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V. VALE’s RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2007: Lyle Tuttle, Arse Elektronika, Bunny Meadow


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2. Sat Oct 13, 2007, 6:30pm: COUNTER CULTURE HOUR: LYLE TUTTLE Cable Channel 29
3. Feature: V. Vale’s blog on ARSE ELEKTRONIKA Oct 5-7, curated by “monochrom”
4. What We Want (and Wanted) to Attend: Jello Biafra at Hypnodrome Oct 12-13, Filthmilk, etc
5. What We’ve Been Reading/What We’ve Been Sent: Vale’s blog on S.F. Zine Fest
6. RECOMMENDED LINKS – thanks to our friend Phil G, James McN-, & Others who sent us the below
8. Feedback from Readers

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2. Sat Oct 13, 6:30pm: RE/Search Counter Culture Hour (with host V. Vale) featuring Lyle Tuttle, president of talking about death, conformity, the coming tattoo renaissance in China, etc. Cable Channel 29 (S.F. only) RE/Search’s Counter Culture Hour airs 2nd Sat of month, 6:30pm; set your “VCR.” Please write us if you’re interested in collecting CCH episodes on DVD – we’ll burn one custom for you, for a donation…

3. V. Vale’s blogpost on ARSE ELEKTRONIKA Oct 5-7 – due to infernal laziness, we are posting this blog in this, our monthly newsletter – it’s on our NEW website, too…

“There are certain events (temporary autonomous zones or TAZs) where you feel like you’re living in a future society, or a future world. I often had this feeling during 70s Punk Rock Shows, or talking to J.G. Ballard and William S. Burroughs, and always at Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) shows. People say they experience this at Burning Man. I definitely got this feeling attending ARSE ELEKTRONIKA, curated by the Vienna art group “monochrom,” hosted by (and others) at a no-sign location on Jessie St between 5th and 6th Sts.

“It was relatively easy to find parking (because the area is rife with homeless and crazies), especially on the smaller alleys. Concentrated urine smell everywhere – this area is definitely not going to be the next yuppie takeover YET. Went into a small grocery store to purchase a banana (35 cents) and it was an armed / caged camp. Walked down Jessie Street holding my breath til I got close to the doorway of the P.P., guarded by a tall, heavyset, bearded man wearing a watchcap — he searched my backpack, looking for alcohol. I told him I didn’t drink. At least he had a twinkle in his eye.

The black painted interior led to a bar area on the left, a bathroom on the right (patronized by both sexes simultaneously) and straight ahead was the main audience room, with the stage to the left. Decor was authentic medieval castle, with iron rings everywhere. The ceiling had dozens of light fixtures — this was a film set. Behind the “auditorium” were authentic-looking prison cells, a community shower, and horse stables (sans horses). The audience was mostly dressed in dark clothes, with at least three people sporting neon magenta or bright red hair. Two young people had mohawks (more on them later).

The beginning of the Arse Elektronika was introduced by Johannes Grenzfurthner, a very amusing off-the-cuff speaker who is capable of instant improvised oblique responses to any question. The conference’s focus was on por-nography and its role in catalyzing/inspiring/leading the invention of new technology. As J.G. Ballard put it, “Sex times technology equals the future” (1972?) and the A.E. event fleshed out this prophecy, literally. There were new ideas introduced every hour, and some of them may have fallen into the category of “too much information.” As this is a “family”-appropriate newsletter, much of what was witnessed will have to be withheld until later…

A beautiful female mannequin christened “Moaning Lisa” (pun; get it?) not only contained a Mac laptop, but was fitted with sensors (back of neck, back, crotch, nip-ples) which, upon appropriate stroking, emitted moaning sounds. Rich, the only man present wearing a tuxedo, went onstage to demonstrate. Lots of nervous laughter from the audience – in fact, nervous laughter was the major audience response throughout most of the entire conference. “Lisa” was on display and available for audience fond-ling all three days. Then the “Por-n Tub Punch” – a simulation of sperm dissolved in water – which had been prepared in a huge tub on a table, stage right, was brought to stage center and the audience was invited to sample it. Our intern Elie and his girlfriend May bravely accepted a glass, as did dozens of others. Well, this is San Francisco, after all.

