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V. Vale Bio-Comic: Search For Weird #0 by Krusty Wheatfield (back in stock!)


Zine Schemes & Punk Dreams. Close Encounters with Surrealism. Midnight in Ghent. Bonnie’s Rabbit. The Hodnetts. More Stories! Limited Printing in Color, 7.5″x10.5″, 24pp.

V. Vale was born of a Japanese showgirl mother (“Three Taka Sisters”) and an actor father (As Chairman Mao in “The Chairman”; Fujito in “King of Marvin Gardens”). As a foster child, he lived with a Polish family in Peoria; his Japanese uncle in Fresno; and a black family in Whittier, California (The Hodnetts). Then from ages 7-17 he lived with his mom in a Seventh-day Adventist small town (like being in a cult). He was accepted to Harvard but attended U.C. Berkeley, was an early member of Blue Cheer, published “Search & Destroy” 1977-79, and since 1980 has published RE/Search from the same address (almost 40 years). He self-identifies as a historian-anthropologist and cultural ethnographer; his motto is “Search For Weird”.

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Back in stock! New printing!

Interviews with V. Vale transformed into comics by Krusty Wheatfield.

Number Zero. The first installment of a forthcoming zine series chronicling Vale’s adventures in cultural spelunking. The second installment is also available.

[letter 1/19/17: “Hey Vale, I really enjoyed the Valecomic by Krusty Wheatfield. It would be fun to talk to you in person about it. The bunny part was really powerful.–Alan C”] RARE; last 10 copies of handmade color comic zine.

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