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V. VALE RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER AUG 2012: Meri St. Mary; Ty Segall, Liza Marklund, Noise Music


1. MESSAGE FROM YOUR EDITOR, V. VALE: Essay on What Is Poetry & How Is It Made…
2. Counter Culture Hour Sat AUG 11, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME – SF cable channel 29, also simulcast on-line (see below):
3. **MEDITATION SPACE** [blank]
5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing:
6.  Meditation Space #2 (John Cage hommage)
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1. EDITORIAL FROM V. VALE: Yesterday I wrote a foreword for the forthcoming book of poems, YOU TORE US, by Meri St. Mary (Housecoat Project; Google her!) and herewith present it to you, our readers, as a kind of essay on poetry.

A forgotten Surrealist said, “Language was given man to make Surrealist use of it.”  On Planet Earth, man is the only animal given a written language. About 140 years ago, Lautreamont claimed that, “Poetry must be made by all.” So, does everyone have the DUTY to write and speak poetically, as much as possible? Quite possibly!

Written language is a kind of privilege, enabling poetry, philosophy and scientific knowledge to be transmitted through time. As Burroughs put it (paraphrased): No matter how much a wise old rat may learn about avoiding traps and poison, he can’t pass his wisdom on to younger rats. Humans can — or at least can try —  if a suitable audience can be found (Burroughs considered the purpose of his writing “to wise up the marks”).

WHAT IS POETRY? Socrates told us, “Before I can converse with you, we must first define our terms.” Buckminster Fuller gave us a kind of technical definition, “Poetry is ventilated prose.” Surrealists thought that poetry encompassed metaphor, the dream dimension, and desire. They championed “desiring images” in search of each other, otherworldly dream sequences which provide revelatory insights, Chance, Spontaneity, and Possession. Also, the sonic dimension of language was regarded as supremely important — i.e., in order to fully appreciate a poem, you must read it out loud (or at least sub-vocalize as you are reading it). Puns, rhymes, rhythms, cadence can all add a dimension of PLEASURE to the reading/speaking experience… And whatever you write, make sure it has jagged line endings, or resembles the geometric calligrammes of Apollinaire.

So how is poetry made? Before written language was invented, poetry had to be MEMORIZED — and who knows how much great poetry was lost forever, all around the world? In the 20th century, the ability to read and write is practically a universal birthright — along with the availability of cheap notebooks and ballpoint pens. Everyone with a pocket or tote bag could carry the wherewithall to quickly jot down sudden, illuminative flashes of poetry — which have a habit of showing up at the most inopportune times. Write down enough of these insights and you might have a poem. Write enough poems and you might have a book.

We’re guessing that Meri St. Mary, in her complicated histories (Punk Rock singer, band leader, songwriter, musician, muse to Flipper vocalist Bruce Loose, mother to their son Montgomery, DJ, radio talk show host, fashion innovator, holder of numerous day jobs, and friend to Monte Cazazza, et al) has been writing down poetic narratives for many a year, capturing that still small voice which is inside all of us, but rarely ever put into writing with uncensored honesty.

Meri has dared to communicate the REAL DEAL, the RAW DEAL, the REAL/UNREAL TRUTH/UNTRUTH — as experienced in a female body which has lived intensely, felt emotions intensely. She’s had the courage to forge her own path and survive in a capitalist, misogynistic world. We live through our bodies; our bodies speak the truth if we but listen. The very title of this collection “You Tore Us” is (of course) a pun on “uterus” – the creative matrix of every human alive on the planet. We live and learn and acquire experiences and things and then we stop and make assessment, like Allen Ginsberg did with “Howl.” Surely Meri’s equivalent of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” is her life-inventory-synopsis poem: “I have…”

Here finally, a  collection of Meri St. Mary’s  poems is available in a real paperbound book published by an intrepid, non-commercial (but visionary) publisher. Poetry is a form of Time Travel, and we hope these poems find their deserving readers across time and space. Duchamp told us that “the spectator completes the work of art,” so does that mean that the reader completes the poem? Perhaps. – V. Vale

