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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER FEB 2011: Give Bradley Manning the Nobel Prize!


1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: “Give Pfc Bradley Manning a Nobel Prize!”and “SAVE KUSF!”- what YOU can do to help! and HURRY!
2. Counter Culture Hour with Linda Montano, Sat Feb 12 – 6PM Pacific time – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below)
3. ** RE/Search now available as eBooks! For starters: “Confessions of Wanda Von Sacher-Masoch” now available on Kindle, along with a companion reading of “Venus in Furs.”
5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing
6.  Guest Reviews – NOT! (Look at it as “Meditation Space”)
7. Recommended Links – send some!
9. Letters from Readers
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1.  MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: “Give Pfc Bradley Manning The Nobel Prize!”

“If a tree falls & no one hears it, does it make a sound?” … “All that is necessary for Evil to Triumph is for Good Men to Do Nothing.”America needs heroes, and Pfc Bradley Manning is the Archetypal True Hero of the 21st Century! Politicians speaking against Bradley Manning thus reveal their true colors: Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Truth, Fascist, & Soviet-Totalitarian, allied with the Forces of Darkness (those who hate light, truth & freedom).
So, taking the long perspective, the most important priority for patriotic American freedom-lovers is to organize to defend this 21-year-old Marine currently confined in Quantico military prison without bedsheets, wearing only underwear (suicide watch?). Pfc Bradley Manning is currently facing 52 years in jail! He needs $$ for an augmented legal defense. Don’t let Pfc Bradley Manning become the Joan of Arc of Internet Truth-Transparency & Freedom! Support  Bradley Manning, the anti-secrecy, anti-illegality website WikiLeaks, and Anonymous, the alliance of self-directed independents working against the Control Addicts/Politicians who would take us back to an Informational Dark Ages BEFORE the Internet (which is only 21 years old).
The legal defense team for Julian Assange have posted on their website some eye-opening documents & witness statements (Google: “Finers Stephens Innocent Assange”) and VIEW FOR YOURSELF some amazing & terrifying documents, firsthand. Don’t let “journalists” form your thoughts; remember what CRASS founder Gee Vaucher said, “There’s No Authority But Yourself.” Whoever thought that Nixon-type/C.I.A.-involved “dirty tricks” are consigned to the past?! Make no mistake, the most important issue of this decade (our very future probably hinges upon it)  is WIKILEAKS and the persecution of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. Someone said that “WE ARE ALL Bradley Manning and Julian Assange…”
Isn’t it rather “suspicious” that the anti-WikiLeaks U.S. politicians are still trying to find legal grounds to prosecute the Australian Julian Assange? They’ve spent millions of our taxpayer dollars on this dubious goal and are still flailing around, like sharks in the dark . . . Don’t you find it “suspicious” that Bank of America, Visa/Mastercard, other banks, and PayPal have all caved in to certain politicians’ demands that no contributors’ funds reach WikiLeaks bank accounts? (Funds can still be sent to Germany, but not “conveniently.”)
So again, we reiterate: “Give Pfc Bradley Manning The Nobel Prize!” Who else has done so much for freedom of information and truth, in our time? Artists: make beautiful oil paintings & photographs & statues of Bradley Manning — immortalize him in ART. Write poems & make films about him. Organize protests; form support groups. Give him the hero’s acclaim he deserves.

Remember the so-called “U.S. security firm, HBGary” that claimed to have identified the “key leaders” of “Anonymous,” thus trying to con megabucks out of the FBI, etc? Well, “Anonymous” hacked into CEO Aaron Barr’s Twitter account, distributing thousands of his emails, financial documents, data drives, and allegedly wiped out his iPad, etc! See and other websites. According to the Guardian, the group posted on HBGary’s front page, “”You’re nothing… You have little to no security knowledge. Your business thrives off charging ridiculous prices for simple things like NMAPs, and you don’t deserve praise or even recognition as security experts.”

