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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER JUNE 2012: Writing Advice, Of Intercourse, Shig Murao


1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: “Some Writing Advice”…
2. Counter Culture Hour Sat June 9, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below) – Mike Kuchar, guest.
3. ** RE/Search Book: “Of Intercourse and Intracourse”by monochrom from Vienna
5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing: SRL’s Mark Pauiine, etc
6. Lawrence Ferlinghetti (born March 24, 1919!) – excerpt from his SFAI speech Sat May 12, 2012
7. Recommended Links – send some!
9. Letters from Readers

1. EDITORIAL FROM V. VALE: Some Writing Advice…

People occasionally ask us for advice on “How to Write” and recently a former intern grilled us anew. Well, it’s our “job” to provide “useful content” to our readers, so here’s this month’s editorial…


1. Pick a great title that succinctly summarizes/evokes the book. Like, Stephen King’s 800-page book remaking the JFK assassination is titled 11-22-63. Or, “Catch-22.” Or, “The Heart of Darkness.” Or, “The Drowned World” or “Crash” by J.G. Ballard. Or, “Junky” or “Queer” by William S. Burroughs.

2. Write something useful, poetic, darkly humorous, or all of the above! Make sure you have something to SAY (preferably, kind of ORIGINAL) and that you say it absolutely beautifully, with panache, flair, style and passion (unless your “style” is completely dispassionate or emotionless, of course). If you give valuable “advice” or “insight” – so much the better. Hopefully, repeated readings will yield compounded insights and grist-for-thought (as “they” used to say). It also doesn’t hurt if you offer an occasional little-known scientific truth or paradox – something that a lot of people don’t already know. Or advice to live by, like, “Follow The Money…”

3. Proofread, proofread, proofread. No excuse for misspelled anything, what with Google nearby.

4. Add an index, references, footnotes if necessary, glossary, and even a quotations section. It’s more work, but adds the magical “repeatability” potential.

5. Have all your friends read your writing with a pencil or red pen and tell them to be merciless, especially with anything they can’t understand, or a passage that might be clumsily written. Sometimes the wrong words get used – fix ’em. Don’t let an un-beautiful sentence slide by and think to yourself that it’s “good enough.” Whenever you say that something’s “good enough” – you know it ISN’T!
I read a sentence this morning that stuck in my craw: “I know I can’t expect anything from anyone because the mind is the only organ which deterioration of brings pure isolation.” First of all, is this sentence LOGICAL and scientifically, empirically “valid”? Secondly, how could you REWORD this – especially the “deterioration of” section? It seems that one’s mind “deteriorates” (if indeed, it does) so slowly as to be practically unnoticeable, at least to the body hosting that mind/brain. Well, if someone truly becomes “crazy,” then yes, they probably DO alienate most of their former friends and associates (if any). Still, there MUST BE a way to avoid writing “which deterioration of brings pure isolation” and get rid of that “OF”! Maybe, “whose deterioration brings pure isolation.” Of course, I doubt that isolation is ever “pure”! So…

6. Writing demands Diligence, Perseverance and Taking Pains. If anybody gets “stuck” when writing, often the best solution is to take a quick break, walk around, get away, go out for some fresh air, and then rush back (or write down in a small notebook) when inspiration hits… And, inspiration appears at the most inconvenient times (this must be a “law”), so keep a notebook/pen in the bathroom and wherever you might need it…

7. Always re-read what you’ve written THE NEXT MORNING, before you send it off for publication!

2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat June 9, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.

This conversation was filmed at the RE/Search office in San Francisco and features MIKE KUCHAR in conversation with host, V. Vale.
Edited/filmed/produced by Marian Wallace
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat June 9, 2012 .
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, June 9, 2012
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, June 9, 2012
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, June 10, 2012
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, June 10, 2012
If you cannot get this online email us at
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write & ask us how you can do this. (write:

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. REminder: latest RE/Search book is “OF INTERCOURSE AND INTRACOURSE: Sexuality, Biomodification and the Techno-Social Sphere” by monochrom.