Next up was The Electric Orifice Orchestra who demonstrated a kind of “sound innovation” not experienced in most nightclubs or art musems. Two beautiful women (wearing a blue and a red dynel wig styled a la Charlie’s Angels) and a buff young man, mostly nu-de, demonstrated how the sensors attached to their crotches emitted a full range of sounds when the appropriate kegel (and other such) muscles were contracted. Very interesting. Fortunately there was a constant stream of charming, witty, narrative patter from the two women. Definitely worth seeing; they have to be a group on their way up…

Finally, the climax (literally) of the evening drew near as a large robot (aptly christened F–zilla) was pushed to the center stage. It bore a wheel of pink self-lubricating tongues. Also present was a power tool sporting an overly-large dil-do. Brilliantly magenta-haired Jake the Enabler pulled on disposable gloves, someone else fitted a con-dom over the dild-o, and a call was made for a volunteer from the audience. Amazingly, the female half of the mohawked duo (those “Punk Rockers” have guts and courage) raised her hand and climbed onstage. (I don’t think she was a “plant.”) As the event was being webcast live to Vienna, a gauzy modesty screen was hung in front of the stage. What we saw must be left to the imagination, and I personally did not see the one-meter perpendicular spray of female ejaculate – must have blinked, I guess. This was one of the most intense experiences ever witnessed by yours truly, and the sheer volume of the demonstratee’s expressive sounds was somewhat eye-popping and ear-shattering. At the end, everybody seemed slumped in their chairs and avoiding eye contact, although there was wild applause. Unbelievably, there was yet a second demonstration. Reportedly a video of this “marathon” was posted on YouTube and pulled down almost immediately–albeit after a huge number of viewers had logged on – word spreads quickly in cyberspace, apparently. No wonder various folks have predicted that “robots shall inherit the earth”…

The next (Saturday) morning Mark Dery (pompadour, trim dark suit, dress shoes with thick rubber heels, red patterned shirt and gold patterned tie) proved what a professional speaker/theorist he is, with an “awesome” Powerpoint demonstration encompassing stills and movie clips. Title of his talk was “Paging Dr. Moreau: ‘Humanimal’ Po-rn in the Age of Xenotransplants and Genetic Chimera.” Reportedly his Q&A displayed his amazing improvisatory flair at crafting complicated, academically-inflected compound sentences bursting at the seams with innuendo. Here memory betrays me; was it his presentation that showed American G.I.’s laughing, giving thumbs-up and high-fives while pointing at a dead, blackened corpse of an Iraqi at their feet? Did he show us some darkly sinister rarely-seen prison photos taken at Abu Ghraib, or was it in someone else’s presentation? Must wait for the video which, it is promised, will be uploaded later to the monochrom website.

Had to dash to the second day of the S.F. Zine Fest, and returned barely in time (7pm) for the educational art-history presentation of Stefan Lutschinger: “The Re-Judgement of Paris: How ‘Ob/scenity’ Gave the World Modern Art in 1863” – featuring, of course, Manet’s “Luncheon on the Grass” painting, and its remake by Malcolm McLaren featuring Annabelle from Bow Wow Wow – this photo did not make it to the U.S. LP pressing. It turned out that Annabelle was only fifteen when the nu-de art photo of her was snapped (but really, you couldn’t see a thing). Next two clips from a movie, “W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism” were shown — highly recommend this film which mixes footage of a copulating couple with post-Marxist slogans, footage of a million-person rally in Chairman Mao’s China, and other amusing-yet-political scenes… Sex and radicalism is (almost) always a good combination!