Read more:

[ }
[“interesting” link here: ] Especially liked a feedback letter: “SO… from the mouth of the president of HBGary… ALL of HBGary was compromised through a simple hole in a web server. In combination with the exploitation of Mr. Barr’s system, these guys have EVERYTHING. So much for HBGary’s “ground breaking security solution”, apparently they can’t secure their own systems and I am supposed to drop a cool million plus on their garbage? Seriously, we actually vet our vendors and these jokers just moved, not to the bottom of the list, but completely off the list. Really, not securing your own assets is up to you, but your financial, customer data, customer financial info and YOUR SOURCE CODE???? why would anyone purchase a product that is days away from compromise itself? Good luck with the fire sale.” Scum of the earth like Aaron Barr (remind you of Aaron Burr?) deserve to swirl down the drain into the sewer where they all belong!

1A. SAVE KUSF! Unbelievable that this 40-year-old Cultural Nexus/ Disseminator/ Lighthouse/ Radio Broadcaster of Bay Area Leading-Edge Creativity is about to be extinguished! For some profit motive?! As our friend Ethan Port put it (of Savage Republic): “The broadcasting frequency for San Francisco community radio station KUSF was sold in a secret deal. The FCC is accepting comments/complaints. Please help keep this vital music and cultural landmark viable. KUSF have always been huge supporters of our projects and we hope this is not a sign of the “de-regulated” times…”
Things YOU NEED TO DO NOW to save KUSF whether you live here or not. The next 16 days are crucial.
1. Sign the petition to Save KUSF.
2. Send an email to the trustees of USF expressing your support of the station. Join the likes of Yo La Tengo & Faust in giving written support.
3. Forward this email, plus all emails you have written to the  SF Supervisors and the President of USF, to Assistant Dean of Social Sciences, Michael Bloch.  He is on our side, and he is overseeing the Public File of responses, a file required by the FCC. Please write “File in KUSF Public File” in the header or body. This file needs to be big!
4. Write, call, or email the FCC to comment on the “transfer of KUSF’s broadcast license.” It is our only hope to stop the sale if USF will not rescind. These need to be sent NOW.
* By mail: Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C., 20554.
* By phone: 866-267-7202. That’s the radio broadcast specialist office. The email is  The job of this office is to help the public with radio inquiries, including regarding the transfer of licenses.
* Donate to the Save KUSF legal defense fund:
* You can also email all of the individual commissioners:
Chairman Julius Genachowski:
Commissioner Michael J. Copps:
Commissioner Robert McDowell:
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn:

2. Counter Culture Hour –  Saturday February 12, 2011 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.

This conversation was filmed at the basement of Annie Sprinkle/Beth Stephens’ house in San Francisco and features the legendary pioneering performance/video artist LINDA MARY MONTANO (included in ANGRY WOMEN). What a character! A must-see, daringly eccentric video interview with a seasoned taboo-breaker who continues to challenge and test the limits and conventions of our post-YouTube communication-is-currency society. Afraid of death and growing old? You may not be the only one! This particular episode is definitely not “normal”!
Edited/filmed/produced by Marian Wallace;  interviews & piano improvs [the “easy” part] by V. Vale.
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat  February, 2011
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, February 12, 2011
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, February 12, 2011
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, February 13, 2011
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, February 13, 2011
If you cannot get this online (we have heard some complaints about this, although it seems to have been working for us of late), please write us to get a DVD copy. ($20 postpaid USA domestic, $25 overseas – to cover our personal copying expenses/shipping). We are currently working on a business plan to make episodes more available, please stay tuned.
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write and ask us how you can do this. (write:

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. RE/Search books are now available on Kindle! We’re just getting started, but our “Confessions of Wanda Von Sacher-Masoch” is now available along with a companion eBook of “Venus in Furs.”  “Wanda” is the gripping narrative of a late 19th-century proto-feminist coping with the perverse demands of the father of her 2 children — a writer who singlehandedly book-published the behavioral archetype of SM (the masochist enslaved to his dominatrix). “Venus in Furs” is the novel, written from the husband’s standpoint, of his literary invention of the “classic” scenarios deployed in the Master-Slave relationship, complete with leather-fur fetishes, whips & all the accoutrements readily available in certain shops in the Castro/SOMA neighborhoods. These 2 books are still outside the mainstream, and posit many “consensual/power/relationship issues” still relevant today. A feminist classic, Wanda’s version of her life had to wait almost 100 years until RE/Search published it for the first time in English.

