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Sailor Jerry Collins: American Tattoo Master SOLD OUT


Includes many rare original flash sheets, photographs of full-body work and other material never before seen in publication.

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Sailor Jerry is a legend–the likes of which is almost impossible to find today. He was both an artistic and technical genius and certainly deserving of the title Tattoo Master. He was also a bit of an old coot.

Sailor Jerry is a lot like a dad. Though you don’t necessarily agree with all of his views, he’s still an inspiration. I’m apprenticing as a tattoo artist and he sets the standard that I strive for every day. Not just as a good tattoo artist. Not even a great one. But the best. I’m proud to have Sailor Jerry’s beautiful illustrations tattooed on my skin. A tribute, so to speak, to the master.

This is a great read regardless of your being tattooed or not. It explains a lot about tattoo history, particularly the development of the shading needle, and the importance of military symbolism in Hawaii. And Sailor Jerry’s illustrations are just beyond description. Perfect in every detail.

A very endearing book. Makes you want to talk to your dad about the war and get “Twin Screws” tattooed on your butt cheeks. (Or is that just me?)”

Sailor Jerry Collins started tattooing on State Street in Chicago, Illinois but made his name in Honolulu. This book includes his personal correspondence to D. E. Hardy as well as black and white and color images of tattoo memorabilia from Sailor Jerry’s career. This edition was published in 2005 by Hardy Marks Publications. 11 x 8 ½. Soft cover, 166 pages.

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This book takes you into Jerry’s world. Edited and with an introduction by Don Ed Hardy. Compendium of Sailor Jerry’s work over many years, including rare photos, letters and documents of his career…

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