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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER JULY 2012: Occupy, W.S. Burroughs, SF Dissonance Party


1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: Who says there’s no “Underground” anymore?
2. Counter Culture Hour Sat July 14, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below): Genesis P-Orridge, Marie Losier, Stelarc
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1. EDITORIAL FROM V. VALE: Who says there’s no “Underground” anymore?

(Well, anytime there is a real live SRL show, there is a distilled, concentrated “underground” present. But otherwise…)

RE/Search’s last book was titled “OF INTERCOURSE AND INTRACOURSE” – why is RE/Search interested in the effects of technology upon social — as well as sexual — behavior?! Because we are being changed and we don’t understand what’s really going on, how it’s happening, the long-term consequences, et al. Recently we received a visit from NYC gallerist Margaret Lee, visiting from 47CanalStreet, who brought up RE/Search’s interest in technology (well, we learned from J.G. Ballard that “sex times technology equals the future”). Ms. Lee’s distinct born-and-raised-in-New-York-City viewpoint contrasted with our Wild West Coast/California/Silicon Valley orientation. At age 32 she felt she was part of a “transition” generation — i.e., familiar with life BEFORE the Internet, and immersed in life NOW post-Internet.
She wanted to know what “hip underground” phenomena might be happening now? Or is it possible to have a “Virtual or Internet Underground” movement made up of people who have never been in the same room together? Of course, we thought NOT…
What did we think of OCCUPY, she wondered, before expressing concern that certain “hip” young artists she encountered had participated in and tried to acquire the “street credibility” associated with being an Occupy protestor … while in real life seeming to be just as anxious to be millionaires as any Wall Street trader, just manifesting this in a different way: “Why didn’t you show my art to that zillionaire art collector?” “Well, I may not enjoy making cold calls all that much.” “Why not — that’s what you’re here to do?!” We thought this was a case-by-case basis — all young artists are striving to find a way to avoid having to have a “day job” — waiter, bartender, cab driver, et al. Hmm…
Again, every time we are privileged to attend any kind of an “SRL” experience we feel that at least the “theory” of the “underground” still exists. But, we’re in a different time. Now everybody wants their “underground art/music/film” to go VIRAL as fast as possible! Yes, millions of “hits” — and RIGHT NOW! — is a widespread fervently-held desire and ambition of countless young people in “edgy” bands and… And part of this involves continual Twitter/FB/Tumblr (& their future successors) posting which sucks away entire lifetimes fast. Worse still, this posting-your-entire-lives-online plays into the hands of the Stasi of the future — who says “It can’t happen here”? (It already has, what with the slamming of 120,00 Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during World War II, right here in the U.S. of A… Are Muslims next?)
Well, recently on Sat June 23 we felt we had truly experienced an “underground” that we had sadly lost sight of over the years: the NOISE MUSIC UNDERGROUND. If you want to read more, there’s a long report on the “SF DISSONANCE PARTY” below… Meantime, let’s all hunker down in front of our laptop screens and iPhones and — you know — keep doing our RE/SEARCH… – Your Editor, V. Vale

2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat July 14, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.

This program was filmed “out in the field” at at least two locations in the Bay Area and features Genesis P-Orridge, Marie Losier, and Stelarc (thank you, Ken Goldberg, for Stelarc)
Edited/filmed/produced by Marian Wallace; interviews by V. Vale.
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat July 14, 2012
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, July 14, 2012
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, July 14, 2012
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, July 15, 2012
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, July 15, 2012
If you cannot get this online email us at
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write & ask us how you can do this. (write:

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() Wed July 11 Marc Huestis is presenting Marat/Sade by – see preview video at Support the Hypnodrome, S.F.’s unique Grand Guignol/Humor Noir Revival Theatre showcase. Children ages 8-15 can take summer creepshow camps ( ), which teach the arcane arts of applying fake wounds, blood, gore and zombie makeup!

