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1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR: Arse Elektronika in San Francisco Thur-Sun Oct 3-6: Attendez-vous!
1A. Pranks 2, now available for epub (ipad), Kindle Fire, and online “cloud” reading! Music by V. Vale available also!
1B. MESSAGE FROM V. VALE: GEORGE KUCHAR, LYDIA LUNCH and HENRY ROLLINS: New Pocketbooks – Order Now! Ed Hardy forthcoming!
2. The Counter Culture Hour Sat Oct 12, 2013 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line —
Rudy Rucker, cyberpunk pioneer on RE/Search TV this month! (simulcast only, not on demand 🙁 )
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1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR: There’s a young man who blew into town some years ago and who has proven himself to be a primary mover-and-shaker in the San Francisco “underground” arts “scene” (if there is one single scene?). He has put on scores of events, launched dozens of enterprises (it’s probably on his wikipedia page) and has become a seemingly effortlessly-prolific blogger, spinning out hundreds (or thousands) of words to promote his latest “cause”—whatever that may be. He was married recently and here’s a feat for today’s San Francisco: he managed to have every one of his several hundred guests check their cellphones and cameras at the door! He’s even run for mayor of San Francisco and didn’t do that badly… He sent us this email yesterday to promote his Thursday Oct 3, 830pm event at his warehouse space, Chez Poulet, (Army St below Mission), and yes, his name is “Chicken John.” We read the below and herewith present it to you, our readers, slightly edited:

++++++++++ (this from Chicken John — either written or edited by him …)
“This Thursday at 9:00 we are hosting Johannes Grenzfurthner and Monochrom (from Austria) to do their amazing awards show. These people are f**king funny. Odd. And they produce A LOT of stuff. And it’s all good. They are true eccentrics.


A festival on sex and technology

Theme 2013: “ID/ENTITY”
Talks, machines, games, workshops and performances.

General info:

October 3-6, 2013 in San Francisco, USA.
At Chez Poulet, Center for Sex and Culture, Noisebridge


“monochrom’s Conference on sex and technology!

Sex, technology, identity… big-ass sweeping themes for Arse Elektronika 2013.

Identity, but also identification. Technologies for the exploration of identities. Technologies for the articulation and performance of identities. Technologies for the enforcement of hegemonic identities. Technologies for the verification of identities. For example: What about the vast fencing-off of the old wild internet; the #nym-wars and the push for “real names”?

We typically assume there is ‘something’ that takes and/or performs an identity. What is this entity? Are awareness and consciousness strictly limited to and made sense of in human experience alone? How is identity understood and made sense of in terms of artificial intelligence? What might transhuman, android, or cyborg identities consist of? What does sexual desire mean to a dolphin?

We have technology-based identities. If we are to agree that agency is a key factor in identity AND position technology as extension/manipulation of agency, then is technology an identity in and of itself?

The Bay Area, famous as a place to “find yourself,” also hosts vast projects to organize and catalog the world’s identities, whether they want that or not. So, how does the “Californian Ideology drive” identity politics and techno-sexuality?

Will apps like Bang With Friends and gadgets like Google Glass provide us with the ultimate gonzo pornoverse? And why are services like LinkedIn explicitly banning escorts from using the site to get clients?

What have been the social ramifications of Web 2.0, ten years on? By what means have queer users of dating sites and social networks reframed or otherwise hacked the systems surrounding them? What is the design history of the drop-down gender menu- and its alternatives? How did Facebook’s inclusion of “in an open relationship” as a standard option for one’s relationship status affect youth mores? What has been the effect of location-based hookup apps on the architecture of cruising? What are the economics of niche dating sites, and how are they policed? What are the ethical obligations surrounding the ability to algorithmically identify those who are in the closet?

What technologies could ensure more flexible, fluid identities? What would TSA protocols look like if they were designed from a queer perspective? What does counter-surveillant fashion look like? How might we ensure the right not to be found? (Should we?) Are there technologies for anonymity that do not also afford stalking and harassment? Are there technologies for transparency that do not also afford stalking and harassment?

If an identity requires recognition (either by the self or through the Other), then is it ever possible to be “truly” or “identifiably” queer? Is ‘queer identity’ an oxymoron?

Former Tory chairman Lord Tebbit warns that legalizing gay marriage in the UK “opens up the possibility of a lesbian queen giving birth to a future monarch by artificial insemination.” Interesting times for sex tech? Indeed!