Had to miss David Dempsey’s “Po-rn and Personal Development” presentation, but the word was: it was good. Ditto for Autumn Tyr-Salvia’s “How Po-rn & Tech Change Sexual Discourse” – heard that a lot of beautiful vintage po-rn photos were projected, along with the accompanying text on the theme of “the invention of the camera and the movie camera immediately led to production of p-orn photography” — no surprise there!

Sunday morning at 10 AM is too early – but that’s when Arse Elektronika screened Peter Asaro’s “Love Machine” feature documentary on small-town inventors of “love-making machines” along with interviews featuring the likes of Manuel De Landa, Ken Goldberg, and many other inventors, scientists, and engineers. This is a work of depth and substance, and must be viewed at least three times to be comprehended. It’s amazing that such a professional, thorough, in-depth production can be shot and then finished on a laptop, self-funded. Wow. Next followed one of the best Q&As of the conference, with questions asked by Katie Vann of Oakland, California. Peter and Katie discussed “Pornomechanics: Sex Robots and the Mechanisms of Love.” Elegant discussion, indeed.

A funny presentation by Annalee Newitz (clad in a baggy man’s suit and tie, with Doc Martens look-alikes): “A Futurist’s History of Sexual Technology” was followed by Thomas Ballhausen’s “Push It! Fragments from the History of Adult Remakes” (of Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc). Great film clips and almost Dr Freud-style dispassionate narrative. Too much, almost! Unfortunately, at this point I had to leave…

The Arse Elektronika Conference was an amazing challenge to American Puritanism — which yet survives. What a contradictory country this is! We saw a full spectrum of demonstrations / evidences of Yankee technological ingenuity harnessed to over-the-top, obsessive sexual inventiveness. What was “synthesized” at the Arse Elektronika weekend conference was “proof” that there are no limits to the extremes of human conceptualizing and subsequent uninhibited behavior. We experienced a full demonstration of the power of human thought, in the absence of moralizing censorship and without value judgments – just naked reality and super-reality being made manifest in the privacy of one’s own home or home laboratory or home theater. Truly, the imagination is what creates the future, like it or not… – V. Vale, founder of RE/Search & Search & Destroy, www. ” – from pod; more forthcoming
Photos of ‘s Arse Elektronika available at, and other sites – google “Arse Elektronika” to find a lot more!

4. What We Want (& Wanted) to Attend:

() (Tonite!) 7pm, Oct 12, 2007, SOMARTS, 934 Brannan/8th St: Digital Offerings for the Altar of Life opens tonight at SomArts at seven! A Day of the Dead celebration, dedicated to Jack Davis (R.I.P.). Video tribute to Art Harris made by Peter McCandless and Mike Dingle. <>

() Oct 12-13, 8pm: Jello Biafra in a Grand Guignol play at the Hypnodrome, 575 10th St/Bryant. – support live theatrical art at the edge of madness!

() “Oct 13-14, 1pm, Bunny Meadow (next to Conservatory of Flowers), Golden Gate Park, S.F. LAST FREE PLAY IN THE PARK FOR THE SUMMER SEASON – There is one more free summer outdoor play still being performed this weekend: Moliere’s “Don Juan.” It was originally written and performed in France in 1665, but you can see if for free in Golden Gate Park in a really beautiful grove. The Pangs Theater Ensemble does a great job with it and there are only going to be two more performances, on Saturday and Sunday, October 13 and 14, at 1pm. The acting, costumes, and music are all excellent, and the play itself is quite funny. You can bring a blanket and sit on the grass to watch, and while you’re there you can have a picnic and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. For more information, including directions: . – REVIEWED AND RECOMMENDED BY JOHN SULAK”

() Oct 20, Midnight: midnight showing of “Suspiria” Oct with a live musical tribute to Goblin by S.F.’s Sabreteeth, at Clay Theater, Fillmore/Clay St, S.F. We’re going! Dario Argento is one of our favorite living filmmakers, and this is one of his masterpieces… Besides, Goblin (who created soundtracks for Argento films) was one of our favorite bands ever…