() REMINDER: Worth a Trip to GERMANY: RIGHT NOW THROUGH AUG 12, 2012: a William S. Burroughs Exhibition: the name is BURROUGHS − Expanded Media [ ] Curators: Udo Breger, Axel Heil and Peter Weibel – publications will be available…

() FREE. Fri July 6, 6-9pm, SOMARTS “Performing Community” PARTY, 934 Brannan/8th-9th Sts. Featuring a 7pm performance by SF Rock Project and an exhibition introduction by curators Kara Q. Smith and Laura Poppiti. or call 415-863-1414.

() FREE. Fri July 6 5pm-late. Last Gasp annual art show will be at 111 Minna and it is 21 and over.

() $ Sat July 7 9pm, Parkside, 1600 17th St/Carolina-Arkansas, SF: Meri St-Mary supports Deborah Iyall (Romeovoid). The poster says “Donations Yo!” Meri will have a new poetry book release soon.

() $ Wed July 11, 7pm: Victoria Thtr, 16th St/near Mission, 9/11 documentary:

() $ Thur July 12, 8pm?, Cat Club, 1190 Folsom St, SF: RE/Search will have a table (come & meet us) at the 14th Anniversary Celebration of David J from Bauhaus – – titled “Search & Destroy.” Yes, we will have issues of “Search & Destroy” for sale, plus a few other titles…

() $ Sat July 14, 9pm, Parkside: Meat Sluts (all-girl group), more

() FREE (but, RSVP). SAT JULY 21, 1-3pm: “Dunes, Trains, and Beer: The Buried History of SOMA,” a walking tour facilitated by Greene and Shaping San Francisco, connects the sentiments depicted in Greene’s mural with the survival skills utilized by SOMA residents past and present. Must be there by 1pm when walking tour with Susan Greene & Shaping San Francisco begins at SOMArts. RSVP:

() FREE. Fri July 27, 530pm, Critical Mass: Justin HermanPlaza, Market/Embarcadero St, SF – bring: Bike. Lights. Helmet.

