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(Alert readers may notice this April newsletter encompasses March. Why? There was no March 2011 newsletter, due to a 3-week cold virus impacting our office…)
2. Counter Culture Hour with Robert Nelson, Sat April 9 – 6PM Pacific time – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below)
3. ** RE/Search now available as eBooks! For starters: “Confessions of Wanda Von Sacher-Masoch” now available on Kindle, along with a companion reading of “Venus in Furs.”
5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing
6.  Guest Reviews by Andy Lambert on Dorkbot. Stephane von Stephane’s film-review.
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9. Letters from Readers
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1.  MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: Earlier we advocated, “Give Pfc Bradley Manning The Nobel Prize!”As our specialty is TRULY ALTERNATIVE HISTORY & CREATIVITY, just for fun we will now advocate that WikiLeaks, probably all along, has been THE MOST IMPORTANT **ART PROJECT** OF OUR TIMES (late 2010-2011).
So: Why is WikiLeaks an ART PROJECT? 10 Reasons…
1. The INTERNET is the most important NEW ART TERRITORIALITY encompassing the dimensions of TIME and IMMEDIATE REFLEXIVITY, whose aesthetics & technologies are slowly being deduced, deconstructed, reconstructed and recombined…
2. Art Makes You Think, Redefine, Recategorize, Reassess, Recontextualize, & Reevaluate. Art Changes the Way You Look at the World. Art Changes the Way you Draw Boundaries, the way you Frame “Reality.” So does WikiLeaks.
3.  What WikiLeaks has exposed makes one REthink the entire media/communications landscape, and illuminates the tropes of the backroom secrecy that has dominated politics since the world began.
4. Art questions power dynamics, power relationships, and exposes hidden agendas and imperatives while adding emotional/aesthetic backgrounding. Gericault’s painting of “The Raft of the Medusa” illuminated and immortalized a scandalous cover-up of the time; WikiLeaks exposes manifold cover-ups of our time which go viral.
5. WikiLeaks represents a populist, bottom-up, information-sharing technology revolution reflecting the Do-It-Yourself, Anyone-Can-Do-It Punk Principle. Punk Rock was the social-critical art movement of its time, and WikiLeaks is continuing that imperative…
6. Art predicts, foreshadows and adumbrates future social change, and so, hopefully, does WikiLeaks.
7. Duchamp stated that “The Spectator completes the Work of Art.” Numerous spectator/contributors continuously are completing the ongoing Art Project that is WikiLeaks…
8. New technologies make New Art possible. If the Internet is today’s most futuristic art medium, then WikiLeaks embodies the cutting edge of art criticism and theory, but from an Empiricist rather than neo-Platonic orientation…
9. WikiLeaks embodies a crazy-quilt, non-centrist, satirical-sardonic public facade, just as 21st-Century Art is characterized by continuous border-crossings and new hybrid-forms embodying dark humor and philosophical skepticism…
10. The purpose of Art is to Inspire, Enliven, Enlighten and Expand Aesthetics. That’s exactly what WikiLeaks does by the sheer, perplexing beauty of its Anti-Authority, Anti-Totalitarian Information Revolution-Which-Anyone-Can-Contribute-To…

