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PRANKS ValuPak: two Deluxe Autographed books for $50


The 2 PRANKS books always make a great gift for friends! Order now! 1001 ways to have fun.

The original PRANKS book featured in-depth interviews with Abbie Hoffman, John Waters, Mark Pauline, Joe Coleman, Bruce Conner and many more. This ValuPak gives the limited edition HARDBACK (only 500 copies made) printed on Superior Glossy Art Paper — supersedes all previous editions for sale on Internet — for noticeably sharper photo reproduction. Pranks 2 continues the conversation (also on Superior Glossy Art Paper), also adding six essays on pranks by V. Vale, and a section on Internet pranks with interviews with the redoubtable Frank Discussion, and culture-hackers like Marc Powell. Other interviews include John Waters, Ron English, Jello Biafra, monochrom, SRL's Karen Marcelo, John Law, and the Suicide Club, Cacophony Society, Billboard Liberation Front, Paul Krassner, Julia Solis, and more.

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PRANKS limited edition HARDBACK reprint (sixty dollars on amazon) autographed by editor V. Vale; and PRANKS 2 autographed by V. Vale – save some bucks …

“Pranks is absolutely fascinating – remarkable source material for any experimental psychologist. It crosses the whole spectrum from mere pranks and practical jokes into concept art and the shaky foundations of a lot of everyday reality, and beyond that into pure psychopathy, in a few cases. One of your very best books yet.” — J.G. Ballard on Pranks

“Hilariously funny, but thought-provoking. A perfect example of Vale’s urban anthropology at its best.” — J.G. Ballard on Pranks 2

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