() WE WOULD LOVE TO ATTEND: Cut-ups, Cut-ins, Cut-outs, The Art of William S. Burroughs KUNSTHALLE wien museumsquartier hall 2 June 15th – October 21th, 2012 (Vienna, Austria)
William S. Burroughs (1914 – 1997), an icon of the American Beat Generation, has fascinated the public mainly because of his image as an excessive writer addicted to drugs who inadvertently shot his wife in a bizarre William Tell act. Admired as a revolutionary and homosexual intellectual and criticized for his enthusiasm for firearms, he established a new form of writing: the cut-up method. Text fragments are intuitively strung together to form open associative narrative structures in order to expand the boundaries of language and describe human consciousness. The visionary author talked about the “Electronic Revolution” as early as 1970. He influenced countercultures from the acid scene to punk and achieved late popularity in the young New York art world of the 1980s.
Assembling Burroughs’s legendary shotgun paintings and cut-ups in such different media as text-image collages, photo montages, and tape experiments, the exhibition highlights the cross-over character of his oeuvre, which has influenced wide areas of pop culture, music, and techniques of digital sampling. Beyond that, the show presents itself as the portrait of a great author who was the inspiring personality for the Beats with their freethinking redefinition of the American way of life.
Curators: Colin Fallows, Synne Genzmer- Exhibition Catalogue: Ed. KUNSTHALLE wien, Colin Fallows, Synne Genzmer; with texts by Colin Fallows, Synne Genzmer, Barry Miles, Jon Savage as well as the first and the last interview with William S. Burroughs conducted by Allen Ginsberg and Lee Ranaldo respectively; app. 288 pages; app. 160 color images; German/English; Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() A slightly long-winded introduction: Our former intern Graphic Garrett invited RE/Search to have a table at SF Dissonance Party, Sat June 23, 3pm-midnite. Garrett was a student at the Art Institute of San Francisco and did photography and graphic art and also was in several bands — well, he still does all this. He moved down to Southern California and formed a band with “Joshtopia” called “Torn by Teeth”. Josh organized the SF Dissonance Party, and that’s why we showed up at The Lab, 2994 16th St/near Mission at 2pm to set up our table.
We can’t claim to have kept up with the proliferation of “noise music” and all its permutations since publishing THE INDUSTRIAL CULTURE HANDBOOK — after 1983 there have been so many bands and so many records from all over the planet! I don’t know what I was expecting, but here’s what happened. The Lab is a fairly large L-shaped white-wall room. When we went up the stairs, there was a container of free orange earplugs — I took some, and they were definitely NECESSARY. Turning right to go inside to the main room, I saw folding tables all over the place and a row of folding chairs against the wall. There was no stage. It seemed that the (17) acts scheduled were to set up at various tables here and there, like, more “democratically”? (It turned out that the way you knew the next act was starting was when Josh screamed at the top of his lungs an “announcement” (I heard his loud voice yelling, but never once understood a word!) Five speakers on stands were spread throughout the room and a guy named Mike was running a small mixing board next to my book table. (He was also reading a book on Russia, which he hoped to visit soon.) With no “stage” it seemed like this was going to be a more “casual” event. It turned out each act was limited to 15 minutes — merciful, as noise can be very loud and intense, but, thankfully low-volume French female pop music from the sixties was playing between sets, provided by Josh’s iPod. I heard a lot of music I had never heard before and which I liked.
At 3:50pm there were mostly just noise musicians setting up their tables when the first act, DAS BLUT (a solo cellist named Tena dressed in tattoos and all-black clothing, w/effects boxes in a silver suitcase) gave her 15 minutes — too bad there weren’t more people there, as this was one of my favorite “mini-concerts.” I love the tonality of the cello and “took the trip” as noise and various effects crept in until what she did almost sounded like a full orchestra, then died down. The End. Tena played sitting on the floor (or on a chair) and stayed there on the floor packing up her gear (large black “purse,” silver suitcase on a wheeled luggage rack, cello in a nylon instrument case with shoulder straps). I offered to help her exit but she said, “No thanks, I live very close to here. I’ll be back.” *(Actually, she didn’t return ’til Bastard Noise played, whereupon she hid, sitting on the floor leaning against a side wall, out of sight.)
Next up was Medicine Cabinet: a large young man wearing a cap sitting down at a folding table producing loud noise out of several devices including a small mixing board? It was intense. Then he was applauded.
Next we recognized the tall, wolfish-faced Kent Cates, (‘Lektricman) who had been associated for years with Survival Research Laboratories (SRL). He “played” a small silver suitcase synthesizer with a lot of wires sticking up — another 15-minute noise jet-plane ride. Then, soothing French female vocals.
Moe! Staiano was a more athletic act — he raced around placing wind-up burglar alarms all around the room, then wrapped the room (and the people in it) with yellow Caution tape (he used up a whole roll). Near the end sirens went off. Then he raced around collecting the burglar alarms and his 15 minutes was up. Remember the Punk Rock ideal of “no separation between the stage and the audience”? This was it. There were about 25 people in the room so this felt very “interactive” — no doubt everyone had the experience of “Moe!” rushing by them doing something — kept you on your toes.
Rubber O Cement: a project by Caroliner Rainbow founding theoretician Grux, featured (2) surrealist entities sprouting rubber appendages or non-human shapes stumbling amok around the room, upending tables and inspiring cautious attentiveness — nobody wanted to get “hit upside the head”. Michael from Striations was the second performer inside the moving floor box. Don’t understand how the “soundtrack” was produced or if it was modified “live” by the performers, but it was loud.
Conscious Summary: a dreadlocked young man sitting at a little table playing 3 little devices. Loud noise. Applause.
