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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER JUNE 2008: Prevent an Exodus of Artists, Robotica, Stop Anmation @ Der Wienerschnitzel


A. VOTE **NO** on PROP. 98** – forward to all your friends in California!
And VOTE **YES** on PROP. 99**! This is supremely important!
Save RE/Search! If rent control ends, RE/Search and many artists may be evicted from S.F.!
B. Funds asked for Todd Blair’s “Gear Wall” to be unveiled July 20th. We have pledged $500 (which we are directed to collect from our network of friends). RE/Search will have a gear on this “wall of support” for Todd Blair of SRL. We would be happy to accept paypal funds, checks or any of the usual payments to “share” our contribution, which will be a RE/Search logo-emblazoned gear in this giant artwork. More information:
“Please join a world wide community of artists, machinists, adventurists, educators, purveyors of life and all that is yummy to build The Wall and to help support the immediate financial needs of Todd Blair and his incredible wife Alexandra Ismerio who is at his side.”
To contribute: paypal payments to, checks to RE/Search, call or email for credit card contributions. Thanks very much in advance!

1. TODAY! Sat MAY 31, 9pm-2am, 110 Capp St/16th St. Live bands Los Banos, SugarButtTiger and Telepathik Friend, DJs Zeljko, Pedalnoise, Deadpdal, dance performance by Derailleurs. $5.
2. Sat June 14, 6:30pm: RE/Search’s “COUNTER CULTURE HOUR” (with host V. Vale). S.F. Cable Channel 29, 2nd Sat of month, 6:30pm (set your recorder). Or go to – link to “access 1” at showtime. Tonight: Lydia Lunch/Genesis P-Orridge.
2A. Thur June 5, PFA Berkeley: LFS punk film by Mindaugis Bagdon
3. Wed June 18, 8pm, Meet RE/SEARCH at Million Fishes, 2501 Bryant/23rd St. FREE! A showing of Counter Culture Hour episode w/Lydia Lunch & Genesis P-Orridge, plus a live interview with TBA. Guaranteed fun! RE/Search books on sale, too.
4. Sat June 14, 6:30pm (pacific time), Cable Channel 29, San Francisco. RE/Search’s “Counter Culture Hour” (with host V. Vale interviewing Lydia Lunch and Genesis P-Orridge). 2nd Sat of the month. NOW simulcast on-line! You can see it where ever you are. Currently we will are having a rerun season, since now, finally, EVERYONE can see the show. – click on “channel 1”
() THRILLPEDDLERS.COM HYPNODROME plays through May 31 – support them! Fri-Sat Nights, 8pm, 575 10th St/Bryant. Lots of free parking! New program of plays start Fri June 13…
5. Stephane von Stephane column
6. What We’ve Attended…
7. What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent…
9. RECOMMENDED LINKS – thanks to our friends Phil G, Ferrara, James McN-, Derek B. & Others
11. Feedback from Readers
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() RE/Search LOGO T-shirt – Two styles: Red Logo $25, and Red/White Logo $25.
() To order:, call 415-362-1465, or order on-line from http://www. V. Vale will autograph/inscribe/personalize upon request.

() TUES JUNE 3 VOTE JUST TO SAVE RENT CONTROL! VOTE **NO on PROP. 98**! This evil Proposition ends Rent Control, and RE/Search & many Artists will be forced to leave San Francisco. This proposition masquerades as “emminent domain legislation” but some sneak (isn’t this illegal- it should be!) has tagged on a little sentence ending rent control for all of California. This will affect any and all rent control measures for renters, trailer park inhabitants, etc — Enough said. ALSO, for this victory to happen, you must vote **YES** on PROP. 99!! As they attempt to put conflicting legislation into law, whichever “wins” more than the other will happen… so NO on 98, YES on 99 — remember: no then yes.

Vote No on Prop 98, Vote Yes on Prop 99

Prop. 98 is an Attack on Renters
Prop. 98 Eliminates Renter Protections and Rent Control

Wealthy landlords/real estate moguls are spending millions on a deceptive campaign to pass Prop. 98 for their own financial gain. These landlords want voters to believe that Prop. 98 -dubbed the Hidden Agendas Scheme – is about eminent domain. But their hidden agenda is to eliminate rent control so they can make hundreds of millions of dollars by raising rents on seniors and working families.
— Click below to get the facts and information you need to share with your friends and neighbors…

Statewide Campaign to Save Rent Control

No on Proposition 98, Yes on Proposition 99
If passed, Proposition 98 would: Eliminate rent control and other renter protection laws.