Here are some excerpts:
() “The technology for this is close vs. far: to be able to record your own sexual experiences and play them back later; re-experience them. And, ideally, to be able to allow someone else to plug in, however that’s going to be done, and experience the same sexual experience that you’ve experienced…
“That’s like the movie ‘Brainstorm’ from the early 1980s, starring Christopher Walken. They record everything. Death, sex. Someone’s brain gets fried because he makes an endless tape loop of a recorded orgasm. He experiences it for a couple of hours and turns into cabbage. Good film… It’s somewhere on Pirate Bay, I guess. [laughter] p.73
() “I come from Italy, and for us hacking is a ‘life attitude.’ I speak about at least the community I’m part of: the one that brings together art, hacking, and often sexuality. In the Italian background sex culture is really connected with hacking because it shows a challenge of trying to rethink sexuality in a different way that is not predictable, and it is not mainstream. It plays with boundaries and stereotypes. It is like a flow that is traveling between different identities, different ideas of using your body.
“Metaphorically, you open your body like a hacker could open a machine, in the sense that you try to experiment with what is inside, with your deeper emotions, and you create a new mental category, or get rid of categories…” p.61 – http://www.

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() We always encourage readers to go to & support the Hypnodrome, S.F.’s unique Grand Guignol/Humor Noir Revival Theatre showcase. Children ages 8-15 in particular will highly benefit from their 4 2-week summer creepshow camps ( ), which teach the arcane arts of applying fake wounds, blood, gore and zombie makeup. June 4: Creepshow Camp begins; 4 2-week sessions.

() FREE. Fri June 1, 8-10pm, Magnet, 4122 18th St/Castro St, SF. Mike Kuchar drawings!

() FREE. First Fridays Art Crawl, North Beach. June 1, 6pm “SURREALISM” Show! Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno/Grant Ave in North Beach, behind the Saloon. RE/Search plans to show artwork along with Winston Smith, Della Heywood, et al. and ALSO, Winston Smith has his OWN OPENING at Grant’s Tomb, 50A Bannam Alley (off Union, bet Grant/Stockton Sts).

() REMINDER: Worth a Trip to GERMANY: RIGHT NOW THROUGH AUG 12, 2012: a William S. Burroughs Exhibition: the name is BURROUGHS − Expanded Media [ ] Curators: Udo Breger, Axel Heil and Peter Weibel – publications will be available…

() $$ FILM: “MANSOME” – Morgan Spurlock documentary, listed here because JOHN WATERS is briefly interviewed, defending his “Little Richard” pencil moustache: “I look like a pervert.” [However], “it gets me jobs.” Film Message: There’s big money in overpriced men’s grooming products!

() FREE. Sun June 3, 7pm, Beat Museum, 540 Broadway/near Columbus, S.F.
Shig Murao Anniversary + Allen Ginsberg’s 86th Birthday – Soon after Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter Martin opened the City Lights Pocket Book Shop in 1953, they hired Shigeyoshi “Shig” Murao as their first clerk. Shig was young and charismatic, with an infectious geniality that became as integral a part of the bookstore’s culture as the paperbound volumes on its shelves.
Shig Murao was born in Seattle in 1926. In 1942, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he and his family were sent to a Japanese internment camp in Idaho. Afterward, he joined the Military Intelligence Service, and worked as a translator in postwar Japan.

Shig Murao hired your editor V. Vale at City Lights; City Lights was the address for SEARCH & DESTROY Magazine; RE/Search was the REvised Editorial Project of V. Vale, who writes this newsletter!

Self-Portrait from Shig’s Review

Although Shig was not himself a poet, he became a fixture in the North Beach Beat scene. He could frequently be found at the Caffe Trieste surrounded by his many friends, who included Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Bob Kaufman, Philip Lamantia, Richard Brautigan, Gary Snyder. Ginsberg would often stay at Shig’s apartment on Grant Ave. when visiting San Francisco. Shig collected poems, collages, flyers, photos, and various other material from his Beat colleagues, and sporadically published the material in an eclectic zine called Shig’s Review. He would make about 20-30 copies of each at the nearest photocopy shop, then walk over to the Trieste and distribute them amongst his friends. He published about 80 [?] editions of his Review.
On June 3, 1957 (coincidentally Ginsberg’s birthday), Shig was arrested for selling an ‘obscene’ book to an undercover police officer. The book was HOWL and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg, and according to Captain Hanrahan of the SFPD, was only the first in a long list of books the department had deemed objectionable. Ferlinghetti was arrested for having published the book shortly thereafter, and the trial that ensued was among the defining battles of the free speech movement.

