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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER JULY 2009: A Survivalist’s Depression






2. Counter Culture Hour featuring Li Alin —  on-line!

3. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent..


5. Stephane von Stephane on

6.Moritz Cordes’ review of Modwheelmood at Elbo Room; J.G. Thirwell’s new FOETUS CD/DVD

7. Recommended Links–  send some!


9. Feedback from Readers

10. Recent books Published by RE/SEARCH



We offered to run this ad for a friend:

“Artist and long-time friend of RE/Search seeks live and/or workspace San Francisco/Oakland area. Can be raw space, minimum 100 sq ft, up to 400 (or more!) with secure mailing address. Hopefully under $400.” Please contact us – – if you know of a  large room / place / office, et al. We guarantee you will have heard of our friend in need.


Well, the Depression is definitely here and will NOT be gone “in a couple years” contrary to corporate propagandists otherwise known as “journalists.” We at RE/SEARCH haven’t gotten a mail order in 10 days — the longest time without a mail order, ever. Very interesting! Well, in times of need, friends will become more important than ever. Make sure you know who your “true” friends are — that’s the best “survival” advice we can give right now… (And, learn an essential skill, like “welding”…)



   2.  Counter Culture Hour – V. Vale talks with Li Alin about her music and career in Canada, Berlin, and San Francisco.  NOW ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6:30pm Pacific Time, Sat July 11, 2009 on-line ( then go to link for “Access 1 Live Stream” in left colulmn– give it a minute to load or try this link: Li Alin’s piquant, emotive videos and her very imaginative horizontally-flowing website are available for your enjoyment online – just google her name.


Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write and ask us how you can do this.


3. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent


() TETRO – epic masterpiece by FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA (see V. Vale’s blog at www.


() DORKBOT 10th Anniversary Party hosted by JON SARRIUGARTE/KRYSTEN MATE and KAREN MARCELO – incredible warehouse space, great event, “the best” people…


() MERI ST. MARY’s HOUSECOAT PROJECT reunion (after 20 years) at EAGLE, S.F. (see V. Vale’s blog at www. A better time could not have been had! Great songs, intelligent lyrics, surprising and intriguing arrangements thanks to the presence of the sardonic saxophonist Bob Bartosik. Really liked the sympatico guitar work of Jay Crawford, and Michael Sims (drums) and Whitey Cox (bass) provided a first-class rhythm section. Don’t miss the Housecoat Project’s next show…Plus, their original classic LP will soon be released on Steve Tupper’s SUBTERRANEAN RECORDS label – watch for it…


() Our exceptionally literate ex- intern Leslie Hodgkins (sadly, he moved to NYC) sent us a VIDEO he made recently titled “TILLY TOURNESOL: The Star In My Head.” “My sole star is dead — and my constellated lute Bears the black sun of the melancolia.” – Gerard de Nerval.  If you would like a copy of this rare production, email us and we’ll forward your request to Leslie.


() ED HARDY had a book signing last night at SF MOMA for ED HARDY: ART FOR LIFE – beautiful hardback published by teNeues of Germany (google to find it). A  few copies are for sale at SFMOMA bookstore. Saw filmmaker EMIKO MORI and she gave us a flyer for her forthcoming documentary: “ED HARDY: TATTOO THE WORLD.” – ‘nuf said.


() Our friend Loren Rhoads’ new book, MORBID CURIOSITY CURES THE BLUES, offers a wide spectrum of first-hand accounts with the “paranorma,l” as recounted by women and men talking about walks they’ve taken on the wild side. There are disturbing facts here and there, such as the report that the Torture Museum is no longer findable in Amsterdam. Sadly, the Torture Museum at S.F.’s Fisherman’s Wharf seems to have also disappeared — anyone know when it vanished? And, I would never want the experience of “waking up during surgery” — which is a book title by one Jeanette Liska. Dozens more imagination-provoking ideas and experiences await the reader in this unsettling volume…


() SCOTT RYSER, UNITS founder, sent us his new anthology CD which proves his performance/art/industrial/Dada “band” was decades ahead of their time. If you would like a copy, write us at and we will forward your request to Scott.


() brand new book by Stephen Leyba Johnson, who moved from the Bay Area to Portland — google to find it! (in our office clean-up we misplaced it, but we’ll review it as soon as we RE/find it…)







big ART Studios Presents: SAND by the TON. American Steel, 1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA  (from S.F. take 1st right exit on Maritime, follow straight to Mandela Parkway, it’s between 17th-18th Sts) $25 – $125. 0 PLEASE NOTE: $20 pre-sale tickets are sold out. $25 will call tickets are still available.

