Cunningham at Winston Smith’s Studio.

Edited/filmed/produced by Marian Wallace;  interviews by V. Vale.

The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat  July 14, 2012

– see this link at broadcast time:

You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”

USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, Sept 8, 2012

USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, Sept 8, 2012

London: 2:00 AM Sunday, Sept 9, 2012

Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Sept 9, 2012

If you cannot get this online email us at

Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write & ask us how you can do this. (write:

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() FREE. Fri-Sat Sept 1-2, 11-5pm, SF ZINE FEST @ SF County Fair Bldg, 1199 9th Ave/Lincoln Way just inside Golden Gate Park. RE/SEARCH will share a table with Charles Gatewood. If you want a particular book or item, please email me & I’ll bring it there: — V. Vale – Or, just come by the table and say HI! Of course, I’ll be happy to autograph a book for you…

() FREE: 1st Tuesday of month: SFMOMA, de Young, Legion of Honor art museums!

() $ The Art of William S. Burroughs, KUNSTHALLE wien museumsquartier hall 2  June 15th – October 21th, 2012 (Vienna, Austria)

() Free Tues Sept 4 11-5pm (show up for several months) MAN RAY & LEE MILLER at Legion of Honor Museum, SF. Show is FREE also Sat-Sun Sept 1-2 if you have a BofA credit card! This exhibition is Not To Be Missed by any lover of Surrealism… (any “lover” who is not a Lover of Surrealism is not a lover, ha ha…) More Museo-News: SFMOMA’s Cindy Sherman & Naoya Hatakeyama [future star-photographer] shows are not to be missed. Well, there are Cindy Sherman posters all over town & you’d have to be blind not to have seen them…

() $ Fri Aug 24-Dec 9, 2012. **BERKELEY** Art Museum, 2626 Bancroft Way, 2 blocks above Telegraph, Berkeley. Big Barry McGee retrospective. – If you wanna do a quick catch-up on the past 20 years of “Street Art,” see his complicated, complex, info-overload show. Especially, look at his 2 hardbound books!

() $ Tue Sept 4, 7pm. William Gibson in conversation w/Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley professor of robotics (& SRL crew alumni) JCC, 3200 California/Presidio Sts. Tickets:

Gibson is one of our greatest contemporary science-fiction writers. Author of the groundbreaking cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, Gibson described the Internet before it existed and coined the term “cyberspace.” His first collection of nonfiction writings, Distrust That Particular Flavor, offers provocative insights on key topics from Future Fatigue to the Sundance Film Festival to Singapore, the fascist Disneyland of the East.

“Gibson pulls off a dazzling trick. Instead of predicting the future, he finds the future all around him, mashed up with the past, and reveals our own domain to us.”  – New York Times (no doubt this quote was inspired by the Gibson neo-chestnut: “The future is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed.”).

Submit your own suggestions for questions for William Gibson, and read and rate questions others have submitted:

() $ Wed-Sun Sept 5-9, 13th SF Electronic Music Festival – Brava Theater, SFMOMA, Million Fishes Gallery. Go to for full schedule/details! Full Pass $45 includes 4 concerts, etc

() $ Sept 5-16, 21st  annual S.F. Fringe Festival – wild local theater on the edge: – support local thespian talent!

() $5 Thur Sept 6, 6:30-8pm, Jewish Museum, 736 Mission/4th St, SF: Ian MacKaye Q&A from audience. Rare appearance!

() $ Sat-Sun Sept 8-9, 11AM-11pm, SF Art Institute, 800 Chestnut St, SF: Iranian Film Festival! Discount Festival Passes available. – Check out films from a country that was part of the Cradle of Civilization…

() FREE Sat Sept 8, 3pm Chris Doyle “walks us through” his paintings show at Catharine Clark Gallery, 150 Minna/2nd St, SF.

() FREE Sat Sept 8, 6-9pm. Ransom & Mitchell opening, Varnish Gallery, 16 Jessie #C120 (bet. Market-Mission, 1st-2nd Sts), SF.

() $ MON Sept 10 8pm (doors open 7pm) DEVO & BLONDIE @ The Warfield! Unbelievable! BTOBS…

() $$ SAN JOSE: Wed Sept 12-Dec 8: 2012 Zero1 Biennial –  &

() FREE. Fri 9/14, 7pm?, Lennon Studios. Meri St. Mary Reads (& does a book signing) from her new book of poems, You Tore Us. There is a Fri-Sat-Sun Punk Reunion at Lennon Studios, but it is all sold out. A handful of our old friends are flying in for this: Danny, Billy, Rosetta…! Ah, politics!