Striations. Young angelic-looking Michael stripped off his black “Suspiria” hoodie and black T-shirt and screamed into (2) microphones, standing up facing a small floor lamp with two purple lights. Fun. Intense. Later, he got an Industrial Culture Handbook from me and was so charming — no doubt everybody likes him, wherever he goes! I met his partner Heather and noted that several other people helped him bring in his equipment. We predict he will go far.
Liver Cancer was kinda scary-looking. Two big guys who looked like they once had been in the Mentors (leather executioner masks) played their gear at separate tables – one had a big NOISE tattoo on his bared chest and the other had a center-chest tattoo with a red circle with a diagonal slash through two treble-clef musical notes… Well, they looked scary, but later on I met “Bobby” and he was friendly and asked my name – he helped buy his musical partner a rainbow “necklace” that an older woman was selling outside (well, it was Gay Pride Parade weekend)… they were funny guys, it seemed…
Kawaiietly Please: a young attractive Hispanic woman came out in a black communion dress, held her mike up high, walked around changing the feedback, then slowly got more and more intense… screaming… had a pile of soft plush animals on the ground and started throwing them into the audience, who started throwing them back… who started tearing them apart… I looked back and she was hitting the mike as hard as possible into the concrete floor… running into the audience… more chaos and noise… 15 minutes! soft animal parts all over… later was told she is a successful post-op (gossip always rears its head, doesn’t it?)…
Torn by Teeth: Well, if you missed Einsturzende Neubauten (especially Andrew Chudy) and SPK (especially Graeme Revell) then some of the most dramatic parts of both bands were brought to life. Graphic Garrett hit his improvised horizontal metal percussion rack with fury… got out a power tool and sent thousands of sparks into the audience (hey, they’re hot!)… took an axe and totally flattened a large tin garbage can … but it was all RHYTHMIC… lots of synth noise from Josh, dressed in drag with a black wig (and rumor has it, proposed to his girlfriend that weekend)… They were accompanied by Cookie Wolf, a dancer in a black bikini wearing a Darth Vader mask and waving translucent clear plastic wings attached to both arms. Earlier, Cookie Wolf had brought a large Tupperware plastic box filled with home-made peanut-butter (for protein) chocolate chip cookies for everybody, and I can personally testify they were genuinely home-made and addicting… you can’t just have one… (How great of her to bring us all free cookies!)
Xome: I talked to Bob, a tall man who lives in Sacramento, clad in a black T-shirt that proclaimed “DISEASE” on the front. He had started making noise music in 1994 — he lived for years in Japan and learned to speak Japanese (no easy feat) — had a corporate job there but got satisfaction from the very tight and supportive Japanese noise music scene. He recently played Denver and a person in our Industrial Culture Handbook came up out of the audience and talked to him. He said that yes, there is a noise music underground, it has been happening for many years, and that almost everybody in the “scene” seems to know each other (and support each other) so — yes, there HAS been a real underground right beneath our eyes. Personally, I’m not sure WHO to go see, but if this event is any indication, well —
Time to ask: What is a real international “underground” characterized by? 1) friendly people — not a lot of full-of-oneself attitude 2) very supportive people who applaud each other’s sets 3) a diverse crowd of all ages and “looks” but obviously everyone present is a kind of outsider, at least temporarily 4) in the “noise” underground, a wide range of arcane-higher-technology present in the room, which means a higher-than-average-IQ, we hope 5) D-I-Y/ANYONE CAN DO IT: Many of the performers looked to be tweaking knobs and switches, not showing mastery of some potentially-difficult musical instrument like a guitar or keyboard; therefore, one can instantly think, “**I** could do that!” 6) Maybe NOISE MUSIC will NEVER be co-opted or become mass-trendy-popular, because — can it be that NOISE is finally the ring-fence preventing “commodification” from corrupting a genuine underground — and that this underground will STAY SMALL FOREVER… ? I noticed how almost everybody in the room seemed to know each other — it felt like there was a lot of genuine affection in the room between people, lots of smiling, laughing and joking, despite the occasionally very abrasive 15-minute noise concerts… (Well, if you’re truly weird [but smart], and there aren’t many of you, then…) It really felt like there wasn’t a single “creep” in the room; that almost anyone would be interesting to talk to, and how often does that happen when you go to a normal “concert”?!
Pulsating Cyst. Tall man wearing cap with 3-video projectors playing his noise-generator setup which seemed to alter the video sine-wave-like patterns. Turns out I met him in Los Angeles at Beyond Baroque — I flew down there to do a William Burroughs presentation and he was performing too, kind of cut-up experimental noise tracks with a friend… Small world! Nice guy, intelligent.
Nuclear Death Wish. Filmmaker Doug Katelus also gives Hammond organ concerts with film projections, but tonight he was “jamming” with 3 other musicians including Josh from Torn By Teeth — Doug was playing “guitar” but I never heard anything that sounded like guitar — it was all noise and mutating rhythms and …
Riververb – 2 guys (or were there 3?). SUPER-LOUD. Two girls in the audience who looked like they were from Japan were holding their ears (guess the free earplugs were not protective enough) and then they left… Loudest yet so far. (I was sorry to see the girls leave…)
Nautical Almanac – a tall beekeeper on guitar and effects and a woman projecting videos, films, patterns, templates (like a 60s light show) who occasionally recited poetry. She gave me a poster-zine before their show. Some beautiful film footage. More full-spectrum emotionality, from moody to loud-and-dissonant…
Bastard Noise. Long-haired man in T-shirt; woman in black T-shirt screaming full-tilt into microphone, but only rarely. Quite a variety of noise, textures, tones. Definitely INTENSE. They posted a VERY thought-provoking poster-made-for-tonight’s-performance on the wall behind them which said:

JUNE 23, 2012






Well, never expected to feel a genuine “underground” experience again, but here it was! Met really nice people the whole evening who were also smart, funny, weird, and — well, they had an OUTLET, and a small group of people who supported them, no matter WHAT they did, so — how much better can it get, especially THESE DAYS?! It reminded me of the earliest days of Punk Rock, when there were 30-50 people in the room (I think at the peak there were maybe 60 people at The Lab) and this reminded me of reading accounts of early DADA performance events at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich — never very many people there, either. Happily, it wasn’t just a rooster party; there were a small number of interesting-looking (some would say good-looking) women there for most of the evening. Met “Howard” who said he considered the noise music scene more of a “performance” scene than a “music” scene and I would agree — it’s definitely more performance. But not pretentious. Not “arty.” But intense. A very satisfying evening.
I got out after midnight and discovered that even on a Saturday night, precious few buses run down both Mission Street and 3rd Street/Kearny Street heading back to North Beach. Finally got home at 2:30AM but the day had been so much “fun” that I didn’t mind. But, next time I’ll drive there — day and night you can get free parking on Shotwell and Folsom Streets near 16th St, with no “A” sticker-type 2-hour restrictions. And since the cheapest parking ticket is now like $65, I’ve been experimenting with taking the bus more, and it’s a weird kind of “fun” — just don’t look crazy people in the eye! I guess this was my “equivalent” to John Waters hitchhiking from Baltimore to San Francisco (you do know that someone liked him and drove him the last 1000 miles to San Francisco; John put him up in his apartment as a kind of “reward”… John Waters: at age 60-plus doing his best to “KEEP IT REAL”… What a Role Model! [end]

() SRL “News”: Go to and browse the website! Sadly, a couple SRL shows got cancelled recently. But we thoroughly enjoyed the Mark Pauline presentation at sf artpad several weeks ago. Rudy and Sylvia Rucker, Kal Spelletich & friends were there.

() Historical Record: R.I.P. Tim Mooney, drummer for Sleepers, June 2012. He leaves behind a wife and child in Petaluma, CA.

() HISTORICAL RECORD: Ed Hardy returns to The Art Guys Museum, 5757 Knox St, Houston, TX 77091 for the first time since 1997 with an exhibition of new and never-before-seen drawings and paintings. Don Ed Hardy: Death or Glory is presented in conjunction with Don Ed Hardy: 2000 Dragons at DiverseWorks Art Space, June 9 – July 7, 2012, opening reception Sat, June 9, 3 – 6 pm. DiverseWorks ArtSpace, 1117 East Freeway, Houston, TX 77002, 713-223-8346 . BTW, Ed did 12 new dragon paintings this year, each 4′ x 3’.