What about a historic dimension? What were techno-sexual systems of identity like in the past? What were the technologies of masked rituals? What technologies drove the invention of privacy? How did the adoption of fingerprinting change the regulation of prostitution in the early 20th century? Besides hanky-flagging, what techniques/technologies were used to signal ‘deviant’ interests? How was handwriting judged in the evaluation of potential lovers? What is the techno-social history of the “secret admirer?”

How will technological progress change the way we see ourselves? What are we without our iPhone and our beloved designer vibrator? Is the Marxian commodity fetish actually entering the sphere of (what a wordplay!) customization fetishism?

If orgasm patterns are unique and impossible to duplicate, could one’s sexual response be the ultimate biometric identifier? So, how worried should we be about the spectre of sphincter-printing?

What about Big Data in a sexual context? Does size matter?

Well… dear entities out there, with your proud Egos, Super-Egos and Hyper-Egos! Never forget that there is an Id (as in “id-entity”) lurking round the corner! The real Voight-Kampff test is not minding that it hurts! ”
+++++++++ (end of Chicken John)

Monochrom’s new book, Screw the System (probably their best book yet!), makes its debut at this opening festival party Thur Oct 3, 830pm at Chez Poulet. Immediately we loved the essay by Phil Freeman incorporating Mad Men, The Fight Club, and JG Ballard’s Super-Cannes into a larger meditation on workplace violence. There are about 30 more essays, so there’s something for everyone! Come meet RE/Search and those Austrian geniuses behind one of the most radical art collectives alive right now, all the way from Vienna and other European cities. Monochrom are an inspiration for all of us to get together with our best friends and start producing as much “art” as possible in as many “media” as possible, including the street itself. A week ago we saw Chicken John himself pulling off a great Street Art prank, at the corner of Castro/Market St, down from the Castro Theater’s sold-out book party for the Last Gasp-published Cacophony Society hardback; an event that featured a panel of brilliant speakers including Chuck Palahniuk, John Law and Carrie Galbraith, moderated by Brad Weiners. We won’t tell you what prank Chicken John was pulling, but it was a kind of classic bait-and-switch! Although his come-on began with, “If you’re stupid…” !

1A. Pranks 2, now available for epub (ipad), Kindle Fire, and online “cloud” reading! MORE EBOOKS IN THE WORKS! — we want your feedback and requests.
“Check it out!” — and let us know what you think. Somewhat still in BETA, but available now.
Send us an email if you’d like to be notified of upcoming and sporadic “price reductions” at our online vendor aerbook.
Speaking of “alternative,” your editor V. Vale loves to improvise on piano, and thanks to the help of my friends and family deploying digital technology, you can now hear a couple of recorded “improv’s” captured arbitrarily by chance. Only 99 cents each for 7-9 minute “pieces.” “Lausanne theme” was improv’d in Lausanne, Switzerland when RE/Search was brought to give presentations at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival by Walter Thibault. There was a piano in the auditorium, so… (Incidentally, our pal Jello Biafra is being brought to that same festival soon to introduce some “incredibly strange films” or such.)

1B. We’re working on “Ed Hardy”, 4th in the series after our George Kuchar, Lydia Lunch and Henry Rollins pocketbooks. Order direct from – order ALL FOUR and we’ll send you a rare “Goals of Life” w-i-p. (but you must REQUEST it). The shipping cost will be the same for you, buying one or all ($5 US). Overseas customers write for shipping cost.

2. Counter Culture Hour – Sat Oct 12, 2013 6pm: Rudy Rucker
BURROUGHS & BALLARD are dead, but we still have RUDY RUCKER with us! We interviewed him for our monthly TV show, The Counter Culture Hour (see below) and in preparation for the intv thoroughly enjoyed reading his autobiography, NESTED SCROLLS ( and appreciating his paintings in his BETTER WORLDS (100 PAINTINGS in color) book. A kind of Renaissance Man, Rudy is an oblique role model. For example, he met his wife at age 17, had 3 kids, and is STILL WITH HER! How rare is that?! Think of the vast scope of memories they share…

The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat July 13, 2013
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, Oct 12, 2013
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Sunday, Oct 13, 2013
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Oct 13, 2013
If you cannot get this online email us at