Topic 2: “TOO BIG **NOT** TO FAIL: Blockbuster, Borders, & Soon Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Big Banks, Stock Markets, GM, etc… Personally, we have a hatred for the Borders Book chain because every time we walked into a Borders bookstore and asked what RE/Search books they stocked, the answer was (upon checking their computer), “None.” Same for Barnes & Noble. And we never forgot the time we were late in returning a Blockbuster VHS rental and (since we had never read the fine print) had to pay a fine of $50 which had already been automatically deducted from our credit card. Needless to say, we cancelled our Blockbuster account and never went there again.
Our Wells Fargo Bank recently wrecked our credit rating by allowing someone to “walk into a branch store and deduct $174,000 from our checking account,” thus causing (5) checks to bounce. Like, how many people or small businesses like ours maintain $175,000 in their checking account?! The only explanation ultimately given was, “It was a back office error.” WHAT?! Like, doesn’t a red flag go up whenever ANYONE deducts $174,000 from ANY checking account?! We’re looking for another, smaller bank. But, having said that, we must say that there has ALWAYS been a Wells Fargo teller we completely liked, and now is no exception — better not mention him by name; he might suffer…
As for Financial Markets, they’re ALL Bernie Madoff in disguise! And the Stock Market is no better than Las Vegas, in our book. While we’ve read that Apple is about to become the highest valued stock surpassing oil companies like Exxon/Mobil, we fear for the life expectancy of Steve Jobs, possibly the most valuable human alive on Planet Earth right now. Apple has created the most value for the future of any company we know of, because of Steve Jobs’ vision — of course, we’re guessing that he surrounds himself with top quality visionaries, too… And personally, what I would love to own is the latest 11″  Apple Airbook — if anyone wants to give RE/Search a 34th birthday present, don’t hesitate to give us one now! Why? Because this seems like the ultimate writer’s tool, and we’ve got an autobiography to write, and more interview books. (I’d like to be able to write in bed, and this laptop is noiseless and heat-free!)..
As gas relentlessly escalates in price (this time, there will be No Turning Back), we will see people whose lives depend on cheap oil – devolving, degenerating, disillusioning themselves, de-home-ownershipping from houses in the suburbs, selling everything on eBay or putting it out on the sidewalk, and turning into the actors we saw on “Night of the Living Dead.”
Meanwhile, the richest get richer and pay no taxes! As Burroughs said, the old wily power-and-control addicts live by the principle of “Whatever you’re forced to give, snatch it back as quickly as you can…” Why do you think rich people don’t pay taxes? (Well, they did once, and learned their lesson, and succeeded in changing the laws in their favor.) How did the laws get this way? Always thought it was peculiar that the Ten Commandments didn’t include, “Thou Shalt Not Lie/Deceive/Con/Swindle/Bamboozle…” This major loophole has brought us to the coming Financial Armageddon we’re facing right now…
So if you’re not too depressed by reading this, why not cheer up and buy a RE/Search book — after all, every book strives to be chockfull of dark humor and unconventional inspiration! Humor will see you through times of adversity better than gloom and pessimism. And we promise we will strive to be hopeful, up to the bitter end. As DEVO put it in their “Duty Now For The Future” project, “It’s a wonderful world we live in…”

2. Counter Culture Hour –  Sat April 9, 2011 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.

This conversation was filmed (spontaneously, without prior planning) at the RE/Search office in San Francisco and features Robert Nelson, pioneering “underground” San Francisco filmmaker, born 1930. Obviously, we won’t have a thousand more opportunities to video Robert Nelson, so we decided to make the most of what we got. Not exactly analogous to the Zapruder film, but there are definitely times when CONTENT trumps FORM. And this is one of them!
Edited/filmed/produced by Marian Wallace;  interviews & piano improvs [the “easy” part] by V. Vale.
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat  April 9, 2011
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, April 9, 2011
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, April 9, 2011
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, April 10, 2011
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, April 10, 2011
If you cannot get this online (we have heard some complaints about this, although it seems to have been working for us of late), please note we are currently working on a business plan to make episodes more available; please stay tuned.
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write and ask us how you can do this. (write:

NOTE: Last month we aired an episode on Meri St Mary, which went on “unannounced” due to the eNews not going out! Meri St Mary has a new album out on Subterranean Records with Housecoat Project. We will air *more* of her interview at a later date, along with parts of her record release show, which took place at Lennon Studios, and was shown nearly completely last month! Please write in if you saw (or missed) this episode!

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. RE/Search books are now available on Kindle! Our “Confessions of Wanda Von Sacher-Masoch” is now available along with a companion eBook of “Venus in Furs.”  “Wanda” is the gripping narrative written by a late 19th-century proto-feminist coping with the perverse demands of the father of her 2 children — the father being the writer who published in book form the behavioral archetype of SM (the masochist enslaved to his dominatrix). “Venus in Furs” is the novel, written from the husband’s standpoint, of his literary invention of the “classic” scenarios deployed in the Master-Slave relationship, complete with leather-fur fetishes, whips & all the accoutrements readily available in certain shops in the Castro/SOMA neighborhoods. These 2 books are still outside the mainstream, and posit many “consensual/power/relationship/hierarchy issues” still relevant today. A feminist classic, Wanda’s version of her life had to wait almost 100 years until RE/Search published it for the first time in English.