2. Counter Culture Hour –  Sat AUG 11, 2012 – 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME.

This program was filmed “out in the field” at at least two locations in the Bay Area and features Stelarc, Marie Losier & Genesis P-Orridge.
Stelarc’s “artwork” consists of human-machine and biotechnology “mash-ups,” using his body as base matter. Marie Losier is the filmmaker behind the recently released, “Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye,” the two musician/ artists who had been trying to create a third gender.
Edited/filmed/produced by Marian Wallace;  interviews by V. Vale.
The Counter Culture Hour (aka RE/SEARCH TV) is also simulcast ON-LINE as well as on cable access San Francisco Channel 29 — 6pm Pacific Time, Sat  AUG 11, 2012
– see this link at broadcast time:
You need a fairly decent internet connection and computer to “get it.”
USA west coast: 6:00 PM Saturday, Aug 11, 2012
USA east coast: 9:00 PM Saturday, Aug 11, 2012
London: 2:00 AM Sunday, Aug 12, 2012
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Sunday, Aug 12, 2012
If you cannot get this online email us at
Would you like to have a Counter Culture Hour showing in your town? Please write & ask us how you can do this. (write:

See RE/Search channel on youtube: “researchpubs”

3. This is blank space a la John Cage aka “Meditation Space”!

4. FORTHCOMING EVENTS (San Francisco unless Otherwise Noted)

() $ NOW THROUGH AUG 19, 2012: de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park: Jean Paul Gaultier Show. Certainly anybody interested in “Punk Rock” will appreciate this over-the-top, erotic, imaginatively-extravagant art installation by one of the reigning masters of catwalk costumery. We saw the de Young’s screening of the film, “Jean Paul Gaultier, or How to Subvert Haute Couture,” a 52-minute film by Farida Khelfa, 2011. The Gaultier show is guaranteed to make you dissatisfied with what passes for style and fashion today; so many of his ideas have yet to be developed, dumbed down and exploited! You realize there is such a thing as a grander visual language involving materials, textures, surfaces, braiding, beading and knitting and that almost any textile can be deployed in a hitherto-un-thought-of juxtaposition. Hopefully wannabe designers will carry on Gaultier’s groundbreaking, avantgarde explorations…

() $$ NOW THROUGH AUG 12, 2012: a William S. Burroughs Exhibition: the name is BURROUGHS − Expanded Media  [ ] Curators: Udo Breger, Axel Heil and Peter Weibel – publications will be available…

() $$ NOW THROUGH OCT 21, 2012, Vienna, Austria: Cut-ups, Cut-ins, Cut-outs, The Art of William S. Burroughs KUNSTHALLE wien museumsquartier hall 2.
Exhibition Catalogue: Ed. KUNSTHALLE wien, Colin Fallows, Synne Genzmer; with texts by Colin Fallows, Synne Genzmer, Barry Miles, Jon Savage as well as the first and the last interview with William S. Burroughs conducted by Allen Ginsberg and Lee Ranaldo respectively; app. 288 pages; app. 160 color images; German/English; Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg

() $20 Aug 2-25, presents live theatre: “The Princess Bride” here in San Francisco at 2263 Mission/18-19th Sts. Live theater is very hard to keep going, so — you know, support local talent…

() FREE. Sat Aug 11, 11AM North Beach’s Italian Athletic Club hosts a free shindig. 1630 Stockton/nr Union St, across from Washington Square Park.

() $10, Sun Aug 12, 8pm, Red Devil Lounge, 1690 Polk St/Clay St, SF. Jill Tracy & SoRIAH.