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() $ Open NOW through November: Thrillpeddlers’ Shocktoberfest 14 Jack the Ripper, Horror, Madness, Spanking and Song! Grand Guignol Theatre commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Jack the Ripper Murders. San Francisco is lucky to have the Thrillpeddlers here, in their own Hypnodrome Theater at 575 10th St, SF… You don’t want to be one of those people who said, “I never saw the Thrillpeddlers; wish I had gone while they were still here!” Support worthwhile LOCAL causes…We saw the Jack the Ripper plays tonight and highly recommend them—did you know Jack the Ripper may have come to San Francisco?! The new cast features vocalists who can really sing (one is almost opera level), a live pianist (not Scrumbly Koldwyn), and some venerable faux-British actors with lengthy c.v.s. Amazing!

() FREE Now through Nov 5: Charles Gatewood: 50 Years of Photography show at Tat Gallery; 415-781-1122 • 49 Geary Street • Suite 410 • San Francisco, CA 94108

() FREE Tonight 7pm Oct 2, Caffe Trieste: V. Vale plays piano in a variety show curated by Fanny Renoir (she will do two original songs) along with the Ned Boynton band, Will, and other musicians.

() ** NEW YORK** $ NOW Oct 2-Jan 12,: Chris Burden at the New Museum! () Mike Kelley Oct 13-Feb 2 at MOMA PS1 –

() $ Thur-Sun Oct 3-6: ARSE ELEKTRONIKA 2013: Talks, Performances, Workshops at Chez Poulet (Thur Oct 3), Center for Sex & Culture (Fri-Sat Oct 4-5), and Noisebridge (Sun Oct 6). Another yearly congregation of art & tech geniuses, conceived by those culture-hackers at our sister city, Vienna: monochrom. Go to website to buy tickets and get complete schedule:
monochrom announces their new book: SCREW THE SYSTEM: Explorations of Spaces, Games and Politics through Sexuality and Technology. The new reader features: Jaakko Stenros, Paolo Pedercini, Rosalynn Rothstein, Adam Rothstein, Jack Sargeant, Anna Anthropy, Heather Kelley, Lindsay Grace, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Maggie Mayhem, Ned Mayhem, Marco Maiocchi, Margherita Pillan, Marko Radeta, Pietro Righi Riva, Samuel Coniglio, Katherine Becvar, Daniel Fabry, Nadja Sayej, Günther Friesinger, Thomas Ballhausen, Philip Freeman, Jonathan Mann, Rich Gibson, Maymay!
Published by RE/Search and monochrom
RE/Search recommends the opening party, Thur evening gala (8:30pm) at Chez Poulet, featuring many guest stars of the weekend event. 3359 Cesar Chavez/Mission-Van Ness). Please thoroughly peruse the schedule to note which events have a particular appeal to YOU. Better yet, buy the weekend pass…

() FREE Fri-Sun, Oct 4-6: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in GG Park: Dave Alvin, Chris Isaak, Willie Nelson, etc

() FREE Fri Oct 4, 430pm TOM MARIONI (Conceptual Artist) at SFAI auditorium, 800 Chestnut

() FREE Sun Oct 6 Castro Street Fair

() $10 1 day, $15 both days. Sat-Sun Oct 12-13, 11-6pm. APE (Alternative Press Expo) at Concourse, 8th/Brannan St, SF. RE/Search will have a table – come meet us! Let us know if you want to bring You a particular book! ( We’re sharing our table with our former intern, Joe Donohoe; get his brand-new Specious Species magazine!

() $5 Sat Oct 12, 630pm, DorkbotSF #70 + Transbay Fest After Party. Dimension7 in San Francisco, 150 Folsom/Main-Spear Sts. RE/Search plans to have a table; come visit us! Thanks to Karen Marcelo.

() FREE Sun Oct 13 Columbus Day Parade – North Beach

() FREE Sun Oct 13 Exploratorium, Pier 15 (Note: Parking Meters go til 11pm! so take Muni, walk). Check out the new and fabulous Exploratorium any day. You can go to their SEAGLASS rooftop restaurant (rear) and have a fabulous bay view for free anytime.