For more background on Shig:

Please join us at the Beat Museum as we celebrate the legacy of Shig Murao, “the enigmatic soul of City Lights and the San Francisco Beat scene” on the day of his infamous arrest, and Allen Ginsberg’s birthday.

Hosted by Richard Reynolds, who worked at Mother Jones magazine for thirty-two years, mainly in the role of communications director, and retired in 2010. In addition to his work at the magazine, he is a professional French horn player and has written numerous articles on music, food, and coffee. His writing has been published in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Gourmet, Saveur,, Gastronomica, Imbibe, Fresh Cup, and other publications. He and Shig met in 1976 and remained friends until Shig’s death in 1999. Reynolds created and operates

() $ Sun-Tue June 10-12. Castro Theater, Castro St/Market St, the most beautiful movie theater on the West Coast. The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine in digital restoration!

() $5 Fri June 15, 8pm, Viracocha, 998 Valencia/21st St, SF: Specious Species #5 Release Party. Theme: Madness and Evolution: the Donner Party, Occupy SF and Oakland, Philip K. Dick, Dave King (designer of the CRASS logo), Alan Kaufman, the Residents, Mark McCloud, Alex Grey, Jaina Bee and many more. To cover expenses sliding scale of $5-$10 and featuring Jimbo Trout, Happy Idiot, Jon Longhi, Alan Kaufman, Charlie Getter, Pam Benjamin, John Shirley, etc. RE/Search may have a small table there, too. If you pay $10, you get a “free” issue of the 190-page SPECIOUS SPECIES #5, edited by our friend & former RE/Search Intern JOE DONOHOE.

() FREE. Mon June 18, 7:30pm, Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market St/6th St or Taylor St, SF. RE/Search Publications presents “Forgotten San Francisco: From Beat to Punk to Industrial in three acts” 1. Beat Icon Philip Lamantia wasn’t as famous as Allen Ginsberg or Jack Kerouac, but he did read at the world’s first “Beat” poetry reading. 2. San Francisco’s Punk Scene never became as world-famous as New York or London’s (or even Los Angeles), but the bands were world-class and San Francisco’s SEARCH & DESTROY magazine published by V. Vale has been judged the “best” of the 70s Punk publications. 3. Arguably, with the publication of RE/Search’s Industrial Culture Handbook, the world-wide industrial music scene was catalyzed, with bands, performers and groups forming all over the planet. RE/Search founder V. Vale introduces and presents video footage by filmmaker Marian Wallace, who will also be in attendance. Q&A after each section. Special live interview w/KAL SPELLETICH! []

() FREE. Wed June 27, 7pm. City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus/Broadway, S.F. CHRIS HEDGES talks about his new book: “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.”

() $ Fri June 29-July 4. Castro Theater. New 35mm restored print of Shirley Clarke’s “THE CONNECTION,” about 8 junkies “waitin’ for the man.” 1962 “beat” film evokes the heroin-addict-lifestyle – a must for all Burroughs fans who want to time-travel back to the era of post-bebop-cool-jazz… One of the stars is Garry Goodrow, who used to live on Green Street above Kearny St in North Beach, with his two children Jason and… Jackie McLean plays sax & Freddie Redd plays piano…

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() Had dinner May 6 with Jack Rabid, publisher of the best still-printed-on-paper music journal, THE BIG TAKEOVER, baseball-history expert as well as unparalleled Punk music historian. New issue #70 contains Nuggets/Patti Smith Legend Lenny Kaye article; Thomas Dolby, our pal Peter Stampfel (German filmmaker from 70s Punk Days), LOVE article, and more! order from

() SRL “News”: see LINKS [section, below] for photos of recent Mark Pauline demonstration of spine robot at ArtPadSF! With him was Leo Villareal (see and Joel Slayton of Zero One, introduced by Amy Critchett, with Karen Marcelo taking photos and Rudy and Sylvia Rucker taking notes.

