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Recommended links January 2014


() V. Vale quoted in NY Times Sunday Magazine feature on LYDIA LUNCH: “If people have just seen those early, scary films with Richard Kern, I can see how they’re afraid of her,” says V.Vale, the founder of RE/SEARCH Publications, “but in real life, she’s very generous and empathetic.” – quote from Sun NYTimes Magazine 12-22-2013, article on Lydia Lunch by Ada Calhoun.

() Our artist friend Danielle Neu Also here.

() Weather Girl & Camera Two zine reviewed last month.

() Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed from Marc P.

() from Paul S: Hi Vale! Neat look back at Ballard prescience – thought you would enjoy. Best to you and yours – hope you’re well! – Paul

() from Paul M: Having a show in Jan. Here’s the link to the PR—
best, Paul

() from Skot A:- Sex Pistols Christmas
Christmas prankster

incredibly strange holiday spirit
and more

() from Josh K (member of Team making a Residents documentary)

() from V in London

() Giant Snail

() another from V in London on CRASS

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