Support the digitization of RE/Search Publications and make your new Kindle even cooler! Get these fascinating books at

More Coming Up
We’re partnered with [aerbook] in San Francisco ( ). They design and build enhanced eBooks for all the major eReaders, including readers on the iPhone and iPad. Look for more of our classic books in eBook form coming soon, as well as some all-new RE/Search publications that we think you’ll like. And get in touch if you’d like to help out on the project.

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() We always encourage readers to go to & support the Hypnodrome, S.F.

() $ FRI Feb 11, 8:30pm, The Independent, Divisadero/Hayes St, SF: CAPTAIN BEEFHEART SYMPOSIUM conducted by (Capt. Beefheart guitarist) Gary Lucas. Many years ago Lucas and V. Vale tried to start an early “Punk” band … decades later, both will be part of a Captain Beefheart tribute evening featuring rare film footage, a demonstration of the Captain’s guitar innovative techniques by Lucas, and other special presenters including Jerry Harrison, Terry Van Vliet, Victor Hayden, Phil Brown, etc. For the Connoisseur. San Francisco didn’t stage a “wake” for the Captain, so this is it! RE/Search will have a small book table; come meet us & support us! 🙂

() FREE FRI Feb 11, 5-9pm. ‘ON THE EDGE’ Erotic Photography Exhibit @ The Artists Alley Gallery, 863 Mission St/4th St, SF. Includes our friends Charles Gatewood & Michael Rosen! Also open Sat Feb 12, 3-9pm, and Sun Feb 13, 12-3pm.

() PARTNER DANCING is the most fun way to meet people & exercise! has risen, phoenix-like, after a year’s absence. 415-871-2462, for lessons, classes, dances, ballroom events – you name it, they’ve got it…

() FREE FRI Feb 11, 8pm Music and Ideas to Support Bradley Manning – Station 40, 3030B 16th Street (at Mission), SF

() $10 MON Feb 14, 7pm – My Suckie Valentine – Center for Sex And Culture- 1519 Mission, SF: spoken-word performances by Thomas S. Roche, Sherilyn Connelly, Charles Gatewood, Carol Queen, Kirk Read, Julia Serano, Simon Sheppard, and horehound stillpoint

() FREE. TUES Feb 14- April 9. Route 2: Undisclosed Destination, an exhibition. CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, Kent and Vicki Logan Galleries, 1111 8th St, S.F.

() $ WED Feb 16 9:15pm SUPERSTONIC SOUND: THE REBEL DREAD  Screening of a documentary about British punk filmmaker Don Letts. Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St @ Valencia.

() FREE Feb 17, 7-10pm “Space Cake,” an art installation by Thomas Campbell & Kyle Field. Park Life, 220 Clement St, SF 415.386.7275

() $ Feb 17, 6pm, “How the West Was Lost” featuring Dambisa Moyo & Richard Waters – Commonwealth Club, 595 Market St, 415-597-6705. “Radical Solutions Needed!”

() FREE Thur Feb 17, 7pm  Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art, City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus, SF

() $5 Thur Feb 17, 7:30pm GRASS VALLEY, CA: our pal Meri St. Mary does a Poetry Event! Email for details!

() ? Feb 4-27 A Sensory Feast. exploring people’s relationship with food through visual and sensory media. SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St, SF.

() FREE. Fri Feb 18 7pm Opening of Tokyo Pop! First American exhibition of Kosuke Kawamure, with Winston Smith; and amazing fantasy painter Kyotaro. 72 Tehama St. On display until March 3.