() FREE. Sun Aug 12, 4-7pm Thee Parkside hosts free Rockabilly Day. 1600 17th St nr Arkansas St, SF

() $ Thur Aug 16, 730pm, ROXIE Theater, SF: ERASERHEAD, showing where I first saw it w/Jerry Casale of Devo…David Lynch’s Early Feature Is a bizarre breakthrough; amazing “sound design” before the term was invented. This 35mm print has the improved soundtrack done by Lynch’s fellow-student, Alan Splet before he died. Support the ROXIE so it doesn’t leave us, like the Red Vic did…

() SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! Free. Tue Aug 21, 6-8pm. JG BALLARD-inspired Art Show curated by Jack Sargeant includes Monte Cazazza, Lydia Lunch. Alaska Projects,

() FREE. Fri Aug 24, 6:30-9:30pm,, 1000 Howard/6th St, SF. Art Opening w/Mark Bode, Vaughn Bode, Metal Mike, 21+. Show runs thru Sept 22.

() FREE. Sat Aug 25, 5-8pm. Electric Works gallery housewarming party, 1360 Mission St/9th-10th Sts, SF.

() FREE. Sat-Sun Sept 1-2, County Fair Bldg, 9th Ave/Lincoln Way, SF: SF ZINE FEST. RE/SEARCH will have a table w/Charles Gatewood – please meet us and try to buy RE/Search books you have procrastinated acquiring; we’ll autograph ’em, of course.

() $ Mon Sept 10, 7pm, Warfield, SF: DEVO plus BLONDIE play San Francisco! A Must for the Elect.

5. What We’ve Attended/What We’ve Been Reading/Seeing/Listening to/What We’ve Been Sent

() 7/9/12: V. Vale interview in the 2nd hour only of Radio Valencia/Scream For Peace/topics: Punk Rock, Poetry, Surrealism

() Thu July 12, Brava Theater, 24th/York St, SF: Hypnodrome/Thrillpeddlers re-presentation of MARAT/SADE gave a new appreciation of 3D theatre: Music. Actors running into the audience! These are the times that try (wo)men’s souls! Preview video: – “Revolution NOW!”

() Fri July 13, 2012: STEVEN WOLF FINE ARTS, 2747 19th St/York, SF: Punk Art Show! Kal Spelletich, Matt Heckert, Steve Tupper, Karen Marcelo, Nina Alter, M.Dingle. Marian Wallace had Art on the walls, along w/Exene, Penelope Houston, David J (Bauhaus) and others.

() Sat July 28, 4-630pm: Winston Smith’s Grant’s Tomb Gallery, 55 Bannam Alley, hosted a conversation with Penelope Rosemont & Dennis Cunningham, moderated by V. Vale on the topics of Surrealism & Its Relevance Today, Making Art w/Found Materials, Collage, and more… Watch for video in future Counter Culture Hours

() Sat July 28, 8-11pm: Roxie Theater, San Francisco, hosted a showing of rare San Francisco short Punk Rock films from the ’70s-early ’80s, curated by Gina Basso, and assisted by the Roxie staff. Filmmakers Mindy Bagdon & Liz Keim did a Q&A afterwards, along with V. Vale. Marian Wallace’s documentary of V. Vale talking about “Search & Destroy” was partially screened (8 minutes)…

() July 29, 2012: SFMOMA had 2 other fantastic shows today: NAOYA HATAKEYAMA’s explosive landscapes, & the BUCKMINSTER FULLER overview/retrospective w/videos. Next, after devouring the CINDY SHERMAN Show, I kept seeing women who looked like Cindy Sherman, everywhere! It was a small day-mare… Thanks Paul Clipson.

() Fri Aug 3, 6-10pm. Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno, SF: Reception for Sandro Sardella, w/Jack Hirschman present! June 29, Emerald Tablet also hosted a showing of a Bela Tarr film, “Werckmeister Harmonies.” Loved those long 11-minute takes, which demand “perfect” acting from all in the frame. Nice music. It’s a rare opportunity to see a film by Bela Tarr!

() Sat Aug 4, 8-11pm. Hypnodrome Benefit for Galen Tsonga (Ecuador Adventure) w/Scrumbly Coldwyn, Rumi Missabu (Cockettes) & others. V. Vale interviewed Galen live and played piano – one improvisation.