($) Exploratorium 6-10pm every 1st Thursday. After Dark series: First Thursday evenings are for 18+ year olds and have special programs for $15, with cash bar and fun. This Thursday, Oct 3 is Fog: Fog City, Nov 7: The Art of Tinkering. In their words: Experience life After Dark, an evening series exclusively for adults that mixes cocktails, conversation, and playful, innovative science and art events. Not a theater, cabaret, or gallery, After Dark contains aspects of all three. Each evening showcases a different topic—from music to sex to electricity—

() FREE Mon Oct 14, 730pm JAIMIE WARREN+Whoop Dee Doo, SFAI auditorium, 800 Chestnut (satire: art history, celebrity culture, race, gender)

() LOS ANGELES: Oct 15, 9pm GX Jupitter-Larsen’s new film, A NOISY DELIVERY, premieres at MATA, 3709 W. Pico Blvd, LA 90019. More information at: Our facebook page – And our twitter page –

() FREE Thur Oct 17, 8pm – Gerry Fialka Presents RIA LIVE & Lake Shrine Lecture at New Nothing Cinema, 16 Sherman St (off Folsom between 6th & 7th), phone 310-306-7330. Guests V. Vale on piano, Rock Ross (multi-instrumentalist).

() $10 Fri Oct 18, 8pm – Gerry Fialka Presents Winston Smith interview (and rare film clips) at Oddball Film, 275 Capp St (bet Mission/S.Van Ness, 17th-18th Sts), 415-558-8112, rsvp,

() FREE Fri Oct 18, 430pm Mark Van Proyen, sardonic, stimulating SFAQ columnist, et al! – SFAI auditorium, 800 Chestnut. MVP has a hilarious, Wilde-ian (as in Oscar) novel-in-progress about the travails of working at a San Francisco art college (art imitating life?). Guaranteed funny.

() $ Sat Oct 19, 930pm: Punk Rock event-buy tickets in advance! New People Cinema, 1746 Post/Webster-Buchanan – RE/SEARCH will be present!,943,1650&pageid=3575
This intoxicating concoction of images and sounds from the ‘70s is a great way to discover a little-seen side of Zurich. In 2006, director René Uhlmann fashioned footage he shot at the end of that decade of the city’s Punk, New Wave and Art scene into a Punk Cocktail: a mixture of performance footage, scenes of Zurich’s punk life and animation all set to original local music from the time. North American Premiere. Photographed by René Uhlmann. (55 min. René Uhlmann) With short Louder Faster Shorter, Mindy Bagdon’s energetic document of the March 21, 1978 benefit concert for striking coal miners at the Mabuhay Gardens featuring the Avengers, Dils, Mutants, Sleepers and UXA. Photographed by Mindaugis Bagdon. (22 min. RE/Search). IN PERSON: Mindy Bagdon will give a small talk & audience Q&A!
$12 SFFS members, $13 senior (62+)/student/disabled, $14 general, $10 children (12 and under)

() $ Sat-Sun Oct 19-20, 1130AM-Evening. SFAI hosts “SFAI Concentrate: SFAI’S ANNUAL SALE & FESTIVAL: Art, Craft, Food, Music, Mayhem. AFTERNOON EVENTS ARE FREE FOR EVERYONE. For full details go to:

() $ Sat Oct 19, noon-8pm Benefit for Rocket Dog Rescue, at Lennon Studios, 271 Dore Ave (near Costco). Live music by 6 bands including Lost Puppy and Bite. Adoptions, Bake Sale, Auction, Food & Beverages. Promoted by Jennifer Lohman-Patterson (wife of Johnny Genocide).

() FREE Fri Oct 25 530pm Justin Herman Plaza, Market/Embarcadero Critical Mass Halloween Costume Bike Ride – wear a costume!

() FREE? Wed Oct 30, 2-7pm? 50 Shotwell St, Altered Barbie Show load-in. Poetry Reading Nov 6, 7pm, curated by Jennifer Hasegawa & David T. Pang

() FREE Sun Nov 3, Emerald Tablet presents “Surrealist Affinities” Penelope Rosemont (founder of Chicago Surrealist Group), Marian Wallace (RE/Search), Winston Smith, Beth Garon, and Dennis Cunningham (San Francisco activist-lawyer-sculptor-using-found-materials). It’s a Free Party! Watch the site for more details!

() FREE Thur Nov 7, 530pm Edward Burtynsky “Water” Opening at Rena Bransten Gallery, 77 Geary

() $ Sat Nov 16, time?) Emerald Tablet hosts a film showing arranged by Jesse of Alternative Tentacles: “…my friend’s film project, Loud! Fast! Philly! I’ll be spinning all-vinyl Philly punk before & after the presentation. It’s a combination of performance clips and interview clips and conversations with people in the audience who are connected to the various clips.”