() FREE. Ends Feb 19. 12-6pm. Southern Exposure: solo exhibitions by Jaime Cortez, Kenneth Lo, and Ginger Wolfe-Suarez, 3030 20th St, SF

() FREE. Mon Feb 21, 7-11:30pm. RE/Search founder V. Vale will be on a panel at City College, S.F. Wellness Center, 728 Ocean Ave, followed by music/performance with superdancer Chris Lee, the legendary Dawn Hampton, band music featuring Lavay Smith, Chris Siebert & others. For full exciting details (amazing that this evening is FREE!) go to  —

Also, from 3-5pm is a Film/Dance/Music Program at 1330 Fillmore St, featuring “Frankie Manning: Never Stop Swinging,” “Dawn Hampton: The Unforgettable Hampton Family,” and a live benefit concert featuring Lavay Smith, Chris Siebert, and friends. For more details go to

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

Achtung! It’s past 1 AM on Thur Night, 2/10/2011, and “we” are tired. LAST GASP, legendary San Francisco publishers, sent us a wonderful box of books but “we” are too bushwhacked to review them, so we will retire and you will have to wait til NEXT MONTH for our astute book appraisals. Last month we had a bevy of reportable experiences, including seeing ROYAL CROWN REVUE at Yoshi’s in San Francisco (the “best” swing dancers you’ve ever seen, too); having dinner with John Law, Karen Marcelo & friends; getting a sneak preview of Charles Gatewood’s new limited-edition deluxe WILLIAM BURROUGHS book, etc, but — we must desist, and to bed we go …

6.  GUEST REVIEWS – Stephane von Stephane, where’s your review?! John Sulak? Steven Gray? Where are you, Michael Raines?

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() V. Vale mention in:

() from VyVy: a Podcast about Burroughs:

() Ballardian:

() from Karen M:
“mark just posted pix of the spine robots new actuator that is the cure for scoliosis 🙂
see for more details
– recent Mark Pauline talk:

() from Babalou: Extra Action Marching Band, etc

() from artist Mel Ash: (out of date)


() Major VALIE EXPORT (featured in our ANGRY WOMEN book) Exhibition at Museion, Via Dante 6, 39100 Bolzano, Italy –

() Great resource for FREE, streaming documentaries!

() Kerstin Bratsch and Das Institut:

() from Jim Morton:

() A review of John Held Jr’s art workshop

() Our pal Jack Rabid (publisher of the best contemporary music magazine, THE BIG TAKEOVER) also does radio shows:  Links to all past shows
can be found at the show’s web site,

() video of The OFFS (San Francisco 1st Wave Punk Band):

() from Michael Horowitz: Article on Timothy Leary

() John L rowing?

() Lemmy/Motorhead film:

() – ’nuff said

() Egyptian police use Facebook and Twitter to track down protesters’ names
before ’rounding them up’


() from Zachary C.:
– World premiere of “TO DREAM OF FALLING UPWARDS” an Antero Alli film
– James Dean and Ronald Reagan: RARE Not Seen in 50 Years;

() from Graham Rae:

() from James M:

() Bucky Fuller video(s):

() from Chris Cobb: “Now this is radical:”;

() Greg L. sent us “five examples of predatory furniture.”
– ice city:
“Also some pics of Shanghai, which convinced me I’m a complete barbarian:”

() robot art:

() Vivienne Westwood in Sex:

() from Ralf B: “For trebuchet fans:”

() Article in H+ Magazine about Burroughs and making art out of waste – literally.

() Along the same theme, a few pictures of recycling as art:

()  Sent by Phil G, a photographic commentary on consumerism:
–  (consumer gluttony):
– Riding the Rails:
– Ed Sanders’ Maple Ct Tra:

8. QUOTES from V. Vale

() “If you don’t ask, you won’t get” – who said this first?

