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Recommended links February 2014


() from V in London:

Creepypasta is how the Internet learns our fears – Will Wiles – Aeon:

busy isn’t respectable anymore:

an incomplete manifesto for growth:

RE/Search is mentioned here:

() Please investigate New Lydia Lunch Website…Designed by Elise Passavant

() Help save the Doggie Diner Heads!: “Hello! …Please post (and repost!) about the Doggie Diner on Facebook and Twitter, and if you feel you are short on time, here is a quick short blurb for you to copy paste into your Twitter/FB feeds:

“The Doggie Diner heads—a much-loved relic of SF Bay Area’s living history—could be lost if something isn’t done soon!  –  Thanks a million for your support!”

() Burroughs Art Show, Lawrence KS:

() J.G. Ballard Memorial Photos:

() Incredible amount of JG Ballard-related material here: we recommend you print it all out on paper before it disappears!

() from Dave P:

() from Graham Rae:

() New from artist Danielle Neu:

() from Steven G: Foetus (long article):

() GPO’s favorite albums:

() On Burroughs:

() Mr Lucky & the 3 Doggie Diner Heads: video clip of Mr Lucky & Kitty Kitty Bang Bang with the doggies in Times Square…. from the documentary of their cross-country journey: “HEAD TRIP” —

() from Ralf:

() from Doug S: It’s a Nova episode:

It reminded me of an SRL show in a different place and time, with a similar cast of characters. Be sure to watch it with out researching it- great ending.

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