() Tue Oct 23, 2007, El Rincon, 2700 16th St/Harrison, 7:30pm. FILTHMILK (one of our favorite new “industrial” bands, locally based, featuring Pranks 2 “prankstar”/drummer Marc Powell, and Erich Fendler, synthesist; plus a cellist (google failed to find his name). for more info, or google “Filthmilk”

() “Next time they come to town definitely go see HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (Oct 6 at Bottom of the Hill). She was with Billy Childish. They were great!” – Robert, from TJ’s –

() PENELOPE: we wish we could have seen Penelope (Avengers vocalist) at Bottom of the Hill Wed night (Oct 10, 2007) but alas, we were teaching a class on Punk Rock History at New College. Penelope is starting a major tour – go to for complete details!

() TERESE TAYLOR (“deliciously miserable music” — NYTimes) has a new CD out, Good Luck Investigationship – please google her and find it! – sadly, we missed her at Cafe du Nord Oct 2.

() Oct 4, 2007: Kal Spelletich with Chris Johanson at Jack Hanley Gallery, 389 Valencia St, S.F. Google for photos, etc – we missed it 🙁

() Oct 10, 2007: the first of many SRL benefits for Todd Blair, SRL crew member. To know Todd is to love him, and if you ever met him, you’d know why. Go to for more info. Also, Sept 22 ’07 SRL Amsterdam show photos – google to find even more.

5. What We’ve Been Reading/What We’ve Been Sent: Vale’s blogpost on the S.F. Zine Fest Oct 5-6, 2007
Friday 2-7pm. �Work� the San Francisco Zine Fest at Women�s Building, 18th St bet. Valencia & Guerrero (actually, it feels more like �play�). At 1pm meet Charles Gatewood ( who�s sharing my table. Because it�s Friday afternoon, the place remains kinda dead until around 5:30-6pm.
Oh well, it was a chance for me to play the battered grand piano in the corner, so old there isn�t a brand name on it and the ivory keys have been worn down to the brown wood underneath. Nevertheless, it�s reasonably in tune, so I play it, and this is the largest audience I�ve ever played to. The people nearby actually applaud, led by a tall woman who�s with a tall man (wish I knew their names) who came all the way from Michigan to sell his huge exquisite corpse spiral notebooks – really beautifully executed. The pages (high quality thick paper) divide into three parts, and you can recombine them into whatever combinations you select – truly seems amazing. Apparently his friends collaborated on making all the drawings. Andre Breton would have smiled -–no, applauded -–from his grave…
Next to my table was a woman, Carmen Ogden, who was selling her zines and color prints taken at Santa Cruz Boardwalk – a pack of five cost $5 (not a huge profit there, I fear). John Marr gave me the newest “Murder Can Be Fun” – can�t believe it, but he�s done another one; been doin� it since around 1984. It is even more humorously written than his earlier zines, if that�s possible [$4 from POB 64011, SF 94164). Mari Naomi came up to me and gave me her new per-zine, �Kiss and Tell� (Estrus Comics 5 from about her [puzzling] early history of relationships with boys. Near the piano was another pianist, Andrew Goldfarb and his wife, who gave me a piece of chocolate cake and clapped every time I played piano. At the end of the next day we gifted each other with books and things. Andrew has produced the most beautiful �incredibly strange� book �Ogner Stump�s One Thousand Sorrows,� [] plus a CD with great artwork, �the Slow Poisoner: Roadside Altar.� Our kind of sensibility…
Saturday showed up at 1:30pm and that day seemed much like Friday. Just in from New York City was Fly, a tall woman with blond-and-black-streaked hair slicked back so she looks like she�s permanently in a wind tunnel. We gifted each other with zines and other items: Profane Existence 54 (!), Peops 3, Dog Dayz, and a DVD release of The Peops Show, presented by Killer Banshee Studios ( She was once in God Is My Co-Pilot, the �Riot Girl� band, and is currently playing in several bands (including Zero Content), teaching at a girls� �school� and other places. She draws full-page profiles of people {google Peops], with little biographies handwritten around their faces – Soft Skull published a 200-page book of hers which was recently heavily discounted, she said. She was with a friend with a purple mohawk, riding a high powered wheelchair, who lives in the Bay Area.
Next to me a woman who is a pastry chef (with burns, scars on her arms to prove it) brought in a chocolate cake. I got a piece and it was rich, delicious, different, scrumptious. I gave her a copy of Modern Pagans as a kind of exchange. Other piano applauders included two twins from Bellingham, Washington, and a pair of girls dressed as futuristic girl scouts (you know who you are).
Although hardly anybody bought books, nevertheless I felt like I was part of some kind of post-capitalist gift economy. It looked like almost everybody was trading rather than spending money, although most folks were making change. People were wearing T-shirts that said slogans like �This is what feminism looks like� and �The Revolution Begins With You.� There were raffles every two hours, and real prizes were given out.
At the last minute my friend Chris Cobb showed up and �guarded� my “stuff” while I went to get the car. Next stop was Arse Elektronika, at Jessie St between 5th and 6th St… – by V. Vale”