() “In the Age of Noise & Overpopulation, Silence & Solitude are True Luxuries…”

() “Everything that IS, embraces its opposite. Everything that IS, reveals what it is NOT…”

() “Everything has a financial cost, a time cost, an emotional cost, and a bookkeeping cost…”

() “To produce COUNTER-Culture Classics Requires Exposure to the ORIGINAL Classics…”

() “The best writing combines poetry, philosophy & the imagination…”

() “There’s Edutainment… Advertainment… Now with FaceBook we have Communitainment…”

() “Wikipedia compared to Encyclopedia Britannica: sloppy, careless, near-complete lack of attention to details & history vs. writing/editing you can trust. Selah. Proof of Devolution!”

() “Your writing must be stand-alone and not needlessly elliptical…”

() “We live under both a corporatocracy and a plutocracy — both own the global economy, major media, politicians and police.”

() “Surrealism said ‘Poetry must be made by ALL.’ Words are the Open Sesame to the Universe of Play, Fantasy, Imagination, WHAT IF… where anyone can create without owning anything else but a brain. YOU can make word combinations (and thus produce VISIONS) that never before existed in the whole history of the universe…”

() “Great Poetry takes you on a Trip Out of This World!”

() “Life is all about Cultural Creation and Cultural Transmission…”

() “To women and all the beautiful things they do…” Who said this?!


() “Hey, just wanted to say thanks for continuing to hip people to great art! – dave”

() “Thanks for sharing your New Years resolutions. They are great. I hope to be able to incorporate them…. I sure need it! – Colin Turner”

() “Hi Vale,
“This is just a quick note to let you know that the books arrived (in record time) today. Thanks so much for the gift of the “Modern Pagans” book. I, too, am hesitant to unwrap the “Modern Primitives” book, but I guess the seal will be broken eventually.
“I was wondering if you had thought of selling on as a way of increasing your revenues. I frequently use Amazon to buy some fairly obscure stuff, and I just thought that perhaps you might reach a larger audience that way. We want to keep RE/Search Publications in business for as long as possible!
“I shall probably be in touch to make another purchase in a month or so. Thanks again. If you ever get up to Vancouver, give me a call. Things up here aren’t as frenetic as in the lower 48, and it’s a good place to get fresh air, relax, and scratch your head in wonder at the stuff that goes on down there. Talk to you later. All the Best, Charles”

() “V, Thanks for the email. I also wanted to say I love RE/Search. When I was in my teens, a friend gave me a copy of the Industrial Culture Handbook. It was an eye opener, I read it cover to cover countless times. It was my first exposure to SRL, Monte Cazazza, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire — the list goes on. I still have that copy, remarkably. Thanks for everything. I’ll be back to buy more in the future. Ken.”

() Vale: “KEEF! [‘autobio’ of Keith Richards] Looking forward to reading that one next, then Twain’s autobiography, then try to finish “Infinite Jest”, then…hahaha! Really enjoyed the CounterCulture Hour video interview w/Sleazy of Throbbing Gristle. Seemed like a cool cat, and I dug his attitude. May he R.I.P. – Todd S.”

() “Hello Vale, I recently watched the CCH with Penelope Rosemont on Youtube– wow! It was full of new information and good stories, and on a website which seems to be lacking in both. It’s rare to find an online video in which someone with genuine insight is given the time to share it.
“Have you considered offering a reduced, up-front subscription rate for the CCH dvds? I’d love to see it every month, but $25 adds up to a lot over a year. Or perhaps I can pick up some more the next time I’m in San Francisco. [YES!] I bought The Confessions Of Wanda Von Sacher-Masoch on the Kindle store– the first time I’ve used it. I was pleasantly surprised at how well-designed the experience is on my Android phone. Quite useful in work situations where obsessively checking a phone is accepted, but taking out a book would be frowned upon. Best, Andrew.” [Hmm… 🙂 Hard to find fault with reading RE/Search at work sub rosa!]

To Our Patient Readers Who Have Made It This Far, A tiny Notice: One of my favorite books, RE/Search #8/9: JG Ballard, is down to our last handful of copies. In today’s non-print-publishing eWorld, it is doubtful it can ever be reprinted (although one can always HOPE!). If you want a Brand New Copy, best get it now! And, I’ll autograph it… – V. Vale

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