() Fri June 29, 2012: Emerald Tablet ( Gallery had a last-minute showing of Bela Tarr’s “Werckmeister Harmonies.” He vividly conveys the feeling of living in an Eastern European totalitarian country. There were only 30 scenes (uncut) in 145 minutes: black and white, very slow, some beautiful music, some very strange and violent visuals, including an insectoid helicopter. We’d like to see more! Even though he is almost the exact opposite of, say, Luis Bunuel, our favorite filmmaker of all time.

() LAST GASP has produced BLAB WORLD No. 2, Monte Beauchamp’s “curating” of favorite art, artist profiles, & articles. “It’s like the New Yorker for Mutants” – L.A. Reader – order DIRECT from

() HISTORICAL RECORD: June 19-Sept 9, Yoko Ono retrospective at Serpentine Gallery, London

6. Meditation Space #2

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() V. Vale interview by Nate Luce (print, not video):

() Wish I’d known about this a year ago (Slavoj Zizek & Julian Assange talk for 2 hours!):

() Will solar power save the world?


() Hope all is well… Thought you might enjoy this article. – xoxo Judy

() intv w/Mark Pauline, somewhat misquoted in that MP did NOT say He Does Everything in SRL!:
– also, MarkP recommends:

() Devo’s newer album: subversive, of course:

() from Ralf: “Old-time hovercraft, repeating crossbow, etc.”
World’s smallest manned helicopter:


() from Ken Goldberg: “My TED talk, ‘Can Robots Inspire Us To Be Better Humans?’ is on the TED homepage (look for the robot): – Ken tells us that in September he’ll be interviewing WILLIAM GIBSON live in San Francisco at the JCC, California/Presidio St… Stay tuned

() from Bruno R: ????????????

Hi vale, I saw the movie by cronenberg called cosmopolis yesterday. I really liked it and you may too. Is it out in the usa?

() from Joey Skaggs:

() from Jerry C: Diner of the Living Dead:

() from Gail T: Philip Kaufman’s “Hemingway & Gellhorn”

() Mike Watt’s PHOTOGRAPHY:

() our photographer-neighbor’s website!

() Vivian Maier, as good as Robert Frank:

() from David K: My new book: Mezzogiorno. Life. Death. Southern Italy.

() from V in London:
– Frank ‘Sugar Chile’ Robinson from a 1946 film called “No Leave, No Love” (some people are just BORN with superior hardware)
– (Orson Welles reading “Heart of Darkness”)

() from Karen M: transparent bullet-proof aluminum:

() Our former intern Kiowa Hammons’ band: “Paradise Club” creates a soundtrack for the dystopian bombed-out psychosexual resort of the mind.

() from Sylvia T:

() from Dave S: (dream house?) (carved book landscapes)

() from Morgan in Vienna: (Genesis P-Orridge; Lydia Lunch; William S. Burroughs ?)

() from Phil: Amazon abuse of power? or same old tricks?
– (Leo Gorcey)
– (Carnival of Souls poster)

() from Steven Gray: Sarah on Occupy:
– Joshua Tree desert photos:
– 9/11 doc: 3. New documentary about 9/11 from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The
film will be shown at the Victoria Theater on 16th Street near Mission on July 11
at 7 p.m.: ()

() from Chris T: “society of spectacle”

() We’re fans of Alfred Kubin’s drawings and novel, The Other Side:

() from James: We Got Power Films presents David Markey’s 1981-82 raw and homespun documentation of the Los Angeles/Orange County hardcore punk scene. Like a fanzine on film, The Slog Movie has an intimate backstage/on stage feel. Interviews, humorous interludes, and incredible live performances from Circle One, Symbol 6, Wasted Youth, Red Cross, TSOL, The Chiefs, Sin34, Fear, Circle Jerks, and Henry Rollins, Chuck Dukowski, Robo & Dez Cadena. Gogs at the Whisky A Go-Go, Cuckoo’s Nest, Bards Apollo, Club 88, and the Santa Monica Pier – and

8. QUOTES chosen by, or authored by, V. Vale

() “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking, quoted in Occupation 101.