200 tons of sand (REALLY!), 5 swimming pools, 8 stages, 250,000 square feet, Oakland’s newest indoor beach!!! – Presented by: DAN DAS MANN & KAREN CUSOLITO (BIG ART STUDIOS at AMERICAN STEEL), CIRCUS METROPOLUS,  DUSTFISH, SPACE COWBOYS, SYMBIOSIS, FALSE PROFIT, NEURO WEAPON, GRAVITY POINT, OPULENT TEMPLE




4 live music stages, 4 electronic music stages, full boardwalk carnival midway with rides, 200 tons of sand with 5 swimming pools (swimwear encouraged), a quarter million square feet of space under one roof, thousands of your best friends, more lights blinkin’ than ever blinked… bookoo (6) bars including JON SARRIUGARTE/KYRSTEN MATE’S BOILER BAR & Depression-Era Entertainment TROUPE.…you thought you knew the drill till you came here. 21+ (sorry)

VIP Ticketholders have access to a private lounge that includes: Complimentary catered food;  Complimentary top shelf bar;  Private areas for you and your friends; Access to a 50 foot steamboat floating off the cranes; VIP DJ; Entrance to a selection of monumental sculptures that are only accessible through the VIP area.

Proceeds of the VIP tickets help significantly support the Savant Foundation, which in turn helps artists in your community stretch their dollar farther through combined resources. You can learn more about the foundation here:

4PM-LATE free BBQ 4-7pm Close to BART~LATE NIGHT BUS SHUTTLE TO SF!~ample secure parking




In July, August and September there are many different plays being performed in Bay Area Parks. The ones that I’m listing here are free – all you have to do is show up. You can bring a blanket or chairs to sit on if you want, or just sit on the grass (which is what I do.) You can also bring whatever you want to eat and drink and have a picnic while you’re there. And most of these performances are easy to get to by public transportation. Check the website links for specific parks and dates.


Woman’s Will is doing Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” in many locations, so no matter where you live they might be near you on some weekend. Woman’s Will is an all female company, so it will be interesting to see what they do with this play that is famous for the way its female characters behave. (Despite the reputation “Shrew…” has these days, it’s actually a pretty good play.)


The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival is going to be in Pleasanton, Cupertino and San Francisco’s Presido doing Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors.” It’s one of the Bard’s early plays and it’s funny and entertaining – a good one to see on a summer afternoon.


The San Francisco Mime Troupe is a local legend. They’ve been doing free theater for decades. I haven’t seen this year’s show, which premiered on the 4th of July, but they wrote it themselves, it’s called “Too Big to Fail,” and whatever they do is always worth checking out. And, just for the record, there are no mimes performing with the Mime Troupe!


Berkeley’s Shotgun Players have been doing some excellent stuff at their Ashby Stage, and this August they’ll be in John Hinkel Park with an adaptation of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”


I write a theatre blog, and I’ll be posting reviews of these and other shows that I’ll be going to, so you can check this out for updates if you want:


The Beat Museum will be hosting a Memorial for Harold Norse on Sunday, July 12th, 2pm, 540 Broadway at Romolo Alley (near Columbus).


() Fri JULY 17, 9pm: ZEROS at ELBO ROOM, S.F.! Go early; small venue. (See V. Vale’s blog on the ZEROS at www. For a sad conflict, see next:

() Fri JULY 17, 9pm:FLIPPER, TOILING MIDGETS, SAVAGE REPUBLIC at Cafe du Nord, S.F. How could this happen? Well, flip a coin and go to either show – you’re guaranteed fun…


() Sun JULY 19, 4pm, NEGATIVE TREND @ LUCKY 13, 2140 Market St. RE/Search will be there with RE/Search books for sale – visit us! The new lead singer  Toby Dickand bassist Tom Mallon are fully satisfying…Drummer  Tony Sales’ son (also named Tony Sales) is a powerhouse of rhythmic drive…


() Mon-thru-Sun July 7-26, 2009, SAN DIEGO. RECOMBINANT MEDIA LABS (RML) IN CONJUNCTION with UCSD presents the return of the CINEBOX, A  mobile immersionary apparatus in panoramic cinema & periphonic sound. Conrad Preby’s Music Center near Russell Laneon the UCSD campus, 9500 Gilman Drive in Room 122 (Experimental Theatre), La Jolla, CA 92037-1300 near San Diego. Viewings by appointment day or night … (anytime). For further information or special arrangements call 650 255 8947 or email 

“The CineBox Project is a suspended 10 Screen panoramic display featuring the works of Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstaedt, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Scott Pagano & Jochem Paap, Semi Conductor, Scott Arford, Masako Tanaka & Markus Popp and Asphodel’s “Multiple Otomo Project” featuring Otomo Yoshihide, plus others to be announced. For those who heard of or missed the RML venues in San Francisco this is the first opportunity to see the launch of the travel version. RML is a research and development network for the Experiential Engineering of Surround Cinema  &  the Immersive Arts.