() FREE? Wed-Sun Sept 19-23, 10-6pm. 48th Annual Big Book Sale @ Ft Mason Festival Pavilion. – on Sundays, everything’s a dollar!!

() $5? Sat 9/22, 730pm, ATA, 992 Valencia/21st St screens new film “Pig Death Machine” from Apathy Productions; both Monte Cazazza and Meri St. Mary have music in the film & are scheduled to be there!

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() This past month we saw 1) PHANTOMS OF ASIA at the Asian Art Museum (beautiful HB book accompanies the show – we would like to get a copy someday!). 2) Cindy Sherman & Naoya Hatakeyama atSFMOMA, 3) de Young Museum’s over-the-top, fabulous installation of Jean Paul Gaultier (sadly, the show ended Aug 19). 4) Gina Basso put on a rare punk films show and we stood up and answered questions at the end — thanks, Gina and the Roxie Theater person who gave us a huge bag of popcorn at the end! And, 5) we totally enjoyed the Barry McGee gala opening at Berkeley Art Museum — really coveted the big 9×12″ hardback book (which reminded us of the very first Warhol book we saw, long ago) and were happy to run into Mark Pauline & Amy, Kal Spelletich, our former intern Emily Rose who is now the great drummer behind Ty Segall, Dave & Dion King (Dave designed the CRASS logo), and we met people associated with the museum, too. Sun Nov 18, 2012 2pm (?) V. Vale will give a “zines workshop” at BAM — stay tuned…

() An eternity ago we were fans of THE FUGS and even saw them play a tiny club in New York City. It was hard to get those FUGS albums (black-and-white stylized geometrical design covers) as they were put out on a D-I-Y label titled ESP-DISK.  Finally, a Brion Gysin fan-and-associate named Jason Weiss has penned a kind of definitive chronicle of how this amazing, avant-garde record label came to be, overcoming all manner of obstacles to produce resolutely non-commercial music of outrageous philosophy and musicality — kind of pre-punk, pro-free-jazz, outlaw-metaphysics concentrated thought bombs. Anyone wanting to start an anti-corporate-music record label must devour this book, Always In Trouble: An Oral History of ESP-Disk, The Most Outrageous Record Label in America — probably not in many bookstores, so get it – order direct so the author makes a few shekels!

() We, like everyone we know, have become huge fans of “Pussy Riot” and have tried to google and find everything we can about them, where they came from, et al. The worldwide Punk Rock Community supports them — they seem to be harder-core than the Sex Pistols (who after all were happy to suck up corporate record label money, while, of course, publicly biting the hands that fed ’em). Their translated statements seem brilliant and reflective of deep rebellion and scholarship. Obviously, totalitarianism and dictatorship is far from dead-and-gone on Planet Earth… [See “links” section below]

() REGENT PRESS in Berkeley sent us a care package of books recently. Here are our mini-reviews:

1) The first novel, “Highway House” by Robert C. Pritikin (magician, saw musician, etc) immediately gripped us with its first page: “She stood like a strong, tall post, draped in blue chiffon, before the Moorish archway entrance to the Casbah. The legendary diva had performed with Bjorling, Tauber, and Caruso. She was a gorgeous, living skeleton. Mascaraed, rouged and hennaed to the nines, she was, as always, alone, this octogenarian oddity, who for forty years reigned as the queen of all coloraturas…” This is WRITING! We will finish this book — and fortunately, the typeface is amazingly large and clear — unlike many books…

2) Ever since we read in the New York Times decades ago that over 20,000 giant shipping containers have fallen off cargo ships in storms and are mostly floating in the seven seas like dangerous steel icebergs, we are not so convinced of the “safety” of yachting or cruise ships. Author J. Lea Kortesky has written a novel. “BORDER,” whose “stories tell of shipping and trade in the Puerto Rico islands, commerce with the United States, and border custom’s patrol in the South and Florida. They attempt to explain causes for numerous shipwrecks, predominantly over the mid-Atlantic, and causes of three airplane crashes worldwide during the 19th and 20th centuries.” Basically, this is a book of capitalist horror stories, tied to technology and the ruthless pursuit of profits. Carl Hiasson could get a hundred novel ideas from this modestly-framed, yet creepy, book. An enlightening page-turner in its way, like the kind of mystery books we favor…

3) J. Lea Kortesky also wrote the academically-titled “Social Work From a Therapeutic Orientation” which is much darker than the title implies: “Non-accidental injuries to children usually are caused by parents who are addicted, or neglectful of their child’s basic needs for nurturance…Special attention is given to disorders involving narcissistic behavior, and attachment and bonding.” Anyone who is a parent of a teenager or child can learn from this occasionally tragic subject matter. For example, sex abuse (molestation) may be recognized by these symptoms: bulimia, hoarding, promiscuity and prostitution, drug use, teen runaway… Scary!