Most of the below Quotes come from reading a mystery book: from Michael Dibdin’s [R.I.P. 2007] END GAMES, 2007:
() “Why overload your system with a bunch of mostly dormant read-only files when the Internet could come up with anything you didn’t know in like 0.18 seconds?” p. 67 (“mental data storage is peripheral now” – V. Vale)
() “I remember when we first got fax machines at work… They were cutting edge then, a status marker. If you didn’t have one, you weren’t important. Now they were virtually obsolete and sat gathering dust in some unvisited corner of the building. I’ve witnessed the birth and decay of an entire technology, he thought, not just in my lifetime but within recent memory.” – p. 135 (same for Palm Pilot – V. Vale)
() “Life is an acquired taste…but death has mass-market appeal. Sooner or later, we all succumb to its charms.” p. 161
() “A__ lamented the demise of that generation’s [Fellini, Visconti] values in favour of the cynical manipulations of market-driven accountants and middle managers, ‘people without intelligence, without courage, without vision, without ideals, concerned only with maximising profits.’ … I don’t live in that world. For me it is all about the creative challenge (& THAT’S ENOUGH!).” p. 165
() “M__ had always prided himself on being FURBISSIMO, a MAESTRO of cunning schemes and shady short-cuts to riches.” p 212
() A.Z. “had never paid much attention to birds, but the stealthy approach of death had made him more attentive to any form of life…the most striking specimen was a fig tree whose roots must, with their seemingly intuitive attraction to proximate water, have found out an ancient well.”.. p. 270
() “In this context, the electronic whining of his mobile phone came as as double shock. How he hated these attention-seeking pests to which everyone was shamelessly addicted! He recalled a dinner party… where half the guets had spent the evening yammering away to people who weren’t there while ignoring those who were. When he’d complained on the way home afterwards, he was told that that was the way it was these days. He should adapt, but he couldn’t.” p 271
()”…there is always room for disimprovement.” p 302
() “under the ‘you pretend to work and we’ll pretend to pay you’ system, their jobs were not only guaranteed for life but left them enough free time to make some serious money in the black economy on the side.” p 330


() “Hi Vale! I love getting your newsletters. Keep it up, and thank you. Take care” — Windy C. (And, here’s a “funny video” she recommends: )

() “Dear Vale, Thank you so much for sharing your insights [May newsletter editorial]. I appreciate it so much. (I quit FB a while back, and still have the same old unsophisticated cell phone from 2006!). With a big human hug to you” – Anne M.

() “Vale – your editorial [May newsletter] totally rocks! i love it. Militantly clear, so needed, so true, and so hard to get this across!!!” – f.

() “…Howdy V… …well…that was a brilliant editorial [May newsletter]…couldn’t possibly agree more…
…Now, you may accuse me of being extreme here: but i’d just like to pose the question of whether it is a coincidence that the Internet springs forth from the Pentagon/Think Tank/Defence Industries nexus?…Surely the battles of the future are already won/lost if the intended target is too busy thumbing some inane gadget to even notice that the crosshairs have fallen upon them …Thanks for the great summation/writing… All the best – ddt”

() “I’ve been reading a novel called ‘The Family Fang’ and it’s about a family of weird artists that do weird happenings. No machines though, but I do recognize some SRL in it.” – letter sent to someone else! by V—-.