() Sun Aug 5, 12-7pm. “Prepare for Burning Man” Street Party (entire block), Cafe Cocomo (actually, it was closed down by the Health Dept!?), 650 Indiana St bet 18th-19th St, 4 blocks west of 3rd St. RE/Search had a small book table. Very fun fashion show!

() Our pal from the ’80s NYC underground scene, Michael Shamberg, sent his beautiful all-color 6.8×6.8″ book of his photographs on glossy paper. Nice! From the ruins of Beirut to Bryant Park, passing through Paris & more. Enclosed was a DVD titled “p.s. Beirut chapter I + II. Contact RE/Search if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the above…

() The drummer (Emily Rose) for a local “band” titled TY SEGALL sent us a CD titled “Slaughterhouse” — the band has a number of releases out and are currently touring Europe — like, San Francisco musicians “makes good.” We’re always pleased when this happens, just to PROVE that the Bay Area is actually the place where a lot of ground-breaking art-and-creativity has ORIGINATED, not to mention SOCIAL MOVEMENTS (Beat, Hippie, even Punk)… Emily also sent a gift copy of Joan Didion’s Slouching Toward Bethlehem — great portrayal of America in the Sixties…Thanks, Emily!

() James Reich, POB 732, Cerrillos NM 87010, sent us his beautiful novel titled “I, JUDAS” (with, appropriately, a goat’s head on the cover). Right from the prologue, this dark work-of-the-imagination is refulgent with “poetic” language: “He moved between morbid articulations of rock and dull signatures of slime, following the quartz-lined way of Virgil, the lantern-lit coils of Dante, down through the splay of fossilized vegetation, shoals of crystallized fish [shades of JG Ballard!], a vertiginous landfill of microchips, pterodactyls, and religious billboards, compressed jungles, sedimentary cities, rotting wings of cinema screens, diving boards, neon, crushed statuary, ashen corpses like nameless buildings…” This is the kind of writing we like! It was published by Soft Skull Press, an impritn of Counterpoint in Berkeley. Also enclosed was a CD with striking artwork titled VENUS BOGARDUS, from – great sleeve photographs by Michele Maier. These are worth taking the trouble to FIND….

() Karen Marcelo of SRL hosted a highly-crowded event featuring (2) Drone Warfare presentations. Daniel Suarez ( told us about his new novel, Kill Decision, about autonomous combat drones. Didn’t realize that drones could also operate underwater as well as on land. As his PR blurb states, “he takes the very real implications of automated war to its next logical step.” Scary: the notion of autonomous rogue combat drones. Parker Higgins gave a heavily-documented presentation titled “Pwn the Drones: A Survey of UAV Hacks and Exploits”: “Internationally, drones are being deployed for military action and observation. At home, police departments, border patrols, and others are acquiring UAVs and developing programs to fly them…think tasers and rubber bullets shot from the sky. But a series of alarming events over the past few years have demonstrated that many of these unmanned vehicles are dangerously vulnerable to exploits, leading to intercepted data, flight failures, and even remote takeovers (!)…privacy and security implications” were discussed, and more… Parker Higgins is an EFF associate whose Twitter feed is @drones. (This was a very disturbing presentation.)

() Last Gasp’s latest release is Pop Psychedelic, 336pp, 8.5×11″, 300+ color illustrations, from

() Our former intern Joe Donohoe’s latest Specious Species #5, 186pp. features David King (designed CRASS logo), John Shirley, Alex Grey, Mark McCloud, Clayton Patterson, Bret Easton Ellis & others. $8 from 3345 20th St, SF CA 94110. Release party (at Viracocha) footage

6. Meditation Space #2

7. RECOMMENDED LINKS (send some!)

() V. Vale interview by Nate Luce (print, not video):
– V. Vale intv by Aslan & Jennifer Russell:
– V. Vale intv by Ami Lawless: (not yet posted?)

() SRL new spine robot video:

() “Burroughsian” Ed Hardy brand launch in Shanghai:

() meta-driving in San Francisco:

() Tinguely!

