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eNewsletter #4, April 2000

eNewsletter #4, April 2000

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We are diligently working away here at RE/Search on the next manuscripts–to be released in the near future. We can’t give anything away yet, but hopefully we can fill you in more next month.


RE/Search and Charles Gatewood will be sharing a table at the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair Saturday, April 15, 10AM-6PM at the SF County Fair Building, 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way. Admission is free. This is one of the best social gatherings of the year, featuring inspiring speakers and an amazing selection of hard-to-find literature (at great prices) for those displeased with the status quo. Come by our booth and say “Hi!”


We bid a fond farewell to Catherine, who left our employ to go off and edit horoscopes for She has this to say: “I copy edit horoscopes and astrological readings 8 hours a day so reading in that tense every day — ‘You will feel a bit like this today; you’re in for this surprise, etc.’ — is giving me this constant sense of imminence: Something is about to happen.” We expect Catherine to remain part of the extended RE/Search family and hope we can hire her to write for us some day.


Our quasi-quarterly garage sale in San Francisco this month was under-advertised and under-attended. If you missed it, you have another chance at the great bargains. RE/Search books available for 20-75% off. These are store returns (compliments of Borders and Barnes & Noble) with slight to medium defects– mostly about what would happen the first or 2nd time you picked up the book to read it. Also available are Halloween and Sidetripping. Email us your requests by April 15th and we’ll get back to you with prices, filling as many orders as we have books for, first come first served. Most titles available at about 50% off cover price. Shipping will be the usual price $4 for one, $1 per additional books. If you’re local you can come by to pick books up and save on shipping.


We now own the means to produce low-budget videos and the plan is to get some interviews out there for you to SEE and HEAR. Don’t know the details yet, but learning the technology has been keeping us busy. Also, Vale has gone portable with a SONY picturebook and is writing daily columns for possible future publication. Independent book publishing just doesn’t pay the rent anymore. We are not stopping book production, but … those of you who have recently written in with the publishing bug– we don’t want to discourage you, but here is Vale’s advice to you:

“Briefly, my suggestions are: 1) OPM – use other people’s money, not your own 2) if you do publish, make a business plan (many books & software out there) and 3) definitely plan to LOSE money and not break even. That way if you DO break even, you’ll be happily surprised. Also, read marketing book(s) and Accounting for Dummies, maybe even Personal Finance for Dummies. Not what you expected, huh? OK, All the Best, V. Vale”

City Lights has started a non-profit foundation to be able to raise money to publish books. They _are_ accepting tax-deductible donations, I’m sure. AND they bought their building. At least eviction is no longer a worry. And speaking of City Lights:


On Thursday night, March 16, I went down the block to City Lights and the Paul Krassner reading (from “Impolite Interviews”) only to find the upstairs poetry room overflowing with people down to the first floor. You could still hear the reading from down there, so I hung around until enough people had left to make me think I could fit upstairs. I was armed with my new SONY digital camcorder, and people graciously made way and even directed me to a seat up front, where I sat and unobtrusively turned the lens towards Paul. He was very entertaining, giving interviewing tips and ad-libbing amusing and enlightening anecdotes about the interviewees featured in the book, and others: i.e. Ram Dass when asked if he had any good mystical experiences lately, told Krassner… “I had a very funny one you’ll really like.” Krassner filled in to the City Lights audience, “I DO like funny miracles better than those tragic ones.” (“I was giving him a hard time,” he admitted to us.) Joe Pine on his TV interview show had apparently attacked Krassner with many of his (Krassner’s) statements out-of-context, not giving him a chance to explain. Finally, after asking Paul about his (Paul’s) acne Paul retorted, “Do you take off your wooden leg before you make love to your wife?” (“I was just curious,” he told us.) Being live broadcast in LA, this part of show was seen there, but bleeped in many other cities. This is a funny guy with impeccable morals. The first question fired out during the Q&A: Why there were not any women interviewed at this time? His completely un-defensive response was that there _were_ 2 out of 20 (he estimated that at 20% off the top of his head, oops) and then said that most counter-culture icons at the time were men and the women remained in the background. Besides, many of the women he would have interviewed had already written in-depth articles for “The Realist.” He did not want to have “token” interviews of women just to be balanced. He told the audience, when asked what he thought about “the web” that he had finally gotten a computer to write with (this is a guy who doesn’t even drive a car) and preferred it in that he could be more anal with his writing. “You don’t have to say ‘that word is good enough’ because you don’t want to have to re-type an entire page to improve one word.” The world needs more people like Paul Krassner.

SAN FRANCISCO POET LAUREATE BATON PASSED ON 1999 LAUREATE Lawrence Ferlinghetti handed over the position and all it entails to Janice Mirikitani on Sunday March 26th. Also celebrating buying their building, City Lights apparently supplied snacks and libations for all. It was too crowded to get near where the refreshments were supposed to be, so I can’t vouch for that.

NORTHBEACH, ALTERNATIVE PRESS CENTRAL: Niebaum-Coppola Cafe, Vesuvio’s, RE/Search

City Lights is only one of many places in North Beach, San Francisco to have your literary fun. At Vesuvio’s this month, Vale met with Jello Biafra, who is still firing at the status quo with his spoken word performances. Jello is considered by Vale to be the creative and driving force behind the Dead Kennedys band of the early ’80s. Biafra once again opened the minds of those he addressed at the Beat paintings opening of Tomata du Plenty (singer from LA’s Screamers, 70’s punk innovators), alongside Penelope Houston (Avengers and beyond) and others. Biafra is at this time defending himself against the litigation of the other Dead Kennedys. We appreciate Biafra keeping the Dead Kennedys music available for the new generation, and hope that this lawsuit won’t take that away from the future.

In its ongoing series of Sunday afternoon readings, Niebaum-Coppola Cafe hosted “Women of the Beat Generation,” edited by Brenda Knight. The day featured Eileen Kaufman with memories of her days in the neighborhood with Bob Kaufman, trying to find a place to live that accepted mixed-race couples who made a lot of noise. Other luminaries included Joanna McClure, Lenore Kandel and (formerly Sister) Mary Norbert Korte. The place is small and fills up fast. Great wine.

And if you’re in the neighborhood, you can buy our books directly from the source. Don’t forget you can call and come by for special garage-sale deals through April 15th.


The nominees for the Weird Website division are the following:
I Kiss you !!–
International Trepanation Advocacy Group–
Stile Project–

Visit all five nominees and cast your vote for the best in The People’s Voice Awards! is the home page. Vale is judging in the Weird category.

Winners to be announced May 11, 2000. See the website for simulcast info. This at least should be interesting: “the acceptance speech rule still stands: 5 words or less.”


Due to changing personnel, we are no longer able to continue this feature on the website. Certainly some of you must be heaving a sigh of relief at this news.


In place of Sally Randy near the top of our homepage, we will soon have the red eclipsed moon image of the Burning Man web ring. Check it out and start planning for Labor Day week this September.


Marian Wallace

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