Support the digitization of RE/Search Publications and make your new Kindle even cooler! Get these fascinating books at

More Coming Up
We’re partnered with [aerbook] in San Francisco ( ). They design and build enhanced eBooks for all the major eReaders, including readers on the iPhone and iPad. Look for more of our classic books in eBook form coming soon, as well as some all-new RE/Search publications that we think you’ll like. And get in touch ( if you’d like to help out on the project.

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() We always encourage readers to go to & support the Hypnodrome, S.F.’s unique Grand Guignol Revival Theatre showcase. Children ages 8-15 in particular will highly benefit from their summer camps, which teach the arcane arts of applying fake wounds, blood, gore and zombie makeup. On April 22 The Thrillpeddlers’ newest play, Vice Palace, premieres – it’s the last Cockettes musical; enuff said!

() April 6-9 Fantomas: a 4-Day Celebration was envisioned and accomplished by Peter Maravelis (and friends) of City Lights Bookstore. For a full schedule go to

() FREE. Sat-Sun April 9-10, 11-5pm. RE/Search will have a table – come visit us – at the yearly Anarchist Book Fair, 9th Ave & Lincoln Way just inside Golden Gate Park. SAT 3:30PM V. Vale will present PENELOPE ROSEMONT, co-founder of the Chicago Surrealist Group, publishers of ARSENAL & many books which influenced the publishing of Search & Destroy and RE/SEARCH! Penelope will sign books after her presentation. The Future is already here, at this single event…

() $ Sat April 9, 7:30pm The Independent, 628 Divisadero St, SF. Black Flag vocalist, songwriter, writer, poet, journalist, TV & Radio Talk Show Host and World Traveler HENRY ROLLINS gifts us with a Spoken Word InspiraMarathon in person! He will autograph his latest books, too. And, it’s his 50th birthday party, sort of! (The Independent has perhaps the “best” P.A. we’ve experienced lately, especially beneficial for crystal-clear vocals, which for a Spoken Word show is an ultimate enhancement.) RE/Search plans to attend!

() FREE. Sun April 10, 2-6pm. ART SHOW from Chris & Artemisia Farris at The Space Between Gallery & Museum of Neighborhood Archaeology, #1 Columbus Ave/Washington St, North Beach, S.F.

() $ Fri April 15: The legendary David Thomas of Pere Ubu will appear in a private “Living Room” Concert, in Oakland on April 15, 2011. Because this is a private event (strictly limited to 40 audience members) there will will be no advertisements or listings in commercial media. If you would like to learn how to obtain an invitation please contact Dan Carbone at for details. This is TRULY UNDERGROUND!!

() $5 Wed April 20, 8pm  (music done by 10:30pm): George Chen hosts “a mix of talk show, comedy & music performance featuring Chris Thayer, Jason Shiga, Tastyville, Spaceburn. ATA, 992 Valencia/21st St, SF. RE/SEARCH will have a small table there; come meet us!

() FREE. Thur April 21, 6-8pm: La Mamelle/Art Com History/Art/Video Exhibition Opening! at CCA Wattis Institute, 1111 8th St (near 15th / 16th Sts), S.F.

() FREE. Sat April 23, 10-6pm EARTH DAY, Civic Center Plaza, Larkin/McAllister, S.F.

() $. Wed, April 27, SLIM’s, 333 11th St, S.F. CRASS’s STEVE IGNORANT presents a program of classic Crass songs ’77-’82, The Last Supper, with new musicians – but with the blessing of founding members Penny Rimbaud & Gee Vaucher. Rare, one-time-only opportunity! RE/Search plans to attend!

() Soon! Lars von Trier’s apocalyptic film “Melancolia”…

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() RE/Search attended Fri April 1, 111 Minna St, SF: Ron&Colin Turner’s Last Gasp 41st Anniversary Party! Great Art on the Walls by Winston Smith, Paul Mavrides, et al. Sadly, we missed the Bishop Joey-organized St Stupid’s Day Parade & Art Party afterward.