() from James:
– (Adobe Bookstore art show)

() Antony Gormley

() Arthur Lipsett, 1962:

() Vorarlberg, Die Grosse Naturdokumentation:

() Ornella Muti:

() Hermann Nitsch:

() from Phil G:

() We THANK the person who wrote this [Sean Reveron?]:  “RE/Search: V.Vale of…Search & Destroy Magazine Speaks Real Talk! – Posted In Avant Garde,Documentaries,Film,Positive Punk
“17 minutes of pure inspiration is what you will see when you watch this video. V. Vale, the founder of Search & Destroy magazine from San Francisco, speaks about how punk rock was a cultural revolution. Honestly, there is nothing that he says in this video that I disagree with, mainly because of the honest place he is coming from. I remember Search & Destroy magazine as a youngster – I actually thought of it as a cooler version of Slash. Listening to V. Vale break it down about how he started this magazine gives me so much energy to do what we do. This radical piece of alternative print history was created way before the internet. This is why I feel that it is very important for the younger generation to hear what V. Vale ia saying, because his point of view comes from a pure punk rock foundation. The look of this magazine was way before its time and to this day it can’t be duplicated. For those that were living in San Francisco during this time, this video is a blast from the past, and for others it offers a life lesson. CVLT Nation salutes V.Vale and Search & Destroy magazine for creating real art for us all to read! Peep this killer video after the jump.”

() from V in London:  – (is it art?)

() “Hey Vale here is the url for the Specious Species #5Release party (at Viracocha) footage — Joe

() from Stephane von Stephane: “Link to sunday N.Y. times – a little piece about Genesis P-Orridge & diabetes:”

() from B:


8. QUOTES chosen by, or authored by, V. Vale

() “There’s no such thing as pure chance…If you kept up with the news, you’d know that there’s nothing else.” — “Back to Bologna” by Michael Dibdin (R.I.P.)

() “Failure is the key to everything…Well, the possibility of failure. That’s the truth maker, as philosophers say. The only authentic tasks are those at which you can fail.” – ibid, pp. 92-93.

() “I hate telephones, I hate computers, I hate this technology that is stealing our souls!… Your problem… is that you’ve been educated beyond your intelligence.” op cit, p. 93

() “I practice all the scales. Everyone should know lots of scales. Actually, I feel there are only scales. What is a chord, if not notes of a scale hooked together? There are several reasons for learning scales: one, the knowledge will unlock the neck for you–you’ll learn the instrument; second, if I say I want you to improvise over Gmaj7+5, then go to Eaug9-5, then to Bmaj7-5–well, if you don’t know what those chords are in scale terms, you’re lost. It’s not all that difficult, but you have to be ready to apply yourself.”–John McLaughlin

() “The revolution is dead… Capitalist society that treats human beings like cattle has won, and with it all the false ideologies: democracy, freedom of expression, justice before the law, women’s rights… The working class has been reduced to a brainwashed horde of cretinous consumers… There’s no desire to improve things anymore. The false authorities herd people… use people up, now as then… This is how it has always been, but today it is governments elected by the people that permit the buyers of labor to exploit us until we break… There’ll never be any revolution. Humanity has bartered it for Coca-Cola and cable television.” – Liza Marklund, Red Wolf, Feb 2011, p. 335 – she is a Nordic Noir mystery writer recommended by Henning Mankell. Maybe “cable television” has been superseded (as a narcotic) by endless access to YouTube Internet videos, FaceBook, etc…

() Who else has written an “update” of Voltaire’s CANDIDE besides Leonardo Sciascia (CANDIDO)? Fast, Funny, Hypocrisy-Skewering. We Need More!


() Fellini’s ROMA has to be one of THE BEST GOODBYES Anyone ever left us. Time. Beauty. Desire. Spontaneity. Improvisation. Decay. Speed. Death.

() PROOFREADING is a MIRROR of your ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE (or INABILITY). Consciousness = Swiss Cheese–Even if You’re a Genius! So Be Humble.

