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Terminal Punk 7th Edition COLOR Zine Philosophy W.I.P. by V. Vale


V. Vale develops his theory about Punk being the final, terminal philosophy which encompasses the ideas, ideals and methods of all past undergrounds. This is a work-in-progress, available in zine form for now. Current zine was printed in COLOR in an edition of 20 copies and cost way more than we’re charging you!

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Forty-eight pages of non-academic thoughts on how and why Punk reached the apex of possibilities for counter-cultural development, as well as fulfilling all the potentials we were born with, encoded in our DNA. This zine continues to be edited as Vale’s philosophy is developing—it’s a work-in-progress. Get your copy now!
COLOR, 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, 48 pages, illustrated.
A reader wrote us on 7/24/16: “”Hi… I just wanted to say Terminal Punk was a really smart, timely purchase for me. I had been laid off from my job that day working in a department at the ___ office of education that ran professional development programs for teachers to integrate art into their curriculum. The goal/driving philosophies of this work to me had always been very Punk, and encouraging of every child to think of themselves as both an Artist and a Scientist (and the teachers themselves). It was really heartbreaking to be let go, and your writing helped me feel less isolated and not as blinded to think this job was my only avenue to pursue that “mission.” Thank you for that, —J” – [Thank YOU, J, for the feedback!]

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