() RE/Search attended the fabulous DEVO Show at the Warfield Fri March 18, 2011 — again, it’s hard to believe it has already been 34 years since we first saw DEVO at the Mabuhay Gardens, birthplace of Punk Rock in San Francisco – that was 1977. We took Mark Pauline (& wife Amy Critchett), Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) founder, backstage. MarkP remembers having breakfast with DEVO bassist/composer Gerald V. Casale back in the day… We had our first substantial mini-conversation with DEVO’s drummer, Josh Freese — certainly one of the BEST live drummers we’ve ever seen, with an elegant economy of style — imagine Oscar Wilde playing rock drums… The afterparty hosted by synth musician/composer Kurt Stenzel took place across the street at Gray Area Art Gallery, 55 Taylor     Street… DEVO’S NEW ALBUM, SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY, boasts songs so good most people think they’re classics from the past: e.g., “Fresh,” “What We Do,” “Mind Games,” with some instant-favorite new videos directed by G.V. Casale. An excellent review is at!5564595/devo-return-with-a-new-album-as-cheerfully-dystopian-as-their-80s-work

() RE/Search attended (2) Free University Classes at Viracocha, Valencia/21st St: 3/27 2pm Winston Smith (V. Vale played the Straight Man), and 4/3 2pm Street Artist Jon-Paul. Events curated by Chuck Sperry; Ron Donovan attended.

() Johannes Grenzfurthner, monochrom founding member from Vienna, Austria, had dinner with RE/Search and Winston Smith April 3, before showing his latest film production at Chicken John’s art-studio Monday April 4.

() DARN. It’s past 1 AM already. No way can I review all the fabulous books which legendary San Francisco independent publisher Last Gasp sent me. PROMISE to review them for the May Newsletter – V. Vale

6.  GUEST REVIEWS –  Andy Lambert: My first San Francisco DorkBot [curated by SRL’s Karen Marcelo] experience took place Wed March 30, 2011 at the Palace of Fine Arts’ Exploratorium, and I can’t think of a more fitting venue. The vague notion I had of what DorkBot was all about—a symposium for excited techies to showcase their latest creations—evoked images of a playground for adults, which is precisely what the Exploratorium seemed to provide at first entrance. The workshop, especially, catered to this playground theme, with wires spaghettied out of bits of circuitry and little motors whirring away.

As the event got underway, the audience was invited to discard the food and drink bans plastered to the doors of the little auditorium, and to indulge in grilled cheese sandwiches and whatever alcohol had been smuggled in. This nonchalance on behalf of our curator set the tone for the remainder of the evening, and all that followed inspired a childlike wonderment that further instilled the notion that adults could still play. To play and still be taken seriously–how refreshing!

A few of the Exploratorium’s own were first to take the stage, where they proceeded to explain some recent and future exhibits. The most exciting of these was a project that used sensors similar to those found in modern cell phones to measure the degree of zero gravity and inertia experienced by skateboarders. Next, an Art Institute instructor provided an informed, beautifully-illustrated lecture on the development of film animation and computer art, and its proported ability to synthesize all former mediums, with a subsequent screening of the speaker’s short films. By far the highlight of the evening, however, was a West Oakland artists’ collective presenting a high-voltage sculpture embodying their conception of a 50s rocketship engine. After an engrossing talk describing a fantastic charade at last year’s Burning Man festival, the group fired up the device, with its brilliant electrical arcs, to an enthralled crowd, for its final public performance.

