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eNewsletter #6, June 2000

eNewsletter #6, June 2000


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Take a look at our website at http://www. There have been some additions made and promises of more to come. Look at “The Latest” and it really will have something new to offer–with pictures!


Man Woman was in town again, and this time we got him on videotape. He started out telling us about his recent near death experience (see eNewletter #2), went on to tell of his working trances and dream-derived paintings, and then got to his favorite subject: the swastika. His arms are covered with swastikas. One reason for this, it turns out, is so that he is always ready to inform Mr or Ms Anyperson about the history of the swastika, one of his most successful “classrooms” for this being an elevator. Why watch the floor numbers count up when you can learn about why Hitler has no right to ruin this ancient symbol of life. Take one look at his arms and he will take it upon himself to educate you. He has dozens of different representations from various cultures: Japanese, Basque, Indian, etc. Not to be too shocking, on his forehead he has only a flaming third eye tattoo. We hope to post a video excerpt on our website in the near future. Until then, watch for a picture with transcription–soon. See pictures at http://www.


Bruce Conner has a fantastic show up at the De Young Museum near the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate park (8th Avenue entrance from Fulton Street). He won’t let it be called a retrospective, claiming that whole sections of his artistic output are not represented. However, it IS fairly exhaustive, including on-going screenings of several of his 16mm experimental films and his “Dennis Hopper One Man Exhibit” collection of etchings from the 60s. Dennis Hopper, Bruce Pollack, Henry Rosenthal, Richard Gaikowski, Mike and Helen Rudnick and many other local artist and art supporters were in attendance, eating the never-ending sushi and chicken teriyaki and drinking from the open bar. We didn’t allow nearly enough time to see the actual show which was smartly out of splash range from the food in another wing. We will have to make a trip or two back to take it all in. It’s all hung to the utmost perfection, I’m sure under the eagle eye and unrelenting direction of Bruce himself. Years ago when I worked for Bruce, he would go so far as to tell me how to throw things away. He told me that he could tell by eye if a picture was hung at so much as an 8th (or did he say 16th) of an inch tilt. Needless to say, the exhibit looks perfect. You can see some of Bruce’s punk photos in Search & Destroy 1-6 and 7-11, or the original S&D tabloids.


The Cocodrie on Kearny Street in North Beach hosted a self-proclaimed “unauthorized” Mabuhay Gardens 25th anniversary reunion show on May 20th, attended by Vale, who sold Search & Destroy tabloids and other RE/Search books. The event was organized by Alan Parowski of Up-Lift. Winston Smith of Dead Kennedys LP cover art (now New Yorker cover art) fame shared the table to hawk his own books. Penelope Houston played an acoustic set and sold CDs. Jumbo Shrimp played an instrumental set– only one day following their so-far successful lawsuit against Jello Biafra. Biafra, whose presence was missed, was represented on video ala Dirksen-Miller Productions. The event drew 10% Mabuhay-ites of the era and 90% more recent punk-ites. In attendance were Dirk Dirksen (of course), Judy Steccone and Ruby Ray (S&D photographers), Loyd Love (Tools), Danny Machine (Breeders), Vicky Piper, Spencer (see him now spinning at the Hi Ball lounge), Mabuhay waitress Ruby Blackstock, Justine Herbert (The Pasties) and many others from 20 years ago. Vale said afterwards, “It was more fun than I expected.”


George reports to us (by snail mail, he’s on assignment in Oklahoma doing his yearly weatherwatch) that he has just about completed the video he shot here at the RE/Search office in May, and the title will be “Spawn of the Pagan.” Watch for it to see what it’s like around here– through George’s lens. We have not seen the tape yet, but he described my appearance as “oozing soothing charm” and Vale’s “open-ness and willingness to share his opinions … making a riveting performance that is both informal and informative.” About our daughter’s appearance he says “the ‘catgirl’ is as natural as a pussycat,” this referring to her sartorial penchant for leopard suits. We hope that none of this will bring either a lawsuit or the social services to our door, and look forward to seeing it. He has obtained no releases from us, so we always have that.


Connie Champagne entertained in-between films, or were the films in-between the live vaudeville-like, one-woman acts. In any case, Sprocket Ensemble has become one of Connie’s occasional showcases. The audiences seemed generally appreciative of the films both Saturday and Sunday nights, but on Saturday they also had fun. Sunday night was almost completely devoid of laughs for the films, even those films that were obviously intended to be and were actually funny. With the wide variety of humor, there must have been something, somewhere in the show that amused at least a few people. A friend blamed it on the fact that it had been such on overly hot day and it was the end of the weekend– everyone was just too tired to react. I wondered if they were being very polite and were afraid to laugh at something that wasn’t intended to be funny. Well, at least the Saturday night audience seemed to “get the films.”


We have signed on with Southern California Book Distributors in Gardena, near L.A., otherwise known as SCB. Trade orders should be directed to them: TEL (310) 532-9400, FAX (310) 532-7001. Aaron Silverman is very organized, energetic, and optimistic about the distribution of our books and will start June 1, 2000, in time to tell everyone at the Book Expo America (BEA formerly known as ABA) in Chicago second week of June. Craig Broadley and SUBCO Distributors will continue to accept returns through June 2001 on our books and through December 2001 for his other publishers before turning full time to wine– making and selling that is.


The show was unexpectedly entertaining, thanks mostly to emcee Alan Cumming. But Who were all those people? We saw a total of less than ten friends and acquaintances at the parties and ceremony, including Mark Pauline, fellow “weird” category judge; Edwin Heaven (ex-Nuns manager); Larry Harvey, Burning Man founder, a former “weird” judge is now a “community” category judge with his wife Marian Harvey; and Carrell McCarthy who worked on Modem Media’s contribution to the webcast and made the event. David Pescovitz and fiancee Kelly were there but not spotted. The acceptance speeches for the awards were to be limited to only 5 words. Here are a few:

Cafe Utne,, winner Community category, “Thanks come talk with us”
Paul Smith,, winner Fashion category, “I am not Paul Smith.” –This delivered by a tall, fashionably slinky model.
The Onion,, winner Humor category, “They said I could only…”
Atom Films,, winner film category, “Thanks to the film makers”
–couldn’t he have had one more word?– Filmmakers is usually considered one word.)
Scholastic,, winner KIds Category, was a no show. They must have been home putting the children to bed.

More acceptance speeches can be found at: www. This is so far a eNL#6 Readers Exclusive! — there is no link yet from our website to this page.

Just as Vale predicted as soon as he saw it, the elaborate tin lunch box/party favor holding a watch, a compass, a pen, and an energy bar, DID indeed turn up on Ebay the next day. No one had bid on it last I looked though. In fact there’s another one up there now awaiting a $10 first bid. If you’re tempted, don’t forget that there must have been several hundred languishing in unoccupied seats in the auditorium. Some folks (probably the Ebay sellers) were seen carrying several around. We clutched our one each during the after event party in tented Huntington Park while wandering around trying not to trip on curbs and bushes.


After attending 3 weeks of the trial, talking to Jello Biafra, East Bay Ray, an anonymous alternate juror, lawyers for both sides and many others both in the thick of it and in the surrounding scene, Vale said, “The trial and its outcome show the weakness of the jury system.”

Look for Vale’s Tower Pulse article (August issue) for more comprehensive coverage. Delay due to the fact that It was going to be a 1000 words for the July issue, but it was expanded to be a feature and they couldn’t fit it in until August.
More on this at www.


Marian Wallace

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