() FREE (?) Feb 14-16, 2014: International San Francisco Mail Art Conference titled Ex Postal Facto Conference – go to, email inquiriers if you wish to participate to: – RE/SEARCH will have a table at this gala! You are welcome to submit artwork, but please do not expect compensation – this is MAIL ART!!!

5. What We’ve Attended or WANTED to Attend/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent/Given, or Seen

() Rick McGrath of Canada has produced his own JG BALLARD Anthology book; we haven’t seen it yet so google to find and order it! Features photos by Ana Barrado!

() Aldona Watts’s pal Noah Venizia from Brooklyn, NY visited us 8/19/13 and gave us a copy of his beautifully produced 4.4×6.8″ 256pp. book, COSMIC MENTAL THERAPY. “It is the right of the oppressed to organize around their oppression as they see and define it…” (p.19) To get your own copy write:

() David Scott Ewers gave us a copy of his 5.5×8.5″ 420-page PETRICHOR (beautiful cover, of a distant hazy oil field). The back cover text: “Petrichor is a well-paced black comedy with a paranoiac dose of science-fiction washed over with ruminations on identity, language and the composition of reality. Mystery and intrigute abound in this adventurous novel.” You can get your own copy from

() Jason Rodgers sent us a copy of his latest small “zine” which we enjoyed and applauded: “Against the Poverty of Language and Thought: Theses on the Cell Phone.” Plus, “Panopticon Entertainment System.” Send $1 and an SASE to Jason Rodgers, POB 62, Lawrence MA 01842

() Saxophonist-keyboardist-harmonica player-singer Steve Mackay gave us his independent CD “Sometimes Like This I Talk” and track 7 features IGGY POP! “The pioneering saxman of The Stooges, Violent Femmes, Commander Cody and Snakefinger with a multi-national cast of conspirators including Mike Watt and The Radon Collective. This is rare! You may get your own copy from

() Jello Biafra gave us his Alternative Tentacles label’s 455th release: DOT WIGGIN BAND Ready! Get! Go! “The Shaggs’ singer/songwriter returns after a 44 year absence. 13 new and unheard vintage songs that bridge the gap between the Philosophy of the World and today. Frank Zappa said the Shaggs were “better than the Beatles” and Kurt Cobain regarded them as “so obviously the real thing.”

() Biafra also gave us a sealed copy of his latest vinyl LP, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine: White People and the Damage Done” (funny title, right?). The collage cover by Winston Smith features a baby photo of “Chick.” We’ve heard people say that the GSM band sounds “better than the Dead Kennedys.” We suggest you attend their next concert, or Biafra’s next Spoken Word marathon… or both! Biafra recently returned from Paris where he introduced some “Incredibly Strange Films” at a festival there.

() Jim Thirlwell was briefly in town last week and he wrote us: “I created string quartet arrangements for the singer Zola Jesus and will be performing them live at the Palace of Fine Arts Sept 26, 2013. I’m working with a quartet comprised of members of the Magik Magik Orchestra, so we are rehearsing in SF.” Well, last week we saw the performance which JG Thirlwell conducted and it was “beautiful”… well might a singer (from Wisconsin) ask: who needs a rock band when you can be accompanied by a string quartet?” In retrospect, we wish we had bought a CD that night; we didn’t know that it was the exact music which JGT had orchestrated, himself. If you think noise, raucousness, and strident aggressiveness defines what the Foetus originator is all about, you might think again. We were surprised to learn he hadn’t been to Australia in 32 years… until recently. And, Russian-American singer-songwriter Zola Jesus can really sing (and write lyrics)! Her real name is apparently “Nika Roza Danilova” and she has more than 3 records out—born April 11, 1989! Very talented, and she was insightful enough to hire JG Thirlwell…