4) Anyone who appreciates Henry Rollins’ recent magnum opus, OCCUPANTS, will find ancillary amplification from “ACCIDENTAL WARRIORS” (and battlefield myths), written by Tom Angotti, with illustrations by Sofia Vigas. “The notion that warriors are fully conscious of the reasons they are fighting is a convenient fiction that sustains the culture of war and the warrior state… most soldiers are drawn into war by circumstances they neither understand nor control. The stories mix tragedy, humor, the macabre and absurd” — sounds like our kind of reading!

5) Lastly, a thin book of poems titled “Orphans of War” by Randy Fingland yielded at random some eye-opening insights (and we are not exactly “lovers of poetry”). We turned right to a quote from Ed Sanders(presumably, the FUGS founder): “…poetry, to go forward, in my view, has to begin a voyage into the description of historical reality.” And in this case, encompass some of the horrors of war, capitalism, addiction, and corporate predation of the planet… Short, pithy accusations and condemnations of our war economy. Did you know that the biggest economies are, in this order: 1) armaments made by the U.S.A. 2) oil 3) international illegal drug trade. Yes, those are the 3 biggest “economies” — dwarfing the official US or European economy, the stock market, etc! Live and learn…

() We received a beautiful color-sleeve 45 titled “Tin Windows” by “Orchid Spangiafora” accompanied by a CD-R – if curious, you can order these (send $10?) from R. Carey, 110 Lovefield St, Easthampton, MA 01027. He sent us a note saying, “I was a regular reader of Search&Destroy in the 70s and have been a frequent reader of subsequent publications – at any rate, I hope you enjoy this.” Thanks, R. Carey!

() We’re looking for “Film, Theory and Philosophy: the Key Thinkers” edited by Felicity Colman. To understand film is to understand life — we hope!

6. Meditation Space #2

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() William Gibson interview; he mentions Mark Pauline(SRL):

if you google “William Gibson interview” you will find a lot of interviews – we intend to print ’em all out & read ’em!

() All of Rudy Rucker’s short stories available online …

() Vermiion Sands watercolors:

() sent by PhilG: MAL SHARPE (in our PRANKS! book) photos:

() from Phil: “My favorite tabloid has an online version now, and it is more like The Onion than a regular news site:  I’ve always liked WWW because they create such outrageous stories (like their cover about where are the dead celebrities, with Elvis, Hank Williams, and Hitler). They once went to court after reporting a 90 year old North Carolina woman gave birth to triplets; the real woman sued, and the judge threw the case out after the publisher testified, “everyone knows we make all this stuff up.” I admire their honesty, unlike more “serious publications that don’t admit it’s mostly lies. We are in the age of post-irony and post-parody, making the New York Times look like an aberration.”

() – this is for everyone who tried to read Frederick II’s “Concering the Art of Hunting with Birds” – also see: (from Ralf)

() Henry Rollins interview:

() Sent by Jeff from Jellyfish: SRL show with V. Vale talking briefly:

() Chris Marker NYC memorial:

() from Sandra D: This interview is very relevant to your situation (RE Ebooks & Kindles):

() There’s a Cormac McCarthy QUOTATIONS website that almost makes you want to read all his books (Kathy Acker liked him): …

() Chris Cobb wrote a succinct article on Pussy Riot; Putin, the KGB & the Russian Orthodox Church interconnection: …

() Chris Cobb sent me this: Here is what Pussy Riot got sent to prison for doing : …

() Pussy Riot profiles:

() A must-read: Pussy Riot closing statements (articulate!):

() Steven Wolf on KUSF, etc:

8. QUOTES chosen by, or authored by, V. Vale

() “The four saddest words in the English language: Gore Vidal is dead” — seen on billboard at Larkin and Turk, San Francisco (check out Gore Vidal’s essays).

() “The faster you get back to people, the less brilliant you have to be!” – Helen Gurley Brown, author of “Sex and the Single Girl.” R.I.P.