() DEVOLUTION trumps evolution – just study HISTORY! Every Advance Gets Turned Into a Liability. It’s a “Miracle” Humans have lasted This Long!

() Philip Kaufman’s “THE RIGHT STUFF” is a 3-hour Marathon posing the questions: “WHO Has the RIGHT STUFF?” & “Is it Environment or Character?”

() POLICY: Don’t Mention A Project Until AFTER It’s DONE! Unless you need Somebody to Help You — Tell People on a Need-to-Know Basis ONLY!

() LIFE LESSON: Start making collages when you are YOUNG & Never Throw Out Any. Make at Least One a Week if You can. YOU WILL GET BETTER!

() GOAL: Try to STAY UP ALL NIGHT at Least ONCE A YEAR! You may view the earth & fellow earthlings differently — at least temporarily!

() A massive STOCKHOLM SYNDROME has imprisoned voters in the USA: many of the 99% identify with the values of the 1%. Not “us,” of course!

() Saw NIGHT OF THE HUNTER: A Classic Arguing that B&W May Supersede Color & That Silent Films can provide Excellence. So, Less CAN Trump More.

() Whatever happened to Silvana Mangano? Marco Ferreri? Ornella Muti? Monica Vitti? Gunter Brus? Otto Muehl? Young, Beautiful, Rebellious &…

() A new favorite artist is Jane Graverol – unique style of collage, plus photo-surrealist painting, plus Coco Chanel-ish fashion sense. R.I.P.

() SEX, BOMBS & BURGERS [book] distills much research into clear writing: “War & Sex x Technology = The Future,” to augment JG BALLARD’s principle…

() You can read William S. Burroughs until you’re dead, & still not fully encompass his coruscating vision, sardonic humor, predictions, advice. (Same for J.G. Ballard.)


() “Hey Vale; I was impressed with your acknowledgment of the noise scene in your most recent newsletter. Noise is the last great secret society, albeit an unintentional one. At no other point in modern history have so many people, in so many countries, for so many years gone largely unnoticed by both the mainstream AND the wider underground. This despite the openness and non-eliteness of the scene. This despite 30+ years of releases, zines, radio shows, record shops, gigs, blogs, sites, DVDs, and history. It never took off like the industrial music scene did, but because so many new kids keep getting involved every 12 or so years, the scene keeps re-inventing itself. Unlike most other scenes, Noise remains as active, and as passionate as ever. Kudos to you sir; ALL THE BEST, GX” pob1386, Hollywood CA 90078

() “hey v.! how are you, all good? will be in SFO in july (& September)! the kickstarter for our film is up, that’s a kind of online donation box! please help spread the word! (i know that you probably don’t have money to throw in, but distribution would be really great. maybe you could post the link of facebook or twitter or your blog.)
–>  would really help! cheers!”  –  johannes from monochrom (Austrian art-philosophy-technology group)

() TU LAN (6th St/Market) & Sam Wo (Washington St/above Grant Ave) Recently CLOSED. “The only pathogen that can survive 350 degree frying oil is a prion, and if it eats your brain, you’ll be too dumb to care!  We loved that place, and never got sick either. Between Tu Lan and Sam Wo closing, I get the feeling a new sheriff is in the health department with a do-good complex.” – Doug S.

() “I read your Leary On Drugs book while on my Alaska cruise. What a document! The book was very well put together. I feel like I understand the late twentieth century a lot better after reading it. Great job!” – J.Wilson

() “Dear V. Vale, Just finished reading your newsletter. #106 found me… Your newsletter is, as always, a portal to a rich creative world when few outlets offer anything of substance. Just thought you should know that your work is appreciated, valued and anticipated…” – sent by artist Jennifer Kornder — check out her paintings and art online by goggling her! And yes, we like HER artwork…

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3. Mrs Dalloway (Catering, Bay Area): Holly Erickson’s catering/foodblog/cookbook and
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5. From our friends Amy and Brian: check out their  “simple business software for art galleries:
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