() WHAT WE MISSED: May 5, 2012, 9pm: The ZEROS playing The Uptown, 1928 Telegraph Ave/20th St, Oakland, CA. Wish I could have seen ’em! May 18, 2012, Cafe Du Nord, Market/Sanchez St, S.F.: The AVENGERS to celebrate the re-release of their first “Pink” LP (haven’t seen the new release, but the original had brief liner notes by V. Vale, and No, I wasn’t Paid for writing ’em – it was for “The Cause”).

() FILMS we’ve watched (not many!):
Bunuel’s Phantom of Liberty: still shocking in its evasion of superficial logic, oblique erotism, parody of justice. Humans x lovely animals.
Sat 5/19/12 830pm ATA: Vanessa Renwick’s Charismatic Megafauna: WOLVES in America. Painfully Beautiful. Live Cello, et al. Also a documentary titled “Mighty Tacoma” and…
“Finally saw “MOULIN ROUGE”: in the category of “OVER THE TOP” – BAZ LUHRMAN followed his Obsessions like a Postmodern Joseph von Sternberg. Incredible sets, costumes, great tracking shots over the roofs of Paris, some manic-comedic moments…

() Sun May 27, 2012, 9:30pm watched the 75th Anniversary Golden Gate Bridge fireworks – the first minute was the greatest, what with the white lights swooshing toward each other and then becoming a long waterfall… liked the Rastafarian horizontal flag, the “heart,” but frankly, have been spoiled by seeing so many fireworks shows in San Francisco that… Well, the searchlights were quite fun, too… Lot of people walking on the streets of San Francisco at night…

() Our pal Leo Edelstein sent us his latest Pataphysics magazine and we hope readers will order it from Sylvere Lotringer, Terry Wilson on Brion Gysin, Jack Hirschman, Barney Rosset – need I say more?!

() One of the most beautiful books of the past five years has been Herbert Pfostl’s “TO DIE NO MORE,” printed on handmade paper — great design and aphoristic, meditative reflections which can be re-read over and over. A good book for the bathroom! Check out and order Herbert’s book from – Herbert also is selling some art work to finance his son’s trip to India, so, you may find something you really like…

() Ed Hardy, tattoo artist, has signed to do a memoir with Thomas Dunne Books. Rob Kirkpatrick bought world rights from agent Frank Weimann at the Literary Group International, and Joel Selvin will be co-writing. (Selvin coauthored Sammy Hagar’s recent autobiography, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock.)

() Besides RE/Search books (which we fervently hope our readers will order at least once every couple years), we also recommend our friends at as providers of beautiful, radical, stimulating art books.

6. Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the San Francisco Art Institute, Sat May 12, 2012 (excerpt)

