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eNewsletter #9, September 2000

eNewsletter #9, September 2000


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TOMATA DU PLENTY R.I.P. (1948-2000)All who knew him or knew of him were shocked and saddened by the recent passing of Tomata Du Plenty last month. Please read anobituary on the website.

As the singer for one of the most pioneering West Coast 1977 punk bands, the Screamers, du Plenty had been slated to be interviewed by Vale for Mindaugus Bagdon’s extended version of Louder Faster Shorter, which Dirksen-Molloy Productions is currently producing for Bagdon. “This is a great loss,” Vale says, “He had stories which will never be told.”


On the Researchpubs site this month:



After being originally contracted for Tower Pulse June issue, it was increased to a feature for July, bumped to August then September, then dropped. Partly due to the editor who had contracted the article having left Tower in August, partly due to East Bay Ray calling and giving what sounded like a “soft threat” if anything printed wasn’t accurate– the succeeding editor did not have the time or inclination to check the article with a fine tooth comb. So now you can read the article in its entirety on our website.


Jimmy Friedman of the 1979 San Francisco punk band Wolvarines (which later included ex-Dead Kennedys drummer-turned architect Bruce Slesinger) notified us that his band, El Destroyo, is giving a rare performance at Caf� du Nord, Market St, San Francisco on Friday, September 22nd. Reportedly, Brian Ritchie, the bassist and co-founder of the Violent Femmes, has joined the band in their current tour and to produce El Destroyo’s forthcoming (2nd) cd. El Destroyo has been touring with the Violent femmes for the last 2 years. The low admission price is $8 starting at 9PM. If this is like other du Nord shows I’ve attended, if you arrive between 6:00 and 9 PM for dinner, you don’t have to pay the door charge. Call for information: (415) 861-5016 to verify this.

Jimmy Friedman offered this:
“I will do my best to upset and torture my fans so it kinda fits in with your newsletter.” We don’t know what exactly he means by this, but hope to go and find out on the 22nd.

The band line up (and I quote Jimmy on this):
Drummer: Shig “33” Born Yokahama japan, Played in Plastic Ono Band than moved to america and joined Hot Tuna he now plays Drum with El Destroyo and never leaves his house except to play and tour NO Joke
Guitar: Roger Rocha Born In SF was to Non Lesbian member of 4 non blonds now plays acoustic guitar in El D.
Piano & violin: Yoonki Chai never heard of the Beatles or Bob Dylan Sex pistols. Played classical music only, under Leonard Bernstein and other such greats Yoonki. Has perfect pitch.
Singer: Jimmy Lincoln Friedman; Aikido teacher in San Francisco
Bass Player: Brian Ritchie, co-founder of The VIOLENT FEMMES

EL DESTROYO’s first Cd “The latest Drag” on Innerstate Records can be found at


Although some skipped Burning Man this year, “It’s gotten so commercial, it used to be just a few friends digging into the sand”, our cybersurfer friend Phil, who attended the desert event for the first time this year, had this to report: “Bman was da dope, as the young folks say (and as the cops found out). A community of 30000 anarchists and post-hippie techno freaks, totally out of electronic touch with the world, fueled mostly on ecstasy. Big rave in as about an inhospitable camping environment you can imagine. t ranged from 40 degrees to 115 over a 24 hour period, with winds up to 70 mph, dust, and cold rain one night. Ancient sea bed in Black Rock Desert. Originally was a neo-pagan festival put on by crazy men who liked to go way out in the desert and blow Big Things up. Total loud music everywhere, all night and day, usually could hear three conflicting sources going in and out, blaring techno, house, trance, and even some Bob Wills now and then. Everything was art, much of a bizarre sexual or anti-corporate bent. Everyone got along and had fun and were convinced few would go to such depths to folks on earth. Lots of that, too; everyone felt as members of something hard to describe. Probably right. The kids loved it, seeing all those crazy grownups.”


According to Peter Maravelis, the beautiful and legendary City Lights building is now protected; landmark status was finally awarded! It would be very difficult now to get a permit to tear down San Francisco’s independent edifice of anarchist publishing and poetry-making. In other news, founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti recently toured Italy with Jack Hirschmann (who, by the way, was mentioned in Anais Nin’s third diary for his pioneering translation of Artaud), speaking to packed houses. And on September 20th, at 7 PM R.U. Sirius, publisher of Mondo 2000, gives a reading to promote his latest book, The Revolution: Quotations from the Revolution Party Chairman R.U. Sirious [sic]. Besides signing books he will deliver a “DERISION 2000: Mock the Vote” speech for his campaign for the presidency as the Revolution Party Candidate.


Los Angeles student filmmaker Gary Chong interviewed V. Vale on August 7 for a RE/Search documentary project charting the RE/Search’s cultural impact. He also has interview documentaries-in-progress of Graeme Revelle (soundtrack composer, founder of SPK�see RE/Search #6/7: Industrial Culture Handbook) and J.B. Mackey, a convicted and now-deceased serial killer/writer. The Revell documentary is by turns amusing and illuminating of the Act of Creation in contemporary Hollywood; the Mackey documentary is absolutely spine-chilling and bears an authenticity similar to pioneering documentary works such as “Vernon, Florida,” one of Vale’s favorite short films. Chong promises to make a rough cut available soon.


In case you’re wondering, Vale did attend Webzine in August, setting up shop and selling books. In fact, the event went so well, he didn’t have much to report, having been stuck behind his table the whole time, giving great deals on books and meeting past and future fans. The event took place at Cell Space, and was considered by all, once again, to be a great success: a people’s event, where table space was free of charge and the admission was low with all ages admitted. Watch for it next year, when Vale will be participating on a to-be-announced panel.


Marian Wallace

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