() One of our new favorite people on the planet (new to us, that is) is Toby Dammit, a multi-instrumentalist “real musician” who has played with many artists including IGGY POP and the Stooges, who we saw in San Jose Saturday night, 9/27/13, at the music and tech festival. We don’t understand how these high-tech folks did not promote their event to nearby San Franciscans; probably several thousand rabid Iggy Pop fans would have driven down HAD THEY KNOWN ABOUT THIS CONCERT. (BTW, it was announced in our Sept Newsletter!) This may have been the wildest performance yet; at age 66 James Newell Osterberg asserted his right to tell the truth about the world as he sees it, and the band debuted a new song from a new (forthcoming) album titled “Sex and Money”—a concern which keeps many of us from falling asleep at night when we think about these two topics, especially in today’s precarious economy. We dug out our old Iggy Pop books and are re-reading them; what an inspiration!
But back to Toby Dammit; it is seemingly rare to meet a genuine musician who is very curious about incredibly strange films and music and books and recently started becoming very interested in J.G. Ballard (RE/Search has published (4) J.G. Ballard books). In other words, a host of shared elective affinities (to quote Goethe) can make for pleasurable conversation: one of our favorite human activities. We can’t summarize all that was discussed here, but for now let us list the gifts Toby Dammit gave to RE/Search:
1. “The Legend of Apple Jack” including Original Soundtrack Score by Toby Dammit. Winner “Best Film” in the Los Angeles Short Film Festival. It’s nice to meet a musician who can WRITE, and the beautiful mini-book in the hardback book-like case featured an essay, the beginning of which is quoted herein: “I first met film director Mark Whiting after a concert I was performing at Royce Music Hall at UCLA on May 25th, 2001. We were equally curious tomeet each other under odd circumstances: Jim Hawkinson, the cameraman he wanted to hire for his film “Apple Jack”, had responded initially with a cryptical proposal: “Get Toby Dammit to do the score or don’t even talk to me.” Mark must have thought, “Who the hell is this Toby Dammit?” So he came to my show to find out. Little did we know this encounter would lead to several years working together.
“Shortly after our meeting, Mark sent me his film, and we discussed instrumentation and style. Apple Jack’s storyline took place in 1938, and he wanted a traditionally classic approach of the era; but he also wanted a combination of specifically untraditional instruments, such as theremin, didgeridoo, and a hillbilly band. I admit at first it seemed like a difficult stretch, but I really loved the film and was convinced of Mark’s obvious talent. So I noted the unusual requests and committed to score his film.
“I lived in New York at the time, and had a roommate named Jeff Hoskins who was a recording engineer. Over a few mornings of breakfast conversation, Jeff became intrigued with the musical concept for Apple Jack and fearlessly jumped onboard. I’d already started scoring out the three main themes and expanding the orchestration. Soon it became quite clear we’d require a large group of people to achieve the combination of a traditional Hollywood soundstage orchestra combined with an Appalachian backyard shindig.
“Furthermore, the paranoid science-fiction psychosis scenes would need to be embellished with antique electronics. Thus my search began around New York for appropriate players…” Sorry, you’ll have to get your own copy to read the rest! Beautiful packaging including great odd historical artwork and design.
2. “Morphosa Harmonia.” “Debut album by Thomas Wydler of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and Toby Dammit featuring Jochen Arbeit (Einsturzende Neubauten) and Beate Bartel (Liaisons Dangereuses). Beautiful soft-focus (felines and females) paintings on the front/back covers (and inside) by Martin Eder. “Moon Over Morphosa” and “Ramwong” credits Toby Dammit: Choirs, Treated Buchla ML synthesizer, Treated electronic drum (or electronic toms). On other tracks T.D. plays Treated Wurlitzer electric piano, conch shell, Balinese Hand Dorlaq, Choirs & Chants, Treated Wurlitzer electric piano bass—all recorded in Berlin by Ingo Krauss, probably at Lost in Space Studios. Beautiful artwork!
3. “Luther & Toby: Karny Sutra.” Great Bosch-moderne painting on the covers (front & back).
4. “High Fidelity Pipe Organ Favorites & Fantasy in Pipe Organ and Percussion: Montalba playing the fabulous Wurlitzer Organ.” “Georges Montalba has selected some familiar, but unusual material for this program of pipe organ fantasy. From the mysterious and erotic qualities of Danse Macabre to the thundering crescendi of Ritual Fire Dance, Montalba establishes himself as a master of this wonderful instrument. He is assisted by two drummers with an armory of cymbals, bells, triangles, tympani, and all the other necessary percussive battery required to produce such a program in good musical taste and excitement. To the organ aficionado, the etchings contained will become a treasure, to the sound addict, a challenge to his finest equipment in tonal response covering the full frequency range at recoring levels rarely achieved in disc reproduction…” Hit Thing, Postfach 30 42 21, 20325 Hamburg.” Wow!
Jello Biafra told us that Toby Dammit plays on a lot more recordings (“He can play anything!”) and with a wide variety of musical styles and approaches. A “real” musician can probably pick up any instrument and quite quickly figure out how to get the “right” sounds appropriate to the recording project at hand… Our favorite baroque musician-organist, J.S. Bach, was just one of many famed improvisers during the era (1740?) when recording equipment did not exist. “Musician” used to be synonymous with “improvisation”… just imagine the organ improvs Bach could do “live” on, say, “Toccata and Fugue in D minor”…

