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WSB T-Shirts ($45) are back in Small (3 left); Medium ; Large and X-Large SIZES. Paperbound RE/SEARCH #4/5 ($20) on W.S. Burroughs/Brion Gysin/Throbbing Gristle, PLUS a copy of the Search & Destroy #10 ($30): Burroughs, Ballard, Russ Meyer. PLUS rare cardstock cover ($20) of R/S #4/5, suitable for trimming and framing…

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$115 worth of Burroughsiana (for SuperFans) for only $85.00 from one of the last Underground Publishers. Probably more than anyone else, V. Vale defended WSB against the charge of being a “privileged, old-money white man who got away scot-free with shooting his wife.” The Underground was previously liberal, left-wing and totally anti-gun, and V. Vale was the first to publish gorgeous photographs of WSB holding self-defense firearms and SMILING, thus helping create a romantic, mythological RE-imaging of a man who was on his way to becoming a forgotten, difficult-to-read writer. Vale’s slogan “We Intend to Destroy All Dogmatic Verbal Systems” is a freedom-of-speech, political statement against all political control systems which command humans to “believe” without questioning/doubt/analysis/interrogation and above all: satire and black humor.

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    ” Hey Vale, Thanks a lot for the signed copy of the Burroughs/ThrobbingGristle/Brion Gysin book. (AND the poster!!!) It came in the mail during my 1st week in the fear-occupied States.”

    –Graham Rae

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