DorkBot strikes me as the sort of event that varies wildly in content and concept from month to month, but if my initial encounter is any indication, it’s something not to be missed. It was good to feel amazed, and not frightened, by the rapid progress of technology. [end]
‘The Kids Are Alright’ film review/ Stephane Von Stephane
It was 5 years in the making for Lesbian writer/director Lisa Cholodenko’s film ‘The Kids Are Alright’, only 23 days of which went to shooting – and it shows. Mind you, she says she also shut everything down for (I’m guessing) at least 9 months to have a baby with her pop star partner Wendy Melvoin (of Prince’s Revolution-period band). The co-writer of the film Stuart Blumberg (who we rarely hear about, why not?) was a sperm-donor when he was in college, so the Donor-dad (Mark Ruffalo’s character) perspective was his contribution.
It’s a small, sketched outline of a film, that in my opinion should have stayed in Indie film-houses, but instead got picked up by mainstream Hollywood, promoted heavily and nominated for 3 Academy Awards; Best Picture, Best actress (Annette Benning, the bread-winner, butch-ier, & bitch-ier of the Lezzie couple), and Best Screenplay written directly for the screen. It wasn’t ‘awarded’ any Oscars. I’m glad it wasn’t. It wasn’t a very good film. But it wasn’t awful either.
It was couched as a film about a modern alternative family – two mommies, each who’d given birth to a child using sperm from the same anonymous donor. The femme-ier mom of the couple (Julianne Moore) is slightly ditzy & slightly needy, feeling under-appreciated and of course ultimately MUST act out her issues by sleeping with donor-dad. Mia Wasikowska who plays 18-year-old daughter Joni was great in her part (also in Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’); Josh Hutcherson, (from ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’) was very good as the 15 year old brother – not old enough to legally request info on his donor-dad, but naturally curious. He convinces older sis to do so without letting ‘the moms’ know. She initially doesn’t want to but then agrees.
‘Dad’ turns out to be a handsome motor-cycle ridin’, restaraunt & organic garden ownin’, swingin’ typical commitment-phobe dude. He hires needy femme who has just started her own landscaping biz to be ‘creative’ in his garden. The attraction between them feels real enough, the sex is somewhat mechanical and played almost comically. This is probably why I didn’t hate the film as much as I thought I would.
They could have gone for hot n’ steamy sex between the donor dad & ditzy femme, but perhaps this was where the director’s actual lesbian-ness kicked in & the thought that this could happen in her own relationship maybe occured to her…just my own theory, here.
Everyone in the film has issues, is imperfect and flawed, as are all us humans. Ms. Cholodenko thinks her film is ‘political’ in the sense that it shows human beings as flawed. (er…don’t most films do that these days?)
Ms. Cholodenko: “I wanted to make a film that was not sentimental, sanctimonious or apologetic; so did Annette and Julianne. So that’s what we did. It is a political film, in the sense that it’s saying: this marriage is as messy and flawed and complicated as any other marriage. I couldn’t have done that anywhere other than in the independent sector.” – jul 3 2010.
Yes, except you gave it to Hollywood who always wants to attract as much of the coveted target market of young males as is possible: Ms. C: “I was much more interested in reaching out to the male population than I was concerned about alienating a sector of the lesbian population.” -sf bay guardian mar 6 2011. I hate to break it to her, but the male population constantly gets reached out to by Hollywood and every other media machine there is. And much of what reaches them as far as ‘lesbian’ imagery is concerned has been for forever now pornography where the ‘gay for pay’ women are ever so eager to ditch each other as soon as a dude enters the scene. This is etched so deeply in the consciousness of nearly every male in the western world who has ever watched porn (which is most of them) that they must feel that lesbian couples are not even that ‘real’.
Ms. C: “I think the only static that I’ve gotten in the outer world has been from that right wing of the old lesbian contingent that got pissed at me for having Jules sleep with Paul,” she said. “That’s OK — there’s room for everyone.” – AfterEllen nov.16 2010.
Jeepers, Ms. Cholodenko is pushing 50 now – she’s part of ‘the old lesbian contingent’ and shouldn’t have been at all surprised to find that we think the ‘male population’ doesn’t really need one more example of why they should feel entitled to mess with the Lezzie couples out there. My feeling is that there are so few examples of lesbians in cinema AT ALL, that when someone of her stature gains access to a fabulous cast (Julianne Moore had signed on from the beginning after loving ‘High Art’, another of Cholodenkos films) that that person could have & should have made a film geared toward her base audience. Does that make me a ‘right wing’ lesbian? But Ms. Cholodenko lives in a world where cause and effect just aren’t that important: from an interview in jul 8 2010:
‘While we were talking Oscar, we spoke briefly about Kathryn Bigelow being the first woman to win the Oscar for Best Director this past March. “I though it was cool,” Cholodenko said, though she admitted that she hadn’t given the topic much mind. “I’m sober about where things are and how quickly or not quickly things move along. I was appreciative that someone pushed over that domino. And I thought it was deserving. But, you know, things move along at their own weird pace.”
Actually, things can be moved along rather quickly with the right efforts! The fact that it took this many years for a woman to be named Best Director is very big news, it is in no way a tiny accomplishment. Dominos don’t just fall over by themselves. Ms. Cholodenko also mentions that Annette and Julianne were so good that she barely had to direct them, and that shows too. She kind of seems to have let them go on whatever tangent they felt.
The entire film suffers from not knowing if it wants to be comedic or serious, and ends up a tiny bit of both and not enough of either. Perhaps a bit more sentimentality would have helped the film. None of the adult characters are that likable. I would have liked to see more of the ‘kids’ being ‘alright’ & how about some back-story on the lezzie couple, so we could see that their entire sex-life didn’t revolve around watching gay male porn?! But back-story would have required more than the 4.5 million it took to make this film, I’m guessing.
Had this film been about a straight couple who’s kids invite the donor-dad into the family’s life and he ends up sleeping with the straight mom, would that have been at all interesting? No. The only thing marketable about this film was the hyped titillation of the Playboy fantasy come true!
Some people I’ve talked to felt that Paul, the donor-dad gets too cruel a punishment in the end. Jules ends things between them abruptly after her lover Nic finds out about the affair, and blurts out “I’m GAY!” as an explanation. Um, confusing, much? The idea of ‘sexual fluidity’ has been mentioned by the director also, but this is just ONE MORE  film about a person who cheats on their lover. It’s not about consensual polyamory.
Ruffalo’s character is an irresponsible arse-h*le. Naturally he’d like to join the ready-made ‘family’ after the difficult ‘parenting’ part is over and he just assumes that Jules wants that too. I think he’s deserving of punishment (for being an ‘interloper’) as Nic (Annette Benning’s character) so aptly puts it – in fact I would have liked to see her kick his behind and even more vehemently insist on his disappearance from their lives. I found his ‘punishment’ to be a too-little too-late tacked on apology to the Director’s base audience (actual lesbians). ~Stephane Von Stephane