At the last minute a friend notified us that Lawrence Ferlinghetti, V. Vale’s boss at City Lights Bookstsore (BTW, this was Vale’s only “straight job”) would be talking FOR FREE at the San Francisco Art Institute, a mere eight blocks from RE/Search headquarters in San Francisco’s storied North Beach neighborhood, home of the Beat Generation, part-parent to the Hippie Revolution (Janis Joplin’s first “gig” was at the Coffee Gallery, a block away), and the Mabuhay Gardens, home of San Francisco’s First-Wave 70s Punk Revolution, is also a block away from RE/Search. (Memo to self: try to avoid sentences this long, unless one is trying to emulate Thomas Bernhard!)
Nine A.M. is a bit early to be getting out of bed on a Saturday morning, but this magically happened, and by 10 AM we were in place at 800 Chestnut St to await Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s presentation. First there was an introductory encomium, and then Ferlinghetti himself walked (no cane) up three steps to the temporary stage in the SFAI outdoor courtyard (which boasts a grand wide-angle view — possibly one of San Francisco’s finest). He was being given the SFAI’s Douglas MacAgy Award…
Lawrence said, “Well, I’m honored, but I’m totally abashed by this praise upon me — it must be somebody else they’re talking about! … I’ve been hanging out around here for thirty or forty years — I just live about four blocks from here. I had a book published by New Directions, Poetry As Insurgent Art — it’s a couple years old. How about: PAINTING AS AN INSURGENT ART? [cheers] Maybe some of you will become Insurgent Painters!” [cheers] Lawrence recommended Francisco Goya as a role model “who was a dissident and radical in his time, in Spain. And the first poem in CONEY ISLAND OF THE MIND is about Goya. I just happen to have a copy with me…” [laughter].
Lawrence read the poem — he is an excellent reader of his own work, by turns dramatic, wistful, resonant, plaintive and poignant. [reads poem which we will not reproduce here; probably every single person receiving this newsletter owns CONEY ISLAND OF THE MIND…, so find it and read it yourself). He challenged painters in the audience (this was a graduation, after all) to see if they could match Goya’s “Disasters of War” some day…
Showing how up-to-the-minute he was, Lawrence read a new poem that was published in THE NATION a couple months ago: “The First and the Last of Everything.” This epic poem encompassing life on America’s earth from its very beginnings up to the “first President to Become an International Criminal for Crimes Against Humanity, Making America a Terrorist State.” … to “the first Fine Day of the Wall Street Occupation to Set Forth on This Continent a New Nation.” [end, to thunderous applause] Lawrence walked by himself off the stage, dressed in a kind of baseball cap (or was it a cadet cap?), what looked from a distance as a navy blazer and khaki trousers.
We felt we had witnessed some kind of “in-the-future-this-will-be-legendary” event. Sometimes in life, you do get lucky…

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() Sent by Karen Marcelo: SRL at ArtPadSF Sat May 19, at Phoenix Hotel, Larkin/Eddy St, SF: Rudy Rucker’s article:
Urban canvas panel: zero1

() from David C: “Hallelujah” version by 3 Norwegian boys:

() from Billy H: “language lesson a la mode”:

() from James M:
– Very funny lyrics to this veiled reference!
– Tongolele 1949: ttp://

() – videos of protest against banks

() from Winston Smith: “Check out this interview that Vice Magazine did with me (It’s my big shot at Show Business!)”

() from VyVy: John Waters HITCHHIKING?!
NYTimes says YES, John Waters hitchhiked from Baltimore to San Francisco to get material for a new book!

() from Chris T: Robert Moog, on his birthday:

() from Sylvia T.: Movies filmed in San Francisco,_California

() Golden Gate Bridge Fireworks:

() sent by Steven Gray: Remember 9-11?
– photos of the May Day protest in downtown San Francisco by Steven Gray:
– JET SHOCK AND CULTURE LAG – new book of poems by Steven Gray:

() from GX Jupitter-Larsen: Please “like”

() from Graham Rae: “Compare and contrast these two stories, from 1914 and May 2012. Substitute the word ‘Germans’ for ‘terrorists’ and have fun trying to pick the two apart. Ponder how little things change, and how very, very shamelessly scary and evil and dumb and fascistic and hateful America is getting. –

8. QUOTES chosen by, or authored by, V. Vale [@ValeRESearch = twitter account]

() “When I’m conversing with someone, I don’t want music around. If I want to listen to music, I listen HARD, preferably w/headphones – no talk!”

() “Our Bodies were Not Designed to Stare at a Screen All Day. Our Bodies Were Designed to MOVE – A Lot More… ‘Enuf Said!”

() “Semi-belonging to an Outsider Group: YOU Carry Your Outsider Outlook Everywhere You Go & Everything Looks Different cuz YOU’RE DIFFERENT!”

() “Truly discerning aesthetes can look at a building & instantly identify the historical elements, ornaments, & anomalies (if any). KNOW & SEE.”