() Fri-Sat, 8pm NOW through Aug 16, 2009. THE HYPNODROME is hosting possibly their biggest hit play ever, “PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI,” written by Cockettes legend Richard “Scrumbly” Koldewyn and Link Martin and directed by Russell Blackwood. Great songs, great production, and phenomenal costumes and sets. Hypnodrome, 575 10th St (near Brannan), 415.377.4202. Supremely recommended! Also of interest is their “Creepshow Camp” for kids 9-15 years old – couldn’t be more intriguing to kids – go to for more info. There are (2) more Creepshow Camps this summer…



   5. Stephane von Stephane Reviews: Acid Mother’s Temple, Mutants, Ozric Tentacles, Seabiscuit


Well, it’s that time again. Write about something new and exciting  for RE/Searchers near and far to seek out. However, the more things   change, the more they stay the same. And that’s not always a bad  thing. Today I extol the virtues of the same-old/same-old.

1}  Acid Mother’s Temple at the Bottom of the Hill, April 4th. http:/ I am ever so happy that they remain such a   ‘cult’ band that I can stroll up and buy a ticket right before the   show (and not at some outrageous price either, thank you Bottom of  the Hill folks.) I could actually afford to buy a cd. and a t-shirt  at the show. I just picked a cd at random, and it turned out the   set list was most of the music on the cd. I picked ‘Giant  Psychedelia’, figuring it might be the mellow stuff that I tend to prefer, and it is. I recommend it to anyone else who likes to chill  out and feel high without drugs (or with drugs-your choice-just  sayin’ it works for me w/o). Live improvised set recorded in 2007 at Tokuzo (Nagoya). This time  at B.o.t.H. the guitar player did NOT smash his instrument at the   end of the show, just induced feedback then hung it from the  rafters. I was in a reverie for at least a week after this show.

2) The Mutants at the de Young Museum ‘Warhol Live’ show closing  party, May 15. First off, the Warhol show was great. I had seen  various pieces various places, including a huge show in London some

time ago, but this was put together in such a way as to give you an  almost intimate ‘experience’. (If it were truly intimate, Andy  would not have approved). It started with the giant iconic B&W  photo of Warhol’s sun-glassed pockmarked face seen through a  tambourine. (Very Beatles, ‘Hard-Days Night’-esque) There was a  Silver Painted Room a la ‘The Factory’ with seating, showing B&W  film footage of Edie, little Joe and the usual suspects. The actual  trunk that the whiz-kids were filmed sitting on was outside the  museum’s Silver Room, so that was fun. There was a Velvet Underground stoner room where you  could lay around on pillows and watch film of Nico and the boys  while V.U. music played. There were early  LP cover designs by A.W.  that I had never seen. And towards the end of the show, the highly  under-rated diamond-dust colour-field paintings, oddly  contemplative, which are my current favorites.

3) Ozric Tentacles at  The Independent, May 27th.  oz/ WOW!!! Two and a half PLUS hours of the O.T.s shredding prog- rock psychedelia. Math maims, my friend, math maims. (in a good  way!) For a while I was standing next to a row of Koothrappali’s  (reference ‘Big Bang Theory’ character, CBS comedy worth watching)  until I could no longer bear hearing their brains memorize the  synthesizer sequencers. A David Foster Wallace moment to be sure. I  had to move. I then stood behind a dancing shaved-head guy who was  possibly high and seemed to be the only person besides me in that  exact groove, so I danced with him. He was oblivious to me (as I was behind him) which  was great. There was also a gorgeous Rennaissance girl who smelled  like musk, though it turned out to be amber which her chemical  reaction turned to musk we decided, then her boyfriend whisked her  away before we could go into any more details on the chemical  reactions of –oh, fill in the blanks yerselves– and nevermind.   Suffice to say, Fabulous show all the way ’round. Light show groovy   too.

4) ‘Seabiscuit’, by Spacetime Continuum. This cd is   from 1994 and sounds like Right NOW. How I missed it all these   years…anyway, mastered by Jonah Sharp and Naut Human at The  Compound, S.F. June of 15 years ago! Download now. So, you

see, SamO/SamO, as J.M.Basquiat used to say. But, sometimes the  same is not such a bad thing. ~Stephane von Stephane



  6. Moritz Cordes review of Modwheelmood at Elbo Room: “On the 10th of June, 2009 Modwheelmood played an hour long selection from their repertoire. As a three man group they presented their rather rocky interpretations to an enthusiastic albeit small crowd. It was a nice night to listen to atmospheric, partially moody, easily accessible electro tunes and to hang out and chat with the band before and after the show. Modwheelmood are Pelle Hillstrom (Forever Like Red) on guitar and Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) on bass & vox. For the current tour they were reinforced by Jesper Kristensen on drums.  Link:


“The Limb of a Foetus: In May J.G. Thirwell (aka Foetus aka Steroid Maximus aka Clint Ruin…) released his new CD/DVD package ‘Limb’. So what’s so exciting about this release? Well, this is great minimalistic music. For one part there are some interesting experimental tracks on the CD just in case you feel like putting your conception of what is acceptable as music to the test (once again). (And when you’re done with that, you can start listening again and you will find so many processes taking place at once.) For the other part there are some ambient, rhythmic tracks which sometimes induce a slightly threatening feeling in you, without being overtly hostile. But the nice thing with those tracks is the way how they are made out of obviously simple structures to create a very complex (but never cacophonic) whole. The film on the DVD is another gem. This documentary about JGT features interviewees like  Lydia Lunch, Richard Kern, Blixa Bargeld, Matt Johnson and others.

This set might seem a bit expensive with 25 bucks, but if you’re in it for numbers you should also consider this: The set comes with a CD and a DVD. The CD contains roughly 72 minutes of music (incl. one 20 minute MP3 track). The DVD contains the aforementioned entertaining full length feature plus several live videos from JGT’s various projects. Finally the whole thing is accompanied by a 48 page booklet with minimalistic visual art and individual liner notes for each track. Some of the tracks on the CD haven’t been released before.

If you wanna have a try: (This is a three hour show at WFMU with JGT as guest. They talk a bit and spin some tracks from ‘Limb’ and other stuff. Skip the first hour if you want to get right to the section with JGT.) More info and ordering: (shop section) ”


   7. RECOMMENDED LINKS -send some!



   8. QUOTES of the month:


() “Automatism is of decisive importance in surrealism and may perhaps be said even to constitute its very touchstone.” – Andre Breton, WHAT IS SURREALISM?


() “From the single fact that she saw her wooden cross transform itself into a crucifix of precious stones, and accepted this vision as both IMAGINATIVE AND SENSORY, Teresa of Avila could be credited with having ordained this line on which mediums and poets are situated. Unfortunately, she is still no more than a saint.” – ibid


() “In Paris there are two caves, one of robbers and the other of murderers. The robbers’ cave is the stock exchange, the murderers’ cave is the courts of justice.” – Petrus Borel


() “My standards for judging any “cultural production”: 1) Is it deeply ‘beautiful’? 2) Is it deeply meaningful? 3) Is it deeply subversive of the status quo? 4) Is it deeply inspiring?” -V. Vale





From:    “Patricia Allmer” <>


2010 Association of Art Historians Conference Session – Call for Papers

(Glasgow, 15-17 April 2010)


The avant-garde journal RE/Search, edited by V. Vale and published in San Francisco since 1980, has consistently explored the limits of cultural practices in relation to theories and traditions of artistic expression. Developing out of dada and surrealism and based on the surrealist call toexplore the “irrational shadow of official culture”, RE/Search addresses contested and subversive aesthetic practices and cultural interventions. Its range of thematic and theoretical concerns (from Angry Women to Industrial Culture) defines the parameters of contemporary conceptions of the acceptable, the permissible and the desirable; its constant willingness to challenge conventions has made it a major feature of the theoretical landscape of contemporary art practice. RE/Search has furthermore been instrumental in promoting and analysing work by major contemporary artists and writers, including William Burroughs, Genesis P. Orridge, Gee Vaucher, Annie Sprinkle, Russ Meyer, Valie Export, and J. G.Ballard.

This session will mark the 30th anniversary of RE/Search and invites papers addressing and re-reading pertinent concerns and aspects of / related to the journal. These may include, but are not restricted to:

–  artistic and cultural precursors and inheritors of RE/Search

–  RE/Search in contexts: San Francisco, contemporary and avant-garde  art movements, alternative cultures

– how RE/Search facilitates or emphasises particular practices, theories and modes of analysis, interaction and engagement

–  the contributions of key figures to the RE/Search project

–  special issues of RE/ Search and their influence on contemporary artistic and cultural practices

–  RE/Search and interdisciplinary, inter-media and inter-art practices

–  contributions on individual RE/Search articles and themes, from youth cultures to body art, industrial cultures to cut-ups,  incredibly strange music to incredibly strange films and beyond.

Please submit 250 word proposals to the session convenors, Patricia Allmer and John Sears, at and before 09 November 2009.

Dr Patricia Allmer

MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University

Righton Building, Cavendish Street

Manchester M15 6BG, U.K.   or

Dr John Sears

Dept of Interdisciplinary Studies, MMU Cheshire

Crewe Green Road

Crewe, Cheshire CW1 5DU, U.K.

AAH Conference website:


() The latest RE/Search books – PRONNOVATION, LEARY ON DRUGS, BURNING MAN LIVE – are available at www. – or you can visit our office and buy one or all in person – 415.362.1465 or email



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