() Another Pagan “classic” by Diana L. Paxson: Ravens of Avalon, an expansion of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Avalon series. A feminist fantasy and vision quest adventure.

() Two gorgeous books: 1) Sordide Sentimental: Lumieres & Tenebres, by Jean-Pierre Turmel. Available from 2) Jean-Francois Jamoul: Temps Incertains, Hommages et Essais. To order write – website:

() Joachim Montessuis: the beautiful black-on-black CD and book package of “sound installation” music “Errances: 1993-2005) available from – email: – Also, Erratum #4/Sound Reveige/Art + Noise + Poetry 3 CD Digipak, available from – black is the color of all the true culture we love… – brought to us by the very interesting environmental sound recordist Gael Segalen, visiting from Paris…

6. RECOMMENDED LINKS – thanks to our friend Phil G, James McN-, & Others who sent us the below:

() “This one makes the movie look like a direct to video movie. Although to be honest, for most of the world it will be direct to video so…I dunno, does this look watchable to any of you? – Derek”

() – very witty descriptions of records – who writes such good text? Site is admirably well organized – although I couldn’t find the Alternative Tentacles Bike Messenger Bag – was it discontinued? – Vale

() “Gotta hand it to aussies for a sense of humor! – James”

Also: – New Cinema of Transgression doc…
Additionally: You might find this interesting: and

() Sex Pistols Reunion Tour:

() I like gay troublemakers:

() “Beat” is old carny slang:

() lobotomy prank:

() busted for prank:

() sick:

() from Simon S: Mexican ‘writer & poet’, author of something called ‘Cannibalistic Instincts’, who’s just been arrested for eating his girlfriend:

() Here’s our 8-minute video trailer:

() We must get back to Oakland at once:
“the fist were unwelcome passengers”

() Bukowski: – Phil

() Amy Wallace & Handsome Dick Manitoba’sThe Official Punk Rock Book of Lists. Celebrities range from Nick Tosches’ “10 Who Were Punk Before There Was Punk” to Debbie Harry’s “People I’d Like to F ***” plus Jim Carroll’s list of people who died…

() <> – sent by chris t.

() j.g. ballard interview:


() “Smash the control images. Smash the control machine.” – abby normal, myspace (W.S. Burroughs is not dead…)

() “Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.” – Jules de Gaultier

() “Fear no foe. All will be well.” – W. Churchill

() “Write about what you know. Follow your love. Tell the truth. Develop your character through action – show, don’t tell.” (advice to writers)

() “The mind always mirrors the body in some way, and just as the predominant bodily condition of Americans today is obesity, so the predominant mental state is: information constipation.”