() Hi Vale, from sunny and cold Kuopio send you greetings. I am putting on a festival here on August 24-26. Main focus is experimental music, but there is also dance, poetry and film (ugly swans). Plan was to make it wider: also workshops and lectures. Funding is tight in this (so-called) economical situation (situation is, that 1% is taking the most and capital is heaping into unregulated places. Anyway we try. And nice to get mail from there.
Would be cool to have you to make a lecture some year for the festival. (I agree!) Our rural town: i still see some changes and at least nature is fantastic and takes over if everything fails. Best, Ilpo

() “Hey Vale, again good to hear your voice. Best to you – hope things are well and flourishing in this horrible system we have allowed to be birthed. i think of you often, and your encouragement. Berlin is chilly but i feel safer here than in LA – how’s that for irony?! Your writing tips are great. May i live up to them, All my best, Fred Dewey” –

() “Thanks for another great newsletter. Here is my perspective on the GG Bridge 75th Anniversary fireworks… I just finished the big Golden Gate Bridge show and it was great. My favorite part: As traffic was halted on the Bridge i knew the show was about to begin.
The noise of traffic fell silent and my senses were on full alert. This point of any fireworks show is one of peak awareness as the danger is so close and you do not want to be the point of failure. The lights went out and as i stood by at my position half way across the span i heard the song of the Bridge as the wind was in the wires and loose steel pieces clanked below my feet. I heard the first e-matches light on both sides of me and converge to my point in the center… It was on… – Dave X” (from Burning Man)

() New York Jazz website:

() “Dear V.Vale, I’m Paolo Campana, we met at your place via Winston Smith for the documentary about records called ViNYLMANIA, in 2010. The film is finally finished and we made the dvd.!/vinylmania?ref=ts Best regards, Paolo”

() “Hi Vale, The North Beach art crawl…this kind of info is precisely why I made my little contribution…I wish I could have come over to see Mark Pauline at the art pad, I hope you enjoyed that….I still recall my atonishment & delight when I discovered SRL’s work in the mid-80’s…. Best, Dave S”

() “Vale, Very interesting newletter…. Of course I remember Shig very clearly… he was always very busy..and quiet.. I imagine he was very loyal… i didn’t know he hired you…Billy”

() “Hi Vale, Thanks for writing your newsletters. I enjoyed reading the writing advice, as well as the link to the website dedicated to Shig, and the sexy mandarin link haha!
“I just deactivated my facebook for at least a few days, after my friend posted a fake post about how I was moving to Florida. It was a really good joke, cuz so many people believed it, and still do. Then I was like, FB is taking too much out of my time. I need a break. I feel better already! I have more time to read and do other stuff.
“I’m focusing on writing my master’s thesis right now. In a nutshell, I’m using Said’s concept of Orientalism, how Americans and Europeans viewed and studied Asia, or the Orient, without knowing actually being involved with the cultures. I’m applying it to how academics have written and study punk (and punk-related) subcultures and discourses, without actually actively being a part of DIY culture. I will also discuss post-colonialism in punk. Even as people in punk are critical of dominant cultures, punk subcultures can still act as a microcosm of dominant culture (“liberal” attitudes toward issues such as racism, privilege, etc). This goes into discussing how people of color, ppl in “3rd wave feminism,” and others have continued to open up more spaces, to diversify. But yeah, something like that. I hope it turns out well. It’s something fun, and something to nerd out to.
“I hope you’re doing well, didn’t mean to type too much. Vale, as I’ve said before, I totally respect your energy and work. Take care! – Elliot F.

() I am getting the eVale newsletter, thanks! I read & re-read, loved the story about Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading his poetry at the SFAI graduation ceremony. Made me feel glad to be living here and sharing space with some amazing people… Talk to you soon — Robert”

() “Vale, Here’s my memoir of the Bunker and making “Burroughs on Bowery”, along with the Youtube link to the complete film… Best, Marc

() How-to-take-up-drawing-for-fun advice from Billy: “…Mount Fuji is a good subject to start with (check images)…0.0.VB_VRhaS3yg

“I tore out a Picasso of Francis Drake or someone from Financial Times – anything that looks appropriate (you can draw)

“Important thing is to:

“work fast
don’t think too much
never wear a beret
have an overall composition
don’t overwork it – leave it simple
Faber and Castell colored pencils for detail (they have new ones that can be watercolors)”

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