() So… You only have yourself to blame if you missed IGGY POP & THE STOOGES at a small park in San Jose last Saturday night 9/28. Proof that you didn’t truly read our V. Vale September 2013 newsletter! At least, skim our “coming events” section! We’d like to think that every event and “thing” we mention in this newsletter has been “curated” by us; there are lots of events etc. we DON’T mention—for a reason! Now, we are looking for a “template” or a way so that readers can more quickly find what they WANT in this newsletter; if you have any ideas, send ’em to:

() We’ve been fans of Teri Gender-Bender after seeing her band The Butcherettes open for Iggy Pop at the Warfield, and we saw her again in her new band project “Bosnian Rainbows” at festival. Anyone who likes over-the-top performers who are “real” and who go with the inspiration-of-the-moment, almost-female-shamanistic-possession-trance-state-like, well—here’s a glimpse: You can also google Teri Gender-Bender and see what else comes up… We don’t think there are many female vocalist-performers like her on Planet Earth… yes, we think she’s among the BEST… We also saw the OH SEES (with a subtle but necessary background female vocalist/keyboardist/tambourine artist); the guitarist and bass player must be the fastest head-shakers on earth…they got more neck exercise than any other band I’ve ever seen.

() We totally LOVED the PUNK HOMECOMING 2013, Sat-Sun Sept 21-22 at The Verdi Club, a truly beautiful large room that is under-utilized (we’ve only been there twice; the first time was for Lydia Lunch, and the second time was a week and a half ago. We don’t know the full list of people who helped make this complicated event happen, but the folks who helped me get a RE/Search table there were Michael Reid and Peter Urban (powerful Spoken Word artist), both of whom I met in the 1970s, and Ruby Ray, who has a great new hardback B&W Punk photography book out, published by Steve of Viaduct Records. There is a Facebook site for people who attended this event and shared photos and observations; you could easily while away several hours. So if you missed it, you can do a slight virtual catch-up. We can’t give an exhaustive review of the exhausting weekend (we spent 12-14 hours each day there) but guarantee that this weekend has to be our favorite weekend of 2013. What is more important than old friends and old memories? (well, new memories can be okay, too, but really old ones have a power that is unrivaled.) Try going to: We have an idea that this entire event was pretty much 100% promoted on Facebook (for “free”) which is, in a way, somewhat paradoxical (and maybe a little worrying, too). The event sold out in advance, and people came from all over to attend. Was happy to see one of the only other Japanese in the 1978 Punk scene: Linda Nakamura. Debbie Sue came all the way from Amsterdam. Tony Rocco from New York. Zippy Pinhead from Canada. Marni L. showed us her 70s photos. Etc. We were also happy to meet and talk to the bass player, Larry Schemel, in Death Valley Girls; he told us that Incredibly Strange Films had been a major influence, turning him on to H.G. Lewis and many obscure films…
We will note that our personal high point was the Frightwig concert wherein some spectacularly-dressed-and-costumed people “crashed” the stage and participated in an anarchic Iggy Pop-like singalong. We felt justice had been served by the nomination of the King & Queen: Eddie Valentine and Cecilia Frightwig. We felt lucky that we also, for the first time, talked at length about D-I-Y “Making Things” with Rebecca Frightwig. Unexpectedly, we got a huge thrill out of seeing the Stooges tribute band featuring a drummer named Aleph: “Gimme Danger.” Yours truly coined the phrase “It’s the song, not the singer” (as a riposte to the Rolling Stones’s old song). The power of those rhythms and lyrics seemingly filled everyone in the room with immense joy. At that point in time I had no idea that 6 days later I would be seeing “Iggy and the Stooges” doing the same songs, live, in San Jose of all places. Some songs are “classic” just because their incendiary lyrics and insistent rhythms and melodic/harmonic animal power will not become “obsolete.” Raw power just IS. Your body cannot resist. Humans were meant to dance and sing along with classic rock songs like the Stooges produced, especially played by living musicians in the same space. Because rebellion will never become obsolete. Selah.

