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RE/SEARCH Newsletter #39, August 2005

RE/SEARCH Newsletter #39, August 2005

1. CounterCulture Hour airs TOMORROW – Sat, Aug 13, 2005, 6:30pm (10th episode) with Johannes, of the performance/conceptual art group monochrom which is based in Vienna, Austria.

2. NEW RE/Search book out now: J.G. BALLARD CONVERSATIONS with Mark Pauline, Graeme Revell, David Pringle, Maura Devereux, Lynn Fox, and V. Vale. BOOK RELEASE PARTY with Outdoor Parking Lot Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) SHOW Sept 10, 7-10pm at Hayes Valley Market, San Francisco
3. Jean-Jacques Perrey Record Release/Autograph Party! Thur Sept 15th at Varnish Gallery, 4. What We’ve Been Doing
5. Recommendations and responses from readers

**Dear Friends: Please note that our email address has changed to: (not:

1. CounterCulture Hour TOMORROW Sat, Aug 13, 2005, 6:30pm, Cable Channel 29 (Sorry, San Francisco only, but watch for video releases on our website.) The 10th episode will feature Johannes of monochrom, all the way from Vienna, Austria. Karen Marcelo, SRL’s webmeister, introduced monochrom to us last month, and we immediately liked what they are about … in July they were in San Francisco for a couple weeks doing various projects based at one of the most radical art spaces in town, William Linn’s Rx Gallery, 132 Eddy St/Mason, SF 94102 ( Among other projects, they hosted an interactive performance whereby members of the audience could experience the feeling of being “buried” alive (in a coffin) monitored by a videocam. They also did a street performance with a group-made medieval catapult, which hurled old-model cell phones some fifty feet into the air… interesting to see as no permits were obtained, and this took place downtown on a San Francisco street.

Since 1993 monochrom has focused on producing radical art centered on art, politics and technology. The group staged a very funny “prank” at the Sao Paulo Biennale (a huge international art fair) in 2000, which will be recounted on The Counter Culture Hour. (RE/Search’s next book will be on the topic of PRANKS, and monochrom will of course be included.) This particular interview covers a lot of topics in 60 minutes, and is very “dense”… both informative and humorous in the RE/Search manner. We highly recommend “tuning in” to see this program, hosted by V. Vale and produced by Marian & Marian (Marian Wallace and Marian Wilde).

2. NEW RE/Search book out now: J.G. BALLARD CONVERSATIONS with Mark Pauline (founder, Survival Research Laboratories), Graeme Revell (founder, SPK; and composer of some 100 film soundtracks), David Pringle of U.K., local writer Maura Devereux, U.K. teacher Lynne Fox, and RE/Search founder V. Vale. Please order our new book, not yet in stores, at www. Price is $19.99 for 360 pages, about 50 photos, printed on super-high-quality glossy paper, 5×7″, and featuring photographic art by Ana Barrado, Charles Gatewood, SM Gray, and Tim Chapman, a U.K. J.G. Ballard fan.

There will be a BOOK RELEASE PARTY at the Hayes Valley Market, 560 Hayes St at Laguna, San Francisco. Apparently it was mayor-elect Matt Gonzalez who did some vital negotiating which resulted in this large space, 50’x100′, being available as an art gallery for the next year, administered by recent SFAI graduates Albert Herter & Lisa Rybovich Cralle.

In the Outdoor Parking Lot next door, Mark Pauline, Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) founder has promised a “small” outdoor show/performance — hang on to your hats for that one!

To Recap, Sat Sept 10, 2005 7-10pm Hayes Valley Market, 580 Hayes/Laguna. Call RE/SEarch 415-362-1465 for more info.

Additional info: here’s a tentative agenda:
Party for RE/Search’s new book release: J.G. BALLARD CONVERSATIONS. Scheduled:
() a 20-minute panel with Mark Pauline and Graeme Revell [tent.], and moderated by V. Vale. Possibly a few Q&As after.
() There will be large photographs and blow-ups from the book on the west wall; the east wall will feature Survival Research Laboratories historical photos, and more. Photographers will be present to answer questions and chat. Ana Barrado herself has promised to fly in from Florida for this evening, and some gorgeous vintage prints by her will be for sale.
() All the RE/Search backlist will be available at discounted prices, and rare, hard-to-find SRL videos, T-shirts, calendars, etc will be for sale [tent.]
() Slide projections by Charles Gatewood
() Ballardian music deejay: Mike Ryan
() The evening will conclude with a rare live performance by Survival Research Laboratories in the parking lot next door.