() “Artists are often the worst judge of their work(s).” (We were appalled to learn recently  that a dear friend of ours had destroyed his color negatives shot in San Francisco during a stay here, because he thought they were “no good.” If only there really were a Time Machine whereby we could go back and rescue those photographic images, now forever lost. We had considered them “Ballardian cityscapes”…)

[from a Michael Dibdin book,The Dark Spectre ] “Only Steve had possessed the grit and guts to transcend his unconventional upbringing and seize the lackluster prizes which life has to offer those who do OK: a tract home in Bellevue he’d still be paying off when he was a hundred and ten; a car he could never find in a crowded parking lot because it looked just like all the others; a wife who could walk into a strange mall and locate the Hallmark store in seconds. Some men are born to mediocrity, some have it thrust upon them. Steve Warren was one of the very few who achieve it by their own unaided efforts. Despite the almost overwhelming handicap posed by his home environment, he could look back on his life and tell himself proudly, “I did it their way.” —  As you wrote: r.i.p., Charlie C, Prague

() “Artists, to my mind, are the REAL architects of change — not the political legislators who implement change AFTER the fact.” – WSBurroughs — [well, look at Pussy Riot!]

() “EXERCISE doesn’t cause you to lose weight. Only: EATING LESS…”

() “Believe Nothing & Be On Your Guard Against EVERYTHING.” — Latin proverb

() “The body is your most important possession. People can give you pleasure, but they can also give you diseases, illness — physical, mental, emotional…”

() “Everyone’s a CURATOR! – Resisting the Non-Curated Life…”

() “The PERSONAL is only useful as it relates to the UNIVERSAL. However, sometimes we only UNDERSTAND the Universal through the Personal…”

() “Men have become the Tools of their Tools…”

() “The Law of Unintended Consequences: WHO KNEW that the invention of the Cell Phone would make millions of humans walk holding up an iScreen, or in public hold up an iScreen and ignore every REAL human within proximity…”

() “ACCOUNTING: It takes a second to enter a wrong digit/error, but an hour to FIND that mistake!”

() “We remember UNANSWERED QUESTIONS (mysteries, puzzles) more than we do pat answers…”

() “Sadly, STYLE can (easily) become a PRISON… Yet, our STYLE signifies our ESSENCE!”

() “Q: Do you know the DIFFERENCE between reading a novel and watching a film? A: IMAGINATION! When reading, YOU are creating the visuals — more of your imagination is being exercised.”


() Just opened up a 9×12″ priority envelope to discover one of the most beautiful presents ever received by yours truly: gorgeous stationery in my favorite color (black!), silver and gold pens with which to pen handwritten missives, Miles Davis & Edith Piaf stamps with black backgrounds — I have no idea where to even FIND such treasures! Somebody must know me well without even knowing they do! Thank you! (will keep sender’s name confidential, of course). Yes, beauty in this life is all-too-rare, sadly…

() We received a notice from LAST GASP that, til 9/21/12, almost all their publications are 50% OFF!!

() “Vale, [referring to August 2012 newsletter editorial on poetry] Poetry…can also be a lot of ji ji jah jah to stupefy and impress the uninitiated… leave it to Bukowski to explain it ALL to us less ephemeral beings, answering “a girl” who said, “This isn’t poetry— it doesn’t EVEN rhyme!”… Bukowski’s definition of “poetry”: “Prose says a little with a lot of words / poetry says a lot with few words.” — B

() “Vale, here is the intro to a radio show i listen with my dad to every Friday nite.” — B

() “Hey Vale, Last week Hermann Nitsch did what I believe was his first US painting action, and we shot this impromptu short documentary. I thought I would send it along:

() Some of the greatest piano motifs in rock’n’roll history: “What’d I Say” by Ray Charles; “Money” by Barrett Strong; plus the organ playing on “96 Tears” by? & the Mysterians… Oh, and “Lucille” by Little Richard…

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2.  Emerald Tablet (Gallery w/events), Fresno Alley (100 feet from RE/Search! in North Beach). – lots of free or low cost local community events; check out their schedule!

3. Mrs Dalloway (Catering, Bay Area): Holly Erickson’s catering/foodblog/cookbook and

4. Contribute to (& Order copies of!) “OUT OF OUR” – Steven Gray & Sarah Page’s San Francisco Poetry Magazine:

5. From our friends Amy and Brian: check out their  “simple business software for art galleries:

6. Jason Weiss’ (knew Brion Gysin) writing website: and his new book/history of ESP-Disk:

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