() “Art is everywhere… art happens when we least expect it & don’t know it did until later… art & life are interchangeable… too much art, not enough time!… no matter how long we live, we will never know enough about what art is, what it was, what it can be…

() “WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: “Anyone who owns a frying pan owns death.” Herein is an Entire Theory of Improvised Weaponry, or Black Humor, or Both!” (Still like Burroughs’s idea of the Shotgun Pistol, and the glove gun…)

() “RECOMMEND a living ALOE VERA plant where you live/work. A little slice, criss-crossed, can heal a skin wound faster than corporate products!”

() “Half the Secret of “$uckce$$” is having an Instantly Memorizable NAME: Lady Gaga. Osama bin Laden. Yoko Ono. Peaches Christ. Dan D. Lion…”

() “Who are the Greatest **LIVING** Filmmakers? Chris Marker. Emir Kusturica for “Underground.” Terry Gilliam for “Brazil.” Nelly Kaplan for “A Very Curious Girl.” The rest: Davids Lynch&Cronenberg. Dario Argento. Werner Herzog. Jean-Luc Godard. Francis Ford Coppola. Wim Wenders?


() “We did some business several years ago, as I was discovering J.G. Ballard (having realized that my favourite film at the time – Cronenberg’s CRASH” – was based on his work. Around midnight, on the 16th to 17th of April 2012, I lost more or less every…” (darn, we wish we could read the rest of this sentence). – Janni H. from Sweden

() from Brian N: “Vale, [Your newsletter is the] Best damn thing I have read in a long time!! P.S. I had to stop going to the free book exchange because I started running out of room in the apartment.” (talking about V Vale editorial in May 2012 newsletter on “The New God is the iPhone…”

() “Parla Vale! Long time, eh? Glacing through your site, found out that I have not yet purchased “Pranks 2” (http://www. A “must have” & “must read”, no doubt. I’ve been reading and re-reading the first one ever since I got it in the mid-80s; absolutely brilliant! When possible, drop me a quote for the book and shipping to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Will pay via Paypal – just drop me the e-mail do be used (would it be: Oh, and if possible, do sign it for me. Be an honor! all the best, Sergio, Rio.”

() “My boss says you are a legend! Blue Cheer!” – Samantha M.

() Matt Gonzalez, collage artist & one of our favorite San Francisco Notables, asks us to vote June1 for his brother’s band COO COO BIRDS – ROUGH CUT OF NEW VIDEO: MORE LIVE VIDEO:

() () We read in one night Jim Hayes latest zine, “Girl Talk Is a Scorpio,” available from POB 1459, Marietta, GA 30061. ( He wrote us a handwritten letter: “I fell in love with Walt Whitman last year and it’s made me reinvestigte and re-read ALL of Allen Ginsberg – in a flash the other day I remembered he gave you some $ to help and it made me realize that he was THAT great. It made me want to be more of a Poet – remember that Whitman insisted that the poet engage in discourse – so finally, after a year, here’s my latest – I hope you enjoy it!” Jim, we enjoyed it, liked it, and appreciated anew your spontaneous prose style and the frequent use of dashes – which I also employ…

() “It was good to see you at Paule Anglim’s gallery (for the Bruce Conner Punk Photo Show) and to have you give me RE/Search Real Conversations No. 1 (w/Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins and Billy Childish). Nice format, and feels good in the hand. Also, an interesting collection of interviewees for numero uno. Jello Biafra looks sweet on the cover…Grahhrs and gracias” — Michael McClure

10. **SPONSORS** (Without them you would NOT be receiving this newsletter – Please go to their websites!)
1. 47 Canal Street (Gallery w/events, NYC) – 47Canal
2. Emerald Tablet (Gallery w/events), Fresno Alley (100 feet from RE/Search! in North Beach).
3. Bob Koenig Music – Musician/Record Label,
4. Mrs Dalloway (Catering, Bay Area): Holly Erickson’s catering/foodblog/cookbook and
5. Our pal Dave S. gave us an anonymous gift of magnanimous magnitude! Thank You, Dave.
6. Contribute to (& Order copies of!) “OUT OF OUR” – Steven Gray & Sarah Page’s San Francisco Poetry Magazine:

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