Lastly, our thanks to Hayes Valley Market curators: Albert Herter & Lisa Rybovich Cralle. Hayes Valley Market, 580 Hayes (near Laguna), Tu-Sat 11-6pm.

3. Jean-Jacques PERREY, resident of France, will be in town next month! The composer of numerous musique concrete compositions, immortalized on ’60s albums such as The In Sound from Way Out, is a certified genius. Mill Valley resident (and recent mom of twins) Lisa Haugen brought about the release of Jean-Jacques Perrey’s first album in some thirty years: CIRCUS OF LIFE, which we at RE/Search have played about fifty times…it’s that good. Google Jean-Jacques Perrey for more info.

The RE/Search Incredibly Strange Music book contained the first interview with Perrey (and his ex-partner Gershom Kingsley) in decades. This book is still available from us at www.

On Thur, Sept 15, 7-10pm, RE/Search, Varnish Gallery, KFJC and Lisa Haugen will co-present a Record Release/Autograph event with Jean-Jacques Perrey himself in person, all the way from France. M. Perrey is a senior citizen (in his seventies?) and we need not stress how rare this public event will be. Rabid fans of the music of Perrey and Kingsley should not miss this event! Jen and Kerri of Varnish Gallery, 77 Natoma St, San Francisco, were kind enough to offer their avant-garde (and beautiful) art space for this reception, and Liz Clark from KFJC has promised to aid in promotion. Please tell your Incredibly Strange Music collector-friends about this event — not only is it rare, but it’s also free! 77 Natoma St is off 2nd Street between Mission & Howard, around the corner from Gasser’s Photo Store.

To recap: Thur Sept 15, 2005, 7-10pm: Jean-Jacques Perrey Record Release/Autograph event at Varnish Gallery, 77 Natoma St, San Francisco. Kindly do not bring piles of old vinyl for M. Perrey to sign — just let him autograph his new CD release, please!

4. What We’ve Been Doing…

** We’ve barely begun our next book project, a follow-up to our groundbreaking PRANKS! book. If you would like to contribute, please contact us. We’ve been sidetracked by dealing with a literal ton of water that poured through our ceiling, ruining some (but not all) of our archives, thanks to the woman upstairs who changed her deadbolt and refused to give a key to the manager–it took 35 minutes to break her door down and by then her apartment looked like Lake Tahoe.) Next week we will begin anew the PRANKS Project and the very important publicizing of our two September events.

5. Recommendations and responses from readers

“The book I love the most is Warhol’s “index” a limited edition of 1,000 were published. I have a copy and will bring it to san fran the next time I visit. I was lucky mine is signed so it has quite a value. Its a lot like Andy’s Party Book which I’m sure you have that Pat produced shortly after his death. I also worked on the exhaustive catalog just put out by the foundation by Claudi Defendi. I also happen to like the book on Edie quite a bit, although its pretty harsh on Warhol’s involvement with her. I don’t think he had anything to do with her demise or anyone else’s he just watched and captured a moment in time.
A_ ”

“Did you happen to catch ‘The Nomi Song’ documentary about Klaus Nomi that played at the Red Vic about a month ago? It was fantastic! It’s available on Netflix now; most of the video stores here in the east bay don’t have it yet.
Best wishes,

“I’ve been a long time fan of Re/Search (since the Industrial Handbook) and I always enjoy the recommendations of your newsletter. I’ve got a audio blog that is 99% music that I think you might enjoy. If you do I hope you’ll add me to your links for a future newsletter. though the broadcast is especially good with iPods, it will play on any mp3 player and will automatically start playing when you log on to the site.

“Did you see the �Brion Gysin biography? ‘Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted’ They have it (hardbound) at City Lights.

“…thought I’d mention a book I read recently by Leonora Carrington called ‘The Hearing Trumpet’ – published in 1976, it’s a somewhat surrealist tale of an old woman sent away to a very strange ‘old folks home’. Funny and inviting, I quite enjoyed it. Have you read it?

A Brief RE/SEARCH History
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