() Taken from V. Vale’s 5th Punk Rock Class handout:

ARTHUR RIMBAUD. 1854-1891. died at 37. forerunner of Surrealism & Punk. Poetry includes hallucinations, deliriums, free verse, vivid dark imagery. Best poetic works: “Illuminations,” “The Drunken Boat,” “A Season in Hell.” Thought that poetry could lead to mystic revelation and that per-version and dissolute behavior could lead to transcendent visionary insights. Had a “bad” effect on older poet Paul Verlaine – stabbed him, perhaps. All poetry written before he was 20. Then he became an arms dealer in Africa.

LAUTREAMONT, LE COMTE de. Real name: Isidore Lucien Ducasse. 1846-1870. Died at age 24. forerunner of Surrealism & Punk. Inspired by reading Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) and the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) author of “The Philosophy in the Bedroom” (great essay, btw). Wrote “The Songs of Maldoror” and “Poesies” (aphorisms). Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, educated in Paris, lived off coffee, wrote extreme black humor prose poetry (making love to a shark?!) as well as accessible maxims.

“Poetry must be made by all” – Rimbaud

“…the subject, which is a painful one for every being who belongs to the race which has imposed its unjust dominion on all the other animals of creation.” – Lautreamont, Maldoror

“The hawk tears the sparrow to pieces, the fig eats the ass, and the tapeworm devours man.” – Lautreamont, Maldoror

“When I write down my thoughts, they do not escape. This action reminds me of my strength which at every moment I forget. I learn as I link my thoughts together. But I am only moving towards the realization of one thing: the contradiction between my mind and nothingness.” – Lautreamont, Poesies

“Reason is the source of all great thoughts!… I shall write my thoughts methodically, according to a clear plan. If they are exact, each one will be the consequence of the others. This is the only true order… I would be debasing my subject if I did not treat it methodically.” – ibid

“Sleep is a reward for some, a torture for others.” – ibid

“Love is not happiness.” – ibid

“Ideas improve. The sense of words takes part in this process.”

“Plagiarism is necessary. It is implied in the idea of progress [which] eliminates a false idea, replaces it with a truthful idea.” – ibid

“Poetry cannot do without philosophy. Philosophy cannot do without poetry.” – ibid

“Poetry must have for its object practical truth. It expresses the relation between the first principles and the secondary truths of life…The mission of poetry is difficult… It discovers the laws by which political theory exists, universal peace.. the psychology of mankind.” – ibid

“The mind rebels against rubbish, mystagogy/mysticism.” – ibid

“i know of nothing which is beyond the reach of the human mind, except truth.”

8. Feedback from Readers:

() – (thanks, David P.) Miss Jackie Breyer, Genesis P-Orridge’s wife, suddenly died of a heart attack Tue Oct 9, 2007. We’re stunned, especially since I just talked to her two months ago at the PTV3 gig at the INdependent Club, S.F. – she gave me a hug, we joked around, talked about her triggering of samples during the live show, etc. Seems unbelievable. Sudden death will always be a shock…

() “My wonderful [Pranks 2] book arrived a couple of days ago… I have enjoyed your books since I stumbled upon Pranks #1 about a decade ago in a small record shop in Kansas City, MO. I have collected a few other books since then and always enjoy them. This second Pranks book is my sixth Re/Search book and I hope to have them all one day. I appreciate everything you’ve done to bring some light to many topics that my friends and I are interested in. I have used the first Pranks book as a resource to find other topics and people of interest…Joe Coleman is one that comes to mind. Anywho, thanks for everything… -Todd”

() “Hi Vale, I just wanted to know if you got that print of the kitty-mask girl holding the Pranks 2 book that I sent you. the other package I sent to the states the same day hasn’t yet arrived at its destination. If you could let me know if you got it or if there is some vast canada/u.s. Border conspiracy against creepy kids-in-animal-masks photos, that would be great. Oh — and I finished my website. It’s not fancy but it does the trick. It’s – Have a swell weekend! Pam”

() “…around 12 years ago, i was reading RE/Search #14: Incredibly Strange Music” (still available from www. on Bob Moog. It said Moog was currently making theremins… I ordered one right away, and 5 weeks later my musical life became corrupted forever.”

() “…RE/Search #6/7: Industrial Culture Handbook: You should totally buy one. I’ve been reading it during my lunch breaks and it’s pretty ground-breaking stuff (even though it’s originally from ’83). RE/Search is going through rough times as their distributor was PGW who famously went bankrupt in the past 6 months… So, if you were thinking of picking it up direct via their site, now would be a good time 🙂 [ http://www. ]
it’s like— REQUIRED READING, you know? – RYAN”

() “I was just a psychotic 7th grader trying (with little success) to stay out of the loony bin when I first laid eyes on Modern Primitives, The Atrocity Exhibition, and a handful of other RE/Search titles. Now, I run my own ritual performance S&M circus and pal around with Jean-Louis Costes and Z’EV. THANK YOU RE/Search – Noah”

() “Those books came today and they’re beautiful. Thanks very much… this semester is my final semester
of grad school, culminating in a 45 minute lecture. The title at present is “Counterclockwise: Writing Against the Trend,” beginning with Dada, Huck Finn, Situationism on, and will conclude with a lengthy consideration of indie publishing as a cause (with quotes from you, Paul Krassner, Rennie Sparks of the Handsome Family, Michael Hathaway of the Chiron Review, and others, to show precedence and lend that concept weight)–and the whole thing is little more than a re-framing of the notion that Pranks are beneficial, as prescribed in your excellent anthologies. Yow! Gut 7 is in production now [with a funny interview w/V. Vale – ] Here’s to you, Zack”

() “Radiohead’s new album is available downloadable on a “pay what you can afford” basis – apparently, the record industry is disturbed by this! You can also buy a limited edition vinyl box set w/extra tracks, or a CD” – sent by Gary C.

() “Highly recommended: the new Throbbing Gristle album, especially for two tracks” – Naut Humon

() Just met “Rich” on the telephone and while I was talking to him he was using Google Maps (and the new “Street View”) and could see my neighborhood – weird! – Vale. You can do things like zoom in on the Tenderloin and see the homeless people and almost take photos without being in the actual place. – Elie

() sent by David P: “Photo of J.G. Ballard’s room:,,2030530,00.html text: “My room is dominated by the huge painting, which is a copy of The Violation by the Belgian surrealist Paul Delvaux. The original was destroyed during the Blitz in 1940, and I commissioned an artist I know, Brigid Marlin, to make a copy from a photograph. I never stop looking at this painting and its mysterious and beautiful women. Sometimes I think I have gone to live inside it and each morning I emerge refreshed. It’s a male dream.

“There are photos of my four grandchildren (one, along with a picture of my girlfriend Claire, is just out of shot). The postcard is Dali’s Persistence of Memory, the greatest painting of the 20th century, and next to it is a painting by my daughter, which is the greatest painting of the 21st century. On the desk is my old manual typewriter, which I recently found in my stair cupboard. I was inspired by a letter from Will Self, who wrote to me on his manual typewriter. So far I have just stared at the old machine, without daring to touch it, but who knows? The first drafts of my novels have all been written in longhand and then I type them up on my old electric. I have resisted getting a computer because I distrust the whole PC thing. I don’t think a great book has yet been written on computer.

“I have worked at this desk for the past 47 years. All my novels have been written on it, and old papers of every kind have accumulated like a great reef. The chair is an old dining-room chair that my mother brought back from China and probably one I sat on as a child, so it has known me for a very long time. A Paolozzi screen-print is resting against the door, which now serves as a cat barrier during the summer months. My neighbor’s cats are enormously affectionate, and in the summer leap up on to my desk and then churn up all my papers into a huge whirlwind. They are my fiercest critics.

“I work for three or four hours a day, in the late morning and early afternoon. Then I go out for a walk and come back in time for a large gin and tonic. – JG Ballard”

() Notice: October 2007 issue of SPIN magazine focuses on 30 years of Punk, with photos…
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