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() from Courtney to Kyle (“Jeff Koons Must Die” video game):

() NEW: 13-plusHours of Sun Ra Box Set, DVD, more! For info write:

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() from Ed H: “Great video of a Spontaneous Victory Parade in Honolulu in 1945.
Check out the color fidelity. Nothing will ever compare with Kodachrome film.”

() from Mako S: Keith Richards/Godard:   /

8. QUOTES chosen by, or authored by, V. Vale

() “There is No Authority but Yourself.” – Penny Rimbaud quoted on the back of his best masterpiece, “The Last of the Hippies,”

() “When the body’s constrained, so is the spirit.” – Ryu Murakami, “In The Miso Soup”

() “Abuse is viral. Violence is viral. Damage is viral. Hurt is viral.”

() “Do not steal from your host. Upon penalty of death.” (Who said this?!)

() “If you speak out against authority, you’d better be funny, or you’ll probably get killed.” (Who said this? Lenny Bruce?)

() “Better to prevent illness than to cure it…” (Who said this?)

() “DJs (and their audiences) are already passe. They just don’t know it yet.”

() “The Internet: more information means more delusions.” (Whose idea is this?)

() “The more complex something becomes, the more fragile it becomes…”

() “Projects keep you young…”

() “Separated at birth: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Courtney Love.” (sent by a reader with a “weird” sense of humor. Hey, “Plastic Surgery Disasters” was the name of an early Dead Kennedys album…)

() “EVERYTHING you do and say has CONSEQUENCES…”

() “You can’t FORCE friendship, or love…”

() “Our job now is to SLOW DOWN TIME…”


() “To our Patient Readers Who Have Made It This Far, A tiny Notice: Two of our favorite books, RE/Search #8/9: JG Ballard & RE/Search #14: Incredibly Strange Music Vol One, are down to our last handful of copies. In today’s non-print-publishing eWorld, it is doubtful they can ever be reprinted (although one can always HOPE!). If you want a Brand New Copy, best get one now! And, I’ll autograph it… – V. Vale

() from Karen B: “Do not dial 90# for anyone !!!!!

() from Joey Skaggs:  “Announcement for BBC Radio broadcast on April 1 called “The Artiness of Naughtiness”

() from Ian W: “Vale, I saw Mike Dingle’s The Thursday Band last night. Steve MacKay wasn’t feeling well and so bowed out early. I did, however, buy some more copies of his CDs. I picked up one for you and wanted it autographed to you but Steve wasn’t feeling well enough. I gave it to Mike Dingle, who said he would have it autographed by Steve later. Did you ever publish your review of Steve’s CD? When I bought the copies of his last CD, he gave me two copies of another one called “U.S.S. Machine Gun,” by the Portugese American Club, featuring members of The Stooges, Ovo, Barbez, Soopa and the Radon Collective. If you want, you can have the extra…” THANKS FOR THE STEVE MACKAY CD, IAN!

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