The measure would gut renter protection laws, such as laws requiring the fair return of rental deposits and laws requiring 60-day notice before forcing tenants out of their housing.

Click below for full details on how you can get involved…
Statewide Campaign to Save Rent Control

1. Sat MAY 31, 9pm-2am, 110 Capp St/16th St. Live bands Los Banos, SugarButtTiger and Telepathik Friend, DJs Zeljko, Pedalnoise, Deadpdal, dance performance by Derailleurs. $5.

2. Sat June 14, 6:30pm (pacific time): RE/Search’s “COUNTER CULTURE HOUR” with host V. Vale. S.F. Cable Channel 29, 2nd Sat of month, 6:30pm (set your recorder). We are accepting underwriters for the Counter Culture Hour. We have a backlog of interviews but are short on resources for editing. Please consider becoming an underwriter! You would get on-screen credit. The channel is beginning on-line streaming now! Please check – link to “access 1” at showtime. And Reuben — where are you? — email us: Tonight: Lydia Lunch/Genesis P-Orridge.

2A: Thur June 5 7pm: PFA Berkeley presents Mindaugis Bagdon’s punk film, Louder Faster Shorter.


() FRI-SAT May 30,31, 7:30pm Patronize San Francisco’s very own Grand Guignol! HYPNODROME’s new hit “Flam-ing Sin” has been extended through May 31 (that’s tonight)! Fri/Sat 8pm, every weekend. 575 10th St, SF 94103. tel 415-377-4202. presents FLAM-ING SIN: LONDON’S GRAND GUIGNOL. Eddie Muller directs Noel Coward’s only Grand Guignol play: “The Better Half.” Christopher Holland’s “The Old Women” or “A Crime in a Madhouse” PLUS “The Blue Hour,” an After-glow Floorshow. Guaranteed greatness! Support local, independent theater — it’s as if RE/Search were to come alive onstage! For advance tickets: or 1-800-838-3006. Great visuals/reviews on their website:

() Thur June 5, 8:30pm. PUNK FILMS at BAM PFA, Berkeley, CA– in conjunction with Bruce Conner exhibition. Mindy Bagdon’s LOUDER, FASTER, SHORTER, Richard Gaikowski’s DEAF/PUNK, and AMOS POE’s THE BLANK GENERATION. A must-see. Mindaugis Bagdon in Person, RE/Search Punk Books available. We hear Penelope Houston (Avengers) will be there in person, too! – SERIES:

() Thur June 12, 8:30pm. PUNK FILMS. Lech Kowalski’s D.O.A. and Residents

() Thur June 19, 8:30pm. TARGET VIDEO with JOE REES IN PERSON. A must.

() Thur June 26, 8:30pm. Decline of Western Civilization with Penelope Spheeris
in person. Devo short MONGOLOID.

() Fri June 6, 6-8PM: Opening party for ROBOTICA: Machines and Motion: Toys. Industrial machines. Household helpers. Pop culture archetypes. Art. Who can be all of these and more? Robots! Artists will include Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories, Al Honig, Kal Spelletich, Alameda artists Christian Schiess and Michael Schiess, Amy Jenkins, Simone Davalos and many more. Rhythmix Cultural Works ( ) 2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 845-5060
From SF to Alameda: take 880 toward Hayward, Fruitvale exit, right on Blanding Ave to 2513…

() Fri June 6, Dusk, Wienerschnitzel, 800 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz: “Jan Švankmajer meets the Brothers Quay at Der Wienerschnitzel – A collection of short stop-motion animation films projected on the yellow roof of the abandoned and decaying Der Wienerschnitzel. Švankmajer is a Czech filmmaker whose stop-motion films are often surreal, nightmarish and yet comical at times. His movies often involve inanimate objects coming alive. Most of the Brothers Quay’s films feature dolls, often partially disassembled, in a dark, moody atmosphere. Their films can also be surreal and haunting.
— URBAN WASTELAND LOCATION Der Wienerschnitzel at Soquel Ave. and Caledonia St.- from Ocean Street turn onto Soquel Ave. (away from downtown) and the yellow peaked monstrosity that was Der Wienerschnitzel is a street past Branciforte Ave. on the right.
— BRING blankets, pillows, anything you need to be comfortable in the great outdoors, friends, food and drink to share. Donations to support the project are more than welcome. (We are currently paying for new equipment.)
— BREAKING NEWS, a new website, updated summer schedule, discussion, a GDI blog, do-it-yourself, email list, the works:
— SANTA CRUZ GUERILLA DRIVE-IN is an outdoor movie theatre under the stars that springs up in the fields and industrial wastelands. Beyond showing great movies and bringing a broad community together, part of our mission is helping reclaim public space and transforming our urban environment into the joyful playground it should be.” This is a great idea for cities and towns all across America, just like the idea of making every city “dump” into an artist’s materials supply source for future art-making.

() Wed June 11, 8pm (early show), DNA Lounge, 375 11th St, S.F.: CD Release Party for one of our favorite singers, JILL TRACY. Her new release: “The Bittersweet Constrain.” Uberviolinist Paul Mercer will accompany her, too!; music

() Thur-Sun, June 12-15, Fort Mason, S.F. “RoboGames (curated by David Calkins, Simone Davalos, et al) is the world’s largest open robot competition (even the Guinness Book of World Records says so!) We invite the best minds from around the world to compete in over 70 different events. Combat robots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled – but they’re all cool! As an open event, anyone can compete – this means you.” – to see videos go to

() FRI-SAT June 13-14, HYPNODROME premieres new plays! Go to for details.

() SAT JUNE 14, 2:30 & 4:30pm, MEXICAN BUS RIDE presented by the amazing VIOLETTA LUNA and narrated by the charismatic/splendiferous GUILLERMO GOMEZ-PENA. Meet at Galeria de la Raza, 2857 24th St/Bryant. Reserved tickets $25 include tequila! 863-2441. GREAT! A guided audio tour of San Francisco’s Mission district onboard the Mexican Bus, Highly recommended. After Guillermo’s sardonically provocative history/culture lesson, you will have been “educated” to “see” much more when you revisit the Mission district.

() Mon June 16, Great American Music Hall, S.F. Biafra Five-0. Also Appearing: Jello Biafra w/ the Melvins, Jello Biafra without the Melvins, Drunk Injuns, Los Olvidados, Melvins play “Mangled Demos.” Presented by Alternative Tentacles. Word is that Jello’s new band sounds “hot.”

() Tues June 17, Great American Music Hall, S.F. Biafra Five-0 (Tuesday) Also Appearing: Jello Biafra w/ the Melvins Jello Biafra without the Melvins, Triclops!, Akimbo, Melvins play “Mangled Demos.” In case you didn’t know, this is Biafra’s 50th birthday celebration — time sure flies…

() Wed June 18, 8pm, Meet RE/SEARCH at Million Fishes, 2501 Bryant/23rd St. FREE! A showing of Counter Culture Hour episode w/Lydia Lunch & Genesis P-Orridge, plus a live interview (TBA). Guaranteed fun! RE/Search books on sale, too.

() Thur June 26, 7-9PM: Edinburgh Castle, Geary/near Larkin St. SPECIOUS SPECIES #2 Magazine launch party. Free. A punk band, plus V. Vale’s “band” tentatively named BANKHEIST will play a largely improvised session with flautist/laptop musician Jun Ishimuro and as-yet unconfirmed guests; hopefully vocalist Talullah Bankheist will be present. Editor Joe Donohoe (who wrote the introduction to RE/Search’s J.G. BALLARD CONVERSATIONS book) has packed the new issue with highly readable interviews with Winston Smith and others; support local independent publishing!

() Meet RE/SEARCH IN ANAHEIM, CA: Mon night, June 30, 7-10pm, “annual conference of American Library Association, Anaheim, CA: LOCATION: Wisteria and Terrace Rooms of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, 1600 S. Disneyland Drive, Anaheim CA 92803. We will arrive an hour early (6pm) for set-up. RE/Search will have a table! Alternative Media Reception. Join your colleagues (AK Press, Cultura Latina, CounterPoise, Library Juice, etc) for the annual exhibit of local independent publishers and alternative media, formerly known as the Free Speech Buffet, now in its 17th year. Browse or purchase selections focusing on local, regional and major alternative publishers that may not be found in the main exhibit hall. Sponsored by SRRT’s (Social Responsibilities Round Tale) Alternative Media Task Force (AMT). Enjoy desserts and a cash bar while you celebrate media diversity.
AMT provides a venue for small, progressive and independent publishers to showcase their materials and mingle with like-minded librarians who have come to the conference from all over the country (and who have library collection development, on their minds).” For more info go to: , ,
Or contact Carol Gulyas, tel 312.344.7072 or Gary Colmenar, tel 805 893-8067. Or write for more info.

() SAT JULY 5 BBQ Block Party/TRIBUTE to SPIKE and OLGA DE VOLGA (bassist from OFFS, VS, LEWD) at LENNON STUDIOS, SF, 12 noon-midnight, with bands AcuFunkture, Bad Posture, Fang, the Lewd, Society Dog, Urban Assault, etc.

() SAT JULY 12, 3-8PM: presents an amazing-sounding event. “Spend a summer day exploring the mechanical marvels along San Francisco’s North Shore! See giant running steam engines, turn of the century automata, mechanical computers, an 8-foot-high planetary display, and more. Local experts will guide you on special tours & exhibits from the Mechanicarawl partners including Musee Mecanique, The Long Now Foundation, SS Jeremiah O’Brien, USS Pampanio –

() On SUN July 20, 3-9PM: Rhythmix will host a special event to benefit injured SRL member and CCA teacher TODD BLAIR. For information on how to support Todd please go to:

4. Stephane von Stephane’s column:

What follows is a brief excerpt from an interview with Nicholas Dobson, 34, co-author (with Karl Coryat) of “The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook,” subtitled “A Radical Guide to Cutting Loose, Overcoming Blocks and Writing the Best Songs of your Life.”

The lengthy title doesn’t begin to describe the concepts in this book, which is a guide to the Immersion Composition Society (a worldwide group of music-writing lodges) which uses the Immersion Music Method for writing songs. The IMM includes the Day Session (12 hours to write as much music as you can), 20-Song Game (a marathon of writing 20 songs in one day), amongst other tricks to force one out of writer’s block and into the company of other frustrated songwriters. Check out their MySpace page and official site:

Filmmaker Annmarie Piette is making a documentary on the Society, focusing on music, creativity and the brain. She will be following Nicholas Dobson to Europe as he visits the Lodges there.

S.v.S.: Besides helping frustrated songwriters, this book could help anyone who has a creative block of any kind–

N.D.: There was a book called “The Mental Game of Tennis” that people from all types of disciplines use — people who do any type of performance. I almost wish my book were about fly-fishing; then it might be more likely for people to use it in different disciplines. But actually, people have adapted it for different methodologies. A guy is using [our book] for comedy writing; another group was inspired to create video games.

Our book arose out of my attempt to persuade Michael Mellender (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) to form a band with me called Dobson Psuedostra — a small group of people who’d make a big orchestral sound. Michael is an amazing multi-instrumentalist — a musically prehensile berserker ecstatic maniac. He’s my hero, really. I met him at a show I was doing about 8 years ago where he and my future girlfriend were the only ones there! We started talking and — we’re both into heavy mathematical music. He later gave me a tape where he had recorded my band on one side and material he had recorded on the other. We started talking about doing an experimental metal band.

All my life I’ve had a tendency to expand everything into a system or federation or organization.

S.v.S.: What does that stem from?

N.D.: I have really intense A.D.H.D. — I basically can’t do anything without creating a system in order to make myself do it. I have a tendency to make everything into some ambitious global system [laughs], so I thought, “Why not have this entire giant organization of crazy angular math death-metal bands?”

We were batting around acronyms and came up with “Concept Thrash League” (CTL), and “Nerd Thrash for a Better Tomorrow” (NTBT). Michael does microcassette field recordings; he uses cheap band instruments like glockenspiels and weird stuff for percussion, and layers them to build music around… We were talking about using your mouth to make music into a microcassette recorder — have that write the song. Then later we were talking about our federation of bands.

S.v.S.: [laughs] An entire global federation!

N.D.: Right… and I remember just laying in my bed and imagining this vision of salons where people meet and make music together. Not bands per se, but just groups of people who pro-actively get together to have really productive parties. This future society would be spread out all over the place, where a whole culture of people were constantly getting together to be crazy and creative and prolific. I imagined all these people in a room together…

But then I thought, “What are we doing?!” I want some kind of assembly-line way of making music; I never want to THINK again! I never want to wonder where my ideas are coming from, or who I am, or question the meaning of what I’m doing. I just want to make music all day long, forever. And Michael responded that we would improvise. He’s really good at that, but I’m not. I began to realize that I thought about making music all the time.

S.v.S.: In your head?

N.D.: Yes, and doing nothing about it. I would drive to work writing great different types of music in my head, way more ballsy and interesting than what I was doing in my band. I was being so cautious in real life. I was being a sissy. I would wake up in the morning and realize that nothing ever got done. I had ground to a halt; I was running in place on a giant hamster wheel totally exerting myself, but nothing got done.

It was at that point that I figured out the 20-Song Game. So I e-mailed him this idea. And Michael responded all wild-eyed at the thought of trying to write 20 songs in one day. This became a major obsession with us for a couple of years.

For that first year we would meet twice a month, and that’s still part of the fabric of our lives. Michael really helped set the tone for a lot of the rules of the games we came up with, the ideas for what to do when you’re stuck, the rules you can break, ways of declaring war on your mental rules, your fears and reservations.

S.v.S.: So, in order to get him to make music with you, you created a Society of Music lodges, a world wide–

N.D.: –self-help cult!

S.v.S.: Clever of you. [Google to find out more about the book and its authors]

5. What We Attended: See V. Vale’s blogs at www.

() May 2. Saw George Kuchar’s ORPHANS OF THE UNIVERSE – great music, cast and retro-futurist style. Underground masterpiece by the master of underground filmmaking (600 to date?).

() May 8. Aaron Rose, artist, curator, musician and photographer interviewed V. Vale for a forthcoming issue of ANP Quarterly. Google him!

() May 9-10, 13. Met with monochrom members Johannes and Daniel who were in town planning the next Arse Elektronika event this fall in San Francisco. They did performances at Maker Faire, and staged a mini-Roboexotica at a very interesting art space on 5th Street near Folsom St. to read up on monochrom.

() May 10 (daytime) attended the Pagan Festival at Martin Luther King Park in Berkeley, which is always inspiring on various levels. Went to Amoeba in Berkeley and scored a VHS copy of “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” for $3.99.

() May 11, Mother’s Day evening, saw Ralph Nader / Matt Gonzalez at Tony Serra’s law office, thanks to Marc Powell (featured in our PRANKS 2 book). There is a photo of Ralph Nader holding our PRANKS 2 book on our website. We are now supporters of their “tell the truth” presidential campaign, and have acquired yet more distaste for all the compromises, half-truths, evasions and just plain lies being marketed by the two-party system which has become, as Lawrence Ferlinghetti put it, “a bird with two right wings.” Who else is blatantly anti-corporate, anti-stock-market-gambling, anti-Bear-Stearns bailout, anti-real-estate developers, anti-lobbyist, anti-arms-manufacturers, pro-environmentalist, and pro-voting reform?

() May 17-18. Attended Mission Bazaar — beautiful huge auditorium with transcendent lighting. Met some intriguing people.

() May 19. Monte Cazazza visited – too many ideas to list! John Law visited. We bicycled to view the Shepard Fairey billboard at corner of Washington Square Park, Union/Columbus.

() May 20. SRL’s Doug Sutton and Sandra Oh visited – more ideas!

() May 21. Went to Hypnodrome and saw a shocking, riveting, preview performance of Charles Busch’s “Theodora, She-Bit-ch of Byzantium. Perfectly cast. Extremely memorable. Funny. Naughty. Hypnodrome is also preparing a play version of “Jack in the Beanstalk” which we’re looking forward to seeing.

() May 22. Ulrika Andersson hosted a live interview for The Counter Culture Hour, with tattoo artist/painter Tanja Nixx, originally from Germany. Screened a Counter Culture Hour episode featuring the highly amusing and super-tattoo-literate Lyle Tuttle.

() May 24, attended the Mexican Bus Ride featuring Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s mesmerizing narratives – what a privilege to be in the company of someone who thinks! Inspiration and illumination from a genuine poet who reveals that the true soul of San Francisco resides on 24th St (bet. Valencia-Potrero Sts) and, a bit attenuated, on Valencia and Mission Streets in the Mission District. Should be required experience for every San Francisco resident. The beautiful performance artist Violetta Luna provided memorable, haunting guidance, furnishing incandescent (and erotic) epiphanies every few minutes. There will be another Mexican Bus Ride on June 14 — reservations recommended.

() Sun May 25: PAUL CESEWSKI’s Carnival of Scraps. Tinkerer and kinetic artist Paul Cesewski recreated an old-fashioned carnival midway at the S.F. Dump. His motto is “Fun is the universal language” – we saw his Duchamp-like bicycle-powered kinetic sculptures and other games of chance. It was a fabulous and free closing reception, complete with popcorn, soda, and all kinds of sausages and hot dogs (including tofu-dogs) all complements of San Francisco’s trash-pickup company. The rides and games were built of former discards, with a highly alternative-energy bent to the attractions. It is a little known fact that San Francisco Scavengers awards grants for artists-in-residence, supplying a large workroom and all the raw materials you can dig out of the dumpsters AND a stipend.

() May 25, earlier in day: went to CARNAVAL by Ulrika Andersson’s artspace, 23rd/Bryant Sts. This corner is the start of the parade featuring Mardi-gras-like costumes, musicians on most floats, unbelievably perfect early American (now low-rider) cars.

() May 28. An amazingly resourceful antiquarian book dealer (and “cat” of many colors), Jeff Maser, visited — He stocked up on some RE/Search offerings, including our 30-year-old Search & Destroy tabloid issues and a couple of the new hardback deluxe reissues. We’re planning to visit his warehouse in Berkeley in June, where he sells his collectible books, and also has a letterpress!

() May 29. Went to an underground film show and saw the filmmaker LES BLANK present two of his classic documentaries on American musicians. In “Sprout Wings and Fly” (1983, 30 min) one of the best moments is when the 82-year-old fiddler, Tommy Jerrell, talks about being so old that most of your friends are dead, yet occasionally you have dreams that they’re alive and you’re actually talking to them. Insight: even when you’re really old you can still play lightning-fast music. I realized anew that friends are people who give you gifts that help you become who you want to be, only more so. They encourage you, help you realize your dreams, your projects, and bring out your inner potential(s). They help you get through life less vexatiously.

The next film was “In Heaven There Is No Beer?” (1984, 60 min) which is a documentary of Polka music in America. The dancing rivals the best of the “Swing” movement and looks like a lot of good clean drug-free (but sometimes beer-enhanced) fun. One film-participant states confidently that the lyrics “in heaven there is no beer” are merely poetic, but in reality “…of course there’s beer in heaven!” If this film is an example, I’m guessing that all of Les Blank’s films are worth seeing: offers a large array of his quirky-social documentaries, many music-related — now on DVD.

Could there be anyone who followed independent film in the ’70s who was not aware of Les Blank’s, “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe,” which was REALLY DONE publicly, after a lost bet. Shoe prepared for consumption by Alice Waters, now of Chez Panisse fame.

Many thanks to Doug Katelus and Rock Ross for making this happen! And thanks to Les Blank for this free showing!

6. What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent: see V. Vale’s blog at www.

() Today we received in the mail the incredible SPK “Document III0” black wooden BOX package from the quality-obsessed, Germanic, Frank Maier V. Vale contributed an essay on S.P.K. This box is the contemporary equivalent (almost) of Marcel Duchamp’s limited edition “Valise” which I’ve always wanted to “own.” Sinan Revell has included a small portfolio of her recent color photography. This SPK box is highly recommended!!
Frank has a unique manifesto illuminating his one-man enterprise: “Vinyl-on-Demand (VOD) is a unique music-label, specializing in experimental / minimal-electronics and avant-garde artists and their old and long deleted cassette-releases, as well as their new, so far unreleased material. It will furthermore provide a platform for new innovative artists on VOD’s sub-label, called “Pripuzzi Records.” VOD has recognized, that very innovative and creative music (usually released only on tapes) of the early eighties has become highly sought-after, but almost impossible to get. With the VOD concept, this material is now available in better quality than the original tapes and on a better medium, Vinyl! Every month VOD is releasing a vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies for 14 Euros and Double-LPs for 19 Euros or 3-5 LP-Box-Sets between 49 and 59 Euros. Furthermore, VOD will also offer the unique possibility to release most of the artists works in individually handmade and pressed editions of less than 50 copies ON DEMAND. Feel free to order them now and ask for our other releases or simply become a member to our VOD-Club and get all 12 monthly releases with lots of bonus material, inserts and many current and future discounts. For more Information about the releases, just go to: WWW.VINYL-ON-DEMAND.COM” – write Frank at Frank Maier, Hochstrasse 25, 88045 Friedrichshafen Germany or email

() The truly-big-bargain (224 glossy pages of quality content, 8.5×11″) BIG TAKEOVER Magazine #62 has Part 1 of an interview with yours truly, V. Vale. Subscribe from, or send a check for $20 made out to the Big Takeover, Jack Rabid, 1713 8th Ave Room 5-2, Brooklyn NY 11215. Jack does his usual attention-to-details, compressed (and in this case, flattering) presentation. Here’s a chunk of the life of your RE/Search founder…

() The 9×12″ glossy NERO magazine has an interview with V. Vale by Francesco de Figueredo. Order from (write, or send money to Nero Magazine, Via Degli Scialoja 19, Roma 00196, Italy. Beautiful production; Italy may have the best designers on the planet.

() Johnny Strike’s A LOUD HUMMING SOUND CAME FROM ABOVE — book of short stories. Some are so good they should be expanded, maybe into a novel. Write RE/Search for more info RE availability.

() HI-FRUCTOSE Vol 7 out! 4 issues for $26 from Hi-Fructose Magazine, 909 Pierce St, Albany CA 94706. Send submissions/inquries to – Attaboy and Annie Owens persevere with another all-color, glossy paper, compendium of “contemporary art on the edge…” Funny, disturbing, pessimistic!

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS – thanks to our friend Phil G, Ferrara, James McN-, & Others who sent us the below:

() “Vale — Here’s my new series. Just completed the website tonight. — Gary”

() dig it (from s. yablon)

() Battle at Kruger: Cape buffalo herd vs lion family

() Julie Lawler of The Urge [70s all-female band] has a new song on MySpace, recorded at Hector Penalosa’s [Zeros] house in San Diego. It’s playing online here:

() Photo of Ralph Nader holding RE/Search’s PRANKS 2 book:

() from Phil G: “my favorite of the EC Mad artists”:

() Fugs: (also part 2)

() prank:

() beyond “CRASH”:

() “Check out — this week’s program is about publishing on demand and ebooks, very interesting. This one of my favorite shows – I listen to a lot of public radio, but don’t like having to be by my radio when shows are on. Fortunately, many now have podcasts, so I load them into itunes and listen whenever I want. The ones that don’t are often broadcast many times a week, so I look for them at — dig it – radio on demand! This is truly revolutionary, total separation of time/space. We started using Tivo years ago, and now watch tv when we want, and without commercials — this is one of the brighter aspects of the “brave new world” we are in!”

() From James McN: PYREX WARNING!
Pyrex is no longer made out of the heat resistant material it used to be. Now, since 1998 when Corning sold off their kitchenware business the new company decided to make NON heat-resistant glass and sell it under the name ‘Pyrex.’ Read about the thousands of exploding casseroles and “Sorry kids, the pork and potatoes are now embedded with millions of micro glass particles — guess we’ll have to go to McDonald’s for dinner.” Check out some of these crazy exploding dinners and even ones that were sitting there over night spontaneously exploding into micro death slivers from hell.

() from Lydia Lunch: Ghosts of Spain solo live Portugal

() from Ferrara Pan: “Ferrara has just read and signed the petition: Stop fumigation of citizens without their consent in California
You can view this petition at: ”

() from Johnny Strike, a podcast recommendation: humming sound/crime


() Google Sonia Rykiel, Agnes b talking about May 1968

() recommended video:

() from Babalou: Press Release:
Website: <>


() May ’68 Situationist slogan: “Live without limits and enjoy without restraint!” (in original French the word for enjoy, “jouir,” had the double meaning of org-asm)

() from our pal Dean overseas: “Doctor jokes as “quotes”?! I’m surprised you didn’t mention the retired gynecologist who liked to keep a hand in… Here’s a dozen I’ve collected since i started thinking of just how well quotes fit the 21st century attention span and how grand ideas can sometimes be tightly coiled…” [Here’s a website:] — “be very amused. Be well, Dean”

1.”To be stupid, and selfish, and to have good health are the three requirements for happiness; though if stupidity is lacking, the others are useless.”– Gustave Flaubert

2. “Which is more musical: a truck passing by a factory, or a truck passing by a music school?” — John Cage

3. “Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow.” –William Blake

4. “Those who restrain their desires, do so because theirs are weak enough to be restrained.” — William Blake

5. “Science is the opiate of the suburbs.” — John Keats

6. “Our psychological reality, which lies below the surface, frightens us because it endlessly surprises us and drives us in directions which society’s rules and organizations define as wrong or dangerous.” -Anais Nin

7. “Lottery: A special tax on people who are bad at math.” –Edouard Archinard

8. “Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.” — Elbert Hubbard

9. “Don’t be so greedy that you break your fingernails.” — Japanese proverb

10. “Either you think… or else others have to think for you and take power from you, per-vert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

11. “I declare, once and for all, I will not be civilized.” -Arthur Cravan

12. “The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accord with nature, in her manner of operation. ” -John Cage

13. “If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.” — W.C. Fields

• Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
• A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.
• Fashion is made to become unfashionable.
• There is no fashion for the old.
• Elegance is refusal.
• Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.
• Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.
• Legend is the consecration of celebrity.
• My friends, there are no friends. [sad thought]
• There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time.


() “Hi Vale, The [8 issues of S&D for $30 — good deal; write us at] arrived today. I can’t wait to get stuck in; thank you very much for forwarding them onto me.

Crass & the DK’s: My 2 favourite bands of all time.

“I can’t believe that you met Gee Vaucher and got the inside track on what makes her tick. I am a massive Crass fan, and I have to say that the visual impact that they/she produced as a band was just as powerful as the lyrical & musical content.

“Jello is the man; the 1st time I played ‘Fresh Fruit’ I knew that this is the guy that can make a difference. Listening to both of these bands back in the early 80’s defined the person I am today, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. (However, if you get the chance to talk to Jello again, tell him that us Europeans are pretty much up to speed as to what the U.S. government are up to with their ‘Silly Games, etc…’ I got into so much trouble when I brought my ex girlfriend to one of his ‘Spoken Word’ tours a few years ago here in Ireland, not helped by the fact that he ordered the bouncers to eject two girls from the show!!) ‘Keep On Keeping On’ — Colin.
PS I will probably [order] a copy of a few of your publications. I’ll be in touch.”

() “Please tell Stephane that her musical taste is guiding her true, and Acid Mothers Temple is one of the great bands. Kawabata and all those people have musical histories she will have fun getting gummed up in.

“Regarding the silent rave: The first silent rave I ever heard of was at the second 24 Hour Community Spacewalk … Warrior Girl, a wall-scaling superheroine performance-art person from SFAI, had two of these large events, with different art happenings on every block over a period of 24 hours. The first was in the Mission — 16th-24th and Dolores to South Van Ness, I think. The second, ’98, was in South of Market …

“Now I only heard of this, but never saw it, but, the second Spacewalk in SoMa featured a silent rave in which attendees wear headphones w/ *radios* (walkman or something) tuned to a pirate low-fm band, playing music, to which they’re all dancing in time. That’s a whole different thing, eh? I wouldn’t mind stumbling upon one of those some time! A crowd of people dancing silently, but in perfect synchonization. “See ya later! — Josh Wilson, Indy Arts & Media”

() “Hey Vale,
“Where Camp is this weekend at the google plex. I sort of suspect that our geowanker ‘revolution’ had its day, in about 2003-2005, and it was cool, and now is hanging on the way rock stars with walkers hang on, but that is what I am doing with myself. That and taking gigapan images on (my ‘anything for a buck’ gigapan page is at:

“The gigapans are a new form of media. Not photographs, exactly, and obviously not film. Let me know if you have something cool to take gigapans of. I did a few of Treasure Island, but when I went with my gigapan they had tightly closed the holes in the fence of the graffiti pool – I got to go on the ‘cold war ruins’ tour with Todd Lapin and Karen Marcelo, before I had the gigapan. Here is a where camp page: — “Cheers, Rich”

() “Hi Vale,
“I had bought a copy of MODERN PRIMITIVES in 1990 or so – found it on a book stand. I’m a graphic designer (mostly retired except for my own stuff) and was interested in tattoos as an art form…..have none myself.
“Being from India, I’m used to sadhus with all variety of piercings, hanging fruit etc, etc. In Kerala – during some festivals, men in altered states are suspended from flesh hooks raised high above chariots and taken in a procession….some Native American tribes have the same ritual of flesh hooks. Anyway it was interesting to see it in print, here in the US.
I recently met this young couple who have various piercings and lent them my MODERN PRIMITIVES book a few times. Now they will have their own copy, signed by you! Thank you.
“……I went online after I left you a voice message this AM and placed the order – thought it would be fun to read about bodily fluids too!!
Best regards, Usha”

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