() We loved the free presentation by YES MEN (featured in our PRANKS 2 book) Andy Bichlbaum at the SFAI Auditorium last Tue night, 9/24. Great Q&A afterwards. What a role model! For example, new from the : “Pipeline Company’s PR Dream Turns Into a Nightmare – TransCanada’s “community consultation” squad dogged by activist lookalikes.” Andy suggested that everyone has to start their own positive, message-laden, Yes Men-like enterprise to help take the world back from corporations and their lobbyists and PR firms.


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() Call for papers on the topic of James Bond, Eurospy, and espionage in popular culture for the upcoming Southwest Popular/American Culture Association with more details at:

() from Brian N:

() The Nightclubbing column moved to New York Magazine’s “Bowery+Bedford”. This weeks’ featured musicians are the no-wave masters, DNA. Read their amazing story and listen to them perform at NYC’s Mudd Club. Scroll down to read stories you made have missed!

() – this is the first time I’ve heard myself (V. Vale) playing organ with Blue Cheer, thanks to Ben Van Meter’s sound recording! (& collage 8mm film, of course). THANKS, BEN – hope you’re alive! – V. Vale

() from Skot A:

() from Amy J:

() from Sam R:

() from David P: “funny!”

() from James M:

() from V in London:!/entry/5245a9afaa4ed386626e12de&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=buffer&utm_content=bufferd2514?

() Our former intern Jared‘s new band:


() “The ultimate conclusion of the fragmentation of popular culture was illustrated by Wim Wenders in his 1991 film “Until the end of the world” where viewers became addicted to recordings of their own dreams.” – J.G. Ballard


() “The 3 day Beijing exhibit opened yesterday at the 798 Arts Space, a huge district of ex-factories from the ’30s-50s. It’s been developed as the core art district of Beijing, warrens of galleries, cafes, stores, etc. This is put on by Kisen, the guy who has been organizing huge tattoo conventions in Beijing for the past 6 years or so. Mike McCabe has also been the coordinator to connect people from the West, hence my getting involved. Doug made this trip last year for the actual convention, and filled me in on what to expect. The level, and uniqueness, of Chinese tattoo art is unbelievable. They brought me over to show paintings so I brought 30 works on Tyvek, and did a bilingual catalog for it. The interpreters are great, and everyone is looking out for me. This is very well organized. Weather so far has not been too terrible (air quality), with a few amazingly clear sunny days.
()”There was a lot of activity and enthusiasm at the show yesterday, some really good connections made and an international crowd coming through (maybe a couple of thousand people), it was not overly stressful, took a long lunch break, etc. The show looks fantastic, when I left there after install Friday I was not sure how it would be all set up, as the plan was to bring bikes in (Dong Dong is an avid biker), and his art (paintings) and blowup photos of other Chinese tattooers’ work were put in…it’s all fine with me and creates a wide range of enthusiasm and is very stylishly installed. Yesterday I actually went over to the large Pace Gallery right across the square (super-rich international dealers) and found a completely austere, boring show of minimalist stuff that I’m sure is priced over the moon. A huge contrast to the soul material we’re all doing. Dong Dong is a fantastic painter and tattooer and we made a great connection my first day in.

“People are so nice. Pacing was good, I’ll do my talk today at 11 a.m. The hotel restaurant is real gore may and I’ve gotten some amazing sophisticated Chinese veg. food at other places. It is great to luxuriate in the room, read, etc. I met a Chinese artist today who is wild about my work, walked over to see a show of his work being installed, it is really cool, great eccentric drawing and sculptures, he gave me a beautiful big book of his drawings, lots of Bosch & Goyaesque references but with a Chinese base. We really hit it off.I f I end up with too much stuff I’ll have it shipped back to SF, or maybe get another suitcase.

“So far, knock on wood, no health problems, I’m being really careful and not going to grungy dives. I’ll include a few photos here, they’re projecting Mary Lynn’s “2000 Dragons installation” video on the big screen that we’ll use for my talk—then alternate that, with my slide show that can run continuously, after I do the talk itself. Kisen, the organizer, really knows what he’s doing and obviously put a lot of money into this. McCabe was right about him, and all these other people.”—Ed Hardy

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