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RE/SEARCH Newsletter #31, October 2004

RE/SEARCH Newsletter #31, October 2004

1. A word from the editor
2. New Ballard Book! Spread the word! Here is a press release. Help yourself!
3. Join a phone party to help get out the vote!
4. Pranks and Factrix reunion shows/ review now on-line

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1. A word from the editor
VOTE! You can absentee-ballot, or vote in advance at your local City Hall (in San Francisco, at least). See #3 below! 2. New Ballard Book! Press release

Dear readers, writers and booksellers:
It’s not often that a book comes along that is simultaneously broadly appealing and an obvious cult classic in the making. J.G. Ballard’s reputation as a sardonic visionary with an uncanny talent for turning phrases that compel immediate attention while propelling far-reaching thought has become the stuff of legend–especially in the wake of Ballard-based films by noted directors Steven Spielberg (“Empire of the Sun”) and David Cronenberg (“Crash”).

As stunning visually as it is intriguing intellectually, J.G. Ballard: Quotes (Does the Future Have a Future?) is a perfect book for our fast-paced world, full of bite-size bits of wisdom that are deceptively difficult to digest and featuring thought-provoking photographic imagery.

It’s strikingly easy to read, surprisingly hard to put down, and literally impossible to review without creating a piece that’s a provocative read in its own right.

Available November 2004. Please call or email for wholesale info, advance orders, and review galleys. http://www.

3. Beating the Bush At the website, you can join a phone party. They are all over the country and take place on election day for the most part. There are at least half a dozen in San Francisco where the host will be supplying some sort of sustenance while you use your own cell phone to try to sway possible voters to actually go to the polls. Plug in your zipcode for a phone party near you!

4. Review of Pranks and Industrial events now on-line, written by Marc Olmstead.

5. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! All the money you send goes directly to us! You literally buy us lunch! If you want a copy of the Industrial Culture HandbookIncredibly Strange Music Vol Two, or Search & Destroy Vol One, order ’em soon! Why? It’s very hard now to keep books in print, and large-format RE/Search books are not yet suited for the new print-on-demand technology. Yes, if you’ve read this far & like this “free” newsletter, please go to our website and “vote with your wallet” (we have no ads or corporate sponsors):

6. The RE/Search Mission Statement: Punk Rock lives!
With $100 each from Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in 1977 V. Vale founded SEARCH & DESTROY to document and catalyze the original punk rock cultural revolution. In 1980 Vale solely founded its phoenix, RE/SEARCH. Rough Trade and friends like Betty Thomas, Scott Summerville and Kathy Acker helped publish RE/Search.

Vale’s main influences are Surrealism, Situationism, the entire history of radical cultural strivings in general, Claude Levi-Straus, and Andy Warhol’s original minimalist B&W Interview tabloids. Focus is on radical ideas, black humor and creativity rather than biographical sensationalism.

The RE/SEARCH project encourages “D-I-Y” (Doing It Yourself), and work against hierarchy. There is a “Control Process” that thwarts our creativity, imagination, dreaming, and exercise of freedom. RE/Search is engaged in a long-term cultural remapping toward the chimeric goal of “total liberation of the head, heart and groin.” We wade through the sea of information overload to bring you “pearls.” Our roots also include Dada, Situationism, Outsider Art, and The Occult. Our direct mentors are William S. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, and Philip Lamantia, plus everybody we’ve interviewed! Please feel free to contribute to this project–and say how you wish to be credited.

October 2004 RE/